Overseas Religious Practices (Differing from Calvinist Propaganda)

Jews: Alcohol is prohibited, only marijuana is allowed.

Muslims: Marijuana and cigarettes are prohibited, and a strict regimen for use of whiskey for men, wine for women, and grappa for “old ladies”, gays, foot washers.

Catholics: Marijuana and hard liquor together are prohibited, besides in highschool, once, an oath of alms.

Lutherans: A religion declared misfit, targeted by German Counter-Terror, and Pacifisits for Peace, presently being protected by TedX, a British Neo-Fascist movement based on the popularity of Harry Potter.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: Murder-for-hire assassins out of London, that use insurance, assassination, film, and lures, to kill.

Anglicans: An envoy movement to New World and Oceania stations, connected to the Vatican through Switzerland’s banking complex, fitting into the other categories above.

The New World (The Fascism of European Orders – For Red Power)

A colony of criminals rejected by Europe and Africa and Russia and Asia, you are sent here after committing a crime in your divided sect of culture.

Organized by Russian-Yiddish tolltakers to divide you based on diet (for example, Italians dislike tomato sauce, Irish dislike schnapps, Germans dislike pets, and English dislike conjunctive names, hence Italians are marked Irish, Irish are marked Italian, Germans are given an animal training name in African culture, and English are given an O’, Mac, or Mc), with Russians as police officers in uniform (communist culture of insurance), and outposts for European culture around the New World (Cancun, Jamaica, Medallin, Havana, Providence, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Fort Worth Texas).

You can return to Europe, if you’ve completed the knot of your culture (coded as a ‘flight to Ireland’, a ‘flight to Britain’ indicating detention or treacherous agent), with a fortune inherited from your old family savings as a Dublineer. If you’re Jewish, you have to work as a knots agent as a minder, if you’ve freed a Dublineer from service, a Royal’s Agent becoming a major magnate of state, but only if you’re willing to work with the Royal, against his or her obstacles, otherwise ‘dunced’ (the Royal’s family, becomes major mobsters, against Jews, anyone resisting, considered an “Internationalist”, an agent of an NGO or non-profit drafted as Mafia by FBI agents for undercover work, at the expense of being considered a “kill” if refusing, by a “freelancer”, a Dublineer).

Oceania, meanwhile, is for psychopathic hunters that want deadly environments, while Asia is for the wealthiest men and women in the world to test psychiatric manuals for mass worker societies. India, is a hiding place, for the most savage criminals known to man, and the Middle East, is a housing complex, for Jannissaries, recruited by the Kings and Queens of Europe, and their “Agents”, the Royals outside of Europe or Africa or Russia or China or the Middle East, to fight and die killing each other, in every single war allowed by the international standard, the clandestine order of “Summit”; otherwise, your war is resisted, and everyone is a Dublineer, in the countries as belligerents.

Schindler’s List (Another Tom Hanks Gay Rights Film – For a Dominatrix “Stud” “Muffin” – A Type of Cat)

A film trying to cover for a gay father, with the name “Schindler”.

Named after Schindler’s Economics, for media and publication of fraud material, it’s from when a father instructs a child on publication rules of sales (rich), writing rules of economy (poor), and insists on art design preconsciously (implied), creating an economist that does psychiatric evaluations for “medics” (killing them unwittingly, and himself, slowly).

The film is a product of the gay rights movement, as is everything that Tom Hanks has ever done (including Saving Private Ryan, trying to make gay men, want to be the gay father, of the straight child with Schindler’s Economics, causing a pogrom of non-therapeutic assertives, paid for by Barack Obama’s campaign, MoveOn Limited, for the rap industry).

A Sociopathic Disorder (The Failure of a Job Skill)

The prime job skill, that any human should have, is the ability to differentiate the morality of their own cause, for a potential shift into a new line of training from a different cause of contribution. This is how we learn, from having multiple teachers in school, and from refusing our peers as tutors, as well as reporting improper teachers or professors, who force their ideas on us.

The disability of being a sociopathic personality disorder, is a retreat into childhood, the succor of a poor teacher or professor giving them a sexual supply of personal status. In order words, a demogogue’s pupil, is a sociopath.

So where is a sociopath from?

