Agitation and Propaganda (The Hexen versus the Pentacle)

The sign of a corrosive culture, versus a healthy one:

A corrosive culture, has a paired opposition, it forces anyone to choose in a dominance structure, always reversing the nature of dominance from preferred advantage, to disadvantage of number, between public marker of goal of memorandum, and internal number of management.

A proper culture, has a pentacle, with a single marker of unity removed, and a paired set of refused on a single side, with an incentive as one and the civil as the other, with five sides, therefore all shapes, choose the removed, with any removed from being, as siding against the removed, hence they move into a space of three and serve another of the four, moving against the first of the five.

The simple structure of the pentacle.

Ender’s Game (Spy Vs. Spy)

A Navy-produced novel, demonstrating the futility of the Navy as placing it within armored warfare, another futile division. Armored warfare, the tank and related weapons, are equivalent to the ballista, a misnamed and misnomered function of Roman century in addition to the four cohorts of Legion (ten Centuries per Cohort), the ballista different from the crossbow from having a stilted left and a square angle right (misnamed in history books from cavalry historians, another century in addition to cohort, used for terrorizing Gauls). The ballista, a function of Martians, Cretians, relies on getting the enemy to set up a wall or public edifice, to smash, with slaves producing the ballista preloaded, the entire edifice left in battle after fired, regardless of success (Martians being a clan of Gypsies, advising farm labor).

The tank, is only useful, if other tanks are used, the same function of the Navy, only useful if a defensive emplacement on harbor is used, always defeated by Navy, as is Orson Scott Card’s book in implicatiom of the so-called Bugs, actually a space-faring race by intuition of bipeds for leaving their atmosphere (spiders leaving a nest, arachnologists having studied canines and humans, the relationship between slugs and humans, fungal myosis). One can interpret, that Orson Scott Card, wants his division continued, due to the knuckled pinky, for the knuckle pushup, a sailor’s regime, otherwise gay, a breed bred out, as opposed to Martians for ballista, necessary for agromercantile conduct (the farm, factory, or assembly logistic executive, my blood, none of it necessary).

If the Navy, could find a civilian line of work, outside of the seas, perhaps they wouldn’t need to write trash for childhood trash, like Ender’s Game.

The Massachusetts Gubernatorial Rally (Why Isn’t Dukakis Big?)

The reforms I’ve made to state government:

The election of Paul Celucci, after Michael Dukakis was destroyed, as a result of Pinky and the Brain, a cartoon given to Ron Livingston, based on his life with the Gentiles, Pinky, destroying Jews, forever.

The election of Bill Weld, after rejecting the hand of Alexandra Gaetano in marriage, of which she was not aware, but Mister Dickert, after being violently threatened by his own demise, Alexadra Gaetano having poisoned me on her special ‘pollen wash’ for asthma, actually a condition suffered by Japanese royalty still converting through Ninpo, asthma mythical. Rhodendron, Allie? I now have my seeing eye upon you.

Mitt Romney, a rigged election, to prevent the Saugus nuclear plant from overloading and bathing the state in radiation, out to Albany, with fallout out to Detroit, from making a smart comment to Jane Swift’s education minister.

Deval Patrick, after having mimicked the Joker, in Batman #1, my one Charlebois trick as a core villain, to prevent TK the cashier from being lynched as Conrad Veidt in the Man Who Laughs, Blaise Pascal’s family, a sperm steal outside the priesthood, a mathematician or computer programmer, such as Alex Danahy, both of them pedophiles, but Alex Danahy in a wheelchair, and TK having invented the computer, with the help of schools, which Alex Danahy was denied.

Charlie Baker, with the help of Dave’s family, opposed to Israel, through Goldman-Sachs, a private Jewish investment firm, horrified by Israel’s orders to have Charles Winston, Dave’s cousin, sit on Dave’s crotch, instead of the lap, the leg, to get him into the NSA. He is now an FBI agent, specializing in Jews, and his older brother, is a Democrat, that takes down Republicans, such as Trump, with the help of Dave, with the riot in Washington DC. Never fuck a Charlebois, Jews, never fuck a Charlebois. That means Charles, not me, I could care less, the kid’s a toddler, he only graduated to Shyster Arab knife play a few years ago.

Ted Bundy Summarized (The Great Warlock)

Ted Bundy was from a father that practiced stage magic, the result of a sexual assault by a female homicidal histrionic who had pressed suit against Bundy’s biological paternal grandfather to win money for his college.

