Kulikov’s Been Hit at Stalingrad (Weeping Off Bullets)

Various Models of Crime Syndicate Structure (Chinese Tong, Japanese Yakuza, Italian Famiglia, American Outfit, United Nations Multinational, African Nation, Russian Organitzsaya, Scottish Freemasonry, Christian Speculator, Hindu Caste System, French INTERPOL, Marxist Sandinista):
Criminal behavior is defined as any behavior that is against the instinct of human anthropological models, therefore making future behavior by humans interacting with the consequence of these sociological frictile actors necessitate the fighting of instinct, leading to more criminal behavior in potential and hence the need for institutional logic to compensate. Criminals are cats that need their neck snapped, a useless creature in subservience as a parasite in exchange for infesting a home with rats, by catching the occasional rat as the mark of function however attracting many more with the death of the individual rodent caught.
An ancient fraternity of Chinese proto-capitalists, the Tong is, by definition, defined by three bylaws, all held by members to protect the organization, plus any addition bylaw applied to each member for the same purpose, per Tong. The Tong’s basic three bylaws are seperation from family, pursuit of pure profit without charity or endowment, and achievement of maximum efficiency. Triads, are Chinese criminals in a prefecture controlled by the Tong, to be organized the way a Triad leader wishes, always acclaimed by blood, and patronized by Tong or other groups, hired by Tong members or council concensus, as well as other groups in the event of a rogue unit. A Triad, may be a gang, individual, or strata of criminals (class of workforce, profession).
A Tong, if a member has violated a bylaw, must be consider the member for expulsion (murder), with the other members meeting in secret without the sanctioned member present. A game is played, on the rules of tic-tac-toe, with two colors of beads, the variable for occasion, on a board of nine spaces at diameter, on a circle, with half-spaces removed. There is one match, per pair, with the most wins, resulting in one vote, with the least wins, resulting in as many votes as there are members, each member voting all votes held as yay or nay for expulsion. The purpose of the game is to determine: creativity of business, mandate instead of synchronicity, and attachment to the proceedings.
A Yakuza is organized in three structures, a headquarters and two divisions, three castles. The headquarters is the leadership organization, with a Kumichou (Godfather) and Saiko Komon (Senior Advisor) at the head, the Saiko Komon orchestrating the Yakuza for the Kumichou. The Saiko Komon is in charge of the secretariat (individuals that track records), accountants (book keepers for finance), counselors (legal aides of various professions), and liaisons (intercommunications). In addition, there is a Wakagashira (in command of the first division), and the Shateigashira (in command of the second division). A Honbucho (headquarters chief) is in charge of standard soldiers, structured like the divisional groups, for defense of all headquarters operations, such as bodyguards, drivers, hitters, and internal disciplinarians.
The Wakagashira-hosa, is in direction, of the first division, receiving orders from liaisons on behalf of the Wakagashira, managing finance networks. The Shateigashira-hosa, is in direction, of the second division, receiving orders from liaisons on behalf of the Shateigashira, in charge of footsoldier networks. The first castle is the primary nexus of information, the second castle is the forward ring of defense, and the third castle is the advance position. Within each group of soldiers, are three ranks, Shatei (younger brothers), Wakashu (junior leaders), and Chinpira (little pricks). Chinpira, are unaffiliated, and may work for any syndicate, seeking a oyabun-kobun (father-child) ceremony, to join a Yakuza. Wakashu, are standard soldiers, and will confess to a crime committed by another member, to become a Shatei upon release. Shatei, have a share of the profits of their particular interest, from accountants of the castle determining shares. Otherwise, Shatei and Wakashu are identical in function.
A Famiglia is an Italian concept of a Syndicate, a group where all members facilitating business, inside an organization, receive a percentage share of profit, prearranged and agreed upon upon joining. Historically, they have built upwards in an asymmetrical, atypical manner, from the lowest level, the Camorra, the fingergame, marked by the demand that any handsign identified as a false sign be eliminated as criminal activity, and the naming of the handsign game as anything, be an expulsion from the Famiglia. The next level, is the Mafia, an alternative to government functions, for an organization of the gangs, the Camorra, under a network of influence, to leverage the money and power of the Camorra, with expulsion under the grounds of cooperation with authorities outside the Famiglia. The highest level, is La Cosa Nostra, a union of capital, extending the power and money of the Famiglia administrated over territory by the Mafia into housing and ventures for the Syndicate’s members.
