R. Lo Bumquist Explains Ireland (The Clover, Looks Like a Right Hand)

The Irish Nation, since its inception in the Caspian as Scythia, has been deeply tied to ideas of valor, masculinity, and distance, rejecting anything that seeks simplicity, close comfort, or ideas of fellowship or union.  We consider that homosexual, for a little fairy that has a cheeky smile for their sick, saccharine mother, perhaps this way deliberately from breeding, a hozzlenose (a hog’s beak, a cop’s wife or mother or daughter), or perhaps from force by Jews (a harrigan, a hag, a scum-nose).  Regardless of where you’re from, the Scythian gene holds this proud, from our travels as Milesians in Canaan, Egypt, Crete, Iberia, Ireland, Britain, France, and the New World.

Never a scientist to tell me who I am, never a doctor to shrink me, and always a bladed scar instead of ink vine in my flesh from a queer, for a little bagel’s boy, a German.

Scythian Virtue: The most common set of Irish soldiers, these are the common workers of a community.  They fight gangs who ride on motorcycles, travel in ‘cruisers’ (for mothers and police), operate in ‘vans’ for parties (immigrants festivals after work, carrying shotguns, ‘boomsticks’, to defend against cops and their ‘wives’, boy’s and girl’s clubs, seeking to inform for the INS or narcotics squads).  This is the common man, bound by the simple concept of a ‘handle’, with a local legend per village of their handle, always seen as false should they refuse a hooded jacket with a carpenter’s plumb, the color brown, or alternately if a ‘wight’, a college student, a green jacket or emblem.  If a ‘nig’, a drafted cop, a baseball cap is common, to indicate that they can force an enemy to smoke crack-cocaine, or another ‘aplumb’, a curse as nigrish, for claim of an open idea as their own (especially if supported by Jews and a proprietary trademark, a Kristallnacht, named by a legendary Fenian Kurd, Adolf Hitler).

Darfur: The “black Irish”, these are Arabs, Africans, and Egyptian Coptics, “the homeys”, “along for the ride”.  They ain’t never had nothing, that means they’re rich, they always have something.  Once a man has an idea, they can carry it forever, and if robbed by anti-psychotics, ‘dope’ (opium), or ECT, or castration, the retaliation forces are sure to come, against any doctor or nurse or pharmacist or psychiatrist in an Irish family, with the slur that ‘you’ve failed your Irish relative for the Mossad’, a common mockery of the Israelis to put the little pipsqueaks in a hobo unit run by Ace Comics, an Irish imprint.  Dick Tracy is each and every Irishman anyways, always with a claim of joke related to the hat, as an expulsion for well meaning scientist at Ballinhoe lobotomy wards and other hospitals where medicine is claimed to be practice, but is instead a special education room literature teacher in the eighth grade, teaching their kids ot get raped by us, in the ‘dinkle hole’, their nose, by picking our nose inn front of them; until they became their father, another college PhD, someone who flunked their life and learned Sophocles, a basic collegiate degree’s only necessity (everything else, is just talking to someone, and playing with little gears and gizmos, invented by handymen, they call ‘factory workers’ or ‘research scientists’ or ‘doctors’ or ‘statesmen’).

Celts: The Iberians, now called Spaniards after having been replaced, falsely placed on France by ‘pussies’, little cats we skin by cutting off their ‘women’ (giving their female family members a psychotic break underage, for being ‘Sicilians’, gangsters, or ‘wops’, Irish cops or Italian ‘family men’, Deacons or police detectives).  This is a feminist matriarchy, of dominatrix, cyber sex, and cheap fling, that the women want on the side.  Drugs, cigarettes, booze, cheap money, criminal advice, fetish wear, business fronts, good looking ‘tail’ (pantyhose), and of course, references to Jewish movies meant to capture us (like Hard Candy, a guy that’s into thongs, because it makes a woman not soil herself when she’s aroused, so she doesn’t have to clean her shit out of her underwear every day).  This is ‘femdom’, a homophobic and transphobic and non-bisexual expression of sex, for heterosexual men that are ‘tired’ of that ‘working day’, where the pressure to marry a wife, a ‘Jewess’ (regardless of ethnicity), makes you ‘Jewish’, you have a cheap floozie or nymph stalking you, and you need to put her in the ‘meat hole’, with a drug deal or a temporary ‘connection’ (a guido pimp, another male on this list), to kill her male ‘liasion’ (the hookup) with a heroin overdose (he drank too much beano, sir, he didn’t know how to fart – In The Navy).

Irish Mob: This the common crook, the ex-con, prison, and informant populaces, anyone who might snitch on an Englishman, a Freemason, a Boy Scout, a Brownie, or a Lutheran.  The enemy of Germany, they bust up the ‘krauts’, into ‘schnitzel’; killing dogs, skinning cats, poisoning potatos, and of course, ordering plenty of lobster, steamers, scallops, oysters on the half shell, and chowder, on ‘disability bucks’.  A proud patron of Irish socialism, the ability to make a purchase and not make a payment, they cluster in rings, ‘hoods’, to pay back their dues to society, by frequently fine establishments with EBT (Shaws, but some people, like pork barrel spending, from Stop and Shop, ‘real greasy’ sausage), or alternately, spending their extra cash on Marlboros and Jim Beam, when they ‘come into it’ (their father is pissed off at ‘the wife’, and forces you to spend, so she can afford a trip, off the rest of the family – sorry, the handmedowns aren’t coming, because of that loser son of mine).  ‘Margaritaville’, says the ladies.

