Irish Republican Army Tools (Scythian Methods)

The Scythians, date to the East Caspian, East Black Sea, and Carpathian Mountains, centuries before the Ice Age, the ancient ceremonial enemy of the Hindus, the Indians. Cousins of Abraham found superior due to their refusal to mate into a line with a disabling allergy, or to respect them thereof, instead casting them to Isaac and the obselence of humiliation at their own respect for Isaac’s tools of warfare, the cowardice to serve as a criminal if refused draft by an agent of a Jew, the ancient equivalent for the word lost to letters, but sounding like, ‘yueh’ – the term for a cheat at a game by their own admission hence their demand of the game to be played by their allies at the forward alliance of those cast out.

Scam: Lawyers and courts, eh? The scam. Invented in China, courts are a simple affair. You can throw yourself upon the court for mercy, you go to the mountains, or you can run for your life, you go to an island. Either way, you never had to show up, they already got you. You’ve been through the entire court system, once, and now that you’ve been scammed, you’ve taken a plea, you’re in a sleepy hollow, as a part time academic, or you’re in a military base, you joined the military, you’re getting ready for ‘World War Two’, the term since Napoleon Bonaparte, for his strategy dice set, so he could gamble, on dead soldiers, by stealing their names and putting them in his paycheque, as Emperor of France, to spend their alcohol he gets for free (‘put it on my tab, chief’). Cops are Chinese, did you know? They aren’t being funny, only lawyers get that. It’s fucking scary.

Con: This is the art of wrestling. You wanted something, that someone else had. They didn’t know they had it, so you stole it. Then, you get to figure out, why they liked you. You put them in that, for being an used condom, in that guy’s pocket. And then when he takes the job offer, he always shows right back up. And then you fight him, in a battle of wits, to destroy that little position that you analyzed, to destroy the opposite of his industry. Then, you get married, have kids, and take over the entire industry, not the opposite, but the ground level of the stuff you own now. It’s all yours. You’ve got confidence, the superior mode to happiness.

Grift: Do you know what a superior mode of conveyance is? It never ends, once you find it. The grift, is how you’re a specialist, at anything. You’re just a kid, and you figure out, how to fake something, by looking at a single subject of reference, notorious in your city, for reasons you may not understand. And then throughout going through the system, you pass on career after career, based on what you’re faking, inch by inch, until you’re blasted out of the bubonic butthole of the system, kill the guy that invented it, and then freescale the entire thing as a boot, with an analysis (a ‘hold’, a ninja toss to climb on a guy’s back when he’s ten feet away from being thrown and paralyzed), tossed out there as you. You died in prison, dude. How’d you do that, with this book we never heard of? Peace, brother. For Whitey.

Sham: It appears you like cheese, but don’t know what it is, so you can’t get fat. This is a legendary game, for men that box and kill with bare fists, and the women of beauty that love them, the nerds and boloquents, the term for someone that eats bologna because they honestly like it. You have elected upon a family term of endearment, no doubt ending in your own death, to do the same thing your family has always done, create a horde of police officers running the entire town, the state, and soon, the world. Someone already did this, so you have to build on it, by creating an uprising, based on God’s most famous tale, “The Iliad”. You fell in love with the wrong side of the law, and now, a little man with a knife is going to come through, and kill her. But you didn’t get that guy, he was gay, all the cops saw it, and after you die, it’s going to come out that he killed himself without you.

Fraud: This is a game, called ‘magick’. Often mistaken for Wicca (getting a gay man to steal his sex and money by letting out convicts instead of inmates, they like it there), the Church of Satan (a Catholic wing of the US Army for people that think it’s appropriate to dress as a soldier for Halloween, instead of a zombie or something, white make-up, for sex), or even Islam (from the Qu’ran or something), this is getting a book made by the Catholic Church, labeled as something weird and literary, but about Islam, the real stuff, on how to make a signals pass. Whatever the fraud is, you want them to do it. So tell them a signal, that they’ll always make, based on the Islamic game, to not do it. The Scythians, want the fraud, that’s their only source of income; everything is fraud, you’re either a bricklayer, or an architect, in Scythian culture. The bricklayer puts everything together, and the architect wants to make the bricklayer’s job easier. Neither are better, but someone may be considering suicide, a switch between jobs. Together, you can manage anything, unless the bricklayer is rude to the architect (pedophile accusation to the bricklayer, in public), or the architect is rude to the bricklayer (honesty in accusation in private). Either one, causes the other, because one of them, wasn’t told to stop the fraud (the atheism, stop it, we’re all atheist, it’s a fake word made up by a pedophile, Voltaire, and he’s a dick for saying that Catholicism, is the same thing as Isaac; Isaac, has an allergy, he’s prison).