A Camorra is a ring of criminals with a leader, either a High Camorra, a business specialist gang, or a Low Camorra, a poverty specialist gang. There are two types of specialists that interact with the Camorra, a protection man, or an influence man, for a labor racket or a police racket. The protection man arranges a favor from a Low Camorra, obtained from a prole, to be exchanged for a promise granted from a High Camorra, obtained by a bourgeoise. Then, a High Camorra, same or other, obtains a promise from a bourgeoise, same or other, and exchanges it with a Low Camorra, same or other, for a favor from a prole, same or other. This way, money is earned by the protection man, the Camorras, the proles, and the business interests. Territory expands, by giving the protection man, the Camorras, and the rackateers additional business territory with the poor. The influence man, arranges a promise, from a High Camorra, via a contract, same or other to a prole, in exchange for a market, from a Low Camorra, and a Low Camorra, same or other, arranges a market, from a prole, same or other, to a High Camorra, in exchange for a contract, from a business interest, same or other. Now, the influence man can collect his fee, while the Camorras collect power, as do the contractors and markets, a fraternity. The territories, and fraternities, are the basis of the system.
A Mafia is an organized structure of corollaries duplicating government functions, each one a mimicry of an officially recognized or accredited civic or publically known business, for individuals that have poor standing with the government. The Mafia, with the money (territory, tokens), and power (fraternities, gentlemen) accrued by the Camorra system, will offer a gift, in exchange for “Silence”, with a tip, per gift received, from the Mafia system, negotiated upon signatory of contract with the Mafia front, the corollary. This expands the territory and fraternities into an umbrella, under soldiers, captains, and bosses, a soldier operating as a enactor of gifts, a captain as an organizer of tips, and a boss as the head of the entire operation, with an underboss as a junior administrator of the captains, and a consigliere (advisor) as a specialist selected per boss in the particular business venture as if it were legitimate.
La Cosa Nostra is an organized headed by a Don, in order to arrange contracts for ventures, using the umbrella obtained by the Mafia and the raw forms of various capital obtained by the Camorra to establish a legitimate life for Famiglia members and the other beneficiaries of the Syndicate. Those seeking the establishment of a venture, are given support of capital, in exchange for a one-time negotiated payment in basic currency, as a tracking token, to the Don and La Cosa Nostra, and future ventures can be formed with capital offered from other ventures, occasionally voluntary, in exchange for a renegotiation of contract of the fee, or additional investment. The ventures are all under command of an official business structure, a shell, as a credit union.
The Outfit is a police operation operated by federal domestic and foreign authorities, to counteract foreign paramilitary behavior in a region of a Western-Caucasian area, under the command of Contra-Red (police) and Contra-Black (international administration) commands, all of them “knife agents”, assassins paroled for special purpose of operating against a “clear and present danger”, the official police code for a public insurrection. Contra-Red offers support and paperwork, Contra-Black offers targeting.
An individual to lead the organization is selected for authoritarian but anti-government rebellion against rules unfair to the individual’s class of insight in their municipal subdistrict, and willingness to fight unsafely but break rules in a safe manner. Should the individual, the bastard, pass the test, by not only surviving a “training day”, equivalent to a police crash course in civilian evasion, and also fall into the trap, indicating a control lever, they are placed into a police advisory role as an informant. Commonly called the Irish Mob as a misnomer, regardless of membership and true leadership of members, with a “local”, a corrupt police agent by means of lawsuit-implicit or actual testing to reach position, the Outfit is used as a counter-sanction against overseas activity occuring in an area inside a city with civilians in danger.
Once the proper individual is recruited, he is given access to a weapons roster, a list of actual terminology used by the military, as well as a ciphers sheet, and a network of specialists in various topics matching the ciphers sheet. The rival cadre is given the same sheet, however as a public signal, often in television, by a spanner, an intelligence agent dropout of a cadre that the rivals have eliminated. “Spanners in the works”. Each member of the team is selected for their high IQ, childhood malfunction, and military bearings of family but financial support from the state under heavy payroll but inefficient spending habits, making liquidation post-mission possible for each combat-worthy unit. Often misnamed ‘Dirty Dozen’, it’s actually a group of ten to twenty specialists, all young with a genius IQ in various methods hidden by communications disorders induced by police units uninformed of reality of situation, recruited age 18-20, recruited after failing military testing.
A corporate body centered around control of an entire strata of a country’s residential sector for the purposes of nationalism and backed by the United Nations for an imperial unit determined by commerce, a multinational operates on two levels of identical nature, with a basis of regional control and a corruption unit that mimics the first level, however with the linkage of government infiltration from the consequence of the first level and the network-capabilities of modern government using the advantage of commerce to enable the preservation of international goals of the imperial sponsorship of the multinational’s base country.
