The Vietnam War (The Sweet Science)

Five Legendary Boxers, and the Vietnam War:

Muhammad Ali, worked in Latino prison youth training, teaching them to apply boxing, for the military, to be spies. He was highly paid. A Jewish peace activist, with the help of goons from the Jewish-Yiddish Mafia, forced him into Shi’ism, and into a slave’s life, as a professional boxer.

Chuck Wopner, was a pollice officer, that dropped off the force after he got mugged by a white supremacist that found out he was a red-haired Jew, with a name that was offensive if pronounced correctly, to Italians, who knew it was an Italian name that earned the term (Italian cops’ families, used to be Wopners).

Sonny Liston, was a gang intelligence resource, to countering Ontario mobsters, that were spying on Buddhists masturbating, out of misplaced cultural eugenics, believing that a small penis for for college. All prizefighters practice Buddhist, as do college students that don’t raise homosexual effeminate or lipstick masculine sons or daughters (self-hating submissive fecalphaliacs).

Leon Spinx, was taken down before his time, in the boxing ring, by Sonny Liston, for having an amusing name, and went to the poor house, for dodging Vietnam, but not converting to Islam, among the African Islamic movements, as opposed to the actual Nation of Islam IDF that victimized Cassius Clay.

George Foreman, was a Carabinieri by ambition, but really just a dumb Russian mobster, that turned brilliant under the tutelage of the future legendary promoter, Don King.

The Actual Incident:

Muhammad Ali, didn’t know how close he was to dying, from a lethal blow, against Chuck Wopner.

Wopner was an alcoholic, and Ali’s family was in liquor consignments. They sold store engrams, the name of the story and the cattle campaigns, even the hard stuff, real drinker’s rum, ‘punch’, illegal in the states. A sugar booze.

Ali kept acting ‘white’, in the boxing match, and Wopner was going under, hard.

Ali had the same fatal stroke that Wopner had, but he’d never use it, boxing is a homosexual sport.

He was daring Wopner, to be a heterosexual with him.

Wopner and Ali had the exact same build, Ali was an O’Neill and Wopner was a Fergus, making it more challenging for Wopner, without the sight (and Wopner, was Jewish).

Ali used liposuction and botox, to get through as an O’Neill. Otherwise, he’s out of the league, for being so brutally powerful, he couldn’t die in the ring.

Ali even juiced, with Shi’ism, Sevener form, Parkinson’s, for a commando spy, like I did.

That’s why George Foreman, came in, with a theology degree just for this, to test to see if Ali was drinking before matches (if he was using military Islam, instead of out-of-range Islam, you’re some crazy fuck that thinks the Great Lakes, are a desert, where you need the accessories of a Muslim).

George Foreman, put a brass knuckle, in his left glove, and slammed Ali with it, during the theology professor’s bout, right before the main event, on the demanded deaconship’s test, of the Nation of Islam, the Israeli Defense Forces’ outlet for black spies, only MI-6 once, with Malcolm X.

Muhammad Ali had a head wound, from Sonny Liston, setting up Leon Spinx, for record beatings. Sonny Liston, was an O’Neill, that did the liposuction and botox trick too, to get into trim form, but he was obsessed with being Moriarty, from Sherlock Holmes, and ‘juicing fighters’, with a mugger blow, even in their pre-teens.

Muhammad Ali had ducked his, but it put his left hip on a right cant, so he’d seem homosexual, a prizefighter.

He wasn’t gay.

That means, Foreman’s blow, nailed him, for jacking off with both hands.

The King is Crowned:

Don King was a checkers master by his bragging, that worked in a convenience store that sold specialty soda, for the Soda Jerks, a branch of the Kurds. White ones, that got out of the ballclub trade, and traded up to handling lawyer actuaries’ management for catering.

He lost his kid, in a car accident, and became a boxing promoter.

He thought anthropology and sociology, the study of mice through leadership travel and architecture sleeping, had become National Socialist; he was taught this under the tutelage of the soda jerks.

He found a more honorable career

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