Super Mario Primer

Broken Rhythm of Gaming: Super Mario Brothers, is a game based on Jumpman, a predecessor to Donkey Kong, based on famous tactical figures in Japanese “reason”, their term being a seven set (with one set blank, for identification of topic, hence the other seven – four on top of four, as background and foreground). The woodblock art, as it is commonly called in art history, identifies the theme (the blank set), with a simple hero and villain “mactchi” (improperly called a derivative in art, actually finance, the concept of a predictable decline in worth, placed in the prime account, background, or the secondary investment, foreground), with the background theme mactchi, playing into the back (a charge), the fore (a sacrifice), or the foreground theme mactchi playing into the back (a fortress) or the fore (an illusion). Translated into English: your character, the back matchci, or the boss, the fore mactchi, can move into a charge or fortress, or the boss character, can move into a sacrifice or illusion. But what does each character represent?

Super Mario Brothers:

Mario: The Emperor of Japan, establishing the theme in games. You can’t pick him, ever.

Toad: The signal that you are no longer to approach, you are trying to beat the game, and Nintendo has made this game for you, kindly. Toad, is a programmer or arts technician.

Princess Toadstool: Your daughter, you are in Islam, if you marry Princess Toadstool. You are never to return, and she is always older. She is taller.

Bowser: An Italian mother, of a woman you are interested in. She is assumed to be a mobster, when enraged at you chasing her daughter, which is not to be done. You have to move over to her, to the fire axe, to dunk her in the lava, meaning she has signaled, you are to sneak.

Goomba: A foolish foe to face, there is no purpose to approaching the goomba, an Italian kid with overalls, in any sense that you, the user, find it.

Koopa Troopa: A Jewish-Italian, this one is a deadly adversary, but instead of avoiding them, you must place your blessing on them, the stomp, and then use the shell, to place them in a group with each other, to defeat many Jewish-Italians.

Blooper: A punishment, for using a cheat, and not knowing what it does. The blooper, is a Japanese man, that you have mistaken for Italian, Jewish, but not a combination.

Cheep-Cheep: A Chinese man you have mistaken as an Italian-Jew, but you have a poor set of maneuvers, hence you can never beat them.

Super Mario 2:

Mario: An Arab figure in art, you have chosen to invoke. You cannot play as Mario.

Luigi: Your best friend, who wants to own the game, and steal it, the same term as the modern “own”. This is the establishment, in gaming history, of the term.

Toad: Your ugly friend, he is secretly handsome, meaning he can “paddle” you, get an advantage with hard work (cheating).

Peach: An evil temptress, she turns you gay, for looking up skirts, and seems to be a superior character, but her special power is often abused.

Shyguy: A Jewish lawyer, for the Shyster to hire. He is on the surface weak and common, but deadly when paired with a Shyster near by. You must always protect the Shyster, as the Shyguy, a lawyer, but never as Mario, impossible.

Shyster: An Arab Kurdmen, the Turks, Turkmen, or non-Dutch Amish Country. They are accounts executives, never to practice law, unless a feint, to an intelligence community, that wants free work (or, a stolen Shyster, you have struck them with a turnip, and now the level is complete, you have won the game by producing a lawyer serial killer, in the Shi’ite tradition {Peach died}, the Sunni tradition {you are Mario, Ted Bundy kills your foes}, or the Napoleonic tradition (you are all dead, the Frog King Wart has won, and you have raised a CIA agent that thinks he’s a cop, a plantation owner, universally recognizable}).

Buzzard: Someone at a party, who does not like “channel”, he is thought to be Wart, but he is not, he is your minion, to use on a boss fight. Notice his hops, snarls, and cries of pain. Wart has enlisted him, but he is not to be trusted. He doesn’t like you, crime is a job.

Carp: The silliest of enemies, you only face carp if you are suicidal, you do not tip generously at a sushi restaurant, especially when dealing with a delivery driver. You must buy Chinese food, their hated rival, forever, unless from a food fusion “joint”, you are in prison, you have been robbed. This is fine sushi, but it is poor, you call in the Carp’s dangerous ally, “log” (you spend too much money, and sit in doors, pooping, to the bottom of the level, death from sitting on the toilet forever, any level fall in a Mario game).

Mouser: A Jewish roofie dealer, that is impossible to beat fairly, on his own game and resource, so you have to “cat” him (allow him to catch himself), by defeating his friend, “the bomb” (you mark the bomb as a cheat, you let him pick it up).

Birdo: A teacher, any sex or gender, that approaches you with “eggs”, tips, that you have to use to give them back to Birdo, to offend their sex and gender, the other way, that way, you get a fair mark.

Clawgrip: A man obsessed with mushrooms, veal, anchovies, or pasta, that is clearly a “looker”, he wants to control you, but won’t eat “mush”, the food item that you have experimented with to determine his grade of Judaism (red sausage, he hates your father, lobster, he hates you, shrimp, he has “a disease”, fish eggs, he married a Japanese man “beside you”, or lobster chowder, he isn’t Jewish, and is playing a cruel trick, on a seafood chowder fan, he is from Pastings, Brazil {get him, use the block, tell him a new recipe, somehow, anywhere to say it, he’s after you, he took your woman, from Birdo, and she is not Peach, unless dead, Wart has won}).

