Cylindrical Neurology

Cylinders traditionally function via a measure of dual circumference, to measure triplicate points of synaptic trios, flawed however in measurement due to the presence of the query function, the self-question, that removes prior consideration for a synapse to be removed and a new classifier (positive) and example (negative) to be fired, making exercises for recovery from cerebral damage, improper information, or trauma impossible.  This is expressed as a slanted side of the cylindrical, with a flat side representing the negative, and the round sides leading to the query (maybe) being the classifier.  The necessary length of time elapsed between classification (positive) and query (maybe), to remove a stage of psychosis, damage, or trauma, the example (negative), can be measured through taking the diameter of the example, in terms of pause of breath from consideration, and then measuring the radius of a half stage, necessary for the query, to then clear the classifier, a Zen exercise known as mindfulness, invalidating the entire necessity for a positive (classifier), making the entire exercise abstract, besides the measure of paused breath, and return to breathing upon reconsidering the assessment.  Used for breaking suppressive behavior received from others in terms of improper behavioralists that limit behavior, therefore causing tension into the repetition hence echo of behavior in others, the inducement of riots.

Equilateral Optic

An equilateral triangle, is calculated from 180 degrees, in three sets of 60, to produce three perfect planes, of any length, used to calculate a personality disorder’s severity.   This, however, is impossible, given that it is a momentary necessity to measure a personality disorder, when in fact, there is no manner of modeling available, that does not model the measuring party into the disorder.  This can be defeated, by taking the opposite order, 360 degrees, for a center, and dividing it into three portions, 120 degrees per portion, each personality trait record on the standard psychiatric model, as adjectives, then divided in pairs, alongside the standard binding points of logic between all three traditional diagnostics at the points, before the adjective is placed as a diminuitive consequential from the binding point, to determine source of data.  At this point, we can identify the three cyclics, from any point in the structure, to build our statistic measure of severity, from survey, based on adjective, on a test featuring six possible answers, ranging from the divisional points secretly identified as the planar divisions, in the center of the adjectives, with colors, each one identified as a sure/not sure of feeling the adjective, in relation to a long form chart of the plane’s diagnostic condition of the triad.  This is for measuring the severity of a disorder, from adjective of consequence observed, to see if in fact, the consequence was actually the causal factor.

Segmented Cones

Conical logic is prediction of ablative behavior under an immersed volume, the pressure situations representing a field of presence caused by points of weight, as if in an environment without traditional physics.  Ablative behavior, induced by fields of presence, has to be intervened with segmented logic, preventing the scenario beginning at the top of the cone from falling down inside the spanse, traditionally depicted as equilateral, hence perfectly round, however actually ovoid, with the edge that is steeper behind the pressure to be ablated, contradicted.  This, however, ignores the other field pressure, the set pressure into space around the flat round of the cone, behind it, pressure into place by the strongest force on the steep side, the result of a presence pressure from the very scenario itself being pushed and therefore drawn inwards from the natural field presence of the scenario itself resulting, therefore attracting the field presences outside and behind, hastening the movement down into the same net at the field presence, while the contradicted force, merges with the mathematician’s intervention, becoming the scenario pressure down onto both the intervention and the scenario, then trapped under all forces on a flat, a circle.  To prevent this, the flat, circle, must be predicted, by taking the field presence on the steep, and instead placing it on the flat, beneath the scenario, to force the scenario to repel downwards, hence both will move upwards, while the other field presences will gather in a circle, forming a bubble, that will then burst, and all forces will merge back into a normal liquous concept, the proper scenario to begin with, before separation by the point of the cone forming, calculated by the diameter of the projected flat divided by two, and multiplied by half of the volume of the flat, impossible in standard math, however calculated by taking the force to be ablated, and then detaining it in approach by taking the scenario and applying equal pressure applied to the calculated number, as an empowered force, while the contradicted force, is removed of power by the intervention behind removed for the ablative force.  Hence, a bubble will form, and the market will return, the ablative force punished, for attempting to hedge.  This is used for preventing state conspiracies, by immediately empowering the first individual that appears in public, aggrieved, under suspicion, as a police agent.