Swindle: Someone wants you to build something, real neat. But they’re a teacher, oh no. You want to start low and small, and ramp it up, until it is so goddamn crazy, and we mean ‘damned to hell, some sort of life of poverty in paradise’, that the teacher, goes into Margaritaville, and makes the song, Margaritaville, or maybe even the margarita itself. Just do something, real soft and subtle, until they make fun of you. The entire theory of the universe, as a guy trying to be cool, but with beer. That’s the sign, the swindle is on. Eventually, over a lifetime’s work, you have the simplest thing on the planet, a retired pensioner still doing his job, as the world history of an organization that terrifies Isaac because he thinks it’s useless, but he can’t stand that it’s everywhere (no dictionary).

Kyke: You think poverty is funny, but the Jews don’t, and Isaac didn’t either, he couldn’t have mudkips, so he wiped them out, forever. You want a food item, off the shelves, because despite being a Son of Isaac, you like the Irish. Not the Scythians, but the Irish. Claimed to be a new culture, Ireland, you had sex with a tiny-tittied dominatrix, and the Scythian ‘belphoger’ sorted this out, because you thought rape was sexual assault, not breaking the hymen the first time, when she told you to do it. Now you’re taking away an entire food item, to make the world a little gayer. You’ve invented a bar food, that you intend to sell at top mark, to get rid of all these ‘organic’ food items, that your arch-nemesis, France, Germany, and Russian, the Asians, created. ‘Organic’, is the same thing you get every day, but the bugs don’t get into the bags, we bought you an expensive one. Like a burlap sack, remember those? Riffe, is a burlap sack too, but it’s soaked in hind’s blood, of a deer, so your jerky doesn’t get so gross and ugly, it dries out to smoldering ‘schmidt’, a man that wipes his butt left handed, without the right hand behind the nuts.

Hole: Someone wanted to put you somewhere, real bad, with weapons, for looking at their kid, because they named their kid, after pornography, and you think, they should be a police officer, in a smart person’s job, like you’re supposed to do when you do that to your kid. Not to marry her, to your best friend’s kid, like they’re freaked out toddlers, screaming in traffic trying to figure out what the ‘off hose’ is on a horse and buggy, after the man goes to college, or the woman inherits a trust fund. Let’s play, hole. This man, is going to ask you a question, real nice, about what you’re involved in. It’s always a hole, a contractor of a business, always sets up a family marriage with sex, for their son or daughter, he can’t figure out how to get off the Church baffel role, because a Jew, told them that ‘kyke’ was any Jew, and it was called a bad school system, he’s trapped in (there were heroin dealers in town). Act, as if he or she, especially the father, was in the hole instead, confused and befuddled but concerned, in your mind of assumptions. That way, they get remarried, and the entire situation, goes away, and the kid becomes a lawyer. Then the town gets shut down, when Isaac figures out that a lawyer, has a porno name, and marries in. Win.

Semi: The ‘semi’, is a name we put on a culture of convicts we accidentally freed. Called Soddom and Gomorrah, the Seminole tribesmen, or Judea (not Samarria, Florida), we don’t like the ‘semi’. You all got out, and disrupted an entire way of life, so we have to take an entire line of clothing off the shelves, that used to catch them every time. Remember the ‘cap’, a little tall dumpling with a soft point that goes to the back (married), left side (looking), or right side (stolen)? It now points forward (goblin), to everyone, so we can’t figure out who has been experimenting with greased open anal facesitting. Fuck you, Soddam and Gomarrah. I think you’d agree. Get the clothes off the shelf, with a new item, to confuses the stores, by letting the clothes get stolen (Chuck Taylors, Mike Charlebois and the experimental shoes without uplifts, patent stolen after winning Inner City Division One, Memphis – flat feet everywhere, the little old lady shoe store).

