Pulling a Prank on a Sociology Professor (The Nazi is Drunk)

A sociology professor at any school, even a low ranking don, a drug dealer, or a graduate student with international connections, a Judenhaus, deals with art, literature, and entertainment, a petty props man producing skin porn for “homos”, study sheets for pedophiles and transgenders, the latter a later stage, to make movies or film or delicatessant art with, a self-perpetuating industry to train CFOs and artistic lieutenants of media corporate houses to “bull” themselves into golden parachutes for martyred firms never meant to succeed; Al Gore’s Enron, the Queen of England’s Majesty-12, Jacques Chirac’s Raelian Society, or Ted Turner’s Nortel Communications. Berkshire Hathaway, typically fronts and funds these organizations, as an East Seas Mumbai Transaction, out of Kurdish-Gentry households, the common soldier, Kurdish-Pictish households, the elite shock trooper, or Kurdish-Pictish-Blendeds, the higher the rank being the more rare strains in use of geometry, logic, and comprehensive literature. The Kurdish-Gentry, provide military assaults and field demolitions with comprehensive arms to protect gambling interest, the Kurdish-Pictish provide management positions in corporate firms, and the latter, myself, deals in taking down children of wealth, influence, political power, or improper access to hierarchy, by promotion to trap of already nepotistic hive; (Golden Horde Nizarim, Kurdish Coward Charleboy Blend Inquisitor Historian, Japanese Ainu Komon Tojo Massacre Hunger, Gypsy Knossos Skorzeny Cousin, Buckingham Dress Sergeant Knife Expert, Racicot Confessor Cossack Populaire Pilate Counter-Zionist Variety, Tanacharison Hiawatha Erik the Red Inuit Mingwe Blend, James Madison Presidential Society, Jeannette McCullem Irish Banshee Knife Fighter Dominatrix Inversionary Context Switch, father’s side, O’Neill Hugh Earl of Tyrone Conn Consort Duchy, Taiwanese Red Flag Paleolith Economist Macroanalysis of Small Phenom Protocols Set, Gawain Typhus Plague Bearer, Dumond Assasin Bird of Paradise Rapist Stage Frame, mother’s side).


To pull a prank on a sociologist educator, as was performed famously on Salieri, the composer, or Nietzsche, the author, one has to get their cadet third stringer, the most powerful (Mozart or Ree), to remove themselves from a major of simplicity and wealth, the always preferred for continuation of the rare and essential genome, to gain revenge on a group of “Sophists”, the term for simplicity of act and gesture in response of envy, the said nepostistic circles targeted by the three stages of increasing damage from the Kurdish Muhammadan Serb Uighurs (Pashtun, the Queen’s Household).

First, get your friend to take your major, we’ll call him Q, the common name for the checkered piece, the homo-killer, the Queen (that catches the Queer, the M through the L, the dickhead, creating a LAM, a Biblical term for an adopted son, the poor fruit of the tree, a demoted priest protecting a ‘gook’, the term for a repatriated bloodline of missionary status to a slave, the sociology professor, don, or intern you are targeting, Salieri or Nietzsche).

The Q, can take any major your school will be believe, so make sure your circle, pushes you aside, for him, when he hates the circle pushing him aside; after the push, he continues to befriend you, suspecting you have been played foul.

Then, the Q, will naturally shift to R, the Runplay, a running back’s move made famous by Curtis Rice, where the left hand on a tipple inwards, a run from the outside in a movement to the right, slightly in, to fake a false cover as if a defensive cornerback, thinks the running back, is a wide receiver, and a hand gesture is given by the running back, to bust out the kneecap of a defensive end, that mistakes the run play for a passing play on the opposite side, automatically catching a military or police bet on the game for a ‘book’, a Jewish booking bet out of Hollywood, Las Vegas, or Iran (Britain, Israel, or Mossad).

The R, will take a position of defeat, to become Grieg, in Salieri’s hopes, or Shelley, in Nietzsche’s hopes, two piss poor hateful men that produced a single piece, the rest of it utter shit, but the sociologist’s favorite, because it’s the guy’s entire formula.

The next stage, is tempting the wife of the sociologist, through a suggestion. Report the suggestion immediately to her, as antisocial. Antisocial, means a collegiate admissions, and you’ve just put him in an espionage or police role. Now, you have him in your hand, panicked, that he’s drafted Q, to be R, on himself, I, Bomb Iran.

The man will suggest, a drink, perhaps, in public. A boilermaker, a beer with a shot of whiskey, the beer used by fathers, to induce alcoholism, if their son or daughter is drunk at any determination of parent.

The rest is staged simple. Salieri, or Nietzsche, will steal, everything the other guy has ever done, as his own, then place his own work, panicking about notary liability in the career you have, that he is allegedly for through a teaching assistant, as Mozart or Ree’s work, however postured against his own position, actually your wife’s position, now hunted by the state of Britain, Canada, and Australia.

The final part, is when Q-R, becomes M, the Fist, when he does something very simple; he releases his published work, and his positions, and the meanings, and your work too.

Ted Turner Time Warner Cable: Everyone is an undercover cop selling drugs, if a hero, otherwise they’re a cop off ADD meds, killing mentally ill, for being off their booze. The Riddler, figures out how to be Batman, a comic book character. From Jar Jar Binks, to Batman 2022’s Bruce Wayne. A serial killer police officer. Dave Charlebois’s work.

Assassin’s Creed: The Nizarim Hashashim, the bloodline of the Knights Templar, fights the Knights Templar, not knowing that Sicilian Mafiaso, are Arabs, and Arabs by slur of self, are Islamist Jews with Ethiopian blood, sport hunted by Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, and Syrian leaders, by making them fight each other, for trolling and peace processes, to punish the Lennox family of Canada, Ireland, and England, for being Ottoman Turkish Sultans. Jeffrey Lange’s work.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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