This is organized in a series of three bases, for the lower, middle, and upper class, using three social sciences, with a core unit of media in simplistic isolationist form for preservation of message of each isolated society, in the broad information media science, and a top unit based on inversion of criminal justice with the same three bottom poles and an internal message into the government corruption employing the same information science strategy at the bottom, however with political movements sold to the poor as brands for marketing coherent with the nationalist isolation movements. The linkage occurs when the exploited are linked by the commerce network, at the top, inside government, via lobbyists.
The first point of the base is the control of the lower class, by economic principles, from industrial production. Termed as a “sweat shop”, universal in all industrial production, cheap goods are produced and sold as designer goods elsewhere, with a bare minimum price of necessary profit to continue expanding production without expansion calculated in all markets exchanged by logistics and sold to the poor. If any price is offered above the projected price, without the projected price indicated, the distribution outlet is sold, first deal offered, and the additional funds are placed in a bank, for the upper level of the economic conduit, in the top of the triple-bottomed pyramid. This controls the industrial labor with traded goods that are luxuries in different regions, exploiting the novelty of goods not produced by labor familiar with the production. This lowers the price of labor.
The second point of the base is control of the middle class, by psychological principles, from commercial sciences. Termed as “breads and circuses”, universal in all commercial science, simplified and repetitive subsistence level luxuries are provided to a community via real estate investment, with simple range pricing, easy access and availability, and a slow rise in price to any area gentrifying, which means the economy is shifting upwards generationally, with the intent of driving anyone that has not cooperated with the multinational into starvation. Addictive personalities are created by this system’s mathematical models, causing the middle class to enhance their consumer habits and focus on their needs at fewer and fewer levels, culling any children of middle class families until they cannot function and vacate the real estate, before the community is passed into decline by removal of support of multinational consortiums operating in venture capital for community production, repeating the process and inuring the successful generations to the brand awareness. The brands are then passed upwards, to the best profit models at the top of the pyramid. This controls the commercial market with recognized emblems of power associated with consumption, guaranteeing an easily swayed and abusive when threatened servile class of bourgeoise to the multinational powers active in a region. This lowers the price of specialists.
The third point of the base is control of the upper class, by sociological principles, from residential investment. Termed as “community enforcement”, universal in all residential investment, civilians in wealthy areas are encouraged to speak to journalistic outlets for their complaints, instead of directly reporting them, at consequence of being threatened by their social and business connections. Journalist outlets, then, have to report each potential story to the police services, particularly federal, or else risk censure by watchdog groups allegedly independent, but actually connected to government intelligence services. The federal services, then, contact the guilty party, and negotiate terms for the movement away from the potential community outrage, at the promise of a better contract in exchange for membership in the multinational’s profit sharing. The control of the independent firms, and their subsequent real estate, plays upwards into the top of the pyramid, offering the government corruption forces of the multinational the ability to influence corporate sponsers involved in real estate and municipal development, namely infrastructure, the entire source of dependence upon society shared by all upper class citizens. This lowers the price of management.
The center of the first level is the control of media, by advertising principles, from media investment. Termed as “popular culture”, universal in all information media, international events are monitored to serve as the settings, subjects, and topics of fiction and non-fiction, and all mediums and genres and franchises, from cable news to websites. The local events, are then duplicated by the media outlet, either for coverage by the press framed in international events, or for plot provided by the media outlet’s entertainment. This is easily produced, entertaining by virtue of lack of alternative, cheap and talent-abusive material that isolates viewers into their own smaller communities, whether nationally or inside a family. The alienation makes the victims of the information media easier to manipulate by local multinationals operating on the basic three of the first level, while also feeding the creators of the information media by the pedophiliac nature of aggression found in the talent and creators. This lowers the price of law enforcement.
The top level is a control of government, by criminal justice, from manipulation of law. Termed as “lobbies”, universal in all criminal justice, the first level’s four structures are used to support the control of legislation, courts, and leadership, by feeding in control of the unions, the corporate support, and the real estate markets, steered by the isolation of the common man by law enforcement. These cultures are then represented by lobbies with unionized labor supporting political causes, corporate consortiums offering brand awareness to steer politicians willing to support the lobbies, real estate being used to control municipal voter’s lobbies with property values, and the information endemic in the common community being used to match law enforcement principles to enable the tighter control of the population by the government being courted by the multinationals. This enables the multinational to act as an agent of the government, preventing scandal by giving any government cooperating, limitless power in abusing the rights of local commerce, in interests of plying a government to the imperialist message of whichever group of powers is manipulation the multinationals based out of their spheres of interest by necessity of their raw exports in minerals, fuel, and agriculture. This lowers the price of obtaining sciences.
This is the ultimate goal of the multinational for their home powers.
