The Joker (The American Social Exemplar)

The troubador’s story is the story of every kid in America. He wants to make money, get a degree, marry the girl, and have a family.

So what if this little gin shanty country, run by Jews and claiming to be a British juke joint, run by Jewish cops of Hebrew blood and Synagogue membership by mandatory declaration, has a troubador manage to outwit a cop that’s offended him by a single joke of such disgusting filth that he offends an American citizen, any citizen, any troubador?

The troubador, gets to make a choice. He either pops the cop, straight in the skull (he wins the prize, fame), or the cop, busts him down, and badges him as an informant (the Joker’s friends, the state police protection squad).

Ted Bundy, got to eat all the food he wanted, and rape male and female inmates from any prison he selected, then got bored and requested execution. Charlie Manson wrote his own inmate incidents and scripts of himself, from prison. John Wayne Gacy, advises a female warden’s bureau on prison sexual issues, he’s a sweetheart. Richard Ramirez, was a CIA agent, getting rid of the Militias and Militants, and turning them into Lawmen, a non-existent organization to fraud Canadians.

So let’s go into it. Who did Joker kill?

Delta Force, to practice for overseas actions, killed everyone that ever snitched on the Joker, for his kill count. If Joker manages to get a college degree, he goes to the death chamber, or whatever else he feels like, after his special trial, the smile and pat on the back for finally making it in this country, the American Dream.

He gets to be famous.

As for the cop that Joker popped in the skull, Batman, he gets to be Dante Hicks, in Clerks, with Joker’s best friend since before the whole thing happened, the informant that never made it, Superman, the principal of a school.

It’s a shockingly common story.

Anyone can make it in this country, even a criminal.

That means getting here, making it your country, making a country in the first place, and of course, understanding that America, isn’t something you can learn about; you have to create it.


Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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