Gestapo (NSA)

A two card draw, meant to slowly remove players from a game of three people or larger. One standard 52 card playing deck, bicycle, and a pair of six-sided dice, white and black, are necessary, for cycles and nines. Male and female players, must draw pockets, with a play on the table each round, waiting for an ace to be played, by anyone.

As soon as the ace is played, a male may be identified, for hand, and his hand, must be identified, as the ejection hand. If he argues, he’s ejected from play, and has been identified, as a codes technician, having completed training. If a woman is selected, there is a prior stated nines roll to play, hidden on a notecard in the center of the table, that must be flipped, after she states, if she has won the sum amount out of two dice, written on the card, to get off the table. If the individual playing the ace and choosing judges so, she has the ejection hand, she’s been identified, as a codes technician, having completed training.

The purpose of the gain, is to determine, which Yakuza, is a street agent, they play the ace, and which Yakuza is a codes technician, they will eject from the game, and escape the Gestapo, to live in America. The point of the game, is that the last one to be ejected, is the winner, Hitler, and they get to host the next game, and write the nines sum on the note card, for the nines roll, and call the codes technicians and new players back in, for another round, until Hitler has ceased his reign of tyranny, and it is time for a new peace, and a new world, in America.

Dulgannon’s Draw ($)

Five players, have five cards a piece, each of them, taken from a slip pen, and marked with a color, each unique, and each one paired to a symbol, always the same color from the five sets of five, with one of them, as a dollar sign, green. Each round, the players take turns, moving right, not left, and placing a card down, then taking it back. If the card is green, the dollar sign, it must be given, to another player, for an option. The other player, must choose, whether to sacrifice one of his own cards and mark the other player as Gay, knocking them off the table, or to play the card, then return both to their respective hands, being the Baron, the spy, and remaining in play. The game ends when the last player is still active.

This is a Spades draw, a game to determine who is the child, by seeing not only who will immediately attempt to knock a player, but to see who will attempt to win, by being the last player on the table. The successful spy, the livewire, is the individual in the Yakuza that learns how to move table strategy, making this game an evaluation game for the secret player, the Dulgannon, the Traitor. The Traitor, is always somewhere at the table for the draw, otherwise, the game is to cheat Dulgannon’s Draw, and it will destroy the entire table of five, from a cooperative tactic being used, invoking an assassin’s squat, ‘heat’, from off table, at a later date.

Ringu (X)

A Chinese Checkers board and a small chess board are required, to be placed within the bounds of the square of the triangles, with three colors of marble available.  This is to be played with a retiring leader, and his protégé for leadership.  The point facing the white side, and the two triangles around an empty point on the black side, are to be selected.  The white side, is allowed to be given authority over meaning of the colored marbles, and the black side, is to be allowed enforcement, never to be switched, unless the white side has betrayed in oath, to kill both in terms of vulnerability to a Ringu player in another group, to prevent an assassination in physical blood of the retiring mentor.  This will allow the Ringu player protégé, to trap others in character roles of fictional import, in a delusional state, creating Boryu-killers, elite hitmen that are also leaders, top professionals.  Upon completing Ringu, the Boryu-killer performing the training, will lapse into dementia praecox, and the trainee will have the culture imprinted.  If either side speaks Hebrew or Yiddish, due to the variables of rules not being removed, the game will not function.  If the game is interfered with to cheat this, the game will produce random results, and create unique Boryu-killers, known as Kabuki-mono.

