Union Jack Accounting (The False Dubloon and Reggae)

Union Jack, is the concept, of a Marine tradition in a family; however, as opposed to a standard Marine, whose tradition is based on a base logic of support of any community by highway drive supporting a Marine base, business, or family, Union Jack is the gambler’s hall of Marine Honour. Notice the ‘u’. This is a strictly British tradition, where a son is deliberately raised thinking he’s rich, by being told he’s ‘bitching’, when he complains, about anything, by a father, who mastered a simple casino game of any type (necessary to raise the child on the exact strategy).

First, we have the concept of five ‘contracts’, you’re “humiliating the family”, after your father was “very proud of you”. Each of these, because you’re father is proud, but you’re humiliating the family, gets dropped, into a former friend, all five becoming a dragline net on an anchor, to pull you off the boat and into the surf. Yes, this is piracy at high mark of nautical tradition, you’re training to die at every time, so you can live (you aren’t there for your actual unit contribution, which invariably flips as intent of object through five contract set as a result).

These, are your contributions, to society.

Now, we have the accountant’s debt form, related to the gambling concept. You have a game, very simply, that you can play at a casino, not as buddy with your friends (kill cards, take your worst student, and prohibit him from money, if he breaks the rule, you kill him, he’s your slave, your pet, the cabin boy – he’s getting too close), or a tavern game (if your father taught you this, you lose, bitching because kvetching or another Yiddish equivalent, you defected to France, you idiot).

The casino play is an actual high spiers game, in a casino, always odd, with a repetitive strategy, to raise the son in, not the daughter, who gets king cards, a bridge variance in your family from the Gestapo, the last one to pick France. Yes, we made up the word, it means ‘hot soup’, you’re addicted to non-kosher foods, because you didn’t eat enough Old Bay Seasoning in highschool, to ‘give people the idea’, that you don’t hate Jews, you just don’t eat with them, you aren’t French.

So, we’ve dropped our five contracts. Now, we have to select an infiltration culture, for our circlet with the false washer, for Jamaica, the culture we created, a place where any act of crime can be planned, for anyone, to anyone, with anyone, by a rastafari, if you know our trick. A rastafari, is a violent gangster, that plays music, making fun of Jamaica, for giving them free stuff, to talk about Jamaica, which any of them can do, because they were born in Jamaica. (Not Costa Rica, that’s Eddy Grant, don’t ask him, he’s a 5-0).

The infiltration culture, is your privateer years for an English megastructure, the concept of an omission in a set of rights in your own memory or learning tree, the ‘chissom’, the term of logic you are free to ignore because you’ve mastered everything but a single set of logic within it, on a document of region, allowing you to ‘see’ business while performing in the region, to spot the guilds.

A guild is the term of business persons that are supported by a finance center, never the obvious bank, a simplified job wherein everyone has the same job except for the insurer, the actual business degree, someone from a national trust. The finance center, is the homes and families, the control without intrusion.

Just take ‘bitch’, and replace it with a word from the culture you’re hunting. If you’ve taken ‘complain’, that’s house cards, you are kicked out, and if you take ‘kvetch’, you’re the miso soup, the wontons, you’ve infiltrated France, to kill Jews, you’re Gestapo, the gamemaster.

So we’ve got our reggae, the megastructure with the segment of document of rights afforded to you that you’re ignoring to spot your ‘play’, the money, for the reggae, your contact with an arts figure that follows a simple structure: there is a word, with two letters, any letters, and you’re saying ‘without’, for one letter, as an ‘a’, but it’s two letters withdrawn, hence you’ve bribed a soldier in music as your hire leader.

That guy, pays your quartermaster, to send you on a hit, against the same country of origin you’ve infiltrated, except for the ignored document set from your hire master, the reggae’s leader. The rastafari, is operating under a megastructure set team, apparent in your call handle, hence you’re killing your own call handle, due to the missing single letter of double, actually the pair with one still present.

Finally, you have gelled into place, your three pointed ring, to kill a Celtic Knot, a York. You have a basic set of three placements, with a role beneath them, and a variable movement set. Thief, Spy, Detective, with Match, Light, Smoke, beneath each, in whatever custom of origin you prefer.

Dropping from up, to down, is how you strike a woman, dropping from down, to side down right, is how you strike a man, dropping from down side to down left, is how you make a man gay (a pedophile accusation), going from down, to up, is how you make a woman into a pederast (a lesbian), moving from up top, to right, is how you make a kill, moving to the left, is a contract (a variable timed equation), staying on one’s own top, is a date, and staying on one’s own bottom, is time with family.

A movement in a circle, right, top, is introspection, in a circle, right, bottom, is a spree, a movement in a circle left, top, is a fraud play, and a movement in a circle right, bottom, is an arrest of a rival. This is a circular shape, and all three roles on the outside, connect both left and right for all three positions, as does the inner circle. The advantage, is that your false marker, the ‘bitching’ turned to your alternate culture of term, will make it look like the culture planted, against the same.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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