The Cossack Gene (The Facedancers)

The Cossack gene, is a strain of the Italian Patrician gene known to have a quantimorphic quality. Rumored to be disorders like disassociative identity disorder (your child has annoyed a teacher), multiple personalities (you compartmentalize, anyone does this, that isn’t a sex offender), or a fluid aware (someone that is aware they’re being monitored by others for scholarship on a subliminal level, anyone in school bright enough to fail at education and think others are inspired by watching people – you pass sociology, you don’t listen to hand gestures or positional signals). It’s actually a highly ordered state, wherein you return output, given request for input, of any type, always performing to direct, stated request, not signal or assumption.

Pontius Pilate: Emperor Nero, ordered Pontius Pilate, to crush the Jews, into Legionaire’s membership, by building roads. Instead, Pontius Pilate allowed his son, Judas Iscariot, to study a local mobster’s son (Joseph, Thieves of the Ghast, people that stole funeral shrouds to intimidate families for the local merchant’s union of Judea). Produced was the Holy Roman Bible, a book of Roman Patrician figures, clothed in Jewish logic, so all may learn the culture of the Roman Senate (if it’s in a book, or writing, don’t do it, you always lose). The Jewish logic and figures, of course, were to prevent Christ, a curio dealer, from ever having relevance again, since he really wanted to be a Legionnaire, but became a doctor instead (his father was a mobster).

Josef Mengele: Adolf Hitler, ordered Josef Mengele, to destroy all resistance to the National Socialists, with medicine. Josef Mengele was a skilled field anthropologist, that had studied African gangs, the product of two twins, any type, having children, a switched parent in fixation of uncle or aunt, causing a street gang to be created. Already forbidden in Islam, by making twins into dominants and divas, Mengele noticed the same thing in the National Socialists, an African street gang, so he volunteered immediately. By experimenting on twins claimed to be “Romani” (actually Stuttgart Bavarian), he created an ‘apostasy’, a Church term for an act of such enormous consequence, that the guilty was repeated in views, through opposition to his aims, for the rest of history. Now we have “twin research”, found so patently ridiculous by women (they masturbate, except for identical female twins, the Islamic code of diva dominants present through nail salons), that someone listening to “field sciences” (street gangs, live action tests on others to prove scientific theory), is considered palpably cuckish, in a sly term to indicate that their entire lives they’ve been undone and countermanded, for believing anything they read, to get “laid” (have cheap conjugal fraternity sex, without thought of career to support the woman afterwards).

Bozo the Clown: The Children’s Fun Stamp Hour, ordered Bozo the Clown, to empower children to become stamp collectors for processing services out of Canada, to deliver mail and cheques and orders, for the American federal government and courts, with the American courts unaware that there were phantom cops from Canada running the entire defense intelligence ministries and departments of the United States Marine Corps, forcing anyone that talked like a cartoon character (a beaten and bullied child) to be United States Marines (cop killer soldiers restricted to bases due to military insanity, only used for counter-insurgency, killing police officers once the Army had eliminated the foreign military and ‘held point’, so Marines could hunt cops defending their own wives and children). Bozo developed a walk, where he’d crab leg with his legs and heels leading, inside clown pants looking like he had a giant ass from eating ‘ravendish’, a product made from sanitized axel grease from a car’s interior, often called “Vegemite”. Now all the stamp clubs out of Canada, have giant asses, and die in accidental fires, blamed on “aliens”, actually their stomachs exploding into flames from indigestion and gaseous spells, in the sleep; credited to “ball lightning”, often. As one scientist would say, a Marine confidante, “there are a lot of things about the upper atmosphere we don’t understand”.

Robert MacNamara: President John F. Kennedy, ordered Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara, to obtain peanut plantations and oils, for industrial lubricants for British factories, to avenge the deaths of World War 2 veterans holding Catholics and atheist BUddhists hostage in Canadian death penitentiary cells, called ‘lubshans’, for prisoners of war that old lumberjacks and Canadian ‘wood hollows’, (sleepy bears, men that repeated and screamed orders from having a father that failed police cadet school, and became a lumberjack’s wife, a prison cook, instead). Robert MacNamara sent Australian soldiers deep in, after having ARVN fasted into Parkinsons, and created the rumor the ‘big dicked Australian soldiers were geniuses, and a beard trims faster than balls’. Now Buddhist meditation, is banned in Canada and Australia, despite being a central component to Judaism, Catholicism, Anglicanism, Western Scottish Presbyterianism, Lutheranism, Baptism, Methodism, Calvinism, Islam, Shi’ism, Druze, and Metro-Atheism of Letters. Now they can’t have college, only “bear school”, for dominatrix training by “Jesuits”, atheists from the Deep South of the United States that raped, killed, or murdered someone, for police, given free education to write for “The History Channel”, “History’s Mysteries”, “Schoolhouse Rock”, “Jailbird Central”, or “Negrodamus”, the latest spawned by Paul Mooney, after “studying the system” (Dave Chappelle gave him a psychotic break, for the “Nick Cannon is awesome” bit his son said, because Nick Cannon was police trained, he went to Morehouse, Dave Chappelle’s fathers and entire family’s school for three centuries, that only Dave Chappelle did not attend).

