The Structure of the Community Poors: The Corporate Interest of Faith and Brothers

The concept of a corporation is a conjoined legal body wherein liability is featured as an accreditation of state, representing self as a private office of sector logic for purposes of suit from government, employee, or citizen, hence the individual member of the firm is not sued for abiding by practice, it is in fact the company.  This way, the assets of the corporation are merged, for purposes of liability, under law, protecting investors, employees, and consumers from the consequence of unjust invocations of laws in court in pursuit of personal profit of those legally empowered to do so.

Five Structures of Company Management:

Firm: A conjoinment of business practice, family tradition placed together in mutual interest.

Cartel: A business practice controlling a single product from extraction through sale.

Consortium: A group of affiliated interests related to the same industry.

Consolidate: A compressed firm practice, specializing in a particular brand of business practice.

Conglomerate: A group of regional interests affiliated in the same region of commerce.

Structure of Management:

Limited: The union brokerage of the owners, run by the holder of the above strategy in terms of venture, the practice of aligning laws, of principle observed through return, and legislature in hope of adaptation, to create rules, violations of law, and customs, diminishments against law, the basic practice of conducting industry.

Board: The five controlling members of a corporation, they manage the company itself.

CEO: Chief Executive Officer, they are drawn from a Limited, they run the corporate board and select the other four board members, from outside the Limited, or else corruption has ensued, there is a scandal, the term for a collapse of company due to unfair share of corporate largesse, a public offering to a market, a fraudulent business practice called rally politics, designed to thief from public on basis of engaging in reckless practice against family warning, indicating personal instruction of civics finance, commonly called religion, by force of parent, instead of by community, hence national terror in time of war, homosexuality in terms of business ethic in time of peace, a state of recklessness at a national crisis or management phase of paucity, or a state of non-exchange of goods in deliberate diminishment of own asset value in time of exchange and progress.

CFO: Chief Finance Officer, is in charge of the corporate facility headquarters.  The presidents, are in charge of floors, the term for an account numbers unit, while the vice-president, is in charge of the steering committee, the term for a senior staff advisory committee to work with the other three executive compartments.  The floor, is headed by a president, with an economist, the administrative secretary, in charge of approving draft review of the sales calculated through necessity of investment in facilities investment to maintain production profit level as a separate term of profit, called annuity, checked by an executive assistant, an accountant.  The administrative secretary, then passes this to the bullpen, the secretary pool, all education majors that understand justice commerce, through degree of passage, and they then move this through collation and copy and file, following proper regimen, to the back of the floor’s two rows, the spines, with business majors, specializing in degreed process, checking each analytic of their purview, the concept of their own specialized merit of business from training as a steering committee protégé, a student under a vice-president reviewing senior staff products of potential note in past correction of error, or if the company is new, purchased review records.  After two runs of the numbers, the whistle is blown, and the information, goes up to the president, for review, before being passed to the vice-presidents, to go to steering committee, to be reviewed by R, the development pool for new talent, to recruit members for secondary commission, D, promotion, the numbers application of utility from firm for recruit into vice president, president only possible through finance floor veteran, as protégé of secretary undermanagement, the trouble cheque, the payroll administrator.

CAO: Chief Accounting Officer, is in charge of arranging audit with the government.  He runs the justice enforcement of acts unit, called security divisions, wherein the members of employ, the syndicate, a profit percent of share upon pay given produced worksmanship upon review of boss, the hench, a term of minion, that being, self-shared annuity, profit produced in grievance to review of file, clerk’s error in favor, indicating the clerk did not calculate the gain of firm, hence bonus.  They arrange currency, goods, ledger mark, sales taxed arrangements of product, wage calculations, salaries for firm, marital agreements inside the company for nuptials, employee guarantees, contracts for shipping, facilities taxes paid, percentages paid through union to government, arrangement of local estate of municipal government upon endorsement hereby authorization by incorporation of national province and ordinance city council to function as facility, courts advisement, authorization by politician office, and banking arrangement for potential suit if any of the prior is violated by government, the term for audit upon state, a national grouping of monopoly for force to induce audit, hence the firm has been forced to lose benefit, accusation of tax evasion, culpable to extortion, must be leveled, with hire of outside assistance from specialist veteran of public sector police services, troubleshooter.

