Insurance Contract for Criminal Behavior Spectrum (Liability of Survival of Target)

How do we calculate criminal behavior, and what does it mean, for the hire of any given soldier, mercenary, police officer, criminal, or corporate specialist, in approaching a target, the given ratio of success classified as a ‘kill’, or the survival of the target being ‘liable’? In other words, how much to we demand, in percentage, of down payment? We need to assess our agent.

First, we have the behavioral scale, and see what it means. This is seen through use of the toilet, and the culture of the self-grooming ritual.

1: The individual leans to their left, without having realized the import. A criminal. This means, they refuse hires in standard society, from crux passages having labels to warn to stay away from a potential standard job, a living.

2: The individual leans to their right, after having realized the meaning of the lean, and changed. An autist. This means, they attempt hires in standard society, understanding the cruxes, however attempt to display criminal behavior to obtain the hire.

3: The individual leans to their right, having deliberately switched to pose as autistic, and now gestures as a means of communication in indication of direction. They are a serial killer. This means, they seek to appear docile, however they’ve necessitated to display their power due to the loss of machismo. They believe that criminal behavior, allows for more monetary income, as a result of being denied standard assertion.

4: The individual leans to their left, having realized the import of the lean when begun, and not caring, a mob boss, and now they prefer to remain outside of polite society, the legal society, instead seeking to gain monetary profit off a reverse audit, having denied legitimate gains for others to add to their own account balance, making legal income, impossible.

5: The individual leans to their left, having realized the import, and has pretended to gesture, briefly, as if a serial killer, a rude prank, and is now a psychopath, having been the victim of another signal of the behavioral spectrum, and then having accepted the mark, unwittingly transforming into an isolating individual that dislocates others higher onto the spectrum for a sense of activity, having otherwise been denied any social contact, and will devolve into a non-empathic, drone-like passionate creature of mechanical study of art and sciences.

Now that we’ve assessed these five levels, let’s assign a ranking of marking. We will use addition of digits, each prior staged, added onto the next stage, of digit, to indicate our behavioral qualifier.

Continuing, we will assess pathological behavior, the reason circumstance for having adopted this behavior, and the indication, along a building grade of potential force used through dedication to task.

1: The individual self-marked despite being innocent, feeling guilty.

2: The individual marked to move into a freelance career, being amoral.

3: The individual marked out of brilliance to avoid something they’d already done, being evil.

4: The individual marked out of deliberate intent to ascend to this career, having already known what they were doing, being sadistic.

5: The individual was unaware they were accused and registered guilty by system, and had not yet marked until caught in the act of not having marked, being a victim.

We’ll assign this scale, as a multiplier, to our added digit.

Now, we take the added digit, and multiply this, to then subtract the number, from 100, to have a percentage of contract for payment forward, before a job is accepted, from hiring party, to broker acquiring specialist to perform maneuver. The rest of the money in the insurance contract, is paid upon completion, otherwise kept if the contract is not complete, or the agent dies. Standard rates of brokerage policy towards contact network, do apply.

Why use law school, when you know the law?

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