Federal Marshalls (Modern Firearms Laws)

 The concept of a firearm, is a marksman’s rifle; a goblet, of gaze, that can be drawn with only the left hand non-prior, for a symbol of authority, a belt, the status displayed with the empathic side of the brain, the right, through the left eye, the aiming determination of reason, the critical, upon display.  The clear sight, comes from the vision in the brain, of wearing struts, a suit of mail, armor, that being the tight jockeys and right sided stripe of belt on a uniformed police officer, soldier, or prisoner, not a pensioner’s method or technique of wearing civilian clothes or espionage uniform, both a violation; and certainly not a Hebrides’ Hex, an Islamic variant of fasting wherein the faster is rendered homosexual through anal hazing with a water bead, a strapon dildo rocket, a fuck machine, while starving on the first day, to remain anally fixated to obtain “narcotics busts”, vice hooker strip walks as the same sex on a heterosexual, to arrange a pederasty bust on reasons of offending politician for speaking or discussing some term in front of an educator.

The Constitutional Amendments of America, even under elastic dictum that allows for uniformed officers of law enforcement to hold arms of traditional status when uniformed and now, radio walkered (not plainclothes or off-duty or chain badged or undercover, a “pig”, a Muslim-Muhamas, an Arab or Jew armed with a “magick”, such as a gun, pistol, rape trap helmet, or a fasted nabodoken technique for a South Korean Army law informant), allows for a musket, for turkey hunting, and only turkey, otherwise a lethal trap is to be drawn, for conversion into a form of Shi’ia, always lethal unless choosing self to kill, then non-lethal to all, including self, otherwise slowly rotating around self to kill sources of charity and friendship, until one’s self is lethally done the draught of harm and murder, a “gouken”, a destruction of self for claiming non-violence in hypocrisy, the common claim of a victim of a federal marshall.

The process of federal marshall’s enforcement, is simple.  A two-changed phrase must be spoken, a reference to a past game or interest of achievement from father, to self duplicated prior and successfully, with the combination of what’s called a “troll”, not a meme as you’d have believed (although often the source of these things, actually a dulcedecum, a stacked sociopathic reference to own defeat and that of nation, in coddling of arms, the phallus between the legs at the ball’s point, or the vagina spread from extension of butt cheeks into greased position of anus, open, with pinute hairs removed from narrow of cleft, the so-called “ass crack”, the greased open look inviting anal sex at disgusting cost of sight and vision).  

A troll, is a dragnet, a method of placing a small boat, in a harbor, in the Dead Sea of Israel, the origin of the troll, a Jewish method of determining friend, from observing clandestine reference to situation and site of an individual reporting, publicly, offense to the incident, but with indication of direct reference against, a friend.  This is the potential cache of statements of fact, the fellow informant on “wire”, the pulling line to kill anyone hiding or bickering in closed quarters, the “clumpsfact”, a pederast’s grip behind the neck, a Rabbi’s clench of bosom friends in falsehood, always the invitation for a knife against their adam’s apple or that of their child, if a daughter a punch to the skull into a wall having arranged a walk up stairs with a logo on a shirt, the invention of such by Kurdish in North Korea.

The paired phrase, the reference to past game, and the reply of secret portion accoutred by offense from  “dick”, the opposite of a “dickhead”, a dick a man of emasculated means of obese female’s empowerment or “spic” male, a clergy born out of mustache or close clench of child, versus a “dickhead”, a man of direct insight that frightens pedophiles that rely on holding each other in dark below skies raging, as a religious symbol, instead of merely going about their business in the dark even in worst circumstance, the stain touching a culture forever if not ready for a military engagement, a potential genocide against them for engaging in the civlization of frightened children, always ending in the fantasy of a sucking maw against someone’s lips, the invitation for a knife against their face or lip or eye or eyebrow.

Then, when the “crony” comes, the criminal legible, he must be treated with a “sign”, the hand, left, with thumb out and jacked, and finger pointed, with middle finger tucked in (middle finger out, a homosexual, a cudsucker, someone that inserts the tongue into the mouth, to be rejected and never sought, a Jew or Jewess, someone that pisses on their shoes with long streams at reference to others, believing themselves bisexual, a non-existent, actually someone who has converted to Isaac out of their own fallibility of childhood being without discipline of firm task offered, given later, a mobster, a wood chopper and fatso, instead of a kid that’s overweight; the culture is regardless of heft or girth, most commonly skinny and effeminate in private, shouting and cowering in public or between men, since fat actors playing ‘boffs’, commonly loved figures the actors or artists hate).  

At this point, the final meritorium, is the street bust, where you meet their agent’s alias, to signal the process anew, to the “cons”, the prior signalled intelligence to their diagnosis of political affiliation, to fight a “liberal”, during election season, so a conservative or Republican or non-Zionist wins, and the kissyfaces lose the election, more poverty for their political dues paid out of feminist rallies, instead of women’s liberation.  The empowered woman, not a little girl with a degree trying to hold in her “poop” as she calls it, actually shit, to a woman of any age, they being that which invented the word.  A test, of acceptance, in the women’s community, to be recommended by a woman for a date, without clutching another woman devoid of a nasty insult to spot a dyke, a husband’s whore.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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