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A munitions poetry information hub, for your various forms of art, classified in different traditional formula, from all across time and space. With the help of arch time traveler, William Shakespeare, a 9th century ninja assassin, who once met the acquaintance of Jesus, behind the Church, with a cigarette.

Sales are available of customized work, fraud manual prints, for usage of your choice, in police, legal, espionage, criminal, or otherwise social activist endeavor (feminist anarchism, of course, the act of causing a riot in a grocery store because it’s actually a city slum with a gang driving around in town in ice cream trucks).

Formula Print ($100): A formula print is for usage of any media work, media work requested, for function of purview with basic job description of technical aptitude provided, purpose given, and requested translation to sales party offered alongside file document of media piece, for communication.  The print will be structured as the translation piece, with the purpose performed inside the technical aptitude, and the media source labeled for reference, not mentioned in the formula print.

Manuscripts ($250): 20 page outlines, of three types, used for your copyrighted purpose, once exchanged.

Fantasy: An experience in brief biography from the customer, upon defeating a foe and dislocating those sharing the political thought movement of the foe into inversion of persuasive incentive of political movement, to be penned under surname of customer and sold to the customer’s rival, given as advice upon contract.

Science Fiction: A requested biography of figure involved in practice, from a trade, invention, historical figure, or cryptofigure upon analysis of period, researched by writer or submitted by customer, or customer involved in practice upon submission of biography from customer, to limit a practice if book is enjoyed, a predator upon the practice listed, or invoke the practice upon memory, a predator upon the practice is nearby.

Talisman: Erotic tale for a male, from a woman, that has had conjugal sex, as a dominatrix, born full female without transgender surgery and palatable, within proper bondage rules of author, request of top, fee of author not waived, with position of woman in sex labeled as bottom, with male as top, woman written as both dominatrix paired with and author in desired fantasy not offered, as an afterlife work, a succubus piece, in Catholic stereotype of Hell, paired with male of desire of author to become upon descriptive fantasy of woman offered after sex, for improvement upon author, in humiliating terms, in order to carnally destroy a man reading the book if he’s committed an act of removal of dominatrix’s sexual preference, displayed in manuscript title, and performed in act of culminate sex. Sex is not to be charged for, this is not a bank.

Trade Manual ($20 per Page): A manual print to manipulate media class, franchise source, practice method, or political practice, non-defined or defined, within specific request of consumer in any singular or combined or sequenced or simultaneous or redundant form, with joints of singular (statement of communication), double (action of classified act), or triple (action of act upon other), with sequenced logic used as a ritual for any type of academic, simultaneous logic for any paired action, and redundant used as group logic with consumer as single individual, with any combination thereof performed.

Five days will be requested time of print, to produce, for revision, draft review by author, submission preliminary upon payment by consumer, and any revisions requested at end of five day period allowed, with a statement up front to refuse money returned for any purchase beyond first purchase, only first purchase queried may be returned, ad infinitum, unless barred upon request from consumer for exclusive access to any work, except duplicate print, inherent unless requested of information.

No rates are to be cheated, fouled, or cajoled, no theft is possible off server boot, unless client is warned by law enforcement they are being watched and informed, then the mutual communication of a print is to be dropped, the manuscript’s eighth page is to be removed upon request of title placed there for customized usage, and the manual print must be lengthened with a Smithee title, a reinvoked work of The Killing Joke, print only, imagined as Joker and Batman transduced, through Trading Places, as a ‘meander’, the tax title term for a theft protection by author to consumer, so anyone may perform your stolen work’s scene in court as a defense tax entitlement against theft, to prove they have had a psychotic break from their work being stolen and viewed by consumer, if taken to court on stolen gains from a lecherous hacker kingpin, a jerry house (a german talent house in ethic, an anti-Semite, a Lutheran Reichsman, Third).

Thousands of pages of private notes can be accessed, upon private inquiry, such as pre-Holocaust Jewish art, 300 years of history worth (Nick Fury is George Soros, he is concerned), poster material for prints for college campus poster material (altered ciphers of famous bands and their songs, three songs per band, more upon request or inquiry), or Buddhist Trappist protocol systems used by the Japanese police (allegedly, I live in Massachusetts). Rates negotiable, merely heirlooms.

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