Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket Contest (“What is Michale Graves Formula”?)

Pashtun: The model of the father’s friend, will be seen, as the early friend at a job where the essential skill of crime is built between the pair, the form of famous ne’erdowel in culture from local tragedy. He will be drawn to you, and you will think you follow him, but he will betray you for a woman that you fancy yours, but she is his, for you have another she has arranged. You will refuse the woman arranged for you, to claim her as your blade’s queen, by making contact with your friend’s contact in the courts of the Holy Land – the military man, Majestic. Then you must slay both women at once, with the same form of duel to those you have seen, the woman with your friend of fraud, with the same reputation’s foe you have seen seeking to claim yourself, but the foe as a man; and the woman, through a tragedy you have witnessed in your journeys on ‘the other side’, to be the woman of legend in that secret song of Majestic. This will be performed, by rejecting both, for masturbating to the arrangement, but fiending for the other man’s wife. Your old criminal friend, will retire to a Zen temple, and your friend, the government conspirator, will desire your loins, for you have shared with him his true identity of notoriety of the tragedy, as you, and he, will tell you who you are, in the culture of study of Britain.

Matthew Lennox, as “Art Boyd”, a cocaine addict engage in British Freemasonic stock fraud through factory assembly, and Ivan Tomasic, as “Dave Carlson”, a Civil War royalty family that worked door gunner in Vietnam as infantry, future munitions dealer, alien hypnotist for Israel. Allison Haimes, “The Flame”, cut across the face for mind reading, and Jenna Williamson, “That Korean Girl”, given a peg leg, Matthew Lennox’s terrifying fixation on deformed feet, from his years of amphetamine abuse.

Kurdistan: You must offend a foe, in the strength of your numbers, by refusing pattern or design or tradition; to do this, we must always equalize, our own allied strength, with ourselves, between each unit, so no unit may perform better than the other, that way, any superior soldier, is sent back to the line. This way, a military tradition will not develop, and we can always be at maximum strength.

Serving as a Saudi internet agent, by using each form of program as intended, however with an off-reference resource placement, to draw in a poor player of the program, to the heights of popularity, hence millionaires will take over gaming on behalf of Saudi Arabian banking houses. The Sauds operate on a culture of wine for women, whiskey for men, fasting being homosexual, stealing women being for dogs (literal animals, pets), and dominatrixes being defense attorneys for rape trials. Many myths abide from Israel.

Turkmenistan: A recipe must be crafted based on story of displeasing the mother, stepmother, girlfriend, aunt, or sister. If a gay man, a drinking recipe. If the father, a non-alcoholic additive that disgusts him, however in an anti-Semitic assumption of cocktail. They are to be given to the family, to distribute, at ready.

Ground meat (50 percent fat 10, 50 percent lean 10) mixed, scrambled egg, oregano, garlic salt, black pepper, and bread crumbs, mixed around a slice of cheese, and cooked on a charcoal grill. Tabasco sauce placed into a bowl with cracked brown eggs, garlic powder, black pepper, oregano, and shredded cheese, scrambled on an oven griddle. Mountain Dew, Irish gin, and pineapple juice, thirds and thirds, as a low ball beverage. Cocktail sauce in a shot glass, with Irish gin and Stirrings Dirtyi Martini Olive Brine, stacking in that order, dipped with your choice of garnish “vegetable”, whatever it may be.

Greater Eastern Mongolia: You will be approached by a brigand, your good friend “the grue”. You must be his advisor and general, during his misadventures, applying old people you once knew to him, with the help of his advisor that tells him to be a responsible man, in your witness. Remember his name, for it will be a nickname, he is the grue. Some day, you will replace him, and many times this will happen, until you retire, then naming a black man, from a foreign country his nickname, and placing him on a late hour cruise. Someone from his country, will be given a name like this, and if love is true, he was a cop, the leader will be assassinated. Otherwise, work until you die.

B-Rock is still under test tube study.