African Nations:
The modern concept of the African Nation, the resistance to the European-inspired state, is derived from the simple concept of inducting children as information recruiting agents with the child’s game of Mancala, a simple game meant to posture an agent, a tribal, as a movement member to transmit data back to his chief, with the king posed as the leader of the chiefs, and the witch as the enemy for stealing the tracking systems used by chiefs to monitor their inducement of agents alongside a timeline of induction and age of agent, for a mirror of the Mancala game’s timeframe to know when to shut the agent down and force a marriage on them, to expand the membership of agents. The witch, is hunted, by the king, with the aid of the information gathered by the chief, from the agents.
The king, is the first to spot an information territory, a territory meaning a field of information necessary to draw information from to understand a new type of paradigm, an ideogram producing psychosomatic effect on those operating inside the paradigm. The psychosomatic effect is important, to be given to patrons of the king, the king in turn receiving funding to support his organization, satisfying his ego, the king trapped in the earliest psychosomatic trap known to man, that of false leadership, believing himself the head of an organization actually headed by the patron whom he feeds the information to, gaining nothing himself but currency, a token traded for resource produced by labor, with the king as an object, for being labor representing resources given token, to the patron. The flaw, in currency, is the basis of the Nation, with services provided being the same as a resource, in the simian mind, hence the resources he gathers are a strong net profit for the patron.
The chiefs, are recruited by the king, for the literal territory, their region of control where agents can be recruited. This requires access to the educational system, where agents can be selected without knowledge of police, taking advantage of the seperation of civilian and military organizations common in society, the civilians tasked with teaching morality, the military tasked with enforcing morality. The king, is maneuvering the military, police, and espionage services, to be taken over by the patron, whereas he is employing the civilians, schools, and commerce systems, to recruit agents, for his agents to gather information, through the chief. The patron, the overseas trade partner, has tasked the king to gather information on hunting grounds, to be divided by chiefs, and the agents, are then the hunters, recruited by the chiefs, from looking through the records of children in their territory, each selected by the chief. The chief acting on his psychosomatic need for power, meaning the chief is recruited from the same profile as the agents. This allows the chief to be selected easily, to select properly, to be controlled, to control his agents, and to never question his place in the organization.
The agents, are given a Mancala board, by the chief, and an instruction of the chief’s winning strategy, using a head-to-head tactic, to cheat the board, instead of a mathematical tactic, making victory impossible. The agent clears, if he (or she, in the event of a female chief), is able to win, meaning the chief has matched the agent properly. The chief then records this, on ‘the board’, with the individual’s name, and the age of recruitment (the Mancala board, ‘gift’), to track the agent’s necessity at being pulled from service, and having a family. The agent, through the cheat, will identify his best friend, going from false place to false place within the ordered paradigm, and then turn everyone against the best friend, since his strategy matches the friend, making any information worthless. Thus, the individual, will gather information on the paradigm that he doesn’t see, and will have a family. The agent, is trapped by his need for purpose, the root desire to have a family, which will eventually result in his information being passed to his family, within the territory of the chief, to be given to the community, and therefore upwards to the chief in the educational system, finally back to the king, and finally to the patron, who now will control the military, police, and espionage services by virtue of having the luxuries under his control. Patronage for currency to the king, power for rulership to the chief, purpose via family for the agent. This is the establishment of luxury grounds for the takeover of a region of Africa, established by the Arabs.
The witch is any individual that manages to cheat the game, necessitating a hunt by the king, employing the patron’s mercenary forces. If an agent is falsely mirrored into gaining worthless information, if a chief has his tracking system stolen or even guessed, if a king has his territory cut off by development of an alternate paradigm, or if the patron has been defied, then the agents will signal with an offense, the movement to their information gathering friends, before the chief enacts a survey on citizen’s action in their grounds, then the king will move through the families involved in professional lives for informations of action, before the patron is notified with what military, civilian, or criminal support they have, to employ mercenaries to make the witch appear as if he or she has cheated an agent that will then be dumped, for allowing it to happen, before the chief removes the agent from service and the king places a second in command at the side of the chief, to watch them, to take over the territory once the campaign is complete.
Russian Organitzsaya:
The Russian Organitzsaya is a concept of any type of business of manipulation carried out by Slavs, dating back to the Mongol conquest of the Kievan-Russ territory. It is a game of commerce to beat a power attempting to dominate Slavic trade interests, by developing a cheater’s method of playing a game that is disabling to play honestly. It has been used by anti-Mongol tax creditors, Czarist intelligence, both Soviet forces and Russian thieves, Comintern activists, and of course, Russian gangsters. The term ‘Organization’, the translation of Organitzsaya, is a general reference to any business being discussed, with Russian gangs as commerce agents mandatorily capable of hand-to-hand fighting in the way they prefer, as well as having the proclivity to cheat game rules in particular ways, especially when designing a game meant to be impossible to play honestly within a parameter paradigm.
