Secret Decoder Rings (Planted IRA Operative “Chet”)

Star Wars Prequels (Word of God):

Jar Jar Binks, is a man, who doesn’t like a woman in a thong (he wants ‘the tism’).

Anakin Skywalker, is gay, and because of that, everyone thinks they’re dating Padme (except for Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is single forever).

General Grievous, is having sex with your wife, right now (he’s a zombie, and nobody knows he’s dead, he’s Admiral Nelson, at the Battle of Trafalgar – a psychotic break, in Nietzsche’s time, was a transition to homosexuality, for a man, and a lobotomy).

James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig):

Each of the five films, are a rising scale on guitar, with a bass guitar pull-on between the 3rd and 4th scale notes, on the bassline to Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung”, which gives you “brain disease” if you’re a state department representative, and a woman (your mother turns into Albert Fish, a notorious serial killer who got Hassids, Iranian diamond merchants and actor’s pimps, confused with Rabbis, women’s pimps and child spy pimps).

The Nolan Trilogy:

Cillian Murphy’s “Dr. Crane” is actually Jerry Seinfeld, a fraudulent comedian, performing intelligence work for the Mossad, Ra’s al-Ghul (a man that mastered martial arts, instead of gym class, making him impossible to cheat by a role sponsor, what athletes term a ‘pedophile’, or a ‘spaz’ or a ‘mufti’, Bruce Wayne, the guy who owns Subway).

Heath Ledger’s “Joker”, is actually James Holmes, Mister Furious, who was given watermelons on his feet and a metal pot on his head, to be Machinegun Johnny, a Chinese spy for Taiwan on mutual agreement, that had a man killed for being rumored to be ‘The Scientist’ (someone practicing law for Wolfram and Hart, PAX and cosplay conventions, on intellectual property of petty claims and inventions and doodles).

Tom Hardy’s “Bane” is actually New England Patriot, Tom Brady, as Karl Marx, a fetal alcohol syndrome, who was given the insight that “an elephant never forgets” by a Jewish spy from Kurdistani stock in Lutheran Germany (the learning engram means that a target tries to fight you, if you’re placed in a certain position by living there, the elephant always goes over a cliff), with Catwoman as a woman who wants to write herself into a big part as someone else, deleting herself forever (creating a new Catwoman, a fake prostitute, like she was).

The Last Witchhunter:

A response to Harry Potter, wherein a gay Rabbi, a Jewish lawyer that practices ninjitsu or ninpo, the mental form of manipulation to kill, and the associated meditation form, cheats at soccer, so the projected analysis of a shekel, a circumference per 24 hour wage, has a projection of profit around it paid to the wage holder hired, and the project fails to gain currency traction in the foreign market where the soldier’s drill operation for a mercenary Jew, an IDF claiming Mossad, is occurring, however the wage slave is paid handsomely. If Harry Potter, a British spy is involved, MI-6 places him in the Freemasons, with a fake hospital residency, the white Lancaster flower, normally reserved for doctors that have completed residency, and are authorized to preside over illegal narcotics distribution.

The American Taliban:

Afghanistan, has been transformed into a highschool cafeteria, where Sharia, the pre-war breakdown of government into Hadith fighting squads, has occurred prematurely, hence commodity exports have shut down, and women, have been barred from speaking Arabic, necessarily for universal women’s heterosexuality worldwide, making them dominatrixes, but have also been banned from literacy, hence they’re psychologists. Men, meanwhile, have to speak Arabic, making them dog people (homosexuals), and they must consume vitamins and minerals and fresh water from Pakistan, smuggled in by Hindus using DC Comics as Richtoffen’s “Total War”, the philosophy of scoring every “kill”, wing commander movement, possible for one’s own side, by bribing a traitor, someone not paid and with stolen children, to kill homosexuals, men that prefer congenial and congenital gestures, the men that caused Osama Bin Laden to defect (men that cheated their elementary school grammar classes, or didn’t memorize their basis of law, now a New England custom, that these men are gay, Taliban being ejected from New England for pederasty for being ‘snuggly’, countering gay rights).


A TV show written by the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, to counter the Yakuza and George Soros and George W. Bush and Taliesein Games and INTERPOL. The show, takes cops, and pot dealers, and flips them, so the villains are police officers, and the police officers are pot dealer. Constructed in Hindu logic, each character is straight, except for the Penguin, the cop’s son, barring him from politics, if the father has ever held a badge. The show is used by Hindus in India especially, for transit to Pakis, Hindu Muslims, “Paki” being an Arab and Kurd slur for a fashionable, stylish Muslim, or any Muslim claiming false pretense of discussion, now viciously sack beaten by Arab Muslims, for being Nation of Islam (Israeli) or Fruit of Islam (Black Panther, British). The Pakis, think the show is literal, and can’t make sense of it, while everyone else gets the flipped roles; Pakis try to be living cats or dogs, guaranteeing prison sodomey, especially from music references, turning them into Alex Jones, of “Prison Planet”, one of the men responsible for Eric Frein and Sandy Hook, for being Christian Identity Movement and Lutheran Orthodox and Protestant Universalist and Goshar Abayam, a splinter movement of Jews that prefer Anglican myths and morals, all of them, supported by Marvel Comics and Disney and Mainland China.

The Putin Offensive:

A feagle, is a kosher kitchen in a Chinese restaurant, the basis of the United Nations committee system, otherwise a standard summit embassy building. Intended to torment Chinese and Asians, who want out of the goodness of their heart, to help Jews, it has been constructed so British can take advantage of Chinese resources, labor, and insurance investments, out of Jehovah’s Witness philosophy, that of the British Empire’s trust fund alternative, bankruptcy and poverty, to support films for foreign brokers in corporate business (philanthropy, an attempt at dominance of their own government share). Now, with peace talks occurring, the Chinese have seen that the United Nations is fake. As payment for their participation, Russian and Slavic and Italian pimps, are promoted to spymasters (authors and publishers), and their women, are now field agents, on the internet and elsewhere, as are their husbands, undoing the Jewish domination of prostitution, under the British auspice of bonder’s men. The programme was created, by placing generals (disciplinarian officers) in the field, instead of spies (politician adjunct accountants), reversing their role between front agent (now a general, the North Vietnamese Army model), and support agent (now a spy, the Civil War Union model, abolitionist draft hygiene officer).

Super Mario Odyssey:

A Super Mario game featuring Mario, as the Japanese Emperor, and Bowser, as an Italian mother born into the Jesuit logic of pederasty, from causing a psychotic break of an atheist, and then attending a Catholic university or Jesuit school, for child molesters and bestiality practicioners of pets, through psychiatric programs. Mario, wins easily, if he counters Charles Manson, the typical white supremacist populating the corridors as a student or teacher at a Jesuit or Catholic university, removing the hold of child molester (Jesuits) over the poor (those who refuse a temptation to be a police officer to an innocent man or woman they know is innocent, even a cop doing so), and now Mario fans replace the Papal Legion, the former service to kill those rich operating psychiatric wards (now having fathers who ply sexual homosexual favors to politicians, when their child has misbehaved, at the expense of the working poor, locked in inhumane sanitariums by guinea bennies, fake guidos, effeminate rich kids that watch Mob movies and try to mimic old priests, before the firearms were taken out of the Catholic clergy by Protestants and Zionists and Anglicans).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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