Assassin’s Creed (Ted Bundy the Video Game)

 The famous super spy, has had many incarnations in life, fiction, history, literature, film, plays, and of course, our own personal lives.  Otto Skorzeny, Yeo-Thomas, Xhang Liao, Jason Bourne, Ali of Iran, Michael Tyson, James Bond, Ethan Hunt, MacBeth, William Mulder, Bugsy Moran, Eliott Ness, Cruella DeVille, and of course, the most famous of all, Jesus Christ (Fredo Corleone).

There is a particular game with this man or woman, perfected to artform in the American Mason-Dixon, called “Camp LeJeune” to some, actually called, “Deadbeat Dad”, here in Massachusetts.  As opposed to “running out on your family”, the cops forced you to get married to a hooker and you got a job in media to avoid them with a lawyer and a slave sentence to a religion of your choice (a crime family working for the FBI), Deadbeat Dad means that a man, has seduced a female serial killer (if you’ve seen “American Psycho”, imagine a woman dreaming through scenes as Patrick Bateman, but with a censored spot where the genitals should be, even clothed or naked, when looking down at herself).  Women dream as men anyways, the source of fiction in a lover’s glimpsed memories, but American Psycho, is for a woman that looks like a famous character, or wants to be one.  With the help of the film, American Psycho (a woman that always matches a film with women’s haze victims as the murder victims), they all act the same, don’t they (“i’m so pretty”, etc.).

So let’s take American Psycho’s “Patrick Batman”, as opposed to, “Patrick Bateman”, the woman that comes up with a convulated method of stealing the semen of “The Joker”, actually someone that could’ve been a spy or cop or lawyer, but the mother cut it right off, with a “jockser”, a big man whose father rigged athletics for him, because his father was a cop, as were the parental connections of the psychopathic female.  She wants to raise a spy (insurance auditor), cop (accounts executive), and lawyer (legal reform), all at once (a commando).  Potentially possible, but the mother, thinks she’s in a film.  A commando’s mother, is a single father, raising a son from a mother that died in childbirth.  With a substantial amount of money in the family, as well, so the child doesn’t have to take a highschool job before academy, at some prestigious academy that will pay the father handsomely, as well as the family, for the child.  Batman, some call it, actually a character from history named Erwin Rommel.  The epic long range operative, never duplicated, often imitated, always reproduced, and each time, a dickhead, in public, instead of Erwin Rommel’s private brilliance at “selling” himself to a foe, as if each of his soldiers, was a judge, ordering the soldier’s own execution.

So, we have three levels of child, the highest (Napoleonic Guard, Spy), the median (Serial Killer Lawyer, Rapist), and the lowest (Incestual Marriage, Prophet).  The spy, is capable of moving an entire battlefield, as if he’s playing as the enemy, thus destroying the leadership of his own placed group, called a “convoy”, himself being the seemingly competent, but actually ruthless to his own troops, second in command or advisor.  The rapist, will nullify his mother’s entire history of being in the women he targets with sexual assault, selecting them for thinking he was beloved by his mother, and attracting gay men to net victims for him, with the same story to others.  The prophet, will be much acclaimed to conquer his field, a conspiracy of three plans set up by a grouping house of treachery to take over his own line of command in family, always, to duplicate the father’s reputation, with a story reference that the mentor has prior placed into the father as a critical flaw that will become the child’s line of work, in marrying his own half-sister, and forming a cult to move an “empire”, the term for a narrow hierarchy, into a “civilization”, the concept of a culture related to a family line then achieving national borders and international trade.

First, we have the spy.  The spy, will plant inside a group, creating a unit tradition, the herald, to establish it as a “convoy”, weak, with a symbol adopted by the enemy, having matched it.  This symbol, however, is benign, marking them as destined for defeat, to spare foes of blood in war, instead of eliminating them through rifle, knife, round, what have you.  That way, when they are gathered around their leadership, the spy will “elope”, the term of moving away with the wife of the commander or leader, to save her (his own prize, sex with the female family of the leadership), before the leader is destroyed and the entire term of his own command structure, betrayed by the new herald he’s placed, is removed to ashes, mocked in history and film forever.  Such as “Transformers”, with Napoleon Bonaparte, as Optimus Prime, in all iterations, and Megatron, as England, the King, avenging the Bourbon Dynasty of France.  The spy, is Kup, who formed the Napoleonic Guard, shrinking and choking Napoleon’s command strategy, at the critical moments, forcing his capture by making him field blind, slaughtering tens of thousands of French soldiers in the process, the entire working class poor of the common man’s infantry, the draft.