Raised with his grandparents, maternal, as his parents, he was sponsored by a young Caribbean musician, who had heard of his law school polemics and submissions to photography journals. That Caribbean musician, was the famous, “Bob Marley”. Ted Bundy was a Jolibois, traditionally a southern rice and tobacco family of plantationers, however growing up in the Pacific Northwest under Midwest farm town rules of suit in the case of a steal, Ted Bundy’s father’s power of attorney stolen, and his career as a prison autopsist ruin (someone who analyzed prison breaks, his father’s left arm heavier than the right in the bone structure, a Jolibois definitive trait, dating back to the East Seas pirates among Mongol privateers, pre-dating Ghenghis Khan, the line they progenitored).

Ted Bundy became a legal entrepreneuner major lawyer, and had politics written all over him. Against psychiatric malfeasance, his family on his mother’s side, and the institution of prison, he became a legal malpractice defense lawyer to make his living, while handling female sexual assault cases in prevention for his official line of work, as lawyers do (with a monetary major of their personal issue, and a respectable line of work, Ted Bundy against doctors and nurses, posing as their advocate to spread drug use and alcoholism with them through the term ‘ambulance chaser’, a shot of alcohol followed by a draught of soda or juice, and his official line of work, his skill at understanding the rumor of his father as sexually predatory to spot the real offender, a police adjunct or officer or legal scholar claiming clergy).

He wrote a perfect rape prevention pamphlet, targeting clergy and police and jurist representatives, male and female, especially female, as the proper culprits in a sexual assault, teaching women to side with those that seem predatory due to proximity with a male culprit from the list above, not those alone with a woman who are withdrawn and introspective and open to conversation. He was a delegate for the Republican Governor’s candidate, Rockefeller, as a Democrat black operation, working out of the ACLU in favor of the rights of felons to vote, and he worked at a crisis prevention hotline, for 911 operators, to shut down wedding reprisals, the subject of his own birth and his father’s eventual death, at the hands of his abusive grandparents, outing his history of his mother’s family.

Then, disaster for his Presidential career struck. A lawyer in Jamaica, had escaped the Caribbean. She had a full dossier of Bob Marley’s activities, as a licentious rapist, child molester, terrorist, and gang leader, each song written as the interview with a raped or dead woman or child, always passing far too young, such as “Trenchtown Rock”, a boy raped for mentioning rum alcohol around Bob Marley, or “No Woman No Cry”, Bob Marley raping a woman to death with a knife, or “Buffalo Soldier”, Bob Marley traveling to Haiti and setting up a local politician’s heart attack with a CIA cross operation, turning President Duvalier, into Doc Duvalier, with a stroke and brain death for two hours.

Shocked, Ted Bundy, volunteered to take Rohypnol, and experience rape, just to see whatever he caused through allowing Bob Marley to act unabetted and without direction, since a Jolibois pirate, is demanded to be bigoted against their own racial community, in case their patronized soul leadership figure acts against the standards of the community, to lure them in with a civil rights lawsuit, establishing the line of inequity to a bigoted figure.

Ted Bundy saw the lie of his childhood, and his mother’s patronage.

After a six state rampage of rape, murder, stolen idenities, fraud cases, and an escape from prison, Ted Bundy died in the electric chair.

But not before, in court, establishing the tradition that any police officer, lawyer, or clergy scholar, especially a Jew, stealing power of attorney, had to initiate, by killing a pedophile in the woods. A police officer, that had stolen power of attorney, of course, and shot a pedophile in the woods, was the pedophile in the woods, shot.

Another Shyster, Ted Bundy’s line, Keanu Reeves, portrayed Ted Bundy’s tradition, in the film “Speed”, a personal favorite of mine.

Operation Mi-Shu Tang (Great Glorious Moulding)

Job for Ban-Shu Tong (out of Metrocapital London, through Mumbai, and D-Company, managing vice chairman Dawood Ibrahim, through Belfast IRA, paided in IRA divided capital fund).

Switching Jeffrey Lange, Salieri/Nietzsche, requesting Grieg/Shelley, for Mozart/Ree, a military cadence writer (Mozart) or a prison warden (Ree), to duplicate the actual historical situation where their work was switched, through Pat Ware, a resource economist who pulled down a cool three million off the proposition (Chicago Polymercantile), Belgian political cartoonist Remarque (“God is dead”).

Gotham was printed, as Jeffrey Lange, actually my work (the labeling of every Mossad educator IDF training strategy, opposing marijuana and tobacco and alcohol use by minors and adults, as the supervillains, with the superheroes and cops as American Lodge counter-Freemasons, Brit killers, in generalized Founding Fathers strategy, handled by the SDF, except for Madison, mine, Harvey Bullock, the anti-conscription expert – and Batman, Mexican Federal Police, the Forbidden Palace of China, Montezuma also, a shared bloodline, rapists of gangmembers and Jesuits, a cause I support heartily, being Catholic).

