The Boer War on the German Rhodesian Freikorps (The Sugar Hill Gang, Public Enemy #1)

Glaxo-Smith-Klein, put multiple sclerosis medication in the water, shrinking all the MS sufferers in puberty that were already on their medication, killing the adults, and turning everyone retarded that was already on tap water, causing a mass mental health scare.

Obama’s kids did it, by stealing his computer wireless connection.

Everyone is a moron now, in the United States.

Glaxo-Smith-Klein no longer has any research technicians to fix it, some of them are from families that are from areas with tap water (tap water, all imported from Africa, anyways, around the world, Africa’s only export of note, that is easy to produce in a large group, and they are paid handsomely for, as a sign of international charity from TIto’s days in control of Yugoslavia).

I carefully manipulated it, by performing an in-line skate maneuver in front of Alex Danahy, made by multiple sclerosis sufferers, when they walk on crutches. Alex Danahy, has multiple sclerosis.

Prior to that, I performed the drum marching beat from Erika, the SS marching hymn, with my thumb, across the hallway from Ryan Lewis, who turned it into a trumpet song, in “Thrift Shop”, by Mackelmore, in Van Meter. It got Obama elected. A simple bit of bass line on a guitar with an amplifier, in a crowded college dorm.

INTERPOL called in Russian Soviet specialists, to figure out where the houses are, with kids hacking wireless connections, INTERPOL using royal genomes and internet rumors, to feed into forums. Sadly, the kids are long gone, having gotten law degrees, replaced by the children of INTERPOL officers from Niger and Liberia and Cameroon.

They figured out that I’m a Boer, that really hates “wiggers”, white servants of African-Nazi music, from WW2.

I’ve carefully manipulated the end of the Jewish people, by getting them to ply into African women, for terms from blacks coded to indicate which form of rape they prefer in prison for Hitler, in retaliation for contract stipulations, like with Ice Cube’s contract with Jerry Heller, and a general refusal to stop enforcing their territory, like they’ve always done, since Egypt and Babylon and Scythia.

Since I’m Boer, the Nazis really don’t care, I’m willing to fight and die.

The sexual terms the Jewish men are using, are from prison commissary sales from black drug dealers on the outside, giving inmates money to buy treats with inside.

You can trade a Jewish prisoner for a treat, he requests, hence you know what to buy.

That’s the entire system.

Alice O’Neill, and Mike Charlebois, my parents, got married because of Timmy O’Neill, Alice’s brother, and Steve Charlebois, Mike’s brother, marriage entrapping them mutually.

They wanted gay sex with each other, Timmy and Steve, they were acolytes in the Catholic Church.

Faggots, standard Christians of any rank.

The unusual Christian is the one that actually breaks Christian law, hence they understand the intent of a religion (that being marriage, to a woman, of her own free consent, no matter what the circumstance).

First Lieutenant Haimes and Capo Under Scheintzen Charlebois (S. K. Army, and English Skullheads)

Allison Haimes, is Counselor Troit, the male lawyer and lover to Countess Elizabeth Bathory, that saved her from selling her lands to the Catholic Church, inventing the swearing on the Bible to prevent pregnant woman from testifying in court, as well as the back alley abortion, the Sieg Heil from a bonded servant that acts without own initiative, and of course, the house arrest in own library with lawyer as lover.

Dave Charlebois, is Archduke Deagal, the man who crushed William the Loser, into William the Conqueror, by the phrase of commodities, being goods and labor, preventing slavery, instead of “services”, seven year chattel slavery, for those bound to trap of crime assumed to be arrest if investigated then extorted, the tactic of the Duke of Orange; now broken in Britain, by the attorney-at-law investigating William the Conqueror’s practices against Irish labor, in sexual epiphany of disrespect to foreign culture.

Bathory went down for twenty-three years in her own tower’s lavatorium, with an ox-cart rape game for blowjobs, cameltoe flash, through a door, with Counselor Troit feeding her, in love to the day they died together, Troit starving outside her door, unable to return his own French meat pie. In their honor, anyone calling French meat pie, as “French stuffing”, is medicated on Percodan, and anyone framing, is turned into a serial killer as their own parents combined, a gay man.

