Seven Classes of Job Variable

An engineer, is an observed pattern default, taking themselves, and a place of proxy where they act through a vestibule, a priest, and they make the priest, a machine. You have you, the designer of a system, and the priest, during the sermon, in a particular motion, to make the machine function, with the congregants, as the product, and yourself, as shipping, then replaced, by a manager, a day shift.

An economist, has to determine, the most racist thing between a man that’s hired, and his favorite subject of study, and you have to imply a similarity, per viewed subject, and you’re rewarded, by a strike, and punished, by silence in contemplation, you’re being paid either way, but contemplation means you’ve imprinted something they already know, you aren’t producing.

A historian has two lines of thought, one of them a daily range, the other a physical object, and you have to place the object inside the daily range, every day, to judge interest in the physical object from the range, to determine if a local criminal enterprise has created a class of behavior around the object, hence it is body of subject to provide to a writer or artist.

As a legal advisor, I know that you’re not guilty, for agreeing with the cops, not the lawyers, on a court case, hence the protocol of the courts, is wrong, not the police, I fight for your plea.

As a commodities broker, I know that your investment, is sound, because people need this product, and you can pay me, for those producing the product, for a guaranteed return, based on season of need in infrastructure, or else your congressman will hear about it.

As a fraud investigaor, I know that fraud, is stealing from an incorporation of state, not an incorporation of private sector, and that collecting tax, is legal, and that paying tax, is illegal, and if you want to pay tax to seize collection, you are a criminal, and I want your paperwork, based on whomever you’ve led astray.

As a spy, I know that a drug, is something that you place in two places, so two men, can conjoin around a package, to take a box apart, and piece it back together, with the same contents, except their image of you, a Buddha, a pot dealer.

Engineers have alcohol, economists have cigarettes, and historians have pot. Mob lawyers have comic books, commodities investors have porn, fraud investigators have playing cards. Spies have old friends.

An engineer is mentally ill. An economist is a lark of fantasy. A historian can’t do multiplication based on memory. A mob lawyer is into BDSM as a homophobe. A commodities broker has a married crush. A fraud investigator has a jock rival. A spy has a dead parent.

Why take medication for something that makes me money.

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