The most basic level of the game, was the commerce agent, during the Mongol Occupation. By collecting taxes for the Mongols, and also designing games like stacking dolls, Russians were able to sell stacking dolls that the Mongols, based on commerce trust culture, played as they were apparently designed for. The Russians, meanwhile, toyed with the dolls in amusing manners, teaching them different types of tactics to use on Mongols who had played with the toys as the artistry of the doll had intended.
The next level of the game is the Okrana, the White Intelligence, for the Czar (the Russian term for ‘Emperor’, Caesar, etc., a signifier of Papal collection of power with other-aligned states, to be revoked upon betrayal of the Papacy by formation of an independent movement of clergy seperate from the other Christian orders – a Papal Heresy, disruptive to the politics on a scale that only Adolf Hitler attempted it). The Okrana was in charge of misinformation, using the stacking system, to mark idolators with rumors, that if believed, would integrate them into a commercially foolish movement and seperate them from the Czar, as a game of chips, an old Russian game where taking a chip, was a punishment, depending on the color of the chip (‘k’), and hence the type of alcohol (or food, for seniors, mixed with alcohol of course), imbibed, quaffed, or ‘wined’ (a heretical sip, for taking one’s own chip, a cheat).
The third level of the game is a branch, used of course by the other branch (Czarists and Soviet spies), the Thief-in-Law, the illicit membership of the criminal unions under the Czar, and later brutally repressed by Stalin for being offensive to the Orthodox Church. A thief-in-law, is a criminal, that has survived multiple risky assignments, given to himself, and has nominal accreditation as an advisor, at his own risk, since he’ll be informed on upon failure of any mission. If informed upon, in the event of success, the penalty for the informer is death, even under Stalin, if they could manage, which they could, in a way befitting the method you’d inform on them with (if it was a skilled thief-in-law, a master thief, trained as a lockmaker). The thief-in-law specialized at getting out of situations another thief would put them in, after a case, the situation attempting to be evaded meant as a test, a triad of factors: poorly timed, poorly informed, and spotted by a witness, to recruit a future thief by the failure of the thief’s mission, after a case of an establishment, and of course, to make the failing thief, the dummy, a liaison to the government.
The fourth level of the branch is the ‘Krysha’, a financial agent in modern commerce, used for the monolinear Soviet system of advantage/disadvantage being combined, for ideal symmetry of motion, with any nonsensical system being applied in the field of tactic for difficulty of analysis. The Krysha, ‘roof’, relied on three elements: financial or credit institution, civic support, and some manner of force deployment capable of violence, to be combined as all three, or to be seperate, or for one or two to be combined, but all three necessary for the crown of the strategy: a legitimate field of motion for spies to be deployed. This is the corporate patronage of a Russian gangster movement, or a Russian spy, or a Russian master-thief, or even a Russian commerce agent, practiced even under the Soviet Union. More business friendly than you think, Vladimir Lenin. He loved a good pair of pants (on Stalin, stinky bastard – priests, you know?).
The Freemasons are based on the concept of acting on as a third axis between two groups, always those opposed by interest of membership via tradition. Positioned as an opposition to the transparent, the membership deliberately attracts those who prefer a secretive lifestyle as opposed to an open one, and as opposed to the rumors of government conspiracy and assassination, they actually base their logic in marketplace advantage and structural domination of real estate for control of government. The primary aegis of the Freemasons is the protection of the children of each family involved, from the consequence of acting as individuals who have a predilection towards civil insurrection, both protecting them from their own tendency to disrupt systems (sets of parameter logic and systems, through actors, agency, and measures), as well as protecting them from control agents (the systems themselves acting through rhetoric, consequence, and convention).
The Freemasons require control of the police, hence they need to control municipal councils and politicians. This requires liquid capital, the Freemasons unable to find any other source but financial gain, due to their poor understanding of systems logic on the diverse levels and variations of capital necessary to structure and administrate and take advantage of a free government, however excelling at law due to the insurgency tendencies of membership (they prefer closed communications, from genderqueer tendencies believed to be creativity, however failing the necessary qualifier for a creative individual as having a marketable skill with said alleged ability).
To obtain liquid capital, they employ property taxes from real estate, hence they need a source of production, logistics, or distribution, with a financial advantage. Real estate is enhanced from sales of produced goods, logistical housing or shipping, and distributed product, by taking products that the businesses in the fraternity or union should not be receiving, but investing it in homes and properties, with the hiring of financial agents, to enhance property taxes on their property to make them essential to town commerce. This way, liquid capital is not actually spent on government (bribery), but provided via taxes (investiture, meaning endowment’s worst nemesis, false charity to the community, leverage against politicians acting in the good of all, and instead selecting the property owners – investiture being contractual endowment over a set period).