Hanchu Province North Korea: This is the art of Honshu, North Korean espionage, developed in rumor by Kim Sung-il, with many provisions. In reality, it is a French game, called wasting food. You must have many friends from Asia, but a man that is rumored to be Catholic, will select for you the most racist. You must side with him, and his countrymen, against improper bigotry, that of slurs, and instead challenge him to his past time, the one he is sorely deficient at, because it is for entertainment. The one that gains you many blows to the head, is the one. And then, you must focus, and do it, without complaining, being broken, or stopping, until he is an engineer, like a pathetic fool, your father. They will call it something else at his job, but that is what your wife will tell your son you do for a living. He will have the actual engineering job, government federal patents, for the CIA. Kim Sung-il, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un, also CIA. Then he will chase you, to take down an industry that offends him. You must report your findings, using every weapon but your fists. When you spot your prey, call the police, and figure out some way, to get a judge removed, using your field situation, with a serial killer’s logic, applied through an actual palatable and simple strategy, to escape to victory. He will take a trophy. Allow it.

Daniel Monahan, has been trained at North Korean economics, through Dragonball Z. He has proven, that comic books, are Israel’s strategy, at attaining Honshu arts. This is concerning, since comics, are the basis of Honshu. The Pharisee code. Have we destroyed ourselves? North Korea, now has a Church. The Italian Mafia.

Fenian Brotherhood: You must determine, what man, is in two spaces. That is a magistrate robe, of England. A judge pontiff of Israel. You must first determine who he is, by seeing if Christ, eats selfishly. This will be determined by a hand gesture, referencing his bowels, at a sacred ritual. It is always an indication of murder. You must then explain a game’s logic, outside of marker. He is a racist, he thinks about food, when at Church (fornication). A game, has a shifted reference, to avoid a thief of the game’s system. Once he has you, he will contact you, to be a real life American soldier, for the IRA. Perform his advice, as asked, no matter what it is. You will then be challenged, to a test of Irish Shinto, the superior form of Japanese logic, since it involved pick pocketing, not sword forging. A Japanese Shinto, is an easy cheat, a girlfriend for you. Refuse her, and you will have him. Offer a thought exercise; take a situation that is gay, referring to science fiction and Creation Myth, and then strip out the homosexuality into a hypothetical, knowing your response secretly, and pose it. Answer, after him, with the predecessor stage, to your form of homosexuality.

Matthew Lennox, is operating a cloning machine, on cybersex roleplaying games, to arrest Jews, for Canada.

Belreve Clan of Anglican Monastics: A sport must be invented, based on an observed cheat, of a military event, seen overseas. The truth of the victory strategy, must be hidden and small, compared to the training tactic, antithetical to your teenage lifestyle. Place it together as a drawn game of logic, and when you get the signal that it has stolen, haven spoken of it for years straight, crafting a masterpiece, say that you have moved on. The signal, will be a girlfriend, you do not know, by claimed accident to speak to you. Then it will become a new sport, forcing spectators, to learn the cheat to win the war, while the players, become cops if they cheat.

Neo-Tokyo Nights, has become Cyberpunk 2077.

Damascus Syrian French Gateway: Masturbating into a pillow, with the girth afforded to your stature as a Muhammadan, is deceptively easy. As is the amount of semen you will produce, over the course of a lifetime, with this strategy. This will make you think you have the perfect romance, every time, as long as she doesn’t wear a hat, even in her own hypnotized logic.

Masturbated on a toilet, at Colella’s. Was caught by Marine Corps spy camera, installed in the 1970s, over bathroom swap demands, by lawsuits, from Dale Danahy. Never enforced on law. MKULTRA graduate (Taliban “Stage B” Strategy). Castrated due to Chuckles, CIA agent in Iraq. “Perhaps you should be castrated”, says the Iraqi teacher cop we trained. Bush left office, time to end the war, and take suggestions. Firefly, the Faceless Master, was castrated in the confusion.

Azerbaijini Mercantile Trade Guilds: Crime, as an insurance business, the concept of the federal government paying compensation for those injured, comes from the concept of mercantile houses studying the life of criminals in trade of any good that is prohibited based on classifier, not a total ban (poison).

Freddy Grey got killed, revealing Wells Fargo as a Triad conspiracy, through South America.