CLO: Chief Legal Officer, is in charge of publicity and relations inside and outside the firm, with consumers and concerned individuals, all of them potential enemies by virtue of action from the legal office.  The legal department is arranged by membership of desk, each one specializing in a particular head of office, with draft, review, writing, education, university, endorsement, sponsorship, and removal of product through review, as the generalized desk functions.  The orthodoxies of the trade, are available upon tap, through phones operation.  The phones operation, reports a complaint filed under public review through union phone, and then indicates a review with company investigation, internal draft through hired agent of bank scholar, to determine place of employee of individual filing complaint.  At which point, orthodoxies then invert tradition.  The tap’s historian, performs an admission of proper fact under political university training regimen of firm supporting township law under history of passage, therefore complainant, by filed complaint, historical society payment of brochure.  The tap’s human resources, performs a psychiatric regimen of culminable and culpable rule of arrest public in law necessary to have qualified complainant for police department employ, as a member of a counter-political agency, if arrest is inside newspaper of capital consideration, outside of Texas unless approved of by Texas Rangers federal jurisdiction, or by Suffolk County in case of Massachusetts, and reported in newspaper based thereof, Texas Rangers internal review or Boston alignment of reported safety in state legislature upon contact, single language press print ink on paper, single language, before arrest measure is determined as being the specialty of the individual culminable and culpable for psychiatric reasons of arrest’s determination and motive established by aligning traits judged to be reason for police department hire therefore local police service contacted to determine if individual could potentially have served in police review to ensure state police review of any case involved in self firm, to ensure political conspiracy has not been engaged by own company to offend complainant against firm, and then to arrange potential hire for service for complainant, employing political legislative body of state capital.  The tap for orthodoxy of organized party market economics, contacts unions of residency to inform private sector complainant product review of journalistic outlet to place complainant in press upon arrangement of consensual interview offer for voice of complaint, in proper way listed upon form of technique on desk review of head choice of specialty, with public sector highlighted to journalist, as the body for media relations, with enforcement therefore split to hence prevent criminal syndicate manipulation of firm.

COO: The Chief Operations Officer, is in charge of facilities, the scientific staff, charged with operation of facilities beyond the range of the corporate headquarters office.  Each operations range, has a degree, a bachelor’s, in the humanities, behavioral sciences, or applied sciences, equivalent to doctorates of corporate law of management review writing of law, from refusing a university position upon graduation, but not before graduation, hence non-corrupt, otherwise corrupt in terms of hire and therefore reviewed for pension position as staff at venture capital affiliate, then disenfranchised for legal liability.  Liability staff, is then considered a link, to venture capital firm acquiring, in case of facilities contact, for review, of new company expansion of facility, within matching bachelor’s specialty from within own company staff having been judged non-corrupt.  Ethics of each degree, are determined from within company policy, placed from senior staff at finance level of officer, prior mentioned on list under CFO entry.  Each ethics officer, the operations technician, is managed by a divisional bureau, the representative a corporate franchise location, that has been promoted into hire command, charged with hiring present franchise heads, to corporate, the facility the operations technician works at.  The operations technician, then is consulted, when a shift manager, at a facility, receives a complaint on behavior, from a consumer of product, placed upwards into swing, the three shift leader positions, then passing to franchise owner of location, past manager, blocked if manager invoked, potential problem with consumer, hence not necessary to consult past franchise, unless necessary to invoke discipline, then divisional bureau consulted, not operations technician.  The operations floor has a rolodex, of each policy practice through ethics form, to review staff at location, ethic of employee classified by standard company purview to problem presented by staff, not customer, otherwise lawsuit present and employee having requested complain against consumer to be fired and removed from location by force of public police department notified, with any request to head of probate by employee to be noted as potential liaison of work suit against franchise manager to be handled by senior staff steering committee for overhaul of job recruiting, job standards, and human resource psychiatric screen protocol, taught to hiring manager at franchise location.

Commissions Upon Wage Versus Salaried Interest of Community


You are working a salaried position in expectation of more rapid deal, which means you bet to expand business for your household unit, and so does everyone at your company, hence your expansive growth does not benefit all sectors of the economy at the work, you’ve bankrupted your community, for a temporary gain of the family, you’ve denowed your own market advantage of your community, the department of public works, taxes go up, but you can’t pay, you only profited a tiny, slim margin, separate term, a slice of your potential income playing honestly, to pay taxes to continue business as a group largesse, largesse being mutual benefit gained of people.


Salary is calculated from guarantee to firm, consultancy to firm, or token for marriage to guarantee child within bond of wedlock. Salary is the guaranteed pay, upon freedom of removal from contract of state, private, or spouse, to determine if the fraud of note has been committed, determined through whom has impelled, not compelled, the later implicit, the former coercion through manipulation. The judge is of enticement, law enforcement acting as if in private sector, through organ of state hidden as body of fact, the truth of the law, the common man.

Trades of Interest Versus Barter of Good Upon Market


The good is a composite already extracted, and you are denowing the aggregate, your combined pay, to trade among individuals after the good has been consumed in name only, therefore you own someone else’s food, their actual means of continuing life, and you now own them, with no legal right, since they have to purchase the good. You have just bet against yourself, so someone else can eat, and now the company collapses, and the source of the food cuts off, you have lost your money, to someone else profitting off them starving, and they can no longer trade with you, or sell the goods class, they have purchased, in share of revenue retail, on something that they have to sell, for a firm that has been publicly decried.