To provide the advantage from said triad of production, the businesses distributing the goods, the logistics shipping the goods, and the production facilities creating products (ranging from showerheads to soda, Delta to Coca-Cola) need to have unwritten rules in their facilities, so distributors have a financial advantage for choosing goods with exclusionary deals, logistics has union support from teamsters affiliated with criminal members of the Freemasons’ extended alliances, and the production facilities have exclusionary clauses with equipment manufacturers, the beneficiaries overseas with the networks. The unwritten rules, are a union of managers, not labor, thus creating a labor abusive system, to benefit the Freemason families involved.
Created as a mobster partisan movement by the son of a funeral linen thief and a beaten mother, the Speculators of Roman-occupied Judea were lead by Jesus of Nazareth and a gang of motley gangster troublemakers, the Apostles. The concept of speculation is that speculated goods, in exchange for commerce from those seeking a land share and the approval of some nebulous body given a deliberately vague and undefinable name and set of values, can insert particular ideologies into people’s minds and cultures and vague gestures, creating what’s called a ‘revolution’.
The first stage of the Speculator movement is the gathering of the ideological inserts. The original Speculator movement, Christianity (the chosen vague term, based on the Greek translation on a vapidly misused Hebrew term for an elected politician, from a religious political fusion), relied on artifacts stolen from the dead (grave robbing as the means of criminal behavior) sold to merchants in towns throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and of course, the Roman Empire in Europe, in exchange for food, later parcels of land and religious authority over a congregation, once the planted ideograms were complete.
The particular plant intended, was an old Tong trick, to give a gullible business man a loan, and advise him, to help him pay it back, to compare the disfavored employee to the Emperor of China. This would, of course, collapse the entire town, business by business, with rebellion against hierarchy from frustration and paranoia of daily living, creating a ‘hive’, now called a ghetto. The Tong only permitted their particular area as a hive, with everyone that was once honorable becoming Triads, gangsters working scams and merchant business off nearby areas, not permitted to create more hives.
Once the idea was selected, and the terms were created from pawned local logic, all confusing in terms of explanation (drug-induced revelry created these terms, by mocking sacred legal codes and moralities), the speculators enacted a blood pact, with an initial act of grave hatred being wished upon the much more powerful victim oppressor, whereupon the retaliation would kindle the speculators to spread out and continue the movement, implanting the ideograms for basic sustenance with the speculated goods, such as bogus elixirs, speculated money, fake property, lending scams, et cetera, all hoping for an ideal promised by the propaganda’s core tenant (Christians were promised food, ‘the body of Christ’ (induction of criminal urban poverty through social friction of discipline to subordinate as leadership), with grave robbing, Americans were promised leadership, ‘the American dream’ (poverty through abuse of business owners), with counterfeit currency, and Cubans were promised democracy, ‘El Jefe’ (rule by lethargically inclined militant psychopaths), with plantation shares).
Caste Systems:
The caste system, created by India in roughly 5000-4000 BC, is based on the concept of superior warriors, namely hand to hand fighters, being bred by inbreeding cousins to produce an individual with superior strength in a dueled lethal fight, or as the leader of a formation of warriors, engaging rivals while the broadly spread armies of lesser martial artists duel with weaponry and bare hand. Although this creates a superior fighter in terms of physical force and higher pain threshold, there are limitations in terms of support of society by the naturally dominant leader in terms of distribution of agricultural resource. An inferior professional, always requires food before an act or deed, however warrior bred by this system, holds the same limitation. It’s the act of inbreeding, that produces a man or woman capable of great feats of strength, however low intellect due to dependence on satiation of diet before engaging in any type of venture. In other words, the English diagnosis of a ‘moron’.
The caste system seeks to correct the consequences of breeding warrior leaders of superior strength at the expense of their intellect in terms of dietary cycle, by creating guruship cults unique to each individual line, merging and seperating into wider cults, both acts administered by professional experts who specialize in the genetic deviances and their application to profession. These individuals, known as gurus, administer the guruships of different caste-level lines, organized into broad function from the original purpose of Hindu government, and the different redundancies specialties as they interact with modern culture selected to be integrated into India from possibility of function. The Hindu religion also holds dietary selections, the concept of homophobia, being used on weakly focusing and functioning members of society that rely on dietary satiation before intellectual task, those that lack discipline, to be demoted to the status of a common criminal and their assets taken after being publicly humiliated in art for their dependence on consumption of food before performance of intellectual or professional task.