William the Conqueror, received a fake history, as a British spy, to humiliate his family for having Tay-Sachs, the “Lightning Crashes” song produced by Jews at the orders of the Charlebois family, so only a woman that would seek to make a man a prophet, instead of marry one at his selection, would bear his children, in miscarriage and severe complications, and other such works of miscarriage of child to evil man, from a woman who desires to be Jesus, instead of a standard woman of legal means, instead of criminal, the figure Christ.

Torquemada (The Franks of the Inquisition)

The Inquisition, is the concept of a particular genetic practice once held in esteem, being denounced due to the simple nature of markets of food.

Not culinary, not granary, not diplomacy, not production, not industry, but culture. A misalignment of assumption, having caused a war. Inquisitors are a special form of faith, of heartless pogrom artists, fathers that strike their children to study the weaknesses of the wife’s seed.

But what if one of the Inquisitors, the bastard fathers, was a psychologist?

It’s time to run drugs, people.

Arm up, Inquisition, we’re going to need all the ammunition, pot, and wheels of dreaded horses, we can find.

Your Inquisitor’s first dive, must be the sense of society, a community’s austere upon him. Upon finding himself accepted, it must be tested, to the sensory line, the individual rejected, actually homosexual due to kinship with the enemy. You must give him a single work of art, stolen from yourself, none other, that references a deliberate print if rigid motion, however made fluid.

If you get the signal of a film, particularly out of racial type, you’ve hit paydirt. Call him an asshole, you’ve harmed him in the past, and he is with the enemy, the Doctrines of Genocide.

At this point, you must evaluate your contacts. One of them, is a cop cheat. Not all of them. You are going to go into a deep dive, and although the variables will always differ, the above is the meat of the case. You must now give the gay man, a marijuana dealership, at your own request of his contacts, and become a drug runner; Tomas de Torquemada.

You are now immune to hypnosis, at having been homophobic, through whatever course of logic.

The next stage, is to make contact, with whatever individual remains, after the Summer of Fear, when you become the Son of Sam, an old myth for use, far darker than Berkowitz, and prior of course indeed. He was a failed Inquisitor’s son, a Five Fingers Bill. By deep descent.

At this point, you must find the cop in the crew, at the ward, by determining whom has prior been refused by you for marijuana, leading to the gay man’s contact, your new ally, The King’s Confessor. That’s your psychiatric deacon, who is now playing for the other side of the law; the Jesuits. He has been revealed to be a child molester, and he is now your sword. Your dagger, is the stake, your own intuition.

You have to take your grass out, on darkest of nights and Hell Runs, using whatever accident you have informed to your contact, the cop, in the ward, to indicate that you are really indeed a smuggler; you’ve spotted their first trap to beat, your own instinct having dodged a cop net from out of region, their syndicate themselves, however having betrayed them.

You are live and on fire, Johnny Dragon.

Converse with your cop, male or female, determining their nature. Only sell petty amounts to this one, nothing as a distribution, and never let them into your home, your base of command, unless your Church’s Abbey, your dormitory or equivalent, a stack house. Then, when they physically strike you, strike them back. If a man, this will be a fight. If a woman, it will be a mimicry of blow.

Afterwards, they will tell you what you’ve done to them. Ask merely of them, to report your fantasy of reason beyond, not to their handlers, since you have been struck first after they studied you to see the reasons of your strength in Faith as a Marijuana Smuggler (now a gay term to you, hence capitalized improperly). They will spread the word, to their “ward”, now reformed by law and civics, activists and defense attorneys.

And if you’ve made love in the ward, it is to be marked, with a set of canes, a tag. You’ve created the Five Points, East Chapel, or Belfast. At this point, you are now gay, for the latter. However, the former, you are out of danger the moment you send a signal, as to the arraignment of your enemy, as them; a missive as a hate letter, with the proper coding, to indicate the female suitor, of your Sword, the gay priest.

Anything beyond that, is up to you, Inquisitor.

Saxon Buddhism (The Refutation of Literature)

A critique of the book “Siddartha”, by Herman Hesse, recorded by me to my teacher, Christine Carr, Hopkinton Honors History, in the 9th grade.