They are placed in a program of any name, the term ‘program’ indicating a process over time, with a single mathematical schedule, allowing them to cheat off someone else’s work. There forces them to retreat into early childhood, as the sexual object of a man seeking to greaten himself, a demogogue; in other words, someone who feels weak, from having selected an improper spouse, often in homosexuality, or refusal to remain a bachelor, or a man or woman who has chosen to stay single.

The mark of the sociopath, is that they are violent, when the labeled cause of creed, the relationship of the grouped social body, is questioned. They cannot change their source of loyalty, from the program’s propaganda, to a new teacher, to learn. Instead, as the world moves ahead around them, they move backwards, eventually into their primitive racial culture, that noted by those opposing them of the same race, but as a slave, to the demagogue’s group, the foundation or fundraising group.

The life of a sociopath, is poverty, confusion, violence, submission to molestation, and homosexual litany of references to sex, in a humiliating form from those watching around them and judging them, and eventual death as a wretch of a man or woman, unaware that they have no value or placement in society, having watched someone else’s work, instead of performing their own to learn.

They never learned the value of a common dollar; not making it, but spending it.

Ronald Reagan’s Secrets to Forensic Profiling (Uber Personalities)

An uber personality, beat an older man, in a game of racial slur, as a child, and that man died.

Here is Ronald Reagan’s guide (the gay version) of the forensics trade explanation (this isn’t for anyone, it’s just for fun).

Now let’s explain the classes, of serial killers.

This guy is straight.

It’s Ted Bundy, he asked a woman, how to prevent rape.

This guy is bisexual.

It’s John Wayne Gacy, he started a business venture, and married a woman, and she kills people to hide the family’s ailing tax benefits on her circus plan for John, and he goes to prison under a psychoanalyst’s advice.

This guy is gay.

It’s Jeffrey Dahmer, he signed up for a secret government program, called the campus police, and now, he has to work out, all the time.

Blending them, we have female serial killers.

Ted + John = Squeaky Fromme, she turns someone into Charles Manson.

Ted + Jeff = Character Zero, this is actually a man, but he kills someone, as women, with a man’s stalk alias. A monolith.

John + Jeff = Eileen Wournos. Someone has turned Ted, queer, and he won’t go, she was a dominatrix, and she gives advice to cops.

All three together = Ronald Reagan, he did it on purpose, he’s a Nazi agent, claiming another country, but now they have money (they already did, but he says otherwise)
Ronald Reagan, turns all the women, into the three above.

The Mossad (The Slave State’s Servants, United Nations Multinationals)

How the Mossad works:

The Mossad, figured out you could file, as being a beneficiary of police representative, but only if you’re the victim of an unseen boundary; the police term, for an unknown hit from a police unit from another county, not region or town.

Normally, you get a lawsuit, against anyone stealing your property, putting you through a forced procedure, or attempting to control your right to work, speak, or assemble, even on the internet.

What the Mossad is:

An organization that claims membership as intelligence services of a controversial nation or group, presently claiming Israeli heritage (Israel hunting them actively, with firearms and knives and infantry, when claiming Israeli patronage).

They work for internationalists, people who have betrayed their father’s profession or trade, at work or job or otherwise, for fun, without otherwise being pressured to do so, hence an individual can’t be comported to join against their will without a cheat, if someone attempts to force them to join by trickery.

What the Mossad Benefits:

Anti-Semites (Nazis), people who control a landshare and want workers (Books, the MI-6 term for them, print quotation artists and demanders of exact text, to assert themselves), putting others into the Mossad without joining themselves.

Rapscallions (Self-Denounced Child Molesters), people who use circus and theater and musical arts outside of the actual professions, as professional troupes who practice slave labor as a line of business (Hypocrites, the MI-6 term for them, people who argue other organizations terms as themselves, to cause faults of loyalty suspect so the Hypocrite can gain new agents for the Mossad at betraying their victims’ family businesses or professions).

Houses of Ardour Primer

Genetic High House: Each of these following genomes, in a singular or multiple combination, has a particular specialty at management in “finance”, the art of fine detail given home, family, and national graviture (the term of a serious matter of gravid fact).  While not mandatory to allow the management of one of these matters by the families marked, it is recommended.  Not used in the New World, rejected if attempted to force on any of these families, since the New World is meant as a dumping ground, for criminals.  Royals here, are predatory prey animals, banished for crimes against state, such as seeking a private fortune or alternately hunting at high rank of criminal endeavor.   Their families remain, as the legendary thieves guilds of the New World, while in the Old World, they are forward agents for diplomatic matters requiring a “subtle hand”, called “villains” by their friends back home.  Villain, meaning, “God’s Servant”.

