What is “Magic”?

Banker, industrialist, and lawyer, all of these things are represented in the fine annals of the UMass-Amherst orientation icebreaker. This man passed his icebreaker, and dropped out of the honors program before freshman year began, to help you – the common consumer.

A Magician’s Guide to the Arts


A predicament, is taking another individual, and placing themselves inside a secondary space of a desired person. This is the art of designing personality, to be practiced in the mirror for combat position. Any form of art can be used to counter the author, including a mimicry of the author from another, for the famous “Bad Man”, the legend of Gotham City. Do you wish to combat a form of nemesis, or perhaps, pursue a career as a television guest anchor on the late night news, as Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s Most Eligible Bachelor?


This is the skill at creating a print, to be used in commission of another piece of art, to take from a franchise with a common signal available between the pair and impart a skill. Each work of art, has a potential trade inside it, and you can modify the trade used, with the source intact but not mentioned for your legal purposes. Merely make a request, from the Central Command page, and you can have your service rendered. A formula to make art can be obtained, an outline for a manuscript in three unique specialties to the magician can be offered, or perhaps a trade print – the nefarious action of police work – using art as a common system for a “rig” (the bust).


Rogue, is the philosophy of private notes and incantations being a source of different forms of a philosopher’s self and being. You can take rogue notes from my gallery at request, and payment to myself of course, with notation held in my personal exchequer files to determine whom you are, and what you have taken – for copyright veracity to myself, to you, and of course, for my tax ledger purposes. I operate above ground, after all, I am a proper dictator of the heart, not some snivenly grifter working for the CIA out of Iran. No, that man is a diamond broker, and not a dragon.


Brokering is the term for assembling an arts team for use at a trade, such as creation of manuals for unique professional work from any career potentially hirable from a compositions expert, or otherwise creation and composition of a work for a myriad of purposes, both legal and questionable. Proper insured rates of request on hire, per individual, as insured contract for each team member are available on the main page, under “Contract Liability”. This link, will tell you where to go per page, with personality disorders identified by usage of the bathroom, and conditions therein determining induction of the disorder. The higher the rating on your individual recruited, given guidelines, the lower a rate of request will be given in advance of brokerage of team as an adjudicator, no liability herein for arranging rates of evaluation, with a fee requested to be negotiated depending on work of tradecraft or project inquired.

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