Hezbollah (The Five Vampires of the Pashtun)

Couched in Ariel Sharon, the Phalangists and the opposition to Judenhaus logic; Hamid Karzai, the high Popalzai tribes of Afghanistan and the mercenaries of the Pakistani princedom; Saladin, the rescue of Armenian-Jews from the domination of Ethiopian-Jews, homosexual Jews bound to clasping and kissing in the illusion of the Bible being homosexual (the German Fensling idea of theology, the pederast judgement of Paganism, a Heathen without a circumcision and with little education, to be placed under the firm boot of a soldier with their children raped and begotten before them as Jannissaries); Pierre d’Outrement, the cousin of King Philip II of France, the Crusades tradition of the equality between the Crusaders and the Caliphate, the reform of Islam to avoid taxation as food for labor at expense of starvation; Hezbollah, the soldiers of the Lebanese in Beirut, the rejection of the stereotype of homosexual or deformed as the intelligent, instead the encouragement of seeking ambition and success in grand halls of exultation, the rejection of the British-Jewish idea of petty argument as “capital”, a seeking of small entrepreneur, instead as “capital” as contended asset to be released upon audit as beneficiary of state.

The Pashtun way, is one of the concept of “Majestic”, the Zen pathway of venture capital, the savior of an assaulted man or woman as the confidante, to label the self as being the support and message of a town, with any betraying bearing the heavy burden of the homosexual in any of their chosen forms of above on them, all created by Hezbollah, as potential pathways to the molestation of one’s own children in “scritches”, “snuggles”, “huggles”, “yiffs”, or “smooches”, all terms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) acted out on one’s own family and friends in terms of the sexual gestures among the common prostitute of the Irish, not the Iberian, the high Spaniard’s code since the Reconquistda and the return to Arab ways by the Outrements, the French Crusaders and Conquistadors and Inquisitors and Confessors of Christ, to purge Islamic fascism, and replace it with Pagan Judaism, the houses of bondage, fetish, marijuana, wines and liquors and beers, and proper revelry of family in opposition to the later movements like Luther, Calvin, and Anglique, the Demonic Three Path of destruction; a fraud charge, however accomplished fraudulently, to turn life backwards, the inward path of one’s own urine upon discharging semen from a semenal gland full of “cock”, a chastity of plaster of paris, or device of iron, a rigors mossad (not ‘morad’, the common mispelling to dispel ideas of Jewish nature of chastity holding device).

Let’s begin to discuss our terms.  Venture Capital, Triumvirate Charge of Fraud, Jewish Paganism, Paired Daemonology of Satan, Demonic Third Pathway Set, and finally, Hezbollah Quintet Trappistry of Monastic.  

Venture Capital: Zen is the art of the karateka, in three forms.  Discipline, shotokan, the regard of a single man or woman reversing their genetic history for stealth.  Instruction, sambo, the regard of setting an obstacle before self to teach others.  Dojo, yakuza, the regard of a class of friends of product creating a federation.  The basic concept of Zen, the art of grift, Japanese boxing, is to enter a town, business, or field of hobby play, and find someone that has been discriminated against.  You can see them clearly, because they’ve formed their own subculture apart from the business, a clique.  You must join the clique, to place your label upon the place of township, and then each of the leadership that treats you, bears the mark of the place of township, as you, not based on your behavior, but the way they have treated you.  If a shotokan, you will abscond with your singular hazed victim, as your confidante, teaching them your ways as an ally, but however through the opposite of your combined genetic line.  If a sambo, you will set the pathway as rigid before you, taking a man teaching you, your sensei, and replacing him, in a battle outside the grounds, to be a warrior.  If a yakuza, you will trade the skills of career in a dojo of prior teaching, to take the trade taught and turn it into an entire industry, a federated trade.  