O’Neills: Vassal States of Europe (Political Ranks)

Yorks: Prime Ethics of Labor Share (Job Legal Filings)

Tudors: Houses of State Esclair (Women’s Servile Domestic)

Rotheschildes: Banques El Carte (Catering Service for Women’s Brothels and Brunch)

Lennoxes: Criminal Mafia Units Deployed Abroad (Pogroms and Suicides Upon Stage for Holy See)

Longshanks: Political Meandering of Mismutant (Challenges to Claims of Power for All Except Self Family, All Terms Mistood)

Canaanites: Women’s Punishments for Labor of Birth (Nursing Pediatric Services For Unfit Mothers Declared Obese)

Sauds: Games and Wagers of Fact (Gambled Derivatives of Economic Tactical Game Theory – Driven Sleds of Logic for Military)

Purple Gang Korea: Work Machined Industry (Factory Parts and Assisted Designs, Secondary, Psychiatric Unions and Rosters, Primary, Sitting Chairman Kim Jong-un)

Red Gang Taiwan: Trained Households of Labor Applied to Service Mercenary (Economics Services of Authorship in Crime, Secondary, Military Infantry Recruit Upon Large Stage Industry, Primary, Sitting Chairman Den Xi Ping

Green Gang Shanghai: Labored Services of Game Theory Math (Couriers and Intelligence of Mail Delivered Truck, Secondary, Publication of Canary Spotted, Primary, Sitting Chairperson Lady Sheila Zhang)

Blue Gang Manchukuo: Women’s Services of Household (Management of Media Theft and Fraud and Prevention Thereof, Secondary, Prostitution Standards of Rank and Order in Sexuality of Copulance, Primary, Sitting Chairperson Fred Holmech of Texas)

Yellow Gang Gobi: Hygiene for Doctors and Stewards of Ambulance (Secretary at Worker’s Commissar of Deli or Doctrine, Secondary, Theater and Stage of Worker and Overhaul of Politics, Primary, Sitting Chairman Qin Cao Pao)

Forbidden Emperor: Mexican Federal Police and Hong Kong District 12 (Undercover Corrections and Law Informant Management)

Khanate of Mongolia: Traditions of Name and Letter (Sitting Households of Britain, Nanjing, and Saudi Arabia)

Komon: Children’s Education of Rapid Rate of Incline (Video Games and Board Games of Chequers)

Medici: Fishing Standards of Restaurant Overview (“German”, “Passive”, and “Table”, Deutch Raisons D’Etre of Restaurant Safety)

Borgia: Resubstance of Industry of Standards of Incarcerated Employee Customer Base (Revitalized Industry of Purchase in Household Guild)

Hohenzollerns: Pediatrics of Baby Monitor and Mental Health (Uniform of Uniformed Standards of Army)

Romulans: Declaration of End of Republic (Power Share of Wealth Among Poor Divided)

Romanovs: Protection of Children (Ace Production of Comics and Wealthy Share of Environed Protection of Homes and Safeties Safe Gardens)

Bourbons: Test Scripture of Homeland Defense Against Predatory Avian or Falcon Behavior (Placement of Wounded Innocent Into Combat Position as Criminal)

Syrian-Galilean: Sucrose and Candy Corn Iodide Test (Purge of Influence of Genomes Related to Insulin Dependence by Medicine Treatment Thereof)

Sicilian: Accounts Ledgered (Last Rites Given Denegratory Status for All Except Priesthood Administering)

Corsican: Sitting Leader of National Pride Day (States of Holidays of Garner for All and None for Self – the Napoleonic Imperial, Dulchez, The Duke)

Dungannons: Mother’s Standard of Poverty (Vengeance Upon Women for Rejecting Men in Statuatory Need Unless Cheated, Then Vengeance on Male as Doing so Into Gay, If Refused Then Knife Fight, if Killed Before then Court Act, if Denied So Then Praised as Self as Martyr, with Beard Grown and Statement Retracted of Self as Child Molester – Givern’s Naxt)