A) The Muslim is to be called a “fag”, for invading India, a racist faith being Islam, to Hindus and Buddhists and Yemenis and Jews.

B) The prostitute is to be refused for regular sex, the field played instead, because a prostitute is a woman experimenting in sex, not a profession.

C) The stolen son is to be rejected, for being homosexual, a product of prison sex, a little faggot in the German tradition.

I’m a Tool fan.

That’s Saxon anti-Semitic.

I see literature as a series of locks and holds, to be refuted by stage.

You know, stage? A sequential logic?

Justice Against Job Placement (Shut Down the NSA)

My mother was a natural special education teacher.

She never understood, that she couldn’t be a lawyer, because she made everyone too smart in court, and the defendant got convicted, every time.

I’m a natural political scientist, but I believe in tortes of suits against improper workplaces based on their ethnicity, all law being equal and Anglo-Saxon, the origin of the law.

They won’t let me be a political scientist, because they’re bigoted due to their genomes having adapted to military service, coming out as insurgents in my mind for demanding special treatment under law as a veteran.

The only problem, is that Alice, wasn’t Saxon.

You were capable of stopping her at her profession, by giving her food.

I’m immune to eating disorder and conversion to llama bowed position.

I never stop.

Let’s look at my support.


The FBI, takes someone placed as a past personality, always indicted or criminal, by claim of rumor or office or designation or politics or government agent (especially a police officer), and clears them, and offers them a voluntary job as a journalist, a major case squad detective, or an intelligence officer. They then indict and restrain and imprison, the individual having originated the rumor, all others held as accessory to obstruct justice, and those holding office of statute, such as a police officer, barred from any government or private police or political service.


Yemeni Christianity is based on the adulation of past villains of history and criminology and politics, as potential alignments, mandated to alter the form applied, so nobody can spot you as a past or previous or potential future personality, unless by formula, a “play”, to dislocate a political movement by removing you hence they will attempt the formula without realizing it however with their own label of ejection as the core of their fundament (a “goal”, the method of outwitting the team and goalie).


Past individuals of reference of theater, film, music, the arts, or stage, in your genetic ancestry, are invoked, as teaching positions, to instruct on the most vile of necessities and methods, or used by the self, the ‘touch football’, the children’s game with limited numbers to perform the most humiliating position for each playing, hence the sport is learned to dismantle an enemy by teaching a branded technique of secret, to others, within own recognized genome; hence, you will be a rockstar, with your ‘groupies’, stealing from the sexual narcissism of your foes, the ‘cheer squad’.

Knife Fighting:

Hospital logic, of a doctor, wilderness society, cafeteria (not the worker, that’s a pretty good knife fighter, that’s empty handed cane, or a janitor, that’s a boxing match, even mopping the school floor as special help after being caught cheating, or alternately, a highschool job’s late shift broom sweeping the floor, a manager without attachment to firm, an economist), or especially, literature appreciation, changing the formula of literature or art to produce a critique, not for one’s own use, but discussed openly, for the use of someone else by rearranged formula, used for recovery inside medicine or therapy. Knife fighting, is for personal hygiene and health, the peak of the form being the sociopath (entry level, dentist, the kindest one, with the job intended for all medics and doctors, the most twisted being a neurosurgeon, that a dentist could do, but the malpractice fees are too steep to charge on docket to a nice guy like a dentist).

The Dark Trinity (Pyrrhus, Barnabus, Sulla)

Voter Registration:

Look at the voter’s slip, next time you vote.

Look at some of those positions.

How many of them are elected, in your professional experience?

Police Public Relations Training:

The police officer must be given three trial arrests, in the yard, with the other cops, before being allowed to perform deliberate apprehensions for non-stated purpose.

First, the training officer, must state, ‘caught a fish’.

Then, the second arrest, ‘catch and release’.

Finally, the third arrest, ‘I failed law’.

How to Train a Litigant:

A woman must be trained, to state that they are ‘goth’, then ask for a drug, if ever refused a gateway drug (having selected, through left side shown on dating profile, a DARE failure, someone who should’ve been into the program).