Flat: You decided to kill someone, for playing with penises. The Ironworks offends you, you are an Italian, a rabbit. Hitler is now after you. Before we had Hitler, we had the Leprechaun, the King of Ireland. And before that, we had old Satan, a black man that got lost, and you robbed and killed him, and he came back from the dead over and over, because you have those rheumy old eyes, from drinking swine flue, a chute of old turnip’s bog in the desert (the limpopo, for your gas attacks). Now you’re famous in music, written by your number one fan, your stalker, and you have to have a political election. If you don’t win, you win, and now, you’re a real vigilante lawman, from the Cusp of Corne, some sort of psychopath that’s going to have a food item named after him, possibly after death, if you did something particularly offensive (such as fire the Yakuza from Japan, Dave Charlebois, for making a car you can’t steal, to keep the cops out).

Water: You have been offered a set of family games, opposite pairs, in literature. You are a Scythian high caste, and you didn’t listen to your father, that “school didn’t get you nowhere”. Now, your father, is going to talk like a moron at you, because you thought it was funny, to refuse to try at a special program they gave you, just for smart kids, because you think being a natural social leader, isn’t what you want. You want a spy, a paradox circle. The Jews, have returned to his life, and he is enraged. Not even Isaac, can save you now. Your family games, in two books, have asymmetric opposite concepts, of high bounty, and to achieve both, you will be poor forever, however you have made a gift to the people you were born from, your mother. And you have apparently killed her, by doing such a thing, such as not having a wife and kid (or if you’re a woman, you joined the military).

Cray: A seafood or shellfish, that resembles an insect, as a treat. This is something rare that must be slurred, to test loyalty. If the seafood or shellfish is rejected as a food, in the view of the man or woman intoning it as an insect, the man is a traitor, and not to be approached. If both share, then a wedding is due, a man’s husband is found, if you are a woman, or if it is two men, you have a girl in mind for each other, and must discuss. However, if there is something unusual afoot, an aunt is present, a ‘code’, and the individual ordering, has breached concept, hence the father, must put his ‘foot’, you have offended an Irish by marking yourself as a ‘high bower’, a mercenary pillage, to volunteer for a dangerous mission of a ‘pogrom’, a removal of your own line due to a ‘bowel’, a condition of abuse from your own father to be studied. Your father, must be hunted, as Isaac.

Crav: A location, where a training breed of site is present, the term of an animal style of combat arts mimicking a local extinct or moved or displaced animal population (never insects). The Crav, is where a martial art form is developed, from home defense, then moving to prisoner’s defense, before a full battle art, practiced as a Legion, the ancient Roman term subsided in their approach of Cohort through horse, our tactic having displaced theirs to create the ‘Knight’, a python adder’s giblet in Western Rome, in Hispalia province, modern day Luxembourg. The Crav as a location, as respect and honor, is called an ‘adder’, a viper snake with a tongue that forks through itself, a Devil’s prong; hence, they must always rely, on a quest to them, to hire them as an ‘errant’ (any dumb fogel). The Knight always betrays, unless paid in a ‘white’, a type of glyph of ownership of an act, through partnership of business, not pleasure, and Isaac, is always taken out of bedshires, if presuming otherwise; hence, there is a peace, if Isaac chooses “asok”, the Indian barbarian of the Orient.

Nagi: A shinto game based on drinking and moving in a pair with the accepted family as enemies to move and grift; the own family still accepted (no food allergies), expelling those who are not, the sign of a ‘low family’ with Noble blood, there’s a flawed genetic cipher in the marriage that needs to be placed in the care of Isaac, for a new allergic medicine to be developed for ‘low castes’, those that cannot consume an essential food item, hence a new ‘breed’, such as Hitler’s race of inebriates he was attempting to create as Jews (dander allergies, a pointless hierarch of discussion, since you don’t eat fur). The grift game, indicates the cessation of the line for being forced to play, as a consequence of the game not being played prior.

Eel: The eel is a fake agent, someone displayed in reference, but unimaginably dark and mysterious, hence a tool to explain a crime upon public reference of a ‘megalomaniac’, or whatever cute word we decide to describe him as based on his reaction to his own wife’s literary tradition. The eel itself, is a single token piece, not even a person, just an announcement as a code of index, and isn’t even an individual name or concept or consequence or merit, but is rather a strategy that is misplaced inside such a concept, to attract those allied to treachery against you, their own ally, hence they will be expunged and dispelled into a third group, a triplicate join of field in the center, the ‘pile’, wherein the third side will believe itself neutral, and then swing, against you, into the field of the Isaac to betray them with a ‘lug’, a hard hand to move.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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