Beowulf (iX)

A more advanced form of Ringu, meant for university students performing recruiting for artistic drops through an agent in a key-set, with self as prime reference and secondary agent recruits as broad spread implanted through prior selection of locale before induction.  A speed clock timer is added for turn signal exchange, non-timed, and the players are reversed, with the student taking the black role, and the teacher taking the white role, with both pressing the clock for play.  The white role, is the parent, and the black role, is the child, and the play must remain platonic, with any sexual discourse punished by use of the clock through induction of fatality.  This is a print of irregular forms, with each leading to a broader form, a particular imprint specializing in a broader form, with the prior imprint held as the key-set agent inside the art prior placed, as reflection of the lock, planting the key, in the new potential player, to be taught the rules, when available.  The game is not necessary to recruit the secondary agent at the university, only learn how to do it.  Should they survive, they will understand both Ringu, and Beowulf.  Key-sets, are capable of removing anyone, from the effects of a Ringu produced culture set, by inducing them, a potential use of Beowulf, however it induces raving insanity either way.  If Hebrew or Yiddish or both are spoken by either party, platonic behavior is guaranteed, if the speed timer is used properly, for play.  If the speed timer is used competitively, the game has gotten too heated, and will disengage automatically, from the strategy refusing to pass, however it may be completed at leisure, to little effect, perhaps partial.

Straycat (AK)

The Beowulf template, replacing the speed timer, with cocktail skewers, and keeping the same seating arrangement.  The mentor, is placed as a leader, and the new inductee, as the training trooper, with each side, gesturing with a stick, to move the other player’s piece, without being able to move their own.  Any mark of the student, the referee, to mark a marble rule or removal as illegal, removes the trooper cadet from training, and places them in a criminally insane state as the commandant, the white side, the novice.  Successful training, indicates that the trooper is now a full spy trooper, capable of countering any potential adversary, with a criminally insane version of their teacher, as if they had called the rule on their teacher, and been victorious.  The command sergeant will have their training muster removed, if the trainee cadet is allowed to cheat, and a disorganized break will occur.  Yiddish, not Hebrew, will invalidate the training cadet command, due to risk inherent in calling a command by force of verbal taunt, rendering both trainees inviolate from test, due to refusal to complete training referendum to satisfaction of commandant.  Hebrew, without Yiddish, will allow the spy trooper to engage preemptively, due to machine logistics of cobbler, city planning, and kitchen culture combining into avoidance of surfaces, and placement of hands, in conscious mind, from linguistics, immersion in Hebrew culture heightening awareness, apparent from training, although chance of candidate completing becomes poor as skill grows, as does odds of completing a new trainee.  The concern of the successful cadet from teacher should be recorded, on a roster register, kept at master bunker, to determine assassin mark on a defeated foe, as well as a ‘8’ mark to indicate ‘Hebrew’, in the event of language being spoken, without Yiddish.  No Yiddish mark is necessary, as the game will be inviolate.  If successful, standard measures will apply.

Yidditz (Sigma)

A board game, a picture board, and a work of art on a proper timestamp available device are necessary.  Three players, plus a recorder, with a course logic sheet and check options, are necessary, with the game determined in function customized to the necessity of the mutual agreement to the players.  The game is cooperative, with a prior discussed strategy, matching the fiction, the language imprinted, and the book to convey the language imprinted, convened upon in the completed manual, by the recorder, the woman, the girlfriend of the leader of the game.  The intimidated, the muscle, and the leader, are selected as the three players, no more, no less, or else the Yidditz manual is useless. 

The picture board, identifies the name of a game in purpose of a prank upon the family, extended to a manipulation of government in implicit threat to the intimidated, with the muscle as the lever, and the leader’s position as the enactor of the manual upon sale.  The game is played, with a first phase, the press, from muscle to intimidated, within game rules, interpreted by interpreter as three ways, based upon the elements of the media selected for the three players, always characters, to be translated into language later.  Then, once this is accomplished, the intimidated and leader discuss, with assistance of muscled, how to counter muscle, within game rules, in a three phase plan, referring to the elements of the series discussed, and the game itself, labeled as the purpose of the picture board retroactively. 

