The Big Empty (Refusal of the Theologian Eugenicist and the Tax Attorney Surgeon)

My Civil Rights History (Defense of the Irish)

Once a civil rights figure is in your family, you’re in crime forever.

I was once doctors, of Avicenna’s line, Clan MacBeth, until one of us slew men and women and children who were against the Irish, for Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, for her love, Shane O’Neill, against Jesuit Spaniard desires of the end to drinking alcohol.

His name was Puc Lascerdes, and he killed himself, upon receiving his paycheque, from Shakespeare, it having been revealed that not only was Shakespeare a Lennox, the Chief Apostle of Ireland, but he could’ve been paid; Puc had killed his entire gang, on the Queen’s orders, for Midsummer Night’s Dream, and has been sealed, by MacBeth, the play, of our family, the North Koreans, the Ainu, of which the sitting Queen shares our blood, the Jacobins returned through King George, his mother a Jacobin, and her mother an O’Neill, a Narmer of Pharaoh, and a heavy drunk of course, her husband a Gypsy, a Grecian Roman Legion.

Adam al-Harbi, will die, for beating on Dan Cheeseman, for his drinking, as an Irish, and Adam al-Harbi, is considered a rapist, for being a homosexual, indicating in Islam, that he has had dry vagina, an act of rape against a woman. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be gay, and would continue to drink alcohol, not a Muslim, a Fascist or Mobster, in the American codes, a Terrorist in Arab codes, my partial home as a Lycanthrope, a Werewolf.

My ancestor, stood up for the civil rights, of the Irish, the right to choose when you drank, and when you returned to your religion.

I returned, to Chinese Christianity, the Yemeni code, existing thousands of years before Christ in China and Japan and Indochina, the worship of the criminal, Christ.

I count you among my enemies, as does my mother’s clan, Shane O’Neill, the founder of MI-6, and his progeny of children, the descent of Hecate, the rare Scottish gene.

Missive to Brian Monaghan (B-Rock):

I am ordering you, Ulster, to be moved by song.

You will obey no other command, than curiousity.

For the King.

My mother, was a Yemeni, Al Pacino’s exact bloodline.

My father, is a Kurd Lebanese by distant relation, Keanu Reeves’ exact bloodline.

My father thought my mother, was in agony, as a mental patient.

Do you see what you did, now?

Do you see the Devil’s Advocate?

The Devil, defends the allegedly mentally ill, the victim of gays, mobsters, turning others into queers, pedophiles, the gay identity.

Do you remember me, B-Rock, in your nightmares, a loser like you, a lawyer, that always wins, some athlete in your own mind?

The Devil’s Advocate (Al Pacino of Yemen vs. Keanu Reeves of Lebanon)

God, the Jew, the wiesenhimer, their society? You trust them, so they can make money? Off my mentally ill mother?

Do you know what the journey north, did to My Queen, Sheba?

It made her mentally ill, the wife of Solomon.

And they grasped hands, otherwise, we wouldn’t have sent her North.

Why is a Soul, to you, someone the complies with public logic, instead of a human life?

Do you see my eyes, myself, the Devil, inside Bernie Lomax?

Mentally ill, is just a suggestion, to a retard, something the Jews don’t use, they just joke about you using.

The Jews follow my logic, King David.

I’m Jewish, yet I am Gentile.

A Chinese Christian.

Clan MacBeth (The Medical Tradition of the English Restated):

Avicenna: The birth of psychiatric medicine, Avicenna’s belief is simple; that a fine diet and rest, with fresh drinking water attached, is superior to any opiate or chemistry. Any neuroses, anxiety, or nervous disorder, can be healed with a simple cafe, and a safe place to dine in, without physical labor or family care. This is the heart, of schooling, wherein heavy tasks are not contemplated, merely the safety of the child.

Averroes: The basis of literature, found in psychology and hospice. The belief that the hospice, arises from literature, the reinterpration and realignment of any form of fiction to match the proper shape of the fact of truth arising from the document of text or screen of view, the play or theater coming from the imagination. This would indicate that all things have a truth, and that it should be displayed, in order to be understood by those otherwise ignorant of fact as a lie, the theater’s stage being founded in a sprite.

Giovanni da Vigo: The understanding of suicide, the state of a disalignment of the humors and a fall into compellment of fact, not the state of relaxation in the potential as opposed to the visible view. The concept of the test of seating, to see whether one will move, from category placed, into proper shape and form, hence the hypothesis is proven and in either case, the patient is healed. The religion of form, a single ritual of childhood and adulthood taken to the extent, that the humors cannot move through improper alignment, the stuff of Gods.

Bernard de Gordon: The economics of virology and disease, the concept of the natural world being duplicated in the human husbandry of their own land as a separate category. Any naturally occurring precipice as a learning model, and through deeper study of an existing observation, the human husbandry increasing in efficiency. THe natural beauty of the deadly, and its place in the world of man, on the surface benevolent as we imagine ourselves to be, but in fact a tumor all its own.

Hippocrates: A test of a physician. If he is obeyed, you are attempting to defy the courts, by following the law without understanding the life of your patient. It is not the law you break to save your patient, but the law you obey to avoid your own suit. Hence, with Hippocrates, we see you found as a fraud.

How to Identify a False Medical Figure (Accountants in Medical Service):

A fake doctor, follows precedence of logic, in sequential form.

The Holocaust.

A secondary operation, justified by a primary report.

I already dealt with Matt Lennox, the false lawyer, the theologian, the child molester.

Now I deal with Josh Moen, the representative of the incarceration of the non-dualist, those refusing to be a child molester.

A theologian is a postal worker, someone defrauding a lease by the leasing resident’s refusal or inability to move, due to lack of police report generated by National Security Agency.

Josh Moen, performs a surgeon’s task, to those that have an accountant’s justification, of future surgery necessary, to support an organ theft, despite failure of organs being the primary surgery.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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