Assassin’s Creed, with myself as the Knights Templar, my father’s tradition out of East Seas Mongolia and the Khanate, was written as myself, actually Jeffrey Lange’s work, through his cuckquean wife that I fucked hard like a pumpclown relative of hers, Charles Manson – Amanda Lange nee Lennox.

The Issue of Modern Morality (The Deficit of the Breast Fed Child)

Evil vs. Good:

A good child, to become a moral adult, without duality or concept of judgement, is not breast fed. They will survive harsh conditions, particularly in early childhood, much more easily.

An evil child, more susceptible to medical trauma and having sold themselves into submission in their teenage years to gain a hierarchy, is in a self-fulfilling prophecy, seeking their mother’s breast milk at the end of their life, from the beginning; hence they are endowed to a memorized phrase, a pass code, a mark of criminal behavior.

The Details of My Psychotic Break Revealed (A Kurd and a Wheel, versus a Cat and a Cookie)

Dave’s Psychotic Break (A Kurdish Lumpum’s Bowel Expository of Syndrome to Father):

My job, was to get the world off oil dependence, forever, with forward economic planning and terminology of institute. However, if a Kurd establishes a family tradition, it goes everywhere, first just to the Kurds involved. Hence, the same metric of rubric, of the problem. My father gave me a Kurdi pullback, so I wouldn’t do it. No Kurd, male or female, young or elder, felon or politician, can ever excel in a lumpum’s fallacy, a perfect candidate. Hence, you have seen demonstrated, by the problem stated, unless you are in a delacious fallacy, a priest’s gendarch of misplacement to test, a deviant willingness to play an odds at a casino against the better of home castle (a priest’s Nero, a cat molester).

The Details of My Mother’s Commitment (Chengher’s Principle, and the Crystal Radio)

My mother, when she was a teenager, played with a crystal radio, on campus, as a prankster, to cause psychotic breaks and prank students she found preposterous, for engaging in revelry and amusement and smoking marijuana and drinking underage, her father a former RAF airman officer working in the leather gimping trade, with a cop badge as an undercover homicide officer for Boston PD.

She was arrested, for drunk driving, but blew a .00 on the scale. That’s how they figured out she was the individual responsible, the one producing false evidence for review, a drunk driver, tailgater, biker gang member, or teamster, someone with the mob.

It’s called Chenghen’s Principle. It’s a social psychology rubric applied to sociology, wherein someone with poor business professional standards, of safety, can be discovered when they mock their own profession with a ‘duh’ or a sarcastic mimicry in reverse towards others, traditionally reserved for their mothers, hence their purpose for entering a profession. The more are aware of the conspiracy, the more display a Chenghen’s Principle, and the more of them emulate each other, acting like identicals. Eventually, an entire firm collapses, because people in the same profession, spot that this company is unsafe in some standard they can’t discover.

My mother, was emulating cop culture, and it was easy for the cops to find her.

It’s amusing, however, that she reintroduced the practice, in the 1960s and 1970s, with Batman fans, as hunting Superman, the famous Batman vs. Superman clash that hadn’t been seen in comics history, the marketing to introduce the technique to future police officers in Boston. Hence you can see, that Chenghen’s Principle, the production of false evidence as a police officer, eventually leaders to pederasty towards children in marketing.

Diet Rules of Crime (The Fat Kid)

Ketchup: To be eaten on everything. Ketchup didn’t kill Guy Fieri, trying to sell a business scheme to sell a business scheme, real estate on commercial licensing guides to food management; that killed Guy Fieri. He wasn’t a “black kid”, a cop (Irish). He did his own product.

Tomato Sauce: The worst health item that’s ever been produced, it’s lethal in large amounts, due to pulp and rind being unavoidably ground into the tomato sauce. Particularly pizza, already unhealthy, it makes pizza addictive. To be sold to “mo mo”, because “blackie”, their friend, is “going the other way”. A family whose parents hate their kids, so they want them in some sort of mismatched service (such as the skinny kid, being a gangster). They will “chomp”, on food, as if it’s polite in public, attempting to demonstrate their own behavioral flaws of food consumption (called “gay”, in criminal culture, misrepresented as “Jew”, from Eric Cartman, a poor criminal – a crime boss).

BBQ: This marks a legitimate business man, as a criminal from TV, often the only job an actor can get after eating BBQ. It’s a speech impediment. Not to be eaten, unless you’re permanently trapped in crime, and you need to trick convicts (or the mentally ill, to snitch you out, for a drag under, a mimicry of a serial killer – prison, music video reference – hospital, or TV cop documentary show – sped room, however misplaced among the three).

