Catholic Primer

The Definition of “Catholic”: The term Catholic, is not found in a literal print or reference or definition, hence the method of judging the ignorant for stating a fact so broad as if it can be found in a child’s argument from a man, admittedly of little intellect to attempt so.  It is a military system with international borders designed to fight corruption of state from pagans, those beholden to laws outside of state, or refusing the freedom of the poor to be free from the corruption of exploitation and theft and poverty and pain.  If a Catholic Church or Chapel or Archdiocese or Diocese or Parish, is present in your town, it is “safe”, hence the ultimate meaning of the term Catholic: sanctuary, from conspiracies.

The Job of a Priest: A priest, is a paying job, aligned for a sperm steal, man of poverty, orphan, retired cop, retired informant, or someone that snitches on a criminal, syndicate, or nation.  Selected for skills with knives, gymnastics, strength training, speed, reflexes, keen sight, and marksmanship, they’re cross-trained in politics, child education, defense law, manipulations of state, genetics and bloodwork, and proper methods of murder from captivity in broad range of state at potential sacrifice of self and pain (always).  They fight the Mob (the Juden), the Mafia (the Italian Papal States Alliance, a false Catholic Church erected by Rome, not the Vatican), and the Germans (the Lutheran Congress with Jews and the Benitoists, people who sell share mercantile goods as an excuse to masturbate to pederasty, the ultimate marker of a swine, an urban menace, someone who does not respect property of silence in neighborhood).


Marker of Sanctuary: The presence of a Catholic Church or Chapel or Choir, marks the community as safe and free, no laws of religion or other purgatory exist here, this town is a fine place to live.  Unless the chapel is removed, by the state police, then there is a war threat, an inacerable alteration of Catholic, abortion, the return to Nun’s Choirs to minister women, during a pro-life movement on the surface, actually a man hunt for a fugitive child.

Training of Children: Children are trained age 8 through 18, a ten year period of being psychiatrically quantified, a cluster analysis of the potential of physical combat fitness of the mind, and the killing instinct to draw blood against the corrupt among the rich.  Homosexuals are identified and legioned out, through suits of law adopted against the Church’s basin (industries supporting for freedom from labor unions, through “fine venues”, land deals with towns through politicians working anti-corruption with police and “barbers”, the tannery business among men – haircuts).  The gays, men that make insolent pranks of class, are placed in Dominican Orders, for placement in Secret Societies later, all the jokes and gaffs ever played on the Church’s priests, now adopted as the “Mob”, not actually Jews, but encouraged to marry in, such as the Pentacosts, an all around dumping ground for swinelike suitors to weak women and men with the will to marry pornstars, the mothers of many priests (Teutonics, pedophile priests that are given authority to those cheating orders, through lawyer-affiliated parents with Jewish interests or Rabbinical scholarships overseas).

Militancy of Attorney: The form of intercession, The Exorcism, this is a contact of anyone near a Catholic school, Charter, or Order, to place an attorney’s stipend on a police member that has gone “Mafiaso”, a rogue cop or doctor or police advocate or politician, with a suitable defense lawyer found for case review against those involved in conspiracy on behalf of that charged or bullied or frauded or requested to find perjury against self, hence a priest is sent to the home in private, clean and clear and announced, in suit and jacket and vest (traveling clothes, leather “hide”, and priestly collar of starch white), and if unavailable, the loyal subject of the Papacy is “burned”, always calling cops or hiding, with promise of vengeance; if failed to rescue, he is on his own, and is instructed to always burn the Church, and pretend as if you regard all priests, as pedophiles, especially to Jews of blood or papacy or pulpit or congregation, so they may be “dayhawked”, castigated by Baptists and Methodists, Africans and Natives and Latinos in the “secret orders” of the entire structure, the homophobes, not the homosexual “Orders”, the Societies, a different concept.

Sermon of Arrest: When there is an arrest of a potential psychiatric doctor, nurse, espionage psychologist, forensics profiler, or hospital orderly, but particularly a military chaplin’s doctor in Islam, Judaism, or Lutheranism, or any Episcopalian arrested at all, particularly a cop that has drawn suit through a news source publicized, there is a Sermon of Praise, to God.  The Sunday Sermon often features a “bawdy”, by the priest, from Latin, in “The Bible”, the list of things not to do, on what the arrested individual has done, to earn the end of their medical career; humorous, always, to parents, but an excellent preparation of mythology among the corrupt communities tiding, as to the proper counter to a similar training method, if the Parishioner noticed, especially children, indicating a pedophile has been arrested (such as break-in hypnosis soldiers or spies or informants, usually never reported for arrest, tortured silently in ‘harbors’, the forest, with fingernails removed and eyes ‘bled’, often placed in comic books in some variety as ‘The Joker’, since 1913, Conrad Veidt’s “The Man Who Laughs”).