Second, we have the rapist.  The rapist, will discern what the flaw in his mother’s form of control over him is, the sexual avarice she’s developed towards whatever male she’s chosen his seed from.  She will limit or somehow harass, the grandfather of her child, with a lawsuit, the fixation on a legal career for the child, to limit his own mother from earning money, at the humiliation of having to sue a family he doesn’t know, but his mother wants to sexually seduce, as an entire entity of logic, her pederasty revealed, the female form of a serial killer; a woman who deals in hazes against men for disobeying religious logic, a religion arranged so any rule in the religion, is disobeyed, revealing such a woman as a child molester in every faith on the planet, each religious mode designed to build on the prior in this line of inquiry, and if failing to do so, creating an ignorant poverty of resource and intellect and working skills among its subscribers.  After determining her police connection, the rapist will set up a lawyer’s argument, using his molestation as a sign to attract other female child molesters, in the manner of his trial at court, however he decides to align in, with an easy arrest being the token execution manner to end her police maneuver’s method with act of accusation in court he gives to himself, his view of his mother through any male caretaker she’s afforded herself, the prime pride she gives herself in having attracted him, being the denunciation of death from the police or intelligence or military connection invoked in the murder of the veteran enforcer of cheated law (the prime manner of determination, police corruption allowing his birth and the suit thereof), the younger officer of legate executing the veteran without realizing their unit is identical.  This is performed through the power of trial and the notoriety of the murderer.  Such as the Ted Bundy case, through the Jolibois family, a family of prison design engineers involved in the Spanish Inquisition, specializing in Jewish and Muslim children, male, and the murder of their mothers, for masturbating as their father.  The rapist, was Ted Bundy, a lawyer who raped sorority girls who stripped the mentally ill of their power of attorney through police boyfriends, the trial causing police who did so to execute veterans of their force, German Bund police, as pedophiles, with new initiates unaware they were killing themselves, for avoiding the electric chair (intended to be a lure for those who take power of attorney).

Third, we have the prophet.  The prophet, will be called to power, if he refutes his own father at a meager reputation as a designer that he has earned, should it have been stolen from him, with his own friends and companions; if the father, denounces the son, he will be at the lowest point, a prophet, someone imbued to incestually breed with his own family, since his mother did not understand the racial and family culture of the man robbed of seed; if those the child has invoked, remove the father from accomplice, then he will move into the trade that a conspirator has destroyed his father with, a trade the father is immune to, having mastered it by blood or family or intellect or training or region of education.  The child will establish a tradition centered around tax burden of the poor, with a fictional show of example that bears a false argument against any who support the tax burden in the poor, to make them independent of others attempting rings of companionship and friendly; they will out themselves, by calling their victims pedophiles, in a sexual act of obesity, a child molester’s common form and hence the system the prophet devises, before death, will reveal the new medium’s form of hiding a rapist or child molest or homosexual rights envoy, all of them liars in poverty to denounce the success of others by act of their ulterior philosophies related to their disobedience to the code they supposedly uphold (outcasts, called pig’s udders, if male, or pig’s troughs, if female, men with flat chests from failing to box or grapple, and women with double chins, from singing, the future art form’s slaves of pederasty and rape, at victimhood of seeking popularity, a constant term of admission of homosexuality, male or female, the grades of acceptance indicating that you are queer, a weakling who hides behind courts of law, the rich man’s gain of a poor man’s system, to cheat and steal).  The system appraised, after the death of the prophet, will create a method of supporting tax burden of poor, against the wealthy, in the system deduced, piecing it apart to nothing in those conspiring to make it a petty tool of corruption against others seeking the medium for hobby.  Such as Hollywood, a British construct designed by John “Hollywood” Markham, a Pictish-Kurd and cousin of Anne Bolyn by ancestor, two hundred years before the rise of the Anglican Church and the Episcopalians, seizing the novel and stage for education, to rise peasants, to nobility logic, creating the middle class, and eventually, the entire culture of manuals, novels, comics, films, and some day, television, all for the insurance industry, the general concept taught being the payment for risk at taking an action, always paid to anyone taking the same risk.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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