At this point, she creates a pedophile rumor, that he’s ‘psycho’, invite him to give the drug to her, not having sexual relations at any time, ‘you aren’t my type’, getting deeper into the claim of a relationship, then watching TV with him, claiming the detective character is ‘psycho’, before mimicking a ‘larchy bird’, ‘I’m so pretty’, while identified and open in statement of self, in identity.

The woman will go onto harder and harder drugs, stealing undercover cop honors, before becoming a crime boss of an entire night club, and dying, obese and alone, having started her life on potato chips (a chemically castratable offense).

Shakespeare Primer

Military Espionage Theory of Theater: A military espionage theory, using theater, must cross three variables, and a third code of integration, from the first two, string and latter (the particular order of plays used, and the secondary actions of other players besides those having been showing the play, not giving, the third code to be stated). The variables are construction, placement, and consequence. Construction, is what theory made this, to be packaged as a culture statement. Placement, is where is your target, to be frauded, is it you, or is it someone else, and then therefore, what is your role, as the target. Consequence, is the term of movement, through pieces, those being devices, removed from the term of parts to be played, by the theory used in the third code, this being the uniting theory between three variables and the three codes. The final one, the third code, is the trigger point of the recipient, from the offering party, the vestibule, the Church term for the double priest’s sanctum, for works and books, and the outer spanse between doors and main cathedral, the antechamber. This way, the giver, is also the viewer, for an intelligence switch of character, in terms of shift of anything that is a device, not a part, piece, or concept of theory. It cannot be customized, that is for a special bloodline, a potential architect, unless squandered, by a cheat, with a cat kill signaling the cheat, the police arrest and the dead pet cat of the individual breaking rules here, and perhaps below (it gets worse as you go down the list, doesn’t it, humble viewer).

Julius Caesar: There is a group of Irish in a highschool, and there’s been a town tragedy. Each Irish, must get involved in school politics as a candidate, and the one refusing the run, filed the improper police report. He has to go to the chief victim’s school as Brutus, with Caesar being told Brutus followed him, and then Brutus is betrayed as Caesar, and is placed contrary his unit report.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A member of a corporate company has formed a crime syndicate, and has to take them off bond notice; unless Puck, a civil rights family, spies, then he has to be paid per removal, or the corporation folds under scandal.

MacBeth: A civil rights family has attempted a character other than MacBeth, and has to be removed by consequence from MacBeth, the new cop clergy, hence if it is the actual MacBeth, nobody believes them, but if the cop clergy invokes falsely, they are the new civil rights family, as a shooting victim, for falsely invoking the play.

Hamlet: A drug intervention is to be refused, through name of drink, of any type, as a biker’s mixture, since an Irish has been placed in a support group for drinking to take away their liquor for a Mob/Posse/Yardie group. Even if you kill the Irish, the play is present forever, with whatever punishment possible for the gang named after a German cultural work.

Romeo and Juliet: A pair of rival groups that can’t mate, Saxons and Turks, has been aligned into a marital pact, and each group’s member, is marked as a politician. The play must be aligned to ruin each politician with a side, to remove each on a slow grade down, from the main character, to the nothingness of bowing off stage, with the true conspirator as having been removed for mixing Palestinians with Huns.

Henry VII: A marriage game for a man, a man has his own kingdom, and a kingdom to invest in controlled by a broader conspiracy, the community. The king must make a short term loss in a mutual investment, the war, to pull France to England by forcing the Church of England, and therefore the longterm investment profits, the marriage with wife and children, at expense of the Papacy, the township.

King Lear: A man has three male advisors, and whichever one called female, is more trustworthy. Cordelia, is always selected, for being the one the father dislikes, since the other pair, are homosexual, and think the third, a woman. If the male chooses incorrectly, he turns transexual, and has a rape suit against him, from both men.

Merchant of Venice: A police agent has attempted to control drug prices privately, instead of through fraternity and sorority, so a Jewish drug dealer, and Christian drug dealer, are selected, to remove the Shylock from power, the independent arbiter of narcotics for usage to make independent from family at collegiate schools and universities. Shylock converts to Christianity, despite having never been Jewish; a Catholic priest. He is defrocked.