Viking Swedish Weapons Dealers: You have been drafted, for the police department. You’re a top cop, son, you just need a belt. To hold those pants up. You have no ass. You must set yourself up, through a police agent (“a cop”, as the cops in your group says, the bitch in the group), for “the sting”. Someone will advise that “somebody has to go”, for a class A narcotics felony. Once the bitch gives you “the signal”, something from a movie that a Nazi or Aryan or Black Panther (etc.) did, you will befriend the man, trying to be his friend. Buy something off him, a petty miscreance, a class D substance typically. It is a boobytrap. Use your best instincts, and share it with him, making sure you talk through it, and be nice. Then, leave for lunch, with the man who named the bitch, “the cop”. Leave nothing valuable, just “the purchase”, it may have cost more money than you planned. Come back, and take your backpack, and don’t check. If your purchased misdemeanor is gone, you may have won. Wait for the bitch’s report.

B-Rock: “Keith Velasquez is dead.”

Playwright Assassins: The enemy will use a stage, and a penny dreadful, and you have to see what lower stage you can lure their scout into, to attack you, while you use a novel of predicated form and commit, to move out with a schlocker, a shanty stage.

Batman 1989, trapped in Death Race 2000, played through The Killing Joke against Moonraker backwards as Hugo Drax.

Patent Thieves: You hit a display shelf, of Yiddish manufacture texts, knowing the localities of name and why it can’t be sold, stealing from a mnemonic inspiration, to trademark your child’s title from a prototype for market, and then sell the trademarked manual, at original name, in a different region.

Caligula as the concept of a gaming theory and strategem simulation, in Protestant bounds where legal to inference, then sold as a firebase concept through the ‘Judas Factor’, an expulsionary rule present now in the FBI penmanship program

Grendel Forges: You take a man trying to cheat your contract on a guarantee payment to end of debt, and place a game into play, with real consequences, so if they try to cheat the contract, they’ve already played a familiar game, but with themselves as the hero, so you know they blew it on you.

Will Morgan, a Dungeon Master, drawn into a game of real bound, preventing his writing contract from stealing the face of self in Hopkinton bibliography write-ups, at mortal peril to other.

Amish Fouls: You’ve made an error on your work to peace, so now you are a contracted assassin with an urban cop as your contact, to bring you out in serve of a high representative of a monarch, paid for with a child or wife, of the blood they were attached to.

Mission for Steve-O, MI-6 sociology don undercover in Van Meter as a veterinary scientist, on steal of IRA mob hitman program and drop to MI-5, through Janine Swanson’s files (hacked), replacing Superman, Friedrich Engels, with Bickford Schmeckler’s Cool Ideas, small business real estate theft from special education tutor advice (stolen).

Conquistador Inquisitors: You save a child, by taking away their mother, or you save a warrior, by bonding them into a wife. The level of incarceration, breaks a rule of the common people, each level higher they were to their equivalent, in your government, but theirs, and you educate them, on their own systems, but as you see it, to break them in rivalry to their form, keeping them as special soldiers throughout their lines.

Manipulation of Wing Commander: Red Horizon on behalf of “Derek”, theme wizard and M3 alum from Duo’s reign. Manipulation into Thrakhath, judges, Tivadar Delgard, Union middle command infantry, and Confederation admiral/headwiz, into loss of Kilrathi cruiser from Thrakhath and his friends on bridge observing an order refused from self, Thrakhath played through theme, instead of the Kilrathi fachead using his pet cat to inspire his writing. Spartacus’ uprising duplicated, with gladiators crushed and separated.

Shadow Sinisters: You have a wife, on the other side of the law, and you’re a criminal, working the snakes, the dirty cops, to take away their witchblade used for secret society, and place it in open view of the people, by inducing an act of brutality against the snake informant, and causing a riot, a hell’s gate.

