Rare Genome Primer

Uber Personality: An uber personality, is someone holding one or more rare genomes, necessitating a particular specialization in an industry or way of business, even a criminal life, before pallatably fit to have a child, or a spouse and raise a family. It’s referred to as a criminal technique, frequently, by authors, however is more of a method of understanding each as a business conveyance, necessary to manage geo-politics at the grandest level.

Noble. A spinal diffusion, the bend of the back reversed, plus a tumor, at the back of our skull, letting them commune with metal and metal lines and metal weapons or armor, through their reptilian brain, the medulla oblongata. This way, they can respond to hydroelectric instincts and transways, disrupted by ‘telepathic’, an ooze muscle in the head, the lower lateral shaft, when disrupted by ’causeways’, lightning storms or electric fields like EMP or solar flares or shift impulses (‘doomsdays’, a tax census day to spot dead).

Roma: A spinal diffusion, the bend of the back reversed, plus an unique fighting form from Greek legend, written by them as case studies of civilized management of farms and armies, allowing them to cheat the social sciences, witchcraft if not played upon by equality, and carried around by society, by the Bible, a book they wrote in 12 scribes tactics, plus the binding concept of ‘Family’, the contribution by Judas Iscariot’s line, the wantering Mycenean horse thieves.

Hebrew: A spinal diffusion, the bend of the back reversed, with no ulcers or ulceritis, from drinking alcohol, and get gallstones instead, from being allergic to the point of fatality, to deep saltwater ooze, at the bottom of the sea floor, from the Arctic, that is swept into low birthwaters by currents, to feed clams and other animals, like shrimp, mussels, scallops, and small belly squid, as well as oysters and octopi. Results in a ‘low sleep’ environment for their life, constantly fidgety ill in appearance, but quite intelligent, quizzical, and deadly at authorization, poorly noted and always vigilant from being poison by shellfish by hand and exchange techniques.

Mestizo: The roundness of the skull, allows increased lateral exchange of the corpus collusm, allowing an individual to understand any implied context term, hence rape is impossible while both hemispheres are intact.

Han: The small cocyx, the tailbone, enhances women through culture at art challenges, necessary to breed into capability of delivering an infant, through obstretrician, from building fitness at the squat, pelvis, and inner thigh, to the point of lethal ability to engage others through dyed picture constructs, commonly regarded as pedophilia; however not practiced by men, hence the women don’t steal semen or molest children or commit acts of rape, unless outside of men’s range of boundary with matching cocyx genome, hence they are marked as non-mating for potential harm to entire community, at a singular ‘dick’, the term for it as a woman (the woman, is a dick, her tailbone is too long).

Paleolith: The Five Princes of All Kingdoms, and the Emperor, found in pre-Ice Age cultures of China (all six), plus the Mexica Azteca of Tenochticlan (the King/Emperor of China). These are genetic cultures born to arrange five criminal cultures, that eventually became the five categories of university sciences, plus the Mexica, which are the founders of modern espionage, and anything similar, through understanding how to ‘ring mark’, placing one individual with an ability gift, to remove from those possessing the enemy ability (malinke, the gifted man or woman, he is now gay, and the profile assaulting but assisted, they are now ‘dinks’, the term for a ‘low level accountant’ in your culture, actually an Asian man of Han blood that failed to control his woman). The enemy trait, ‘ability’, is the only individual incentive for placement of the new ‘warbo’, to activate the ringing ability, the ‘halo’ (the image that the individual being ‘trolled’, now an archaic term in Jewish Dead Sea fishing, is actually performing the behavior the ‘fools’ are using, the proper Anglican Monastic term, thank you Mz. Gwenn Pratt for teaching me sport booking at a level I could use it).

African: A bended rictus inside the lower intestine, allowing the Africans to eat anything on the planet, with ‘the itis’ for an allergy, to determine what gene blended in, through study of ‘arachne’, family, a modified Obeah (Kurdish-African, we all use it though), to see who is allergic to what, for arranged marital alliance (after military deployment, in Africa, only time it is allowed, or else the witch hunter comes, and puts a twirler out there, a spy so asinine that they didn’t do an information warfare dump, to artists, especially after art is made).

Slavic: Shared by Siberians, northern Native Americans, Brazilians, and the most savage Chinese-Slavs, the Huns, the Slavic gene indicates you understand a basic pronouncement of lower facts of matter from observation, and can spot a ‘woman’s hand’, taking an entire science with the single female industry, then summarizing it, so women can understand it as a religious witchcraft of crime (unless you don’t drink alcohol, then women hate it, a major improvement of the Colonial age, women’s rights in scientific culture among Natives and Mestizos). Normally regarded as a ‘family history of alcoholism’, so the information is stolen, instead of placed in a bomb book (meant for Nuns, in Europe, and the Mossad, the super team, actual name, demanded by Mossad).

Frankish: The transgender gene, we understand everything as if in multiple relations of genders upon observation, appropriate for home, play, work, promotion, fighting, and of course, avoiding love making the wrong way (the prostitution trap, where you have to rape, before you are charged and have to marry, another French women particularly, the worst nightmare, you married a harrigan, a woman that wants to marry a priest – a really dangerous spy working for England, out of Rome, a compulsive liar unless speaking in cloisters, with a specially trained deacon talking to them for ‘orders plans’, to be given to the community, moving entire continents).

Persian: The Hittite gene of Moses, these guys all look alike, and if you kill one, they inherit the identity, among their entire people, with personal names kept hidden, in case they have a daughter, who don’t look alike. Once you let a Hittite Sassanid in, it’s impossible to keep them out of the profession, the division, the unit, or the paycheck. Professional thieves, the only type of professional thief we’ve ever had. They meet at least one other Sassanid, and they are so blithe to the death of their own, that they regard everything as ‘money’, a deliberate term for a woman, a beauty queen (female serial killer in prize fighter terms), being a traded parcept of monetary real estate.

Scottish: The Alba gene, this gene causes a business scheme from their father to ‘foul’, pronounced ‘foil’, unless ‘foul’, it was countered and created a new protection against the ‘foil’, a new form of insurance to be sold, by the Alba gene. Insurance is a convenient monetary fund for investment to make cinema, art, and to dominate any country with a protectee, a philanthropist, that serves his own business interests by separating his company of consort from the funding of his own federal or national interest, then investing overseas as a ‘syndicate’, a criminal form of labor where his company is viewed as an union, for diplomatic purposes. In essence, he is grabbing up a huge territory, politically and geospherically, in his own country, then placing it in your country, through insurance bonuses for you, to let him ship in a product to assemble, attached by money to ‘prime the deal’, the philanthropy, before finally inflating all the currency in his own country but his, deflating since it’s all in the hands of his human labor, now brilliant and his powerbase.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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