Beating a Colonial Home Family (How to Dislocate Narcs)

How to spot a repressive family with a history of self-incarceration:

They adjust you to their family through your biological parent, when marrying in.

If they set up a police arrest, snitch out another member of their family, not yours, causing a ring circle from your towns of membership (birth, new town, collegiate – especially if you can manage the snitch on the same college town – and always the family households of your other parents).

The funniest part, is when they come out of the closet as Mossad, United Nations umbrella hats, beanies, and the family breaks down into cop badges for the ASPCA or PETA, or some other fag organization that was victimized in the Holocaust (Unitarian affiliates, monetary accounts and real estate embezzlers – most of the alleged Holocaust survivor groups, served in the German, Italian, Croatian, Austrian, Romanian, Japanese, or Polynesian militaries).

When they claim they’re Mossad, just tell them that you’re a supporter of Palestine, you believe in Islam.

Then wait to see what fag gets beat up for outing you as being a Muslim.

The XY Chromosome versus the XYY Chromosome (Piecing Apart a Genetic Eunech)

How the extra Y chromosome works:

If someone is an XY, they naturally move on their own, without direction or request or obedience thereof.

If someone has an extra Y chromosome, they naturally respond to any direction given or indicated.

Therefore, the extra Y chromosome, doesn’t stay in their place, they attention to maneuver, as if the normal males, are doing something to direct them.

An XY: I’m here, and you’re there.  Nobody moves together.

An XYY: How do I do something, while moving, around another person?

The XY, is a football player, the XYY, is a kicker.  Like in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, especially at the end.

So we can see, that most people by breeding, are the XY chromosome, since they’re capable of taking a direction on command, into a woman’s vaginal crevice.  Versus the XYY chromosome, that takes a direction on position, into a woman’s vaginal crevice.  One, is capable of bearing an infant and ceasing sexual intercourse after pregnant, on direction from the mother, and the other chromosome combination, causes a miscarriage, trying to pass his seed, from having sex with her while ‘showing’, the second or third trimester.

The former, an XY, is classified as a heterosexual male (lotus position, ages 7-11), a bisexual male (no lotus position, fleshlight before intercourse, with cervical tearing of the female), or a homosexual male (no lotus position, preference for anal sex with another male that doesn’t practice lotus position, a prison sodomite, targeting the bisexual male, for rejecting penetration with a partner that doesn’t produce a long orgasm, the rape orgasm, as opposed to the short orgasm, from a woman on top of a male, riding him).

The latter, an XYY, is a eunech, even if not rejected by women for attempting to maneuver and use pickup artists tricks (turning women into lesbians, therefore eventually turning the pickup artist transgender,  he’s established a preference for himself as a lesbian dominatrix), or managing to impregnate a woman (he’s practiced lotus or uses a fleshlight, and has received advice on how to entrap a female that is a sperm thief, or has been marked as one due to a violation of paired male and female behavior in a meeting, by a grombecile, a falsely trained marksman or sharpshooter, someone that focuses on hand signals of public accord), he will always kill his own child in the womb.

Hence, he is a genetic eunech, he can’t pass on his seed.

Like the famous character, Hasimir Feniring, in the Dune books, written as having a sibillance hiss, a man consuming the labial flesh of a female with metal cutlery, and forcing his wife to engage in the same as a form of covert communication (an old Rabbinical punishment command, under Moses and Joshua, upon request for drafted party to approach siege walls, during the Battle for Jericho; you would have to ‘fly’, jump off a cliff, or eat your lover’s vaginal mound, and consume it, cooked on a yiddle, a type of baking bread tray to produce mana, the familiar Communion wafer, unleavened bread).

Killing the Famous Cartman Fairy (Milhouse van Houten)

How to deal with a social pederast (the kid who turns you violently racist and prison bitch, from trying to help, with secret signs or otherwise out of view, or sometimes in view):

Plant an honest sitcom reference on a homosexual man that’s attracted to you (his father was raped in prison, he’s gay, his father doesn’t want his son to have children so he forbids lotus position for his son), then at the next stage, plant a reversed reference in hiding on the pederast, the falsely helpful friend, that’s studying to be a manager but with other people, instead of just at work and through his courses.

