Houses of Ardour Primer

Genetic High House: Each of these following genomes, in a singular or multiple combination, has a particular specialty at management in “finance”, the art of fine detail given home, family, and national graviture (the term of a serious matter of gravid fact).  While not mandatory to allow the management of one of these matters by the families marked, it is recommended.  Not used in the New World, rejected if attempted to force on any of these families, since the New World is meant as a dumping ground, for criminals.  Royals here, are predatory prey animals, banished for crimes against state, such as seeking a private fortune or alternately hunting at high rank of criminal endeavor.   Their families remain, as the legendary thieves guilds of the New World, while in the Old World, they are forward agents for diplomatic matters requiring a “subtle hand”, called “villains” by their friends back home.  Villain, meaning, “God’s Servant”.

O’Neills: Vassal States of Europe (Political Ranks)

Yorks: Prime Ethics of Labor Share (Job Legal Filings)

Tudors: Houses of State Esclair (Women’s Servile Domestic)

Rotheschildes: Banques El Carte (Catering Service for Women’s Brothels and Brunch)

Lennoxes: Criminal Mafia Units Deployed Abroad (Pogroms and Suicides Upon Stage for Holy See)

Longshanks: Political Meandering of Mismutant (Challenges to Claims of Power for All Except Self Family, All Terms Mistood)

Canaanites: Women’s Punishments for Labor of Birth (Nursing Pediatric Services For Unfit Mothers Declared Obese)

Sauds: Games and Wagers of Fact (Gambled Derivatives of Economic Tactical Game Theory – Driven Sleds of Logic for Military)

Purple Gang Korea: Work Machined Industry (Factory Parts and Assisted Designs, Secondary, Psychiatric Unions and Rosters, Primary, Sitting Chairman Kim Jong-un)

Red Gang Taiwan: Trained Households of Labor Applied to Service Mercenary (Economics Services of Authorship in Crime, Secondary, Military Infantry Recruit Upon Large Stage Industry, Primary, Sitting Chairman Den Xi Ping

Green Gang Shanghai: Labored Services of Game Theory Math (Couriers and Intelligence of Mail Delivered Truck, Secondary, Publication of Canary Spotted, Primary, Sitting Chairperson Lady Sheila Zhang)

Blue Gang Manchukuo: Women’s Services of Household (Management of Media Theft and Fraud and Prevention Thereof, Secondary, Prostitution Standards of Rank and Order in Sexuality of Copulance, Primary, Sitting Chairperson Fred Holmech of Texas)

Yellow Gang Gobi: Hygiene for Doctors and Stewards of Ambulance (Secretary at Worker’s Commissar of Deli or Doctrine, Secondary, Theater and Stage of Worker and Overhaul of Politics, Primary, Sitting Chairman Qin Cao Pao)

Forbidden Emperor: Mexican Federal Police and Hong Kong District 12 (Undercover Corrections and Law Informant Management)

Khanate of Mongolia: Traditions of Name and Letter (Sitting Households of Britain, Nanjing, and Saudi Arabia)

Komon: Children’s Education of Rapid Rate of Incline (Video Games and Board Games of Chequers)

Medici: Fishing Standards of Restaurant Overview (“German”, “Passive”, and “Table”, Deutch Raisons D’Etre of Restaurant Safety)

Borgia: Resubstance of Industry of Standards of Incarcerated Employee Customer Base (Revitalized Industry of Purchase in Household Guild)

Hohenzollerns: Pediatrics of Baby Monitor and Mental Health (Uniform of Uniformed Standards of Army)

Romulans: Declaration of End of Republic (Power Share of Wealth Among Poor Divided)

Romanovs: Protection of Children (Ace Production of Comics and Wealthy Share of Environed Protection of Homes and Safeties Safe Gardens)

Bourbons: Test Scripture of Homeland Defense Against Predatory Avian or Falcon Behavior (Placement of Wounded Innocent Into Combat Position as Criminal)

Syrian-Galilean: Sucrose and Candy Corn Iodide Test (Purge of Influence of Genomes Related to Insulin Dependence by Medicine Treatment Thereof)

Sicilian: Accounts Ledgered (Last Rites Given Denegratory Status for All Except Priesthood Administering)

Corsican: Sitting Leader of National Pride Day (States of Holidays of Garner for All and None for Self – the Napoleonic Imperial, Dulchez, The Duke)

Dungannons: Mother’s Standard of Poverty (Vengeance Upon Women for Rejecting Men in Statuatory Need Unless Cheated, Then Vengeance on Male as Doing so Into Gay, If Refused Then Knife Fight, if Killed Before then Court Act, if Denied So Then Praised as Self as Martyr, with Beard Grown and Statement Retracted of Self as Child Molester – Givern’s Naxt)

Jacobins: Palestine and Kurdish Affairs (Buckingham Chapter of Knights – Sitting Liege, Queen Elizabeth II of Heraldry, Royal Marines Brig Captain In Charge, Stepping Down Shortly to Herald in New Age of Joint Rule with Consort Camilla of High Chapter Castille)

Hapsburgs: Elements of Alcohol and Whiskey (International Beer and Baron Standards)

Syriac-Nazarene: Rules of Fraud and Theft Given Cover (Revenge Upon Those Stealing Name “Corleone”, by Placing You Into Self of Name Meaning Private, Offered Upon Charity in Public)

Uruki: Brews and Regimens Standards (Education Given Islamic World’s Drinking Standards, and Battle Master {“Meister”} If Any Race, Ethnicity, or Culture Refused Alcohol by Other On Cultural Entreaty)

Persia Immortalis: Thievery and Fraud of Election (Ayatollah of Muftis, The Street Thieves and Immortals Drugs and Smuggling and Weapons Holsters of Police)

Egyptian Khartoum: Shadow Wizards (Taking Shape Through Others to Target Jews When Betrayed of Lion of Judah — Always)

Noahim: Protohistoric Man (Hunting Standards of Fair Play and Foul of Man’s Catch)

Tibet: Hunting of Knives and Sabers (Valentines Bounty Guild)

Castille: Standards of Warfare (Munitions Decrees of Allowed Abandon for Own Country Presiding as Monarch or Rank of Chapter)

Saoirse: Narcotics Standards (Laws of Chapters and Crime, Through Prevelant Slur Placed on Self, Unless False, Then Slur Given to Others)

Congolese Detch: Marks and Accumulations for Homicides (Street Rumors for Refusal of Proper Ethical Behavior Per Region and Trade)

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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