Market Interest:

There are three markets, the white market, the black market, and the green market. The white market, is all goods produced and sold before consumption, existing under tax referendum, controlled by government interest, the concept of state and province. The black market, is all goods never produced until sold under record, tracked by consumption, existing under police law of secret control. The green market, is all goods produced by information of trade through fraud of capital, the political market of common share, the opinion of all to control mercy of courts. Combined, this is the common interest, the market, to punish all who do not control self through choice of market, with each stage moving backwards, mercy, through police, through nation, to redeem, and then forward, through share, to law, to punishment. This is religion, the punishment due.

Commodities Futures Versus Common Investment of Loan


You have a contract for labor, placing yourself as laborer and expecting pay to self for purchase of another, placing the good delivered to another, as delivered to yourself, imaginary, paid to self, instead of attached in inversion to good delivered, influence on law, your power of the courts, and their power does not exist, you have purchased it, you own their vote. However, since you have removed composite signal, upon investment, the license of the company, does not continue, and instead, your logistics, have denounced your leadership, the real estate of consumer sales now useless, and your corporate business union, the limited, now owes money, for taking you into partnership, but the money does not exist, neither deflated, individual share, nor inflated, group largesse to monetary progress of population, genocide.

Loan Investment:

A currency signal is given upon placing upon ledger, the extraction of good, placement upon property stiple, the term for stipulation of government interest, combined with aggregate, currency paid per stage of worksmanship, into composite, finished good of sales of interest to consumer inside community, taxed. Currency, is signal of law, control over courts, the secondary to vote, the common interest of how composite should be arranged. Contract is guarantee to employee, upon wage, calculated over cycle, to remove from value the good worked, and extend to employee over audit, thus given to employee, contracts combined in logistics, the corporate facility of accounting, transmitted through union of contract to real estate housing, for distribution of community for sales. Currency imbued is now hidden backwards to producer of good, for endorsement of worker by consumer, logistics complete, the power of the vote now in hands of consumer. This is management, therefore law, free courts of jurisdiction prevailing under democracy.

Insurance Trade of Investment Versus Common Trust of Banker Regulation


You have bet on your conjoined family logic, business into firm, a single type of potential corporate interest, to pay out to an individual who is impelled, not compelled to invest, and once invested, they are compelled to follow court rules, you have removed the legislature, there can be no progress in your interest, investment, hence you have ceased to profit or benefit or gain, and you have bet your own house, your real estate, on a mortgage without suit, you have cheated in your mind, unable to lose your home, however the insurance is bet against pension, hence the employees of the company whom are investing in you, will lose their company share, and your insurance cannot complete premium, returned profit, hence it is now worthless, and the industry you insure, now collapses, your interest margin of investment, the term for a palpable area of worth, is now shut down.

Common Trust:

You have placed in your stockholding, an investment in your firm, through pension fund, mutual upon voice union, a firm union separate from your company, existing only within the firm, a separate consolidated bank investment. All employees relegate themselves to fee’d purchase, through banking house, through interest accumulated through accident at ware’s housing, not warehousing, but possible, applying to higher interest gains, among management, as punitive measure from harming employee. Trust for children is established, upon employment and measure, and sponsorship from employee, is given to manager, for the manager’s child completing collegiate studies, employing firm tactic of private expenditure upon dropping out, transitioning to private firm of banking transaction, a bank wherein social circle of network monitors income savings upon which income research is performed to pay back to future banking transaction of private trust upon profit of child, meaning a police arrest is performed of individual culpable for failure upon collegiate, if any. Fee is paid, by employer, for pleasure of having employees present, the mutual trust in state of a federal unionated aid.

National Security Investment Versus Municipal Munitions Union

National Security Investment:

You work private sector trade in civil or government munitions, the term for an article sold specifically upon municipal investment to union of executive holdership. Instead of gaining benefit upon property sales, returned investment, you rely on private mercantile, to sell rights of town to private citizen, beyond police or fire department or department of public works maintenance, hence you are beyond government, therefore you have no clients under law, and your development projects, have no employees, bound to contracts notwithholding, you are the broker for a political client, that cannot stand on your project, since you have no international finance, you have barred and withheld yourself from it, you are a private trade, of government license and stipend, violation of international law, hence you have no claim in court, reliant on war and military mercenary fund for a secondary government, your agents disrespected with no chain of access, and you are owned, by a rogue state, now considered criminal in alliance, by your own media source and resource of chain of purchase, now worthless through extortion.