The game, the picture board, and the original name, are then removed, and the muscle is played as the false target, the intimidated as the private collector’s debt, and the leader as the user, with the fiction’s three stamps as the usage, the language taken from a common work to be associated, and the amicus curae foil to be informed on cover, as a media flaunt, not to be revealed, in the words, ‘these words are secret’, a common pagan manual translation not available to public.  The recorder sheet and picture board, not the game, are to be saved at the girlfriend’s house, and printed one-sheet pamphlets on the game are to be saved at a broker, to be burned to public, if house of cards falls (i.e., is busted, in any way), as retaliation for the ring broth falling.  Of course, once the Yidditz method is busted to public, inevitably, alternates, checks, are introduced, introducing profit to scheme.  Yidditz are not to be used by any Yakuza henchman, or leader, under penalty of death, expulsion, or shame, choice of the leader of the Yidditz ring creating these works under contract assignment.

Mercenary (SS)

Five card draw, played with blue cards, 88 label on the bicyclist joker, only 52 standard set, with 500 chips and a no shuffle rule for draw are used.  Standard poker hands, one ante of five chips, one round of betting, one redraw in a circle, and one round of betting before laydown, are used, with a five player set, for a 25 card count in the hand, a rotating 2 card mark if all 5 players perform a perfect lay, a flush, indicating a joint movement for a round, a broken round.  An additional player, female, non-affiliated, is used, on a typist register of any type, to track signals used and success in forcing a fold.  Signals used are of the narrowest possible, off a board register, of a picture board, for field success ratio available of kill, labeled and posted above game, in home or house of annex. 

The point of the game, is to kill other players, with a label on their head, a last name, the target, and their own nametag, as their callsign.  Signaling that you have a card, that you believe someone else has to complete your non-existent set, with a board signal on the leader score of terms, indicates that you are watching their change variable on laydown, to monitor the bet score, not to make money, but to force a fold, with rigid rules enforced by female typist, the referee as well as the monitor, with a scrum, a return of chips and forced fold, if found cheating, by any significance.

The pilot handle, is assigned from tag engaging, to mark on head, having found a signal handle pair to engage, with a proper strategy of card odds, ranked separately above the head of each player, on a sign, around the five table, hanging on a chad mark, a tape pulpit, indicating the brevity of the hand in odds of logic to work, with a simple ranking demeanor, non-mathematical. 

The follow containment measures are used, deliberately limited: target on head, callsign on tag.  Standard pilot.  Self on head, self on tag.  Coordinator, business workplace, base of command.  Self on head, rival on tag.  Police control, a coordinator with authorities.  Target on head, target on tag.  Dead player, indicating a training coordinator, representing a past kill, with a strategy to be displayed by veteran, already completed a kill, can’t go back in.  Marked as self on head, marked as another another board player’s callsign in match on nametag, scram, bad player, you’ve been defeated, you’re dead weight.  Same as training coordinator, barred from discussing story.  Joker written on head, self on tag.  Dummy player, represents the referee typist, to duel an unknown quantity approaching group, leadership role, in any case or position, only given through vote of all training coordinators on deck, the loremaster.

Each kill is registered as a successful fold of the player after draw, registered by a show of the cards upon fold, and a signal of the requested hand from the challenging player with signal.  The typist then records the signal, the requested hand from the fold, and the actual hand of the engaging officer, with signal, target rank of hand from lowest to highest, and engaging rank of hand, from lowest to highest, target shown, engaging hidden, with exchange of chips engaged after hand is complete and normal play resumes, before deck is stacked back in, not reshuffled. 

Circular logic, is enforced, as well as ante, chips, trade, and pretzels, the common polite table fare, alcohol or marijuana not allowed, cigarettes standard play unless typist does not smoke regularly.  Rankings are calculated with signal, width of target being efficiency of kill, and minimum height of kill being ease of kill.  Each is then assigned to target, engaging callsign, with base commander given field command of those having successfully engaged along width and height with signals rostered for mutual exchange, police control being given height as signal to base command, and coordinators, dead players, and dummies excluded from table calculation.  Lowest numbers, are easiest kills, except for base command, favoring highest numbers, for priority channels, numbers then discarded for police and just given signals, with only ranks and signals offered for manuals otherwise.