Tracy Morgan: Lorne Michaels ordered Tracy Morgan to mock Dominican culture, for being “the priesthood”, the Dominican Order (in charge of “coffees and pretzels”, the Church bake sale, to spot bookies and expel them from the faith, for turning a child transgender who does whatever his mother demands in service, a marijuana dealer magnate and hunting baron for women as pickup artists). The Dominican Republic, was named after “Lord Dominius”, a bigoted spear maker from Wuadshauch, Holland, who invaded entire continents with a business book to create stock market bubbles, such as the tulip fiasco, to sell police technologies and techniques acquired by overseas slavery of infants and exchange of “orphan flowers”, cops trained by watching kidnapped children with slain parents, called “Ubermenschen” by Hitler, also French-blooded cops in America, “trainers”, a slur for a kid who has to study another child in agony to believe in themselves, not a “pig” (a cop who could never serve in the police, because of a falsely administered clergy, a parental edifice of overseas jurist bench), but a “nip” (someone who thinks Buddhism, is a set of spiritual beliefs, instead of a combat form and a method of studying religious traditions behind trades of logic and career, for the military or police work or service sector preparation of blue collar labor). Tracy Morgan, instead, pretended to be an Italian cop, every day on set, Lorne Michaels unaware that Tracy Morgan was getting the entire cast, past and present, arrested over and over again, and poisoned or murdered or shot, by Andy Dick, who had raped a girl on statuatory in highschool, when she was prepubescent, and a priest had raped him in prison, on police alms (the police let the priest into jail, to “handle things”).

Aries Spiers: Bobby Lee, ordered Aries Spiers to be on TV, or else “oh no hot dog”, a Phish concert with a lawyer “aardvark”, a woman who thinks it’s cute to be moronic to “make men nervous” (they’re afraid of belting her and dragging her into a wall by her obnoxious ponytail, she has legal advisors and cop access from being a law student of nebulous quantity). Aries Spiers, played prizefighter Joe Frazier, in every sketch, a man who was taunted back to his feet over and over again, by Muhammad Ali, Joe working off a contract to British Freemasons in Attleboro, Massahusetts, the present location of his lounge and nightclub, who write him as “Peter Griffin”, a studebakered old man who collects dolls as his children, oppressed forever by the racists at Fox, and the bigoted MacFarlane family of Rhode Island (not Spawn’s author, Todd MacFarlane, a fine guy). Now, all Chinese circus academics, are challenged to games of chance and wits, by anyone that’s ever enjoyed prizefighting of traditional boxing, a Jewish sport of review, or alternately,Golden Gloves, for the United States Navy, who run the entire country as US Naval Veterans, the so-called “Shinto Gods” of Japan, aligning the Japanese automotive federations, slurred as “Yakuza” by petty journalists in remedial education programs in China, actually dojo trained martial artists who are bright enough to apply athletics to school; an inability in Chinese culture, where only cops can even go jogging.

Frank Caliendo: President Obama, ordered Frank Caliendo to “go green”, and make a money free TV show, with his “hilarious impressions”, of people played like rapist prison inmates that owned motorcycles, an Italian joke about the Tong having fake members, the banker’s son, or the ‘asshole daughter’, who thinks everyone is an asshole but her, because she has a goiter on her sphincter, and sprays spew patter. Universal in race and declaration, Frank Caliendo played Obama’s deathly ill mother, for every impression, on his own television show, with Obama unaware he was mocking the infirmed, through every speech, with a ‘fruit pimp’ culture, a black man in entertainment that had been sued by Sammy Davis Jr., for believing in numerology, the military theory of politics and combined manpower through granary and finance, necessary to get married in a heterosexual couple, with children, and some level of financial planning and success, through repeated gambling technique at a legal casino for ‘banking’, knowing when to quit a gambling run.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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