Munitions Municipal Investment:

Based on your first part-time job, in highschool, as your wares, and your post-primary job, in secondary school, your strategy of limited holdings, you embark upon a venture. You purchase real estate, for a facility, the holding of your asset company, under your board, your professional savings brokerage. Brokerage, being a term, meaning, this is your group arranging a deal, to your buyer, your client, a civil or government firm, something affiliated with national interest, or the state of audit to self of each individual involved, simultaneous, however across single body of self, in institution, principle, of national body, any body with monopoly of force over interest of benefit to common citizen or resident. Five percent is calculated, to whom your union holds, for your facilities endorsement, in town, of police, and public works, paid to you, from endorsement of incorporated township. Multiply this by two, for your property tax paid to town, therefore you will charge, half your property tax, of value, of your land. Eighty percent calculated of property tax for residencies of labor force, is returned from investment, of residential housing, paid for union head of residential housing, your workforce, placed inside a labor or trade union, negotiated through federal head of syndicate, shared profit upon consumption of product, not produce. Produce, is your mutual gain upon society, non-calculated, through tax benefit, variable, but rather product, sales of your good, to client buyer. Five percent remains left, to pay into salary, of your corporate board. Upon sales of your investiture, your property, the machines will be sold to compaction, to study machines of loan and sales, upon stress deviances to study, your facility will be mouldered, sold to compact sale of fill, the landfill investment, and your property will be returned from upkeep, prior one hundred percent of profit off of zero market, the negative investment from share of economy, stake, this being inflation, to a positive share of 2.5 percent, your additional realty, in appearance being loss, actually your gain, at having owed your country more in terms of gain, from your property realty of initial investment, your tax dollar property value paid yearly.

Five Card Social: Cocksucker Ring

Deck of Bicycle Cards, all Aces removed, Jokers in play, Rules card on sidebar.

Five players, Knockouts Impossible, Five Card Draw. One ante round, mandatory challenge bet, withdrawal off hand impossible.

Sixth player, the Reporter, is known as Lincoln. They have a board, displayed to all players, of each card, and any dead politician, may be posted.

Standard briefcase of chips, darker chips in shade, worth less, green chip, zero piece, no monetary value, a bluff bet.

When a player challenges Lincoln, they have become Lincoln. The challenge occurs, when Lincoln, disputes that a play is fair.

Lincoln, must return to play, by taking the assailant, the Reporter, into a challenge of monetary finance.

The bumped player, must sit a round out, while arranging a game play, of which fictional villain, each player is.

Whichever player, wins the hand, is the fictional villain, and must now place a dead politician on the board, through the Reporter.

If the Reporter refuses, Lincoln does not resume play, and does it again.

Each round on bump, is tracked. When all the cards are named, Joker not counting, the Rules card is flipped, and given, to the player with the most bumps, removals from the table.

The deck is now worthless, since the Rules card, was the prize.

Five Card Social: Fraternelli Stud Corleone

Deck of Bicycle Cards, Blue Back, 52, no Jokers, one Rules Card, off-deck, for Reporter with list, house rules, the Don is the Reporter.

Five Players, Knockouts Impossible, Five Card Draw. Three circles, no ante, all coins in pot at start, returned after play, to resume hand.

Money is marked as packs of cigarettes, sealed, smoking them is illegal. Colors of cigarettes, four packs colored, each matching a suit, with two off-color, not red or black, as the variables, representing any pair off ‘game’, suit matching red or black card.

The Don keeps a list of each card, and a New York politician, on a matching list of possible choices, available to all players, composed by the Don, available for review when a card is named.

When a player wins the hand, they are asked to report a politician on the card, to the Reporter.

If the card is unmarked, they get to name one, and have to do a knockout, meaning they have to challenge the Reporter, if the politician is the actual one marked on the secret list.

If the Don confirms, the player can no longer draw as many packs off the coin for the bet of the hand, and gets to name a card.

One all players are at minimum coins bet, one per player of five, the count resets.

Fewest politicians named when list is complete, wins.

53 politicians possible, last politician, is declared the Don, and they take all the cigarettes off the table, for their pocket, the protection money.

The Actor’s Plight

How was I to have known

My own pen would betray me

If I could not see fit

To understand politics as displayed to me

These long and dark words

Are sultry in the ocean

The waves and tides of my mind

Now recede without an end to the pain of the dove’s tree

My blood dovetails out

In the artistic words of war

I took a giant fucking shit on an innocent kid

To be in a movie and the same film told him to even the score

Vanderbilt Media

A work in progress. Will remove this line when complete. Your source for police media. Entries have been updated throughout list, extra ‘bulk’ added, no ‘bilk’, unless paying for crayons from Building 19.