Death Primer

Concept of Death: Death, is the opposite term of dualistic intent, from “dearth”. “Death”, indicates a broad space of encompassed passage, whereas “dearth”, indicates a grammatic neurological failure to describe extent of empty space, namedly the finance and culpability of common transaction, the triad, the trade within own border of community, to sustain a genetic population (hence a mated term of sanctity of life; the alien, the outside, is the dearth, the lack of any substance necessary to function, and the death, is the proper means and ends simultaneous, not comorbid, indicated by labor exchanged between peoples; trade, the most fundamental concept of probability, a sustained and impossible chance of vision of sight and the maneuver through this expereince, with the exchange between self, placing probality into fixture, the death, one’s expended time, and the individual placing assignment of probability’s review on command, that offering the timed space to the self working, the expenditure of energy for both parties, to avoid the median space between passage, death, and empty life, dearth; thievery, the placement of own work time stolen, as a fraud, a linguistic place where infinitive terms are condense into functions).

Prior Fixture: Since lower canines, in the evolutionary table of development, mammals of the direct ascending line into humans, have functioned on the concept of fatherhood. If with a father, the test of fatherhood is simple, to determine if the individual hilts its legs, a proper child, or is a bastard, they stilt, they place a knee up and an arm adjourning, a poor mate, a homosexual, having nullified their own ability to breed and go through puberty. A homosexual, does not have an afterlife, in the moments before death, that places them inside their own mental space for a vision of sexuality of the first horomone-induced sexual fixation. In human terms, this is meditation, intended for any heterosexual, calculated for worth, someone who does not deliberately remove worthy ends, the day’s work fulfilled after the journey of life, and instead makes others as meaningless as their own grave, a bright white flash and then a removal from time as if having never existed. The man, has never ejaculated, and the woman, has never had a uterine mense, both in puberty, ages 10-14. They are gay or lesbian.

Temporal Fluctuation: A temporal fluctuation is present, eternity, wherein the individual goes into a state of around four to fifteen hours of death, extending into centuries at any rate of age if having passed the test of fixture and canine development, fatherhood. This means they have avoided cats and spiders, they are not following the path of canine logic. Canine logic, is present, as ‘queer’, something that is ‘annoying’, intended to shelter cats and arachnids, for a source of parasite. The proper rage, annoyance, and desire to strike, through the linguistic form of analyzing and ending a path (carnivorous behavior, eating meat), will extend the death and expansion of the afterlife, to greater and greater lengths, even if removed of limbic function, unless the brain is directly removed of its ability to work and process information; a schwalbr, a bullet wound or somehow other a strike through the skull, a lobotomy, brain damage, concussion, or a beating, then the personality shifts and death is altered beyond memory. Those damaged with feline hair, spider web, or brain contusions, will move into a temporal state where they remove the heterosexual nature of others, from having felines in proximity, a pedophile, and will attempt to induce the same behavior in others, requesting cats be owned, spiders be saved or kept as pets or used to torment, or otherwise striking with hands, damaging the neurologies of others with beatings, or performing neural surgery.

Nautilus: Once the gland in the lower left center of the brain is activated, the dying motion of a nautilus comes to bear, the right elbow moving as if the left elbow, beneath the throat and esophogus at the pipe into the lung, attempting to pull out of a shellfish reef as a nautilus. This is, of course, impossible, but this is how we know we are dead, we have a sense of falling and inversion, the general eleutheria of having expelled spoor, the invertebrate ocean dweller’s sense of having served a deity or master that approves of them, the image of ‘God’, a patron that has seized the individual and arranged all the works performed, the children harmed by touch of order and hence arranged and construed into all those marked, human beings victimized by being touched in any way; the nautilus’s children, by mark of spoor, the floor beds of the ocean given childhood of ‘God’, the concept of the fish reef where the nautilus has died, the two tentacles exchanging effusion to retreat into the shell, the throat closing, while the anus empties of bowels, having released, the shell opening at the cocyx to eject the membrane of the tail, to sink back into the reef and feed the spoors, with plankton sorbate. This, is how the DMT gland is notified to activate.

Pineal Gland: The pineal gland, located above the nautilus’s origin of birth gland, releases DMT, an essential functioning of attempting to mate with jungle vines, the old function of humans as a humming bee, a now extinct species of class of bees that didn’t produce honey, and only existed to hunt flowers, hence the flowers would drop off a vine, the phylaris vine, and replace themselves as future grown vines, to creep up trees once again. The resistance to the phylaris’ natural excretion, also DMT, would necessarily make the humming bee produce the same, a panopleptic “trip”, the finding of the same backgrounnd of original home in the jungle in the mate, a shared behavior or history. This is the lure to demise, the state before, during, and after the harpoon’s elbow bend into spoor, hence the location of the mate of love could be found, bonding under ‘God’, the image of self as one’s own life, the murder of a spider. The murder of the spider, is a scream, as a woman, as if raped by self, the orgasm sensation removed by death, hence one is now unable to breed, at end of DMT sequence of death, fluctuation of time decided by aggression and meat, with the more meat and aggression construed over recent period, the longer the life and the more hardy the scream of mate being self and hence lost, the vampire, a bat that preys on insects such as the humming bee, nesting among trees and vines.