Acquisition of British Thugee espionage set from Taunton Behavioral Clinic through Hindu guru doctor emeritus and Natick Labs research scientist, through a backwards campus administration run through General Eisenhower’s first year at West Point, however rigged to be the Battle of Marathon as runner. Acquired the heterosexual version, then transmuted through into Theraveda instead of Hare Krishna with proper chemical mixture. Zeus Gypsies, acquired the measure and method, and transmitted them to Sandinista Bolivrans in Brazil and Latin America, for FARC.

Double Zeros: You have a literature form of art, that you play a running game with, in a production company not your own, and placed against your enemy, to split the production company printing you in art, with the placement of your alleged operating aegis. Therefore, each run, you will have a unique theory of method, based on your hire’s worst fantasy.

Breach of Ben Brown and Sandra MacDonald’s game systems through H&V in 1999-00, to ArmageddonMUD, the Babylon theme, not the modern version. Acquisition of IDF/MI-6 contract, then arranging five dummy agents through pranks, before reporting self as incapacitated on M3. Each dummy agent, was prepped with a women’s form of a Likud Israeli concept, allowing the funding and downfall of the films through five unions, with the dummies taking form as each villain, on behalf of their hiring party in the unions (as the Jethro Tull baseline to Aqualung), allowing the pass to Elmer of the Arkham code files to undo the Batman police program of villain counter-espionage, on behalf of the Fenian Brotherhood. Batman theme seized, as the new Fenian run method.

Negro Ballclubs: You manage a business related to a traditional game of African logic, come to America and displaying itself inside a piece of Americana; your only code, is that stealing is allowed if planning for their future, not for a woman, therefore you develop an accounts business regimen, on demand, where if you aren’t paid, you have to be reimbursed with a wife.

Drop of Wolfram and Hart, through B+A MUCK character Quinton Sabbatique, into PAX affiliates for game and film, then the drop of the universal religion, Babel, to Freemasons.

Union Jacks: You perform five drops into a contribution to your highschool education or the similar, before moving to a false flag of allegiance, and hunting them from mercenary ports of prior affiliation. You have three positions, and a relationship with your father, replaced by your wife, and there’s a moving motion to a downward stance, an act of combat, or moving across the downward stance, to the other two sides, in a wheel, with an open side, your empty space, turned around from your hand as a dubloon, your washer’s coin.

Five poker card drops through Bond film trailers, to be shut off by Catholic Church upon airing of film, all related to counter-CIA measures enacted by Canadian Mounted Patrol. 1) Rename the table, Le Chiffre. 2) Reference the table, Mr. White. 3) Reference a trigger, Raoul Silva. 4) Reference the player’s skill, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. 5) Reference the player between theological and fictional concept, Safin Lucypher. End placement position, state police informant, false watering hole, actually hunting state police psychologists.

Wiccan Sorcerors: You work with the police and the spies, but two different countries, so you are unaware whom you are working for. Your goal, is to place a gay man, inside a military unit, that wants a suicide soldier, teaching them that a suicidal warrior, is homosexual, so the unit collapses, and your homosexual candidate, takes over the prison system. Magicians design prisons, and you’re turning a man, into a skeleton key, for gay men.

Placement of Ivan Boris Tomasic, a homosexual from bribed abuse through father, and his own ordered abuse of his mother, inside the Mossad as a Homeland Security spy, investigating FARC for medicinal usages of cocaine. Mossad believes he’s the Scarecrow, a Supersoldier Overman, his view of the CIA (actually a highschool dropout with a spectacular gymnastics record, and either a lesbian sociopath, or a man that attracts them sexually).

Rice Men: You work rice for a living, for French patriotism, the root of which is identifying an evil woman, and allowing her to rape you. The son, therefore, guises himself out through the evil mother with another father chosen for him, and becomes a police vigilante, consuming himself in a pyre as he discovers the roadwork that’s inside her inner world, undoing it by labeling the conspiracy maligning your father by her hand, as your own code.

Cameron Warren, son with Christine Warren, assisted his mother in faking her death, and moving back to Ohio, to work the Ohio Resource Authority from the inside, writer’s father’s natural enemy (father was Camp Perry trained, counter-intelligence national security anti-labor source), and Ohio is unionized labor actor slave draft, anti-American pro-Israeli.

