Honshu Wrestling (Logique)

Honshu wrestling, is a martial arts tactic encompassing all that is available as a tool, based on the concept of a tool in the hand, impossible to use for the bearer, being hidden, French, instead of discarded, Arabic.

The latter, Islam, was created by the Kurds, impossible to find themselves fasted or limbically disaligned with their tailbone. The prior, Druze, was created by the Franks, impossible to find themselves in a single stage of habit and routine, habit impossible for anyone impossible to find homosexuality to be commitment, and routine unachievable for someone without a neural process that is incapable of halting.

Together, with the lines bred, we have the perfect instructor, of Honshu, the martial art that centers on delivered meals, to the home, paired with the refrigerator, a recently invented construct, the prime course of the banked weapons cabinet.

Perhaps a meal from mother? Groceries from the store? A new electric frying pan, purchased in the mail? A can opener for Christmas, as a so-called ‘joke’? Or maybe you would prefer a delivery company or a midget fridge for your beer, at college.

There are many possibilities in Honshu; the limit, is endless, hence, you always have limits. The key to the art, is being aware, that nothing is possible, hence halting you, is impossible. This is wrestling’s ultimate form: the handgun. Never to be used, unless authorized of course, by another Honshu wrestler. Then, if the news calls you “gay”, everybody is gay, except for Honshu wrestlers.

There are myths about the origins of the Honshu wrestler.

Video games, drugs, alcoholism, pornography, sex, being spoiled, being poor, being rich, being beaten, television, not paying attention to television, being Eric Cartman, being Kenny, not listening to Kyle.

We hate all such things.

Video games, are boring, I just play them to boost my IQ when I’m not reading a book. Drugs, whatever man, I use them when I want free things out of my friends, like drugs, so I don’t get arrested, drinking beer. Alcoholism, no such thing, your godfather put you in jail, he’s gay, he’s trying to marry you to someone else’s godson, he can go fuck himself for being Jewish instead of being Catholic. Pornography, everyone has pornography, you have your mind, and hookers, don’t you? Just sell drugs, get laid, if you’re desperate (Episcopalian). Sex? Not needed to fight, that’s called prison, proves it wrong. Spoiled? You’re eating for one, not having a huge table of the entire town’s food, don’t listen to your father, he’s retarded for marrying a dyke that tells him little Broadway sayings, she’s a pig’s trough. Poor? Everyone’s poor, it’s called an economy. Rich? You have something nice, don’t listen to a fairy that wants to take it away, and if he does, kill him, with Honshu. Beaten? You did something evil, and your father drinks booze, and if he doesn’t drink, no matter what, you fail, you’re some kid I take on a craps table called a state attorney general suit. Television? I ignore it, background chatter, when I’m bored. Not paying attention to television? It costs money, doesn’t it. Eric Cartman? A Jewish doctor. Kenny? The guy writing the show, they torched his fat pedophile wife like an Aborgine, good riddance to all of you Canadians. Not listening to Kyle? He’s the Boy with the Shooting Hat, a Canadian-Jew, who cares, just call the cops on him, he’s a poorly educated faggot who got truckstop rape as his Canadian Mounted initiation, up his bile-infected colon. Shitty food in Canada, eh?

You’ve just witnessed many basic Honshu positions, about resisting homosexuality, by placing the foe, into their own denial, of statement approaching. It’s called a context switch, once them, now you. They can’t get married anymore, and if they are married, they spend your money, but they were going to commit you, or make you gay, for cooking your own meals. So start ordering out, and let them make them for you, and don’t go to holidays, and get plastered.

But why?

Honshu is practiced because there are Christian Scientists (psychopathic simpletons), Born Again Christians (smiling whining serial killers with cop families), and Pharisees (psychopathic mothers brigades against any form of war), in your neighborhoods and schools and airwaves. It’s a media scam, to place people in psychiatric wards, for being sane, at the hands of the mentally ill, families raised on Freudian logic of child placement, Freud a man who wanted to relive his childhood history of seducing men, women, children, animals, and corpses, face to face, digging around, because his father was against drug use. Pretty shitty father, to have a gay brother that wanted to make you gay, eh?

