Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form. You can consider my official job, to be a resource economist that deals in support commodities specializing in criminal prints. Please notify any potential clients or business partners of this substance, and keep it in mind when contacting for a contract or inquiry.

For products of guarantee, selected both from private material, and this website, look to (Irish-French Iconoclasts in Abstract Parliament), (Karmic Retaliation Letterheads for the Framer of a Man), (Children’s Childrearing Strategies for Brilliant Malificents – Be Open Minded), (A Lifetime of Criminal Escapade for Your Son or Daughter’s Friends), (A Mobster’s Life in Gaming, From a Grocery Store Draft by Arch-Criminal “Wheels”), and (A Batman Fan and Federal Fraud Agent, Caught With Six-Guns at the Corral). If a lawsuit request is at hand, contact below. Not open for barter for suit, these works are made just for a trained knife fighter, with empty hand training in childhood, before father’s discipline if necessary.

Schrodinger’s Eight Ball

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