Fryguy: A man who is “flaming hot”, he is a marijuana dealer whose father has broken his nose for “scoring you”, instead of “scoring off you”, he entrapped or entangled you in a scheme by “advertising”, as comics call it, actually making a drug deal he can’t handle with you, and his father is a former criminal. As soon as you see the broken nose, run, unless “boxed”, Wart is behind it, you must select Wart, and beat “the game”, by taking down a “player”, a pickup artist.

Wart: Wart has caught you seducing “the ladies”, he is gay. To be Wart, you must figure out what pickup artist manual is being used, without reading it, through befriending “Mario”, your foe, unless you are facing Wart, then you have to be “The Frog King”, and give another character, a “smooth idea”, and face castration, to avoid the worst of fates, “Prison for Being Arab”, a loveless marriage to an obese woman (Brownie).

Super Mario 3:

Mario: This is a man chased by aliens (the Russian Mob, but after the fall of communism, Super Russia, The Jews).

Luigi: Israel.

Goomba: A paranoid rat, in a gang’s intel unit. Never use the term ‘intelligence’, you can only get one.

Paragoomba: A fake enemy, a monster fly, to place in the enemy’s list.

Flying Goomba: The worst and most annoying thing ever, your dad’s boss, a marijuana user is sure to be you. Look at all his friends, watching you, at the ‘family trip’. Did you drop out of school?

Koopa Troopa: A Jewish man on a reciprocal, he thinks “you burned him”, Luigi has done this.

Paratroopa: A Rabbi, who has offered you something. Just agree, and you might win something (a Koopa Troopa, on the ground).

Lakitu: A man in a cloud, your college professor, or a teacher, in highschool (you are going to federal prison, the NSA has to check to see if you got in).

Hammer Brothers: The hardest enemy to beat, if you play fair. Always yourself, in another life, when a hammer brother was possible.

Fire Brothers: Your two “joes”, guys you hang around with, to wreck yourself on weed, not fireflower (“magic”), citrus juice.

Boomerang Brothers: Someone horrible, that taunts you forever, even after you win against them, at anything.

Ice Brother: An honorary annoying enemy, someone’s girlfriend.

Boom Boom: The leader of a house of logic, the fake college professor (he works somewhere else, but he can still get you, with a trick he learned from another foe, wings, the priesthood).

Bob-Omb: A foolish pointless mask, for your mask.

Para-Bob-Omb: You called in a bomb threat, now blame it on someone else (they reported you, whoever it was).

Cheep-Cheep: A Chinese man on “skids”, a reckless housing drive (he told you to consult with a college dropout, on your son’s housing).

Boss Bass: The horror of war, a movie you shouldn’t watch with a woman (she put you into it, if you spot it – drop it on a man, and confuse her chain of evidence, only in a unit with a psychologist and convicts).

Big Bertha: You’ve lost the game so hard, your finances are ruined, and this is your potential former wife’s future. She hates you, and wants your kids, to die on her own grave.

Thwomp: An illusory foe, this is actually a poorly built apartment (pipes are bad feng shui, haven’t you played Mario Brothers?).

Piranha Plant: The most evil thing ever, a stoned marijuana “burn” (a trick from someone), in traffic.

Chain Chomp: Anyone’s dog, ever, once you’ve had marijuana.

Bullet Bill: Someone with a gun, oh no. Avoid them forever, unless you spot that they don’t know you, then stomp them, until they “go away”, until their real self, with whomever sent them. Always a cop when they do this.

Boo: A shy girl, who will kill you, for calling them a “ghost” (you insulted a woman who you were new with).

Blooper: The silliest foe is back, a Japanese man you have mistaken as Italian or Jewish. He’s better at Mario than you are, in Super Mario Brothers 3. The game sold well in the states.

Angry Sun: A child you have disturbed.

Giant World: Fast food restaurant, with the enemies.

Larry Koopa: Someone with a mohawk in a video of them, that you have seen. Never mention him, unless you’re with someone who knows him, and don’t mention the old haircut.

Iggy Koopa: Someone who thinks they are an inventor. Pay attention to their device, and note the fraudulent nature later, with another Koopa Kid.

Roy Koopa: This kid is mistaken as being homosexual, for being a savage mongrel genius, a gangster.

Morton Koopa Jr.: This is never you, don’t pretend it’s you, then you will master him, in a match with someone else.

Wendy O. Koopa: This woman is suicidal and tragic, always call her a lesbian elsewhere, if she flirts with you in reverse (she invites into herself, as if your sexual desire she has spied upon, is in a reversed position, especially kissing – bend your head briefly to the left, instead of right, to see if she asks you if you’re gay, then dump her; just take the story she gives out).

Lemmy Koopa: Someone who wants everyone’s girlfriend. Don’t trust him, unless you have to dump someone, then mention it after the breakup.

Ludwig von Koopa: This person is criminally insane, they commit felonies, in terms of artistic and information technique, and can be used to defeat any Japanese Royal but The Emperor of Japan (the basis of the character).

Bowser: An Italian mother who has a nice new house. If you come here, you have won, you are homeless. Why are you playing Mario? That’s the Church of Satan (?).

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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