Jacobins: Palestine and Kurdish Affairs (Buckingham Chapter of Knights – Sitting Liege, Queen Elizabeth II of Heraldry, Royal Marines Brig Captain In Charge, Stepping Down Shortly to Herald in New Age of Joint Rule with Consort Camilla of High Chapter Castille)

Hapsburgs: Elements of Alcohol and Whiskey (International Beer and Baron Standards)

Syriac-Nazarene: Rules of Fraud and Theft Given Cover (Revenge Upon Those Stealing Name “Corleone”, by Placing You Into Self of Name Meaning Private, Offered Upon Charity in Public)

Uruki: Brews and Regimens Standards (Education Given Islamic World’s Drinking Standards, and Battle Master {“Meister”} If Any Race, Ethnicity, or Culture Refused Alcohol by Other On Cultural Entreaty)

Persia Immortalis: Thievery and Fraud of Election (Ayatollah of Muftis, The Street Thieves and Immortals Drugs and Smuggling and Weapons Holsters of Police)

Egyptian Khartoum: Shadow Wizards (Taking Shape Through Others to Target Jews When Betrayed of Lion of Judah — Always)

Noahim: Protohistoric Man (Hunting Standards of Fair Play and Foul of Man’s Catch)

Tibet: Hunting of Knives and Sabers (Valentines Bounty Guild)

Castille: Standards of Warfare (Munitions Decrees of Allowed Abandon for Own Country Presiding as Monarch or Rank of Chapter)

Saoirse: Narcotics Standards (Laws of Chapters and Crime, Through Prevelant Slur Placed on Self, Unless False, Then Slur Given to Others)

Congolese Detch: Marks and Accumulations for Homicides (Street Rumors for Refusal of Proper Ethical Behavior Per Region and Trade)

DC Comics (The Thieving Franchise)

DC Comics 1972, written addition to canon by Yazi Amin (IDF, anti-Mossad, counter-UN):

Hugo Strange.

Hugo Strange, is any villain in the entire franchise, given a mission paycheque, to assist another villain, especially a Presidential Freemasonic bloodline (such as Jeanette, my villainous ancestor, through James Madison and his wife’s mistress to get elected, Jeanette McCullem, the origin of American dominatrix arts, a knife fighter and a singer, ancestor also of Axl Rose). The other villain, has been placed as “Batman”, or another hero, but not Superman (that’s a job for Luthor, counter-French, a man like Nicholas Maynard – Arab intelligence, “B-rat”, assisted wonderfully by Sascha Baren Cohen’s fine films).

Batman, has been framed for betraying his father at his line of industry, inside it, a Mossad (a vagrant nomad, the slur ‘mossad’ in Hebrew indicating ‘mug’, a hobo boxer, hunted by Israel), with Superman as having not betrayed his father, but running Mossad as employ, to force others into Mossad (a Nazi, Rapscallion, or United Nations employee, or another multinational or criminal syndicate, hunted by MI-6).

Remember, if you like a Batman film, the theme, is always about the villains. Batman, is just the canary. Superman, meanwhile, is how you take a sacred bloodline of Judaism, and place it alongside Superman as a hero, destroying them forever. Because they’ve seduced a man of arts, to infamy. A principal, perhaps, eh Lois Lane?

The position of principal, was established, by Pontius Pilate, the Cossack Populaires of the Roman Imperial Senate.

Boston Slurs to Renounce the Mossad (Preventing Whitey Bulger)

Terms of Boston established by my mother:

____ is a Nigger: this is a Jew, claiming a royal line.

____ is a Kyke: this is a Royal, cheated out of being a cop.

____ is a Spic: this is a clergy, as a cop.

____ is a Fag: this is a Rabbi, as a soldier.

The first, refers to royal line’s monarch claimed.

The second, refers to the first, as police code, the second name given to the Nigger, as his father, to cheat him.

The third, refers to the aggressor as Father, a request to be denied no matter what, at any expense, under oath of pedophilia if accepted, with rifle shot of family of both Father, and Son, through Holy Ghost, Mobsters.

The fourth, refers to taunted victim, of own family code, if given accusation to any, of sex offense or denounciation, entire family expelled, already marked by refusing fake haze, friendly instruction, real haze given to Jew, erection in front of other men at film or cinema.