There are several concepts in this proto-homophobia: an individual attempting to help another with a task is a pederast, with the proper viewpoint being taught that the help is always to be rejected in the most reviled manner possible, always with a reference to feces for the interfering individual (namely, the conception of feces by the individual attempting to interfere with a peaceful task, as if it is a military one, proving the fecally-implied individual is a poor warrior and is not fit for battle or veteran’s status, assumedly having betrayed soldiers in combat). The individual attempting to initiate physical contact, especially as a child, in terms of endearment, is a homosexual, to be beaten until effeminate, for forcing discipline away from others (referred to as a congregant of their own faith however in the most insulting terms possible, particularly if the linear descent of tradition and faith is shared). The final stroke is against the individual that considers policy of law, religion, or philosophy, above actual practice, a false guru, to be regarded as an impetuous liar and conspired against in criminal circles, as a manner to regain honor if in the contact of the prior two classes (always to be conspired against in an illicit manner with law enforcement in accord).
The actual higher functions of the guru system, past purpose and enforcement, are unique to the genetic redundancies of each familial line, with broad purpose and individual specialty, gurus managing the placement of authority, region, and power, with the individual specialties being adapted in terms of merger and seperation, into broader and broader varieties of guru, to move the caste system forward, as opposed to simplifying the caste system, a sign of a tyrant that fits all three homophobia stipulations, to be moved backwards in category listed above, until honored as a false deity and privately mocked in all forms of media, cinema, and art, as instructed to low castes by the gurus, to be saluted higher and higher in upper castes, to reveal their tyranny to the common human empathy. The salute, to a tyranny, is treated with the fourth form of homophobia, the outcaste, the untouchable, to be treated as if they were a leader to one’s own sexual impulses (a pederast).

If a law enforcement professional violates police code brutally, in such a way that they cannot even be a mall security guard or bailiff, or alternately if someone with a factitious disorder (criminal insanity) wishes to be a police officer, they often join INTERPOL, a consortium of media, arms dealing, and police contracting firms based out of France, funded by Japanese criminal interests called Zaibatsu (a corporate strata of similar business interest). INTERPOL officers are corrupt, paranoid, spastic, and simplistic, which is why they cannot be law enforcement officers, however they rely on the simple notion of cheating at society, employing an anti-complex (the simplification of strategy to root fundaments for purpose of eschewing the purpose of the strategy, in order for a non-consequential victory) method to all social purposes.
INTERPOL, on its face, is an international police organization relying on trade in information about fugitives with warrants already cleared by a judge, and having fled from the warrant without registering housing. In reality, however, they operative as bounty hunters, the concept of a ‘tag’ being the disabling, arrest, or murder of an individual identified as an enemy of anyone within a jurisdiction, jurisdiction improperly identified as an individual or body with a standing contract with INTERPOL giving them the right to contract INTERPOL officers. In reality, the organization is a murder-for-hire firm, using law enforcement personalities and international law regarding private mercenary companies, to operate as clandestine racketeers. The purpose of a contract, is to gain revenge (the sole purpose of a contract, a tag, to clear, to prevent INTERPOL from angering actual law enforcement with retaliations against individuals outside the community of criminal behaviors), with a contract from another criminal individual, those who defeat the concept of the INTERPOL officer having been labeled privately as sex offenders, serial killers, terrorists, or worse. A strategy employed by mobsters, serial killers, terrorists, spies, rogue heads of state, and various dictators or soldiers or child killers, in prison, is the famous ‘outside contract’, with the contractor trading revenge hits for inmates, giving the contractor sexual favors or protection or amusement or fights or gang membership, and INTERPOL carrying hit retaliation hits against the individual of the bitch’s choosing, so INTERPOL and the police can ascertain the location of bodies, witnesses, cash, intelligence, or stolen ‘pay cheques’, intelligence rosters and secret caches of information, weapons, and ammunition, particularly bioweapons and viruses, ferreted away prior to incarceration.
Thomas Harris, a former FBI agent and creator of the Silence of the Lambs and related series, details INTERPOL methods with Doctor Hannibal Lecter as a prior authority, a disordered individual who requires protection inside prison, so he utilizes the FBI as enforcement, after INTERPOL informs them of a tag he has set up with ‘The Daily Tattler’, actually a Church of Satan prison contact (the Church of Satan is a carnival worker inspired organization, the source of tabloids, minstrel shows, and any other type of racist and bigoted public press or propaganda one could imagine as being vaguely amusing in a derogatory fashion). DC Comics, meanwhile, in the Batman franchise, and beyond into other titles, has since the 1970s, labeled the entire practice of the outside contract as ‘Arkham Asylum’, so INTERPOL officers will be labeled as the rackateer type they are enforcing on behalf of (since revenge is the prime model, a rackateer being an individual with factitious disorder – they relate fact to fiction – and antisocial disorder – they rely on concrete analysis, if male, or abstract analysis, is female, a male unable to alter perception of reference of concept type and a female unable to organize systems to apply them).