It creates a honey pot, that the pederast (the special friend, the fairy) will become essential to, with himself as the ignored reference, turning himself into you (such as you as Bart Simpson, the criminal ambition of wealth and sex, and him as Milhouse, the undercover cop son of a man of false influence, the kind earned with politics, not with force of personality).

You’ve just formed 4chan, a method of turning the intellectually diminished, into victims of gay men, the first named, and the second stated as him, chasing you, without being able to become complicit in it. Therefore, he can’t help himself, and views others as animals; a bestiality addict, a pedophile in proper outing of form, to his own family of blood relations.

Only way out of being a prison bitch to St. John the Baptist.

Sabotage vs. Terrorism (Easy Learner’s Terms)

Counter-Intelligence Function Crosses:

A spy (film agent, film being a beeswax linament from a sliced paper sheaf, to confirm a kill with a press of the linament on the pupil, on the right eye, the more severe the myopia, indicating a higher predilection towards schizophrenia, fatherhood, the higher the “damage” to communes of stewardship, hence higher charge for kill returned), crossed with a cop: a sabotage agent, anyone they work for, will decrease the popularity of their brand, except with criminals of brand affinity that will commit crimes within region of brand distributed. Example: Elon Musk.

A cop (copper agent, copper being a simple element that can be fortified with rubber to place a stamp’s handle on a form for surveyed land to authorize it for habitation under arranged property taxation, indicating that the state owns the land rented by tenant of property ownership), crossed with a spy: a terrorist, except with local trapped impoverished, to create a social movement against own victim. Example: Osama Bin Laden.

Usher affiliations of highest lines:

Spy (Kurdish-Pictish, left pectoral with extra tendon, for crossing out of a push-down, into a deconstruction of the assaulting into an admission of self into publicity. Scotland, based out of Hollywood, a British construct).

Cop (Kurdish-Persian, beard unable to grow at same rate as mustache, mustache severing growth at an expontential decrease of fifth root compared to beard, without trimmers necessary or preferred, hence any photograph appears to be fake. Azerbaijin, based out of Broadway, an Iranian construct).

The Disgusting Sickness of the Bund Party (And the Alternative, the Passion Play)

An international political movement, devoted to making the crimes of an enemy public, as a pogrom against them.

Begun by Noble bloodlines of America, Native Kings such as Iowa, Cree, Mescalotoro (President Madison’s line, mine), Iroquois (President Washington’s line), Cherokee, or Chippewa (Adolf Hitler’s line), they had been forced to socialize with Jews, and had noticed the currency rat thief culture of Jews no longer supported the poor, but themselves in wealth, in the pursuit of the Old Testament, instead of the Talmud, created for them by the Yiddic gene, the Hittites (Moses, such as Dr. Joshua Paul Golden, a Gentile bloodline, working with the Lion of Judah, the Pharaoh, such as the Darfur Christians).

It became an international movement, the infiltration, stage play, and then execution in shape, of a culture that had ceased to become moral as supporters of the impoverished, and sought wealth instead, the unstoppable and eventual decline of their moralities, into money and domination. The criminals, are always admitted, as management, so the Noble lines of the world (including Russia, Africa, and China), can study the deficits of the culture that’s become beholden to comfort, instead of aid to the poor, and leadership by the impoverished.

The Grangers (Native hunters), the Stalwarts (Irish Saxons), the French Syndicalists (post-Bourbon French mercenaires), the National Socialists (Jewish currency gender tactics), and the Vietnamese Catholic ARVN (international denial of self-determination), are examples of the militant poverty agrarian culture of Bundists, filthy louts like Adolf Hitler or Irish Jesuits.