Fruit Punch Packet or Box: This got you into crime. Don’t hate on someone, but let them give you the fruit box back. You’re already fat and big, you can rumble, you really scare people, you aren’t the one being scared. This fruit punch is your fuel, your nitro, fat guy. You’re a roller now, not a muscle shred gay (chuck something at him, he can’t fight), and the skinny kid, isn’t the bitch, he’s a cop, if he’s locked with you. The bitch, is any of the three (the shred, the defensive), the fat (the mobster, the offense), or the skin (the word, the cop), that’s misplaced. Remember it, and know your role, a-hole.

Enhancement: If you want to look as good as a woman could be, if you want to be a moil (a real princess, dedicated to marry a man, with no surgery or enhancement or skin creatin or even a hair alteration), find a guy young, and ask him, actually ask him, what you should be eating, not what he should be eating. You’ll marry him, unless he dies. If he dies, then you’ll be more powerful than anyone could ever imagine, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Salad: A fake product, to test to see if you’ll eat extra pig’s feed. Still pretty good, though, if you have a preference for a single dressed item, in the salad, or maybe a few.

Olive Brine: Not to be consumed as an olive, olive brine will make any drink, “dirty”, it smooths it into a throat convulsion, if you’ve been given anti-psychotics. This prevents you from choking to death on hard liquor, if you drink it every so often. Maybe by itself, in a shot glass. It’s pretty good.

Cocktail Sauce: This is God. It can be consumed with anything, check to see if it’s kosher, if you’re unsure.

Old Bay: The Jew Killer. This is a Gestapo tool of death, “hot soup”, a crab shell supplement to food; not these lame new Gestapo, the Austrian-Jewry, recruited by Hitler. But if a Gestapo likes Old Bay? When in Rome.

Father-Son Dynamics (Taking Down Ethan Hunt, and Creating Gotham City)

Your basic Fenian Brotherhood ground play (from Mike Charlebois):

Get a job somewhere. If he’s British, he won’t like you. But make sure, he’s aware of it, when you get a job elsewhere. Work two jobs, go ahead. Then on closing day, whenever it is, for the week’s accounts, and you’ve checked, go right into his office. Not your boss, but the employee manager, the owner or equivalent. Inform them, that you would like to be fired, without reference at firm, for hire, and no severence pay, salary will do. When inquired after as to why, inform them you have a job you are already working. Then, upon being asked at dismissal, where this job is, tell them. They will buy the company, at great expense to themselves, through a European stockbroker, and you will have promoted yourself with a hired reference, from your new company of management, doomed forever. You have just beaten the International Monetary Fund. If you do this, stage by stage, all traitors to the government in your family, will die, including the Mob (the police forces of personal opinion, as opposed to actual law enforcement, which will call you a “big shot” to your family, such as the man who fixed my smoke detector the other month).

Your basic Mufti Palestinian grass smuggling technique (from Dave Charlebois):

Not all marijuana dealing is criminal. The definition of crime, is something which creates a social narcissism of disruption, from a corrupt police officer, one who wishes to be in charge of other people’s lives, as if a guidance counselor at school, but rejected on grounds of pedophilia (seeking an outreach program). These criminals of government malfeasance (the Zionists) collect around each other, and consider themselves Jewish (the fine people at various Fox networks, and Fox television). In order to reform your congregants of law and logic within the marijuana community (shout out to my home boy Cecil Roth, British-Jewish historian, 12th century Spanish Inquisition, how’s the bag of grass?), you have to find a potential politician’s grandfather or grandmother. That is someone, who needs to be reformed. They are already a badge and belt, but have failed due to contacting Zionist services. Yet you have evaded the child molester warrant issued for you by a local corrupt department (better than perfect vision, someone who thinks they can be a pilot, despite not needing corrective lenses, and having never worn contacts, maybe even “The Loser”, someone who wears aviator shades, not worn by pilots or military or spies). You just have to bring the bag of pot over, over and over again, to the badge’s home, and talk to them. Once they strike you, poke you, or prod you, jam them in the gut, the stomach, man or woman, with your fingers, on a straight prod. Then, leave the room. When asked or inquired after, say, “I sense weakness”. You’ve just created a political family, and now, they’ll produce a history for you, for their residency and town, of their culture, and your problem with them, that caused the child molester narcotics authority to come after you, the gay man who does what cops on TV do (child molester’s advocates groups, petty cinema TV, like FBI shows, a fictional division, ‘the special agent’, actually the insurers of police cars and police stations, the federal building). Remember, the FBI is a serial killer unit, unless they work insurance for police cars and buildings. A serial killer or child murderer, saw it on TV, and is actually doing it, such as the 9/11 terrorists that were both involved in the attack, and made Loose Change the video, and then distributed it, to drum up numbers for their favorite TV show, FBI Files, to get jobs working for the show. We’ll handle them later.