Sandinistas are intelligence paramilitary movements hailing back to the days of Marxist-Russian aligned scrambler operations, chaos agents placed in position by Comintern with no intention (or little, in Cuba’s case) of actually supporting anything resembling the Soviet Union’s satellite states (already abused brutally in the interest of extracting exports in exchange for propaganda about the Soviet Union’s successes at their unwitting expense). They operate in levels, with the basic level being the troika (a three person unit), a corrido (a paramilitary signals unit), and a cartel (a pipeline to smuggle materials into an area financed by the cartel-body’s chief sales produce, typically cocaine in stereotype). {Editor’s Note: The author’s mother was a troika member, she was dispatched along with the children of the other two members, David Sprachman – Duke Nukem’s dead, man – Melissa Sprachman – Tank-Girl took it to the face – Ryan Taylor – Tubular, man – and Meghan Taylor – I never loved my mother, she can’t use a computer.}
The troika operates in a three man, or three woman, group, always in the same professional function, however with different specialties. They get involved in some manner of activism, their potential inroad for the corridos and later cartel, to inhabit an area. Their reason for forming the troika is always the same, a loathing for the activism’s links to the First World, so the activist form has to be supported in the press or the media, hence their reason to subvert it: they feel that the social activism is being used dishonestly, by the state or media or corporate powers. In other words, they wish a reform movement to have no function to society, as they are all gender-deficient, male troika members or female troika members.
The corrido exploits the primary fundament of industrial, commercial, and residential structure, the seperation of lower-class housing and commerce and production, from the management residential areas. The management class’s zone of residence and workplace, is removed from the worker class’s zone of residence and workplace, so the management will not have to rely on the workforce for their civic support, thus removing any corruption of management by labor that could be inherent in the system. This, however, opens the possibility of a vice agent, nicknamed a chaos agent {Editor’s Note: Joker, in Batman: The Dark Knight}, infiltrating the worker’s residential sector. The corrido, slang for a cocaine cowboy, can then manipulate the management sector with the corruption of the labor sector, by using the troika’s scouts to emulate the political cause identified as popular in the labor housing, bringing in narcotics, contraband, and information, all designed by propaganda creation sources in other labor sectors, already infiltrated, and produced of course by senior troika members post-activist period.
The cartel, is the means of the Sandinista movement for bringing in support for the political movement into the infiltrated labor sector, to completely remove the labor sector from function and disable to labor sector’s production interest managed by the management sector thus affiliated. The cartel is based on the principle of complete control of a contraband good, from extraction and production, to shipping and stockpile, down to negotiation and sales. The contraband good, already promised by the corrido, using the subverted activist movement identified by the troika, provides the source of finance, corruption, and mobility necessary for the cartel to spread their political message, that of upheavel of the victim country’s system, under the illusionary aegis of the system being corrupt, when in fact that the production interest’s apparatus has collapsed due to the contraband being consumed, thanks to the corrido’s influence in the labor housing, and the social activist movement is now under control of the Sandinistas in that particular sector.
You have a production interest taken off the table, a labor force of some type destroyed, and a potentially beneficial social activist movement for civil rights, destroyed, in three strokes, always selected in this triplicate because all three are offensive to to the base country of the Sandinista movement.
Example: Israeli troika, active 1960s-70s, members: Alice Charlebois, Susan Sprachman, Karen Taylor. Bonding: professional: teachers. Specialties (respective): literature, art, music. Target: Boston prostitution reform movements, feminism. Corrido handlers: organized labor, Israeli origin. Cartel movement: Distribution of reductionary educational materials, produced in Israeli social sciences divisions and given to Mafiaso, to control prostitutes and clients, at the hands of pimps, now inured to mobsters. Objective: Control of labor unions by Mafia, for infiltration of various organized criminal movements by Israeli interests. Labor sector: American industrial commerce. Management sector: Beacon Hill. Production interest: Engineered electronics, competitors with Israeli investments to finance the incoming industrial interests. Labor force: factory, technical, and legal interests, related to regulation of factory work. Activism ruined: vice reform and legalization of prostitution, alternative lifestyles, and women’s rights. Control agent: Psychiatric unions, under aegis of Israeli biotech. Control support elements: Unions, Mafiaso, and educators. Consequence: Shutdown of New England engineering commerce, replaced by biotechnology with mentally ill as unwilling experimental test patients.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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