I make Passion Plays, about constraining family cultures. Such as my mother, an O’Neill, and Irish Mob or Skulls culture. I hope you enjoy the breakdown of the Irish family, something that I thoroughly despise. I loath the Irish close meals, the odd, condescending silence, and the patronage of gay cop snitch bands, like The Offspring and Cypress Hill.

A Passion Play, defrauds a poverty savior’s culture, such as the military or police attempting to make a play with frames for felonies, or forced informants badges (used by pigs, military officers and corrupt police captains, the Staff Officer’s Club, a Colonel’s division that engages in homosexual sex and wife swaps, and the organized syndicates, state police divisions that make art). They function on drafts and conscriptions and attempted bribes, as if a child owes the Irish, a filthy, stinking race of pigs and soft faced women, anything. We only owe them the blood upon our knives, as Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Christ (psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses, the common slavery of Catholicism).

Needless to say, my father comes from a Spanish Inquisitor culture, through France, and we’re against abstinence, celibacy, and slavery. We sell grass, drink booze, smoke grass, traffick alcohol, fuck hookers, have sex with dominatrixes, and disrupt any conscription, draft, or commitment to a hospital we can, for those grousy little pig people, the Protestants and Catholics, an aligned axis of friendless women and men who sit in recliners, crippled after military service, the only place for soldiers – the old home, being slammed into a wall and shitting their pants, with it rubbed on their lips.

Transgender Operations and Royalty (“Opening Up” a Royal Out of Poverty of Act)

Dr. John Moen’s death: Dr. Moen, opened up George W. Bush, to see what the “Mossad” was. (It’s the United Nations, a multinational syndicate set to exploit labor for Britain, claiming Russian and Chinese patronage).

Prince Harry’s Psychotic Break: Prince Harry, opened up Brian Monaghan, to see what ‘old tally hoo’ meant, a word typed on B-Rock’s computer by Ivan Tomasic, of Harvard, Massachusetts.

Joshua Moen’s Impending Psionic Masturbation Disorder: Josh Moen, thought Dave should take his meds, because of a friendly joke Dave had, with Irish police in New York, after he helped kick Allison Haimes out of law, an NYPD vigilante that really didn’t work for them (just her father, a Taipai stock broker, sperm stolen by a Philipina, that had never met his daughter).

The origin of the Holocaust:

Ljudevit Tomasic, a Croatian fascist with Jewish blood, put a radio signal through a Greek conning tower, affiliated with Prince Philip, the future husband of Crown Princess Elizabeth II.

It was “old tally hoo”.

The Weimar, cut off the royal family’s privileges to use radio and intelligence, believing them to be anti-Semites.

Ljudevit later defected to the British under his claims, actually a Soros agent inside Britain and America.

Soros recruited all the fake Gestapo, the Austrian-Jews you’re familiar with in the Holocaust as the Jew hunters.

An actual Gestapo, ‘hot soup’, is a Shyster, such as the Queen of England, Elon Musk, or a Charlebois or a Dutch Country, hired out to Jews for an exhorbitant fee to hunt other Jews.

We refuse to relinquish the term, it just means that you don’t get to hire us.


Friedrich Nietzsche Causes the Holocaust (Because of an Anti-Marijuana Jew)


The same show as Gotham.

Produced with Birth of Tragedy, by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Grasteunballitch, was an old radio show, in Germany.

The author, Duesgrad, an anti-war pot dealer from before the Great War, was written as gay, because the thief of the scripted roles, Maldenkenitz, had a wife that was offended by him being into queening, but without ‘juice’, as he’d say.

Referring to the lettuce juice he was fond of (a colonic, for his bowels, his wife being into a man sitting on her face, a pedophile female’s fetish – she was a Lutheran, married to a Jewish homosexual, a ‘smug’ as we call it in America).

There was a character, ‘Hister’, a popular candy chocolate from Poland, in Germany. You would be hazed, for being Hister, since you would be seen as being against the most popular character, the straight man pot dealer, being played as gay, confusing Jewish women.