Delayed Time: The more alcohol induced, with similar chemicals such as zyklon, chlorine, mustard, or resin, all produced from rice fauna from rice’s lower embriote, a toad stool, the more delayed the time upon realization of death is given, the ability to move and gesture before comatose state of removal from life functions is offered. This is the state of the synapse, routing from double path, back into itself, the waking up from the dream to having realized that the path of life should not have been pursued; the blowjob on the toilet, the blumpkin, the doctor’s son. The realization that all fear, terror, nightmares, dreams, experiences, and waking moments, are to be this way because the father, if held (therefore the list has moved down from stages above), is because the father was a physician, and all others were surrogates. This is the concept of God, the reef, having lied, hence the horror of being betrayed, when combined with the woman first loved. If alcohol has been imbibed in proper amount, grim fatality is seized, a fine death indeed, your life having come to such product and deviance of ends, you are struck dumb, in the sight of the Lord, your father and your farmer, the physician, the man who knows how to trace your path from beginning and end, the secret kept from you that it was not you, yourself, and that God loves you. Otherwise, you have gone to prison, the father’s secret, of the man you murdered, to be his wife; she was his daughter, and you have had children.

Torture Upon Reprieve: Opium, also known as morphine, heroin, anti-psychotics, oxycontin, marijuana, bread, cookies, chips, deep fried foods, and tomato sauce, but not horse radish, marina, ketchup, or black pepper (but yes, salt), is a poison, to bees, that makes bees easier to catch, by ants. You will attempt to move your limbs as if ‘tortured’, the concept of an animal attempting to move as if a four shafted vehicle, to molt, as if a snake wood, seen in animals as if being petted or stroked, an inducement into schizophrenia, the image of the father’s path of God, returned, that legacy that you, are the reef itself, and you are one with the universe; the concept universe, being the Jewish gift to humanity, decision of what is seen, hence anything that one desires, can be acquired, if one follows the books of law; your own reason, the plentiful demise having stayed within bounds of society; not the woods, to be a bandit.

Golden Mean: The most ancient ancestor we have in this list, this is the nose, and the eyes. The left eye, the flesh wound, someone who is not yet experienced. The nose, the wound, someone that could be experienced. And the right eye, the dying, someone that wants to know if you have ever been experienced. The left eye is the neophyte, they are not yet chosen. They will never repeat a single thing they see, their entire life. The nose, is both eyes looking forward, at the lock of calculation. They have claimed a man or woman, of the opposite sex, and they are always two sons of a father, should the father have been present for the both, a heterosexual couple, a man and a woman, able to bear infant, seed. But the right eye, is God, death has been seen, and in the extended hand of all graces, that being the imagination, that death has been witnessed and the fatality witnessed to be repeated, from the experience of schizophrenia, the spiritual. Were it not proper, you have been slain, but still live, the zombie, the crazy; a madman, someone with the police, military, or espionage services in mind, seeking to repeat the crime you saw. Unless you can escape, and fight the old predator, the gravesman, the carrion eater; that old bird, the king of tyrants, the T-Rex. The T-Rex is a mother, and they do not like you, triceratops.

Failure of Mean: You have taken your primitive man’s blade to someone else, not in imagination, but in witness, and you have pulled yourself out of madness. You have stolen your father anew, that term he set out from you on his instinct of how he hated you, for being a son, or if a daughter, how your mother taught you a shape, to assist you, yourself or men, along your travels. You have heard someone die, and now, you are a King, an Atheist, a Man of God. You have embraced religion, something you never understood until your genetics aligned upon the field of battle, and now, you can have a legacy, if you claim them, for the idol, the icon, something which you no longer believe in, becasue it is you. This is the grasp of the phallus, Ba’al, your own intoxicated penis, or if a woman, your desire for fellatio, cunnilingus forgotten. Homophobia.

Criminal Feature: Your path as a legacy, has been refused, and now, your receding ability of path has returned, the most powerful of dictators, the Dark Ages man, a world that produced the Crusades, raged across battlefields and worlds, the evolution of Modern Man; Jerusalem, as has always been predicted, because Jerusalem, is unlivable as a city, from its position of spires and scalps and lowered valleys, interminable to hold and inhospitable to live in. Designed just this way, by prophets, men of madness that had come before, but lacked the ability to control their own growth, the invention of the Book, Christ’s innovation, the first of the Modern Man; someone capable of sapience, The Aware, the Awaken. Now, you are a criminal, having discovered your old penance, and Risen. And in your death, comes not sex or life or kingdom, but suicide. You are great again, King, and your Queen, is Death, and be you of Dearth, from this tradition, you were a Spy all along, and Jerusalem is Yours. You will imprint your story, as a criminal agent, a Crusader, Mordred, in this world forever. Scarface, the Janus Coin.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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