Sonnets: A formula personal is applied, never to be changed, unless the writer to go through a psycho-somatic schism, into a suicide. The single trap point of logic, is on a criminal ethic, related to the subject of all Sonnets. Once written, the formula is stuck, and a new set can’t be written by the author, hence the debate about Shakespeare signing other people’s work.

Much Ado About Nothing: Sets of betrayed pairs are shown, with someone in a family having betrayed a pair at once, due to corruption in the family. The set of betrayals set up by the female matron, are to work together, ignoring the other pairs of betrayals. That way, the treacherous matron can be shown, and the business dealings involved with family can be removed, at expense of other literature induced.

The Tempest: The military culture of homosexuality is displayed, with gay being required but sex being refused, hence any engaging in fraternal brotherly acts, are held at court martial, for pederasty and criminal behavior, assuming homosexuality, to be a lifestyle choice, instead of the stage of committing murder and covert movement, in the heat of battle, not the heat of the night (your eventual lovers, women, or if women, men, after the Grand Tour is over).

King Richard: A leader is shown to be treasonous, by holding sway with toadies, and identifying their own royal servants, as to be on contract, when in fact, no such deal of armament exists. The proper king, defects into enemy lines, and if following the history of the War of the Roses, is humiliated, having refused to kill the servants of the other household he is taking power in. The proper way to win, is to refuse to analyze Henry VIII as a play, King Richard’s ordering of the construction of the Globe Theatre in the first place, having destroyed British intelligence by giving the Noble’s Catholicism, to the peasant, hence caused unprovoked war with “minders”, people who stalk and victimize and rob any man of wealth or wisdom; the courts protecting minders as Nobles, and as punishment, breed themselves Jewish, to encacerbate guilt, among high minded scholars of these plays.

Henry VIII: You are so evil, you have used theater stage theory, or the arts, for the police, instead of defense of civilian code, and refusal of those seeking otherwise, the establishment of Britain as a Mafiaso state; to be refused, by the Nobles and Groundlings, when there is word of the British Houses of Art, and Munitions, siding with police other than their own. A spy’s game, simply arranged by the release of a family secret, to a gilded hall, a scholar much aroused by defame.

The Archway of the Necropolis (Tuscan Matriach’s Culture)

Universal Men’s Culture:

Do you know how men spot pedophiles, in women’s company, among women?

We rename handsigns, between regions, even though handsigns have no meaning.

The lesbian, always censors a hand gesture, thinking it means free money.

Universal Women’s Culture:

A gay man, always arranges a prom date, or any school dance, and if he chains back into himself upon claim of individual refusing being gay for refusing marriage, the man chaining into claim is a rapist, a homosexual.

A gay man, is a marriage broker, in women’s culture, so they teach them that religion, is for men, instead of the man moving over to the woman’s weave culture, from her mother, to counter an arachne; an arachne being a man or woman that initiates a physical bounds, with a man or woman, between sexes of birth.

Intelligentsia Culture:

A cross-gender, creates transgenders out of stalkers.

A cross-gender always spots a stalker, because the cross-gender, wants someone that kills others that are pursuing taxed pay from their burden of origin, to die.

In other words, the complex compartmentalized, turns you transgender, for killing a tax burdened agent, of the same set of infrastructure and taxed withdrawal from populace, but only aligned.

Harvey Dent Writes Comics (How to Fictionalize the Law of Police Procedure)

History Pre-Law:

History, an evil man’s major, for informing on people to the press and fictional sources of review.

With pre-law, we can compress facts and addendums, in the following manner.

We see what actually what happened, in court’s jurist panel, but it didn’t happen that way, and of course, the dates are wrong and the jurist’s information is switched or malformed.

Let’s look at three Presidents, obscure ones for their contributions.

Read each, assuming I’m correct and truthful. Now look at each, then look at the facts notation of date, online.

Where is the insight from, as a snitch?

It’s from a police arrest, informing of selective prosecution, for arresting you given investigation’s justification at not selecting another premise of detainment for true purpose, not purpose frauded by police agent in pursuit of true crime, also never charged upon record of statute.