That’s why we have delivery services, to keep you straight, so you don’t turn gay, and start going to Glee Clubs and taking After Night cooking classes, to “save money”, not spending money, but having a job, instead of doing what everyone else does, and ignoring homosexual advice that he’s promised to the Italian Mafia. You’ll gladly be paid by them to shoot him in the back of the head, and marry a Mafia girl, at the end of this lesson. He went to prison, and raped a Jew, then converted. He’s the Mossad.

First stage of Honshu: The plan of action, from food. You had an odd idea, about food. You do something, arbitrary but consequential in act, not symbolic, but to you, at humor, to mock the gay lifestyle (clean homes and gardens, without a wife present with trial marriage, not vows but sex and cohabitation without child, abortions necessary and mandatory, Catholic policy, not Hebrew policy). This act, is noted, in your mind, for later.

Second stage of Honshu: Something gay, offends you. You have a limit, they say you don’t have, and regard your limit of non-violence on this particular measure, as a threat, instead of a warning, to aid both of you. You now, have to strike them, on this posture of threat they’ve perceived, to prove to them, you are not weak, as a nation, man, or diplomat, whichever you represent or think you do, other Honshu users will decide, outside of courts of law or logic, only with duels of any weapon, except for a lawyer, unless beaten physically, not with a knife or blade or gun, or any other weapon you choose, including a brass knuckle or lighter in the hand.

Third stage of Honshu: The foe, has cheated, as have you. Neither of you, are aware of your cheat, but you have both now established the end of your skirmish, the final confrontation from stage two’s final act of revenge. You have crossed a signal, as has he. You have both met, and although neither of you are gay, two women have conspired with lesbians, a third, the ‘harrigan’, your mother, or his mother. The goal is to combine the harrigan mothers, into a “virgin suicide”, a dyke, a dead woman, and place both women, in “cripple”, a crux-position, where they marry their abusers in your form, “bigots”, or “bingos”, as the Japanese prefer, American pilots, to take Japanese women back home, and rape them, in 1950s style households, your enemy, bondage suburb lifestyles for future gay converts to Judaism, Catholic godfathers (and fairy godmothers, the harrigan that survived without being “dyked”). Your crossed signals, determine the ‘match-lock’, of claim. This, is your mutual appraisal of each other, the victor.

Fourth stage of Honshu: This, is the chase. You have both met and engaged each other, in a criminal duel, each of you suffering a disadvantage. At the end of the fifth stage of Honshu, the disadvantage will be removed from all society, the trap the godfather has placed you in, be it your entire country, a hospital, an institution, or even a child in the womb, or the godfather themselves. They will be murdered, destroyed, and sacked, by the precipice, the art you each have created. This is the determination, if your crossed identities, have been determined, to each other, for the confrontation, the crossed agents, the fifth stage.

Fifth stage of Honshu: The final stage. Both of your cheats, your soldiers, meet, and you are forced to identify each other, to see if you have guessed your identities. This is the stage, of proving you are heterosexual, by either giving both of your agents psychotic breaks, or giving both of their agents psychotic breaks. Then, the trap from the chase phase to place you into combat and produce your artwork, will fall through artwork, into system the homosexual kyke, the family uncle that is homosexual and became a Yid, a shithead Israeli poop flag (a Star of David, a smear of feces across a white and blue tabernacle with a six-pointed star), because he wanted to become a cop, but not be Catholic. There will be a mutual cross, to see if the foe has identified the field, and if you have identified the field. At which point, you will both move to your fallbacks, and your mutual artistries erected, will duel, with your entire basin of support threatened, your uncle removed from wealth if you have won, now a slave to you, and the system your uncle trapped in, removed forever, with the artistic legacy you have won from every man across the country renouncing Judaism, that lies within the system of trap your godfather used. Their forward art will fall, their trap will win, and their godfather, will molest them, into the Jewish faith.

This, is Logique. North Korean Espionage.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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