Evolution vs. Creationism (Standard Philosophy vs. Farming Development)

Contrary to popular belief, evolution and creationism, aren’t mutually exclusive; moreover, it’s impossible for them to work this way, based on basic definition of terms in function of the philosophy.

Creationist belief, is the term of philosophy, of the self as God, when creating a new plant, insect, spider, mollusk, fungus, or animal, particularly for livestock, farming, consumption of food, or pesticide vermin, always on a macroeconomic scale.

Evolution, is the reference to natural development, as a corollary potential practice, to plant and animal husbandry, the development of one’s own family as observed by childhood and later parenting, in comparison to other families in social behavior at institutions of public practice.

Women, are necessarily raised atheist, so they can marry multiple men or have multiple suitors, a man converting to atheism when having a daughter, or if in mixed company, a removal from religious house of statute and belief, while involving himself in politics of town, to avoid clergy for sons or prostitution for daughters.

Men, meanwhile, have a fixed tradition of “God”, under terms of evolution, from father, passed down when God is questioned or inquired after, never with instruction (narcissistic homosexuality) or beating (control-oriented homicidal), and the smartest, denying God and discovering them in the field of maneuver (rejection of prior love interest of teenage years), or alternately, believing at the moment of instruction (a standard white collar career, an ablative, a counter-sociopathic, a sociopath being an individual who has cheated off someone else’s work and reported it as their own, or learned from it in a course of therapeutic treatment, a trap for the socially ill to accept it, even if within care, designed by “God” in the general term of sense, science; an institution where the test is upon belief, and always working if rejected, except by law, one’s own observation of return from action, audit of accounts in the technical sense).

Hence, you have evolution, the return and reminiscence of own culture, necessary for social interaction, and you have creationism, the design of a new contribution to society, for personal profit of family to move upwards in financial class (out of the five, designed by kingdoms identical due to success of model, for refusing to assist a sociopath, moved downwards a grade each time from a cultural alliance, until going to level six at the bottom, zero, you don’t have children, you’re gay, a child molester).

As for the universality of sexuality observed, we’ve had the same structures as above, since canines, as observed through the relationship between women’s liberation, our local sexuality that’s universal, and feminism, a foreign agent spreading a myth of a society’s treatment of women differing, each of them a member of a foreign enemy; if in the case of a canary work, a hero modeled after a famous cultural victory, we find those proclaiming someone the character, regardless of self, to be behind the attack or conspiracy against the country. This is called a canary, a contradictory query set in publication, such as Batman, Adolf Hitler.

The Downward Spiral of America into Homosexuality (And the Nefarious Man Behind It)

Exhibit A (Lantham, Massachusetts):

Seinfeld: “the show about nothing”.

I didn’t do “anything”: You’re still there, at the table, with your parents.

I didn’t do “nothing”: I went outside, with a cigarette.

I went outside for a cigarette: You are going to die of cancer.

Exhibit B (Jar Jar Binks Action Figure):

The assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald:

Lee Harvey Oswald, knew court room theory.

Anyone gets beat in court, if they appeared in a film, even Star Wars Kid. It’s called “God”.

Anthony Weiner, didn’t pay Ellen Page, for Hard Candy, she was the female lead, and guess what, Werner Herzhog voted for him.

Lee Harvey Oswald, was going to take a movie doll, a figurine, and put it in front of him, in court.

He was going to win, but Jack Ruby heard, and wanted to steal the strategy.

He wanted Lee Harvey Oswald’s action figure. He was Jewish.

Exhibit C (Tramp Stamp):

What a stamp means:

A rubber stamp, regardless of what the stamp says, is always the same meaning, on a form, that you could use a stamp on.

It never fails.

The form, is already there.

Like Hopkinton, any town with a cranberry bog, a swamp or bayou, or a lowland alpachey Midwestern forest.

It always trains you to be a 1940s spy scout in infantry, it’s already there, it’s the town’s low lying canals and ducts.