Network of Poor: The network of poor is the deacons (detective police officers), friars (insurance salesmen and stockbrokers), nuns (combat trainers and missionary druid’s deacons, their private elite force for retaliations against criminal wealthy and empowered military or police units, for “strikes”), and missionaries (those out of poverty that have been raped by their target type of victim, for blueprint passes, such as newsletters designed to out a suicide attempt in chains, using a pre-Durkheim noteset to counter Calvinists and Congregationalists engaging in psychiatric espionage for medical research programs).  Bake sales, Bible studies, women’s liberation, battered women’s shelters, Holocaust research, and historical societies, are all covers for the networks of the poor, the Knights Templar.

Advisory of Dean: This is the aid to universities through Catholic resources and professors, both at Catholic institutions, highly paid and dear to those in Dioceses, especially Boston, New York, and New Jersey, Philadelphia and Columbus also, with offering pass/fail plans to trapped men of influence, who bear suit against the Church for whatever they please, as if the Church is a religious organization capable of bearing monetary influence or having some notion of being a parlor or parliament or court, the common conspiracy of the spoiled rich pedophile who seeks the priesthood as Papal Power, for his state or nation or guild, especially Jews and Anglicans born out of criminal mien but financial resource from conspiracies out of Orthodoxies, the term applied to the Orthodoxies unknowing to them of the meaning (unable to grow into new academics, with placement of old academics, law enforcement and espionage, into religion for obseletion, at having been broken by criminals).

Letters of State:  The political advisory of the Catholic faith, these are to counter conspiracies, strips of voting rights, voter intimidation, voter’s rallies, arbitrary support, trade manipulations, foreign unions, urban renewels, fraudulent denounciations, fascist leaders claiming any affiliation they please, and of course “white wash”, the reduction of civil rights to skin color or creed or orientation.  The simplification of the rival leader, to statement of dictator, such as performed with Adolf Hitler, David Ben-Gurion, and Barack Hussein Obama, are famous, in destroying entire communities full of dishonest rally figures, into neanderthal shouts and bamboozles, making their cooperation in the working world, impossible, to the disadvantage of any business hiring (without contacting legal aid, for free if you use the Catholic Church).

Murder of Swine: When the wealthy, privileged, empowered, or ranked, in commerce, military, espionage, mercantile, or elected, prey on the impoverished through slavery, trickery, pulpit, speech, clandestine order, symbol, cult, lies, or outright rape or theft or extortion, the Monsignors are called on, to go to the state police rectory, where the armory is held, for those former soldiers and veterans and police officers holding religious rank, to cull any from the movement having report of having abused a woman physically in their care, through marriage only, the Sacrament of marriage being the protection of the Church against your husband.  Once the rapists are cleaned through, and the corruption is left in the hands of terrified cuckolds and empowered battered women, the Montsignors adjourn to their ranks.

Police Rectory: The police rectory is in any police station that has accepted the sponsorship of children’s sports and coaching expertise and sporting games of Catholic origin, never Israel (Major League Baseball) or England (ice hockey) or “running jocks” (football or soccer), but favored highly in track (varsity only), bagging jobs (hand manipulation, knife fighters and computer “runners”, the hacker units), and of course, volleyball (the Catholic-Jews, those who can’t help but resist “larson”, the political request for help from an older man).  Any police officer in these groups, can endow their station, with full automatic arms, AK-47s, Baller and Magnums, and M-9s, to go on “live hunts”, of Molnick Societies, such as the Bohemian Grove, a false marker from the Catholics of “Weinhaupts”, “The Batman” as Catholics are fond of calling it.  Police and priests and athletes descend on a rich man having abused poor with suit of law and power of speech and superiority of television, now internet censorship and blockage of fetish pornography, and blow them to hunks of blood and flesh, for being gnashers of teeth.