Triumvirate Charge of Fraud: A singular course of a crime, based out of rape, the concept of unbidden access to a woman on your first pleasure with her, at any course, having disobeyed her instructions, is spotted premature to your criminal habit as three charges.  Each one is a form of criminal act, created by Pashtun philosophers out of China, the Tong, under the philosophy that the criminal commits a crime, but society creates it; to protect women, namely daughters, from sons, those that despise lesbians.  A lesbian, being the child of a mother, that despises herself, because of father, having served dishonorably in a war that his father refused, and he refused to serve as a criminal in the conflict, instead of a man of pacifism, a pedophile.  Each of the three charges, is centered around the act of pederasty, the reduction of a live human being or animal, even a rabbit, to a small being of object, such as a costume for a child or pet, or a photograph with “sugar”, a downsing father in demeanor as to humiliate his friends and spouse for knowing such a man, a child molester parent that was failed to be slammed skull first into walls in some form, particularly with a public show of fustice, an election in play; should his peers have sided with him, to win and gain glories, he was a rapist, a “town hero”, like the kind that kayfabe wrestlers play as “babyfaces”, meat hocks, men and women that chow down on free hamburgers and barbeque at cop events, forbidden in towns of virtue, so the police will be lean, fit, and fast, on their feet and in their minds.  

Jewish Paganism: Pagan revelry before the Mosaic, the Hittite period of Judaism, was a grand place; the placements of the bigot, Moses, the drug peddler, Christ, and the rape victim, Muhammad, by the demons, the Pharaoh of Judah, Sallasie, the monster of Pilate, Comedy, and the dickhead infentragalist apostle, Bahira, have taken us astray, from the proper house of louts and worship.  Business aims decided by women, dominatrixes, imbibements of marijuana and narcotics without opiates and poisons called medicines such as anti-psychotics or cholonics or steroids or enhancers, hallucinogens, drinking beer and liquor and wine, intoxicants, and engaging with the love of business and wealth, ambition.  These are the tools we have once had, to reject Antagony, the forced desire of a small life out of Mycenea, turned aside by Gypsies, the Twelve Apostles, the slayers of Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, for betraying their code to Nigger, Wop, and Stink; Pharaoh, Pontius, and Bahira.  Pagan Judaism, was our m ost divine code, of play and sex, before the order and humility we now hold as an illusion, each one of us a hero, an Alexander the Great, with mere rags to reverse positions, the view of a mother writing in obesity and dependence, without sexual health and career of avarice.

Paired Daemonology of Satan: The Majestic and the Temple, are the illusions, and the criminal.  Together, the government bound with family, stateship and friendship, a violent oath to repeal all that is exploitive coming from those alms of state we hold dear.  A life without madness and insanity and restraint, to do as we please, make our money in equal share as to our work, and none denied this by a simple bigot as a little man with big placement, all of our ambition with our own thought to health, the prior point of poisoning by frightened housewife, cowardly toad, and filthish fearmonger lout, never occuring.  Sportsmanship is not the mark of victory, but the snare of defeat from taking the point on the field, therefore their big celebration will ring hollow, a Pyrrhic victory, a Holy, hollow, their words ringing to nothing in their own murder of kin and family and fellows, having taken nothing but the Doomed, so those Blessed may live further; the kin of the Damned, be struck down, from their own celebrations at our backs, our modest pay, to their waste of resources and time and money, having lived an empty life shuddering and shaking, relying on the society they despise, both of us the same, but us not caring, and them sobbing, too nervous to take a shit in public and drop a spray of bowels and urine at the same time, be us a man without an aneurysm, or if a woman, her mense clean and quiet and without shame, not a lesbian raping children, to the fists slamming into her skull from her chosen life as an envoy of false state in claim of news and media, their government mocked by all they serve believing others serve them; trapped in an ivory tower.