Swiss Penguins: Authors and petty literature men, your job is to find rare books, always applicable to an enemy’s code, misused or otherwise, and place them in dossier sets to the right people, as exchange book racks, out of your publishing companies and publicists. Each set of books, needs a particular rumor, as a warning, inherent in the individual giving them out, hence there will be a signal that your operation has gone off.

Utilization of Denny O’Neill’s writing formula, in “How to Write for DC Comics”, to piece apart Shakespeare and apply it to marketing math, to catch a dirty professor at SNHU causing car accidents for NFL fans at stadiums that don’t support Donald Trump. A line segment, for a Buddhist that’s lost their virginity, can be applied to Shakespeare’s selection between Trinities, the Peasant Groundling and the Noble Mercantile, to cause a contradiction in calculus sigma proof between work necessities, for a single calculation of the divided to remove a systems failure in projection over time, hence one can divide by zero safely.

Bounty Guild: You have a name lost to history because of a grander man, and you now take a long distance dispatch contract, before a hard fall into confinement in an enemy unit working guts and bullets, you plant a reference to your own kind, and then you plant a proof of life, before going down as a poster representing your original unit.

Name taken by famous 9/11 victim, co-pilot in the crash into the Pentagon, the writer met the acquaintance of a woman stealing the identity of Sewa@M3, an INTERPOL/NYPD in the Homicide Law Review, an anti-media panel opposing use of media and popular commons in courts and law and law enforcement. Marco Rubio, a police badge since his days in highschool, was using camera photography, from the Lincoln Memorial, to blackmail leaders into giving concessions and money to Florida, for global warming rehousing. They were getting high, on marijuana, a political ritual in America since prior to the Declaration of Independence, among Americans. The Mossad unit infiltration through superhero games, a year later, before graduation in highschool, allowed the plant of “Hideous Karl”, Heath Ledger’s Joker, by taking the self, inverting it, claiming credit for a crime innocent of, then combining with an individual with a different skull shape, causing a new Latino ritual after a circle haze, the birth of Latino cosplaying (not Native, Natives don’t ring haze). Once you ring haze, you have to do a gang bust, until this ritual – now, you have to cosplay, instead of be a police vigilante. Proof of life was submitted to United Heroes, through a Batman based on John F. Kennedy Sr., with his ghost written book, Profiles in Courage, offered as being written by Richard Nixon, during the 1940s, so John F. Kennedy wouldn’t have a psychopathic breakdown.

Federal Marshalls: You are against gun ownership by anyone other than the civic government, especially missionary arts, so you need to post a bail warden on a hop that never happened before arrest, post the fee collected by your marshall and pay off your tipster, and then the marshall takes the shot, reverses the nock, and puts it out on their leg, crippling your gunslinger. –

Strip of Matthew Lennox’s Sunni Hebrides Islam for MI-6 and the IDF, after being hazed; refused to eat, drank Schnapps until asleep without eating, drank citrus orange juice and ate bacon the next day for breakfast, completed class, then went to Matthew Lennox’s dorm room in Webster, 7th floor, not dead, and performed a disarm strip of Islam, with a “fag”, an indication of neural damage linking men, and “white goys”, an indication of Caucasian non-Hebrew status, in Hebrew terms, to a colorblind Muslim imam, making him an Ayatollah of Iran.

Named Parties HIt (In Respective Order of Prior Stated):

INTERPOL “U” Scouts Division, Autism Speaks Canada, Indian Crime Families, Osama Bin Laden, Baltimore, Scientology Counter-Mossad Agent “Keith Velasquez”, NORML Dutch Intelligence, Hillary Clinton, Will Morgan, Brian Monaghan, Thrakhath Caxki, Tividar Delgard, Natick Labs Behavioral Science, Harvey Weinstein, George Soros, Jair Bonosorno, Barack Obama, Duane “Dogg” Chapman, DC Comics “Batman” Property, Sony Games, Royal Canadian Mounted Patrol, Mossad International Monetary Fund, Ohio Resource Authority, Banking Security Encrypted Mathematics, Marco Rubio, Matthew John Scott Lennox.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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