Chaplin’s Corps: The military corps of priests, these are military officers that are forced into enlisted status by “fags”, the American Army term for Marine drafts or signons from “friends” or neighbors, homosexual cop killer Marines, their recruiting or draft officers, or “The Navy”, a special forces or base deck unit that is addicted to heroin, and finds “God”, a supply of rape victims from the “Colonel’s Brigade”, the Jesuits, the Church’s unit of prisoners and convicts, that get free printed pages of filth from the priest’s favorite prank on them from holy texts indicating how the priests have trapped the military Jesuit.  The Chaplin’s Corps’ primary job, is to kill anyone who harasses them under veteran’s office, of police, espionage, nation-state, politics, religion, secret society, fraternity, sorority, dormitory, criminal union, military unit, veteran’s support, animal’s society, pet’s safety group, mental health advisory, or advocacy group for prison restraint for anyone (especially priests, mentally ill, or Mormons).  They kill Nazis.  Often they’ve taken shotokon karate and YMCA swim, the Marine’s sexual attraction to them, after the future Marine is set up for a pummel down, by close friends of the chaplin, often paired with a drug dealer or several of them.  Catholics hate Marines, they always set up a pummel down of the “queer”, to put him in the Marines, by bending their back muscle or breaking their bones.

Sanctimony of Testimony: This division is regarded as the “royalty”; they are precognitive genes raised Buddhist, as all Catholics of faith always are, but these ones practiced an authentic system as a singular “mote”, a first system, then became a Trappist, applying Benedictine Zen, Christ’s method of countering other Jews that used Jewish pugilism or Jewish sword fighting or Jewish clergy tactics.  That way, they can assist each form of Buddhist they find, then subsuming a counter-form into themselves, building themselves into a full study of various Buddhist forms to “cheat” them for attempting their own method of criminal action in courts of law, military, or medicine, viewing combat as a lawyer would view a prosecutor’s box against a jury foreman, to disable and dismantle him, after the defendent has entered a “not guilty” plea on a public opinion crime of justifiable vigilantism.  They kill cartoons.

Targeting of Priests: This is the “Corinth”, the logic and sciences division’s teaching and able minded branch of the priesthood, held by all priests by age 25 to manage a parish or chapel overseas, the job for a “real sweet” priest, he was beaten as a child, and is psychopathically powerful with a death wish to be in a film scene he recalls, or to counter a political movement his father found offensive during his rites of passage in his religion as a teenager (the author’s, is Friedrich Nietzsche, comic books, the author having spent his entire life pranking Pharisees and comic book readers into announcing themselves as rap fans, in the name of Hitler Youth Christianity of an Iranian form of play and stage and theater, John Belushi’s playwright style).  The Corinth form, targets other clergy, by sending them into Catholics for battle lines, to eliminate Catholics that the Church dislikes for having cheated a Bishop or Archbishop, and creating a logical trainer, the faulty priest.  He was a Calvinist, and his mother, was a pederast, so the grand child, is a psychotic maltruant to the father, that just liked whores and money and sex and drugs and movies (such as the author).

Countermand of Lawsuit: The countermand of lawsuit is how the Church, refuses a lawsuit against the Church from a man of wealth or torte, having taken advantage of a system for the betterment of all men and women (skin color, language, disability, college, drugs, sobriety, career, money, strength, athletics, intellect), and using it, to argue that they can do whatever the “fuck” they want inside the Church, because they don’t want to leave it, like most rational people, they just want more of it, for some power of “God”, them finding God to be an instruction (the suit is from a homosexual), God to be their father (the suit is from a foreign faith), or them finding God to be themselves (they don’t understand mixed phrases of term, they think there’s a definition to their father’s trade necessary to understand your Honeymoon after marital proceedings).  God, is your father’s deliberate trade through a variation, always criminal, building into a legitimate line of work.  But this kid, thinks that he’s a cop, and the Church should be too, because that’s what “God” told him, in a book, called “US Civics”, or maybe “Weimar History”, or perhaps, “King Arthur”, maybe even “The Bible”.  God is not a cop, and if you think that, you can sue the Church, and be a Jesuit.  Then you can sell all the pot you want, and watch TV and read books about wizards and eat chips from the Church and write research papers on all of it, as if real, because that’s what “God” wants, you’re the cop that sued the Church, and now we can put this in children’s literature, with a little blue line on the side of the margin, for the police officer’s pants, when he’s a child.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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