It works the same way, with the Hindu caste system, the Brahmins and high latas; it’s a fugitive home, from criminals, that you can only work for as a trade broker, if you have the blood. Otherwise, why else would you do it, you can’t make money. Like Asian (even Indian Hindu) blood, the HKX, Manx blood, the VIX, Native/Latino/Antilles blood, the Polymercantile. Any failed genome taking it, is a stockbroker, Batman (Great White Shark, through a prank some enterprising comic fan played on DC Comics, the United Nations, years ago).

Exhibit D (All Man Superman):

The system of “gay” in America:

Gay, among males, is from inquiring, or trying to figure out, “what the mystery is”, why is this other guy gay. Often, it boils down to, planting the “seed of doubt” in someone; they don’t turn gay, you do.

But we have a lawyer’s theory, called “figure out the mystery”, for the Riddler, a lawyer’s pontiff representative.

The Riddler, is about honesty and study, and of course, a little fun on the side.

If you sue someone, when they’re under the age of 18, you get money from their parents if you win, sometimes they don’t even know.

If you just tell them, you win, you’re free.

But what if you want to study them, for some sick game?

Then it was a bad lawsuit, you’re on the way, to being gay. Not the homosexual kind, but the one Riddler understands. Poor.

You get to be a real life supercop, selling drugs, with your badge. They’ll even help you get into school, and you get to sell drugs, as a “police informant”, a real life rank of superpowers, dealing with “fellow government agents”, the children of military or government or police or frat or sorority figures or alum (they didn’t like their kid, but the kid “needs freedom”).

So you get, all the way through college, and now, you’re a real life PhD, and you just won the entire way. You had to make a lot of time for your undercover work, with all that sex and money and pot, and all your friends working real important jobs in the “private sector”, but wait; where did school go? Don’t worry, you got those easy grades, because the professors, like a g-man. They are paid, of course, with the assistance of the government, just like they teach you in all those classes you missed, about the superiority of world governments.

Then you get to go to your first day at work, having sold all that pot, made all those important government connections, maybe even married an important figure in your campus clubs or social movements.

And you get to see, what gay is, to the Riddler, Ben Franklin.

Poor Richard’s Almanac, predicting the future, because you already saw it happen twice, through your eyes, and through a friend’s, but at the same time.

Exhibit E (The Blonde):

How to plant a homophobia charge on a pro-war advocate:

Fast someone that’s in favor of a war, while they’re stoned on pot, then reference them as gay, and calling you a homophobic slur.

Kevin Spacey’s “American Beauty”, the film, set it up.

Then there’s a secret courts suit, by a homosexual serviceman, to steal a woman that’s expressed interest in you, to be Chris Cooper’s character, in the film.

Culminable Evidence:

Ronald Reagan Jr., is gay.

The United Nations (Explained Through South Park)

So do you know why the United States, volunteered to host the United Nations?

Cartman’s core cast of five, however, is a potential internationalist agent, serving the United Nations.

It’s so the UN doesn’t figure out that we deliberately set their educational standards of testing, and other international metrics, through Cartman, the dumb kid, while our kids, know how to do things way more lethal than Cartman, but Cartman, is dumb for trying, to figure it out while he acts.

We did it to stop our Mustache Petes, the Jewish slur for an overseas diplomat at leisure in our criminal underworld, however the entire core constituency of the European aristocracy.

Now they’re shut down, around the world.

But where does the UN collaborator, Cartman, come from?

You induce someone into Cartman, by getting them to strike another child upside the back of the head.

You induce someone into Kenny, by getting them struck, by yourself or someone else, then getting them to do it to a child.

You induce Stan, by giving them mentor training, as Kenny.

You induce Kyle, by giving journalism access and government insured facility employment, simultaneously, from Stan.

You induce Butters, by putting someone placed in an any of the four ranks, into a hospital on false charge.

They get worse, as you go down.

Cartman, is the least threatening, in American logic

And Butters, has a manifold of all prior four, he’s a serial killer.

Butters is the one causing the other four, except for his own, hidden.