Vampires and Chinese University Logic (Hunt the Gay Kid)

The term ‘vampire’, originates from Mycenea, for the survivor of the only medical procedure ever required, a bone splint, then victimized into a dislocation of the thigh, a homosexual thrall, for anal sodomy, from a Mycenean, a Jew, a retard (developmental disability, now the Israeli government, and Apartheid Africa, and others). If the victim, is still heterosexual, and has also not been treated by a surgical procedure to prevent him from harming homosexuals, transgenders, Jew lovers, a nosferatu, a serial predator, regards the champion as a ‘vampire’, themselves, however superior, in fear at the medical profession’s engineering of efficiency being undone. Medicine, being a homosexual’s calling, once refused by one of five university calling categories, of the Triads, the origin of all education, from preschool and commune onwards, up to graduate school and political leadership.

Let’s go over the five basic auspices of China, that hunt nosferatu, those going into any field of medicine besides splints for broken bones, those that prefer to make others homosexual with surgical operations not necessary, since the entire study of biology, zoology, entomology, pharmacology, veterinarian sciences, animal husbandry, has created an industry for anal sex to be accessed through Jews, called things such as Myceneans and Mormons, their desire for a man bent on a thigh bend with the anus open (the Mafia’s act, a “leg breaker”, for an imagined debt, from a man with curly hair, a “damsel in distress” male gangster, the pig lipped pouty boy with curly rings and a hairy chest shown to the ‘cheer’, those that root for him every day he goes out and ‘makes himself look good’).

Protocol Set (Red): Originating in Taiwan, this is the study of communities at the smallest level seen, to apply to the culture observed as responsible for any act at the level of a pot, the system of times of wealth being investment, and any time of wealth requiring all the be rich, and the times of famine being charity resource being given at time of wealth, to prevent cycles from wealth considered as a hierarchy of resource, and then therefore in poverty there will be no resources available for poor, leading to a plague, then the pigsfoot, the level of conjoined family traditions working in a firm, with elders providing assistance to treat any injured, and finally the boar’s head, the town crest, the label of incorporation of community and signs, the neighborhood, for abstract concepts of division within groups mutual aid. The term pot for marijuana, indicates an abusive wealthy, the term pigsfoot for an edible substance, indicates a corrupt member of a firm, and the term boar’s head or a variation of an animal or a body part or medical term, for any product of sales, indicates a company that cannot be in the neighborhood with goods furnished

Publishing Theorem (Green): Originating in Shanghai, this is the postal and civil services, the prediction of something that will happen inevitably through observation of repetition in act in publishing, the publishing being a mathematical theorem, produced through assignment to team, with the accepted product being a query; this way, the failure of the query, is marked within the product, hence the mathematical theorem, will always produce the same predictions, interpreted as a warning, if to escape, or a threat, if erroneous, however the system will always remain the same. The purpose being, that once a mathematical theorem is created for a query, a system necessary for a public government service, then the publication will support those who have difficulty using the service, through the theory provided, by the initiation of the franchise or technique of art or concept.

Philosophy Justice (Blue): Originating in Manchuria Province, this is the analysis of a philosophy work as what you cannot do or perform, and instead of applying it to someone else or yourself, an equal failure, you have to determine how to make something new, with what you find erroneous. The alternate, is spotting the incompetent technician, the munitions salesman, someone that thinks any given product, is to be offered forwardly, from a rug to a religion to a gun to a car to a food item. Once they’ve applied an analysis to someone else, the idea is to put that person in a U, a chalice, so the foe falls into the center of the chalice, without the chalice actually existing, therefore they believe their false strategy has worked. That way, regardless of their next action, they are marked as a failure of any orderly of business or personal representation of anyone, as performing a potentially hazardous act, to persuade.

Encrypted Doctrine (Yellow): Originating in the Gobi Desert, this is the taking of art or story or play or stage or theater, and placing it in the context of a disastrous political moment of military warfare in your country’s history, a removed period through a leader charged with removing the foreign influence that caused the disaster, then placed back into motion in the first stage. The second stage, is spotting the golden arch, and seeing who is below it, the clown, to identify who tried to fire the clown, as the child sitting on the clown’s lap, to judge the child’s fathers. The father, hates something, and wants the child to fire the clown, identifying a removal of the rights of governed access to international access, from the repeated sentiment observed in the fathers, through the placement of the male and female children sitting on the clown, in play programs, as the lead actors and actresses. Then, the Missinger’s Set is applied, a petty work of slur, with the villain as the clown, and the hero, as the disordered child of most common pick from highest placed father, to then see whom attempts to access the hidden data of encryption, for the situation that leads to the villain’s demise in the film, to be placed as public accusation towards firms related to father in background of profession.

Heterosexual Leadership (Purple): Originating in Korea, this is taking a set of data, such as calendars, birthdays, constellations, and applying them to a set important to women, as neurochemistry in men; this is the argument of the casino, for a voter’s rally, the only time allowed to discuss politics, the multiple purses of thieves, inside a casino, the divided games of single purse. If arguing a politician outside of purse, a sharp, will place you on a deal, the sharp denying an astrology theory, removing him from the casino, and placing you as a dealer, a member of the casino purse. The casino, is the granary, for the army, the sharp, becomes a leader, a manager, and the dealer, becomes a civics servant, an agent, until they can rotate again, with the next election, the casino rally, clearing the entire system to reset.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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