Overseas Religious Practices (Differing from Calvinist Propaganda)

Jews: Alcohol is prohibited, only marijuana is allowed. Muslims: Marijuana and cigarettes are prohibited, and a strict regimen for use of whiskey for men, wine for women, and grappa for “old ladies”, gays, foot washers. Catholics: Marijuana and hard liquor together are prohibited, besides in highschool, once, an oath of alms. Lutherans: A religion declaredContinue reading “Overseas Religious Practices (Differing from Calvinist Propaganda)”

The New World (The Fascism of European Orders – For Red Power)

A colony of criminals rejected by Europe and Africa and Russia and Asia, you are sent here after committing a crime in your divided sect of culture. Organized by Russian-Yiddish tolltakers to divide you based on diet (for example, Italians dislike tomato sauce, Irish dislike schnapps, Germans dislike pets, and English dislike conjunctive names, henceContinue reading “The New World (The Fascism of European Orders – For Red Power)”

Schindler’s List (Another Tom Hanks Gay Rights Film – For a Dominatrix “Stud” “Muffin” – A Type of Cat)

A film trying to cover for a gay father, with the name “Schindler”. Named after Schindler’s Economics, for media and publication of fraud material, it’s from when a father instructs a child on publication rules of sales (rich), writing rules of economy (poor), and insists on art design preconsciously (implied), creating an economist that doesContinue reading “Schindler’s List (Another Tom Hanks Gay Rights Film – For a Dominatrix “Stud” “Muffin” – A Type of Cat)”

A Sociopathic Disorder (The Failure of a Job Skill)

The prime job skill, that any human should have, is the ability to differentiate the morality of their own cause, for a potential shift into a new line of training from a different cause of contribution. This is how we learn, from having multiple teachers in school, and from refusing our peers as tutors, asContinue reading “A Sociopathic Disorder (The Failure of a Job Skill)”

Ronald Reagan’s Secrets to Forensic Profiling (Uber Personalities)

An uber personality, beat an older man, in a game of racial slur, as a child, and that man died. Here is Ronald Reagan’s guide (the gay version) of the forensics trade explanation (this isn’t for anyone, it’s just for fun). Now let’s explain the classes, of serial killers. This guy is straight. It’s TedContinue reading “Ronald Reagan’s Secrets to Forensic Profiling (Uber Personalities)”

The Mossad (The Slave State’s Servants, United Nations Multinationals)

How the Mossad works: The Mossad, figured out you could file, as being a beneficiary of police representative, but only if you’re the victim of an unseen boundary; the police term, for an unknown hit from a police unit from another county, not region or town. Normally, you get a lawsuit, against anyone stealing yourContinue reading “The Mossad (The Slave State’s Servants, United Nations Multinationals)”

Houses of Ardour Primer

Genetic High House: Each of these following genomes, in a singular or multiple combination, has a particular specialty at management in “finance”, the art of fine detail given home, family, and national graviture (the term of a serious matter of gravid fact).  While not mandatory to allow the management of one of these matters byContinue reading “Houses of Ardour Primer”

DC Comics (The Thieving Franchise)

DC Comics 1972, written addition to canon by Yazi Amin (IDF, anti-Mossad, counter-UN): Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange, is any villain in the entire franchise, given a mission paycheque, to assist another villain, especially a Presidential Freemasonic bloodline (such as Jeanette, my villainous ancestor, through James Madison and his wife’s mistress to get elected, Jeanette McCullem,Continue reading “DC Comics (The Thieving Franchise)”

Boston Slurs to Renounce the Mossad (Preventing Whitey Bulger)

Terms of Boston established by my mother: ____ is a Nigger: this is a Jew, claiming a royal line. ____ is a Kyke: this is a Royal, cheated out of being a cop. ____ is a Spic: this is a clergy, as a cop. ____ is a Fag: this is a Rabbi, as a soldier.Continue reading “Boston Slurs to Renounce the Mossad (Preventing Whitey Bulger)”

Red Flag Logic (Protocol Sets, Taiwanese Butchers)

A protocol set, is the Chinese concept of retaining all original titles of their culture, by disparaging individuals that try to change their culture as a “pig nose”, such as the improper way of speaking Cantonese, with howls and mouth bends, as if a snorting nostril flare pig, or alternately, feminine Mandarin, or short spokenContinue reading “Red Flag Logic (Protocol Sets, Taiwanese Butchers)”