Irish Mafia: The proud and represented division of fake spies, fake business men, and fake landlords.  These are the handymen, business men, secretaries, authors, college students, and ‘low unemployed’, the stuff that dreams are made of.  The subject of many biopics and movies, by enraged Jewish dads without children (they’re waiting until ‘the economy’ does better, and they can gay marry the Irish Mafiaso).  The homophobes division, they handle ‘stack housing’, the source of the Irish drugs, booze, beer, and ‘pins’ (stuff like clonopin and atavan), by stocking piling bricks of marijuana in vaccum seal bags, ‘giving back to the community’ and selling highschoolers liquor and cigarettes, congregating in an area with a liquor store and calling in the Irish to bring iiquor manuals from Ireland and Canada to town for future management and new business deals overseas with the Irish State, and their specialty, journalism, covering the Irish cause for the Boston Herald, the New York Tribune, and the Sun Times of Midwonton, Vermont.

Irish Republican Army: This is the common Irish footsoldier, specializing in sales of military weaponry, cop body armor, movement of food supplies, shutting down anti-Irish businesses (anyone that’s harmed the Irish), and moving ‘income’, dead bodies, through a town to isolate Freemasons and Lodgemembers and Guilds, before Synagogues move away and take away the ‘fliff’, the rat tail girls and scummy boys, and put the heat on ‘us’, the commonly subscribed public.  They specialize at door clears, bomb boys, and the most lethal, the tenement fire, where a fire department has its trucks put on full alert due to a ‘smoke’, some kid making popcorn in the microwave, because of a ‘rat’, a German Protestant, hacking the network for ‘the cops’, Lutheran Germany and German Counter Terror, Neo-Nazis and their Skell friends, the CIA.  Any Irish male or female that’s been in the presence of a ‘jock trained’ Irish, an Irish cop or female undercover with Irish blood, is a default IRA, a highly dangerous terrorist with nothing to live for after seeing the pain of a beaten dog that’s one of their own, an Irish police officer.

Irish Wights: The British White Society, known as gamblers and gentleman’s club betters and stripper fans, has its foe, in the Irish Wights.  These are authors, writers, intellectuals, drug users, chain smokers, whiskey jims, and black intellectuals, all working together out of Colombia, Israel, Russia, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Niger, Nigeria, Germany, Vancouver, Montreal, New York City, Boston, and France, to take down forced contracts, impelled hypnosis, forced drafts of work orders, psychiatric orders, legal suits, castration doctors, transgender therapists, and rabbinical strongarms.  Anyone that wants ‘free’, has a whole squad of elite Wights show up, Nobles and Gypsies and ‘Catholic-Jews’, real sick fucks that have a bone to pick with their favorite book being written by a slave.  The Houseboy’s best friend, they come in on a suicide tour and get hit up real hard, just getting your draft on copy, to free the entire unit, everyone; actors, actresses, kids, directors, thespians, set makers, network executives, even the Israelis trapped in the decision process.  They’re always after one nefarious woman: The Queen of England.

Sinn Fein; An O’Neill, a Fergus, or a Pikey.  The top cracksmen and lairdswomen, they specialize at countering “Belfast-Jews”, FRU units hiding in the English community with loyalty to Britain, persecuting those seeking abortions, those refusing marriage, those pushing homosexuality or bisexuality on others, those making jokes about farts or sneaking in bathrooms, and especially those using the law as a bully, instead of a force to oppose a larger public opinion or military fact of strength.  They might side with anyone, but their top notch nemesis, the Force Recon Unit, is always listed in a register of police officers, but offered as mobsters, each and every one a kid in a “Royal Scotsman” outfit, a closet gay man from Canada, a racist Jew from Britain, a humiliated marriage of a British soldier from Belfast, a bondage submissive from Australia, or a child pedophile prostitute from Tasman.  New Zealand, Ireland, and Boston, are the chief operating waters, working out of Kiribati.

Fenian Brotherhood: The top notch, sir.  The Muhammadan bloodlines, they are immune to convert to Islam, with a limbic cocyx that’s impossible to break, hence the kow-tow, the bondage submission into a dog, Islamic prayer, is impossible, they can’t learn Arabic but are fluent with French, and they have a Gaelic liver combined with an Amish lung for cigarettes.  Each of them is called a “Shyster”, on call for a “Shyguy”, a Jewish lawyer that needs a high paid specialist on down payment, and they specialize at killing Royals (impossible for anyone but a Kurd Royal, a Muhammadan), Gypsies (always with an atypical Gypsy bloodline, having mimicked the nemesis form of each female Gypsy encountered, and turning each male Gypsy into a homosexual asexual), and Jews (each kills, the preferred Jewish method of hire to clean out their politics).  There are predictable games that Shyguys play, but always in a different method, with dozens of different references to them in world literature, collected by Friedrich Nietzsche in his works.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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