Tribes of Antiquity Egypt (The Core Set of Western Civilization)

Lower Kingdom (North): The Hittites, known for such famed members as Moses and the Ayatollah, with such cultures as the Sassanid Dynasty, the Persian Immortals, and the Israeli Mossad, as leadership. The fetus closes around the womb per testosterone burst of infant, regardless of mother, hence males, look alike; the origin of thievery, two people with the same register, trading a profession, the Dojo, a Genie.

Middle Kingdom (Middle): The Hyksios, known for such famed members as Nefertiti and Dido of Carthage, with such cultures as soccer, law enforcement, and the shekel. The hair is black, however the pubis mons on male or female, is light brown, and the hair elsewhere, is platinum blond, hence they have no confidence at any given time, but appear to construe it with certainly; the origin of the Sheol Pit, Hell, a male warrior’s demise.

Upper Kingdom (South): The Pharaoh, known for such famed members as Narmer and U’Niall of the Nine Hostages, with such cultures as highschool, the conscious and subconscious inverted against each other per professional work-type, and the hex to cause a suicide unless reimprinted. The hair begins as blond or blonde, in early childhood, but shifts to brown or dark amber, with golden-flecked eyes; the origin of the Donjon, Idiocy, a Ptolemic neural shutdown for seizure out of jealousy.

Hebrews (Sinai): The Tribe of Jacob, known for such famed members as Joseph and Larry David, with such cultures as felony, prison, and attorneys bar commissioned. The hair is naturally starched white, and balds when the culture of the male is passed on, marked on by the sexually predatory act of inducing another of the same sex into an act of sexual predatory behavior to create felonies and recruit them for a commissioned firm, to misappropriate logic of common wealth; the origin of the Goyim, Faggots, people trapped in a position to be studied for poor product sold to those imprinting the brander’s mark to enslave.

Gypsies (Greece): The Twelve Stars of the Roman Legion, out of Rome, Greece, and Anatolia, the cultures of Rome (Hades, Praetors), Etruscus (Vulcan, Scalers), Sparta (Venus, Spearmen), Athens (Hera, Constables), Corinth (Jupiter, Spies), Knossos (Mars, Ballistas), Troy (Morpheus, Smugglers), Europa (Neptune, Navy), Macedon (Mercury, Strategy), Thrace (Prosperina, Criminals), Lesbos (Hestia, Messengers), and Chisinau (Diana, Prostitutes), famous for Alexander the Great (Macedon), and Joseph Stalin (Thrace). Famous for the invention of veterans protection, farmland for soldiers, and freedom from slavery at offer of service for children and citizenship of estate and wealth and riches and dreams, the Elysian fields. Each culture, has a particular fighting gesture, that links to an offensive gesture to marked trade of commerce, to ensure that they are well within the Legion, and military service, if clearing membership demand; the origin of the Thieves’ Cult, a form of state service for family lines if they have a hand gesture considered a ‘fink’, they’re training you as a victim of their trade, with a hand gesture, now seen as therapeutic.

Mafia (Mycenea): The Mormons of the Farmlands of Perseus, known for Caligula and Adolf Hitler, the Heracles, the Hercules, with such cultures as secret societies, the branded term of self being superior, and the hidden hand of the market through myth of crime. They have curly hair, unless straightened by genome, an Irish Mycenean, a Ba’al, the God of All, and immune to the effects of alcohol, unless repair, the pruning of memory and excess information, sometimes valuable, backwards; the origin of the Crime, a Villain’s Repute as service in Colony.

Babylon (Uruk): The Devils of the City of Babylon, known for Prince Lucifer and Barham Silah, with such cultures as deity, law of rights, and beer. They have an exceptional constitution for alcohol, and live as beggars, despite being independently wealthy at heart and soul, from having designed the entire concept of culture, that being that everyone is homeless, only given position through literacy of present form of law and inscribed office as commanding position; they invented the Poverty State, someone that is decrepit not owning home or renting shelter from refusing imbibement of intoxicants, the justification for continued existence and the test of family, the child beaten fairly for sadism only if the parents are drinking alcohol, a rich child both, a spy one, and a serial killer, neither.