Red Flag Logic (Protocol Sets, Taiwanese Butchers)

A protocol set, is the Chinese concept of retaining all original titles of their culture, by disparaging individuals that try to change their culture as a “pig nose”, such as the improper way of speaking Cantonese, with howls and mouth bends, as if a snorting nostril flare pig, or alternately, feminine Mandarin, or short spoken Japanese, all of them marking a criminal proclivity to alter culture within a bounds of judgement necessity, instead of the system working within standard means of culture dating back to the Ice Age, and still stalwart today in the selection of the winners (they never changed the name of their tribal or preferecture or traditional logic) and the losers (the homeless, they adapted to a foreign system changing their name to insinuate themselves into Chinese culture).

To create the protocol, you need to place a simple trio of movements into play, at the level of food, alcohol, and criminal means, representing incorporation of smallest portion (your petri dish, a small culture with an unusual leadership shift), your firms of elders managing (your names of culture preferred by claimants of membership), and your safety net for impoverished (the rejection of class culture as imposed by a foreign membership of philosophy).

At this point, we have our fourth stage, the removal of a token bride, wedlock unnecessary, however it will mark your name as hidden, beneath the management of your neighborhood (the ring, replacing the gang, a ring being a criminal group, the losers, and the gang, being an artistic group of criminals as mercenaries, those pulled into the ring, to be freed, back to being a winner).

This is a protocol, created by the same group that has seized the microcosmic analysis. If this protocol, named as their own culpability of guilt, is rejected as against the group’s overall endemic linguistic ethnic boundary, it is not occurring in this location of sacred location; however, if it is implied in finding, through courts publication in error removed from fiction, you’ve caught your canary, your greasy hare, and you’ve placed it in the public light as a criminal movement to be placed out of public influence.

Let’s go over our three elements.

You have the town crest, the street signs and walkways, as represented by a food item, with any reference to an animal and a limb, or both, one or any regardless, as marking this as being a poor suitable host of logic.

You have the bar item, the common food eaten if dining, as renamed out of origin, to indicate the firm supports its survivors, instead of being a congregant house of ‘filth’, the den and dine culture of the wharfs and city streets polluted by thieves, those wishing a firm for mere play or entertainment, not family; hence, they don’t support their own injured.

You have the slang term for a drug, the criminal culture’s exchange, with the improper name for the drug labeled as a holding container for an item of distribution in poverty; if the drug is slanged as a container kept at the butcher house equivalent, a treasury or exchange of stock, then you have an imposition of a class society, therefore there is no rise or recession to the market, it’s a constant dwindle, a trade upon daily events. That means, people are pillaging the state’s resources in wealth, and in poverty, there is nothing else available, hence industry is impossible due to the trapping of criminals in incarceration. Hence, you have the ultimate cause of the ring you’ve analyzed, trapping the gang, the arts bracket.

Moving through this cycle forward (never backwards, a cultural infiltrator that wishes to rename terms), the confusion of town with industry spots the criminal ring operating to trap winners as penitents, the firms encouraging the placement of losers as commanders to take the country’s logic and place it into renamed terms, therefore creating it as a nation, instead of an incorporated state of error being impossible unless infiltrator, and the placement of a hierarchy, the illegal act that you’ve caught them at by their own label to denounce you, as them (the inversion of the thieves’ ring as professedly legitimate, their own publication of their alleged found strategy), as being devoted to sack of states resources before a potential famine, the failure of society to adapt to the criminal class (anyone wishing to rename a society according to their own wishes, allegedly progress; however, progress, is the act listed, the protocol-demiens set, progress being at its purest in linguistics).

Let’s go down some terms.

Tong: a bank, not a criminal exchange.

Triad: a civil servant’s bloodline in five colors, from basic industries, shaping global universities.

Confucian: an established Triad’s line, a spy.

Party: the Confucian Society’s ruling leadership, with a single spot labeled, a form of opposed ideology before the name, the protocol set’s catch of self, from this listed technique, to understand what culture is attempting to rename concepts (the pig’s nose, the nostril flare, a thieving ring’s spot at attempting to take power as a minority, instead of a shared wealth in case of famine to protect firms for family and therefore remove industry’s place in rights of town, the mutual living place).