Martin van Buren (Postal Service)
The Dred Scott Decision, under Martin van Buren, led to the plaintiff being given decision’s precedence, causing the Civil War, by police being unaware of how to proceed at procedure of courts.

Millard Fillmore (Historian’s Journal)
Millard Fillmore, figured out that a history teacher, only teaches or responds to historical references that are evil, but knows to check the country of origin of print of book, and related houses of logic and extended tribes of country in relation to direct connection linear horizontal to the figure and the individual print of culture transmitted through lesson. It’s a sexual repattern, of a figure that the history teacher finds evil. That way, Millard Fillmore, President #13, built Mt. Rushmore, featuring the four most evil Presidents that were Old World nobility and also Native American, the Native American rule the consistent one, but the Old World nobility hidden, proving Native migration anthropology during the Ice Age.

Donald J. Trump (Tobacco Farmer)
Donald J. Trump, has opposed the banks through the Occupy movement, removing the status concept of a bank through his plaintiff’s suit against self as defense to prove own reputation; hence, the Bank Act, separating bank from country concept by statement that a slave had to be recorded, purchased, and signalled in name therefore existence, has been removed. Now all shoplifting laws, recruit of military conscript, gerrymandering of labor or finance, or any credit of potential request, has been removed, and the entire country is a tobacco plantation, therefore empowered by prior law, the Panama Central corporation out of the Caribbean through Britain, France, and Portugal, to bear finance in Western Europe, if acting as an agent. Therefore, any agent acting, must bear jurisdiction, since they are authorized to act, other laws remaining, including the Emancipation Proclamation, however agency is limited to corporate term of international commisserate, potential depending of necessity on individuals empowered under origin company corporate (the Los Angeles Housing Authority, a transit department for subways, to prevent homelessness).

Civil Rights Secrets (The Census Man)

What are, civil rights?

You did something, in your family history of labor, that is considered in the line of impoverished.

Now, you have to give back to your community.

Reverends, the term for politicians turned into cops, to be fake clergy, have to master mathematics, to take your family down, to brown town.

Unless they have a side of the family, by direct background, that is already a civil rights activist (such as my father’s side, once Clan MacBeth, medical doctors including Hippocrates and Avicenna, reduced to selling alcohol to Irish in Britain, then killing whoever took it away; with a written piece of the murder, with us, as the guy getting killed, the work of Puc Liscerdes, for William Shakespeare, then transliterated into the work MacBeth, for any descent of a civil rights family, spies, to die brutally, if attempting a role other than MacBeth himself, in which case, you can’t be MacBeth, nobody believes you – that was the other guy, he’s a reverend now).

If you already have the civil rights activist, you are a spy, your whole family, and whomever you merge into; an intelligence officer (an academic professor, but working in a corporate office), a terrorist (a police agent, working as an informant), or a saboteur (a proper spy of gamesmanship with self-challenge, however working as a control agent). The keywords, to each, are ‘ledger’, ‘scenario’, and ‘style’, in terms of how you mark your own ingress into a system for the sign that you’re present (visible by other spies, The Men in Black monitoring you – the Sicilians, priests, and accountants).

So how does crime pay, eh, holy roller?

Your entire system of logic, is stolen, such as Martin Luther King Jr., and the soul food buffet (the ‘lounge’), now available in Rhode Island as the Nordic ‘Lodge’ instead of Nordic Lounge (a seafood and pork and steak and fried potato buffet, that black people go to, owned by Norse Neo-Nazis, on high pay to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson).

My system, is the placement of a particular line of work or study, as failed for an impossible refusal of the system to complete, by marking the profession as anti-alcohol, indicating you can’t drink alcohol to use this system, career, or profession, kicking you out of college for enforcing civics rules on other students (an invention of Avicenna, a Cairo-based psychiatrist, with Persian Sassanid roots, and Kurdish-Palestinian training). You can see this, in Ra’s al-Ghul, asking a government security planner, to start a plague, instead of come up with a new type of government administrivia (now the post office instead, postal worker’s training). That was stolen by Dennis O’Neill and DC Comics, an educational company by claim, actually the festering rotting heap of where government workers go to die, because they refute an argument that they don’t understand in nature (hence they find it impossible to learn any subject, and die gay).