Vampire (Sumeria): The Warlords of Gilgamesh, known for Vlad Tepes and Andrew Wachowski, with such cultures as candy and sweeteners, music by registered machine of implement (nickolodean, the Deep South’s term for it), and healing through children. Each one is a combat tactical genius with a calcium riboflavin quantity off the charts for teeth, unless consuming a special wine, Slivitz, enlarging their left amygdala and cortisel right hemisphere to a tumor shape, actually a complex web of calculation of children’s litany, to rally a nation under their defense; they invented Dossier, a group of files and protocols rallied when a Sumerian child comes to harm, the destruction of the nation responsible imminent at rally of group claiming that interference with own like mutation of any form, has saved a Sumerian, the ‘patient’.

Yemeni (Samaritan): The Kings and Queens of Sheba, known for Jesus of Nazareth and Mario Puzo, with such cultures as crime epics, family sagas, and the deliberate conviction of fact of justice in a ‘scheme’. Each one is completely unwilling to die, therefore driven forward in a death march to perform an act of tyranny on any culture constraining their right to die at the mercy of their own sadomasochistic demand of ‘Godhood’, their term for an enduring system of control over whomever has waged peace on them, their genome a natural prize fighter with open fist or closed palm, a ninja shinobi, a special class of kung fu fighter that uses ‘iron orbs’, their palms, to kill grapplers, wrestlers, and boxers, with a slap to the face on a ‘down turn’; they invented the Trifecta, a rank of village elder (convict), territory leader (lord), and ambassador to the Pontifex (fiction as reality).

Arab (Sicilian): The Necromancer Sons of Adam and Eve, descended from the hidden child, known for William the Conqueror, and President Joseph Biden, with such cultures as accounting, opiates medicine for healing the dying, and contagion control through clean burn of assets. A Sicilian has a narrow face and pallor, with a pronounced and rigid forehead, making them only culpable to philosophy of question as literal state of concrete, your only ticket to live, when first questioned, at any means or rate, otherwise death is certain; they invented the Catholic Orders of Monastery, a system to donate semen through prostitutes of high beauty, to breed spies, specifically Carabinieri, an Italian Hitman, a ‘Shooter’.

Kurd (Shyster): The Steppes Herdesmen, lead by small groups of families, under Clan Leader, the Rabe, the disgraced children in each family group of four, exactly four, always picking the second and fourth children, otherwise an ‘infamy’, this family is ‘hidden potential’, and is not to undertake assignments, which such culture as the police unions, espionage mercenaries, and modern theater. A Shyster has a widow’s peak, a gaunt neck and rounded shoulders with well muscled back apparent from front, and a goblin ‘tic’ grin, with twitching hands and feet if they’ve had combat action in a ‘knife game’, one of their ceremonial duels in cultures they have established personally as a semi-trade of industry; they invented Sarcasm, the state of admitting defeat when victorious, to create a movement to make the humble a hero, for destroying everything they loved, because it was ‘shit’, our term for something eminently useful, but only for power, not sex.

Ottoman (Gnostic): The Tribe of God, Mack, they are the Kazakhs, such as William Wallace and Mel Gibson, the most potent hand to hand fighters one has ever met, each one picking a style to mimic, and having their childhood companion, a dog, tested, to see if it dies, before they master the style by observation of the child’s response afterwards. An entire epic artwork is made, through a singular culture of an entire army, a broad practice, being practiced as a single man in its spirit, a Highlander. A Gnostic, has a puff beard, a grumped forward chin, and eyes of utter hatred, color blind with flecks of color and emotion sensed, creating an entire new system of combat fighting based on the witness of their final duel; they invented Fate, the eventual end to a mathematical system, upon flaw being applied to self, through own mother of Gnostic, the Seal, the method to defeat the foe if the style is used.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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