Demonic Third Pathway Set: Luther, Calvin, Anglique, the three lies of the Protestant.  Martin Luther, a man who wishes all government and resource to fit the entire world instead of the common people of region, whose needs are unique, therefore they are protected by their leaders.  John Calvin, a medical school surgeon who experiments on others out of lazy procedure, unable to grasp the science of understanding and recalling their own study, instead referring to textbooks in truth, not falsehood, an old man or woman unable to observe from experience with their own divine spark, even at youth’s age, from desire to please own paymaster of parent, not employer.  Elizabeth I, a fraud and heresy, the child of such high blood that her own tragedy befell her, creating a perfect system unable to coax diplomacy, from the simple refusal to marry her love, Shane O’Neill, and draw together the states of Ireland and England, at the defeat of Europe, the unwillingness to change a tradition of Papacy for one part separate, a flawed divinity of reason, that we cannot stand because it was defeated for fear of a man’s touch upon a woman’s bosom.  The failures of Germany, not Italy,  America, not Spain, and Ireland, not England, in our lechers, has brought to us a triple fault of fraud, in a spinning circle of six, the Mosaic prophecy of the beast, for if we not bear together our alms, we find ourselves limited by the Three Prophets, and their Paired Beasts of Ignorance, the Absence of God, the Divine; Hell.  In these frauds, we find literal print, the poor man’s failure to lead, the experiment of self upon other, the wise man’s inability to see, and the failure to marry when begotten, the impassioned man’s failure to unite.  The Deaf, the Blind, and the Dumb, Three Blind Mice, the Jewish Tabernacle.  And in the center, our night, Daemonologie, the Monastic, the Statue of Christ upon the Altar; Dr. Fian having been given our Manuscript, for Daemonologie, however reversed, and placed within the Bible.  This is our form of answer, our Frauded Repartee, to any of the three forms of Third Eye.  A trial where homosexuality cannot be declared, in name of suit, for it invokes the Bible, and under careful study, I do not, therefore I am an Atheist.  A politician, a witch; not a witch slayer, a Diabolique, a false man of state.

Hezbollah Quintet Trappistry of Monastic: Judenhaus, Taliban, Fensling Knot, Jannisary, Das Kapital.  These are the five forms, to place our enemies in, by instinct.  The hunted by our Five Heroes; Gideon, Rahu, Charlemagne, Vlad the Impaler, and Nostradamus.  They have taken many forms, these men and women, but they continue to return, these five Vampires, the Effigies, the Scarecrows.  Judenhaus, is a folklore movement that bends around the world through the Midrash, a Pavlach.  Any placed within the Judenhaus, shall have their dreams, to slay their kin falsely attired, in the sleepy hollows of Beirut, our Beautiful Crown, Baghdad, our Uruk’s City of Babylon, or Kuwait, the Sleepy Jewel Emerald of the Coast.  Any placed within the Taliba, shall have their health, to smoke opium and consume fresh clean sappphire water and eat proper grains and fruits, their grammar’s tongue removed and their live strengthened and emboldened by spies, women of the Earth, a Pagan’s Respite.  Germany calls to any who refuse the place of boldness, the humble countries and towns of the earth, not Prague, our Vampire’s Bell, to hunt you, should you do wrong, your life as three crowning Dwarves, the Toad, the Toy, and the Frog;  Bugsy, Rumplestiltskein, and The Leprechaun.  The fine second in command, the man to bring you your dream woman, and the children’s oath of honor.  But two are chosen, should you betray, with the third to strike you, hence the Vampire arises at moonlight.  The Jannissary is the beseeching savior of the Jew, the Slavic and Russian and Pole, the rape of the enemy at cost of own mass, the trek to other lands and saved places, to meet a woman despised, that calls to you, for you spot your own mother on her, in eyes of prophecy through another, your own home, the treeline, calling you back once more, to Poland, from the East, the vigilante soldier to become the Gods of the Kings.  Finally, the fraud of university, that of a carefully constructed system and city, to trap merely you, in Rabbinical Oaths, escaped only if you can listen to your father, of blood, not your mother, of kin, and if both their tests align, a degree of letters; otherwise a traitor are you, from being born poorly, a destiny of Manouche.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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