Desert Knife Fighter Logik (Shyst Thievery)

Arabic Sources of Shyster Logik (Proper Word Pair, Precursor of Text Slur):

You have a series of games, each of them manipulating our inventions. They are based in name on region, and modern role created to support them, with us as the entrepreneurs that began the ‘guild’, not of business, but of logic, that supports us, by giving us information munitions hardware. Any of us, if a Buddhist non-fasted, without Hinduism or Hare Krishna, can design a new one. If you turn it into a business, an apprenticeship anywhere, you have a new one.

Theater Player (Muensthen): This person, sees a corrupt system in fiction (the Quran), and then places their enemy, inside a lesser system (the Bible), challenging someone, using a poor man’s system (The Torah) but as a rich man’s weapon (crime) and we counter, with a shanty (a religiously produced piece of art).

Yiddi Nachi (Sanid Perse): This person, has access to an invention, a print, but whoever designed it, was inspired by a person using an invention, a mnemonic, so nobody will let them print it (a king or prince), hence we steal the basic invention, and move it, so there’s a market to the gifted, and then, when the market stops, everyone has it under the original name, of the mnemonic. The mnemonic’s family, makes all the cash. We just moved it for someone.

Blackwing King (Ifrit Listchi): This person, is in a trade, a common labor, and a Jew, has demanded a fraud. Instead of producing everything to sell, at starvation, the Shyster, comes up with a game, of logic, past played by the Jew who has arranged the deal, out of common happenstance. We then insult the Jew, in an act outside of Judaism, but personal to the sexuality of the foe, so they are a hero, to their friends, with our agent informing them, as the calling referee (the origin of the term), so every time they cheat, they play a game of life or death with themselves, that if we waive, we win automatically, and don’t take the contract requested.

British Snipers (Fowl Ducke): This person, had a job, and made an inconsequential error, that they consider severe, and they pick up tobacco, the old Amish vice. They become an assassin, for any secret or public court, through an agent, volunteering by making their mark with a letter, and a criminal item, with a traded license that is prohibited. They then trap the tradesman attempting to corner, and place their face, on a crosshairs, the rifle’s device named for our trick, the ‘scope’. Sometimes, it’s a real gun, but rarely, because it has to come from the civic government (that of law and locality).

Prison Historian (Frankish Jew): This person, was called in, on a mercenary job, on an unruly populace. The detained, are running the detainment facility, on a project of military or espionage or perhaps corporate import. They are placed in your critique, of their method, through the deficit you had, at defeating them. Each one of them, is now a specialist, in defeating their prior way of life, through their new gift of freedom, called ‘culture’, after our invention of this concept. Really an apothecary term.

Left Hand Men (Obeah Voudoun): These people, are snake hunters, with a woman on the outside, for the law, and a man inside himself, a voodoo man. This is a detective’s job, on a private investigation with no office or rank, going into a dangerous situation, to claim a witchblade, a criminal weapon used by a society of police. We’re after a gay man, somewhere in the ranks of the police, that is disobeying the sheriff’s chief, and attempting to abscond with men against their will, perhaps pledged to women. If successful, there is a riot, to take down the central computer node, the origin of ‘computer’ from this – the road’s marcuered monitor income, the method of tracking the victims. This way, we recover the schematics, of the weapon stolen, for study.

Bugsy Bonders (Roulette Wheel): A man of state, comes up with some game, to play, when he’s a child, to throw away politics, since he’s a Woad, forbidden from office, by his own hand, as a criminal accountant. He sets up a contract, from a literary reference of ground run, a festival observance of live bloodsport, with Bugsy as the player. The crazy man, must dodge traps and come to sensors (the term for finger agents, spies monitoring him to gather information for the festival). Then, the test is to see if Bugsy, can accomplish the ground game, and take down the investor, the ‘sinkhole’, the place of tourism or venture that is not benefitting the state hiring.

Minority Actuaries (Negro Nasti): These men are fundings of those seeking military operatives, out of the poor and weak and meek and oppressed. We represent them, as men of honor. We cook the books, the tracking of accounts, to spot ourselves as the embezzler, falsely, not the real thief, the military contractor. Instead of sending a children’s crusade, we send ourselves, as one blood mad man, a sculptor of a bust, to produce a formula that stands the test of time. If you’ve stolen it, your family line, will not be able to imbibe alcohol, or marry heterosexually, but a heterosexual marriage you will have.

British Privateer (Union Rastatear): The false dubloon, this is for a man with a double-set name, perhaps English, or perhaps French, every single Woad in some point of venture, even a military alias. They will perform five acts, giving to their preferred industry of training, preparing for a child. Then, they change sides, for a new contract, and hunt the French, through an open Celtic Knot, with a spinning circle around the nodes, around the empty gem, the coin that has an invisible side, the back, where it lays upon the middle finger. Only visible to you see, the affiliation.

Pacifist Magician (Druze Umayyad): An incident has occurred, where you have had four years, to love a woman, an angel eyes, and then you lose her, and turn gay. When coming to your senses, you have attracted a man in love with his mother, a homosexual but of honor, who will side with the unit she had planned for you. He goes in, deep in, and discovers his own mother, that evil which made him love woman he cannot have, and he will rape her, in a way only she understands, destroying his unit forever. A Wiccan is a mentor, of a supersoldier.

Deadbeat Dad (Ali Shi’ite): Many people are called a deadbeat dad, but none understand what it is, to attract a female serial killer, for a cobra’s dance. She will take from you, and she has everything she wants, but she hates your father. This is the dance of the Napoleonic, the Guard, who may die, but they never retire. We still serve him, the Emperor of France, and even if we be Danes and Irish and Fenians, we extoll the virtues of Napoleon and his spiritual son, Vidocq. The son shall be a menace, avenging his grandfather he’s rarely met, to slay his mother’s evil kin, while leaving her be, understanding what made her evil, through careful study as only a child could. And when it comes the right time, he will allow himself to be caught, to meet his father in form of shape, a judge of a circuit. The real plan will unveil, to eliminate the temptation, which made his mother, a murderer, and although it cannot be eliminated, it will be trapped.

Nietzschean Society (Chartley Pond): A publishing society which understands the criminal vice involved with authorship, these are the traders in borrowed text through publishing house. A rare, unknown, unique, perhaps popular text is taken, and applied to a mathematical cipher, to break a code of behavior important to understanding a criminal technique. Once given to a collegiate professor’s circle, the text will become legendary, for some slur in private trade, of a late, great, dead man of state, an author that wasn’t discovered in his time, except to a few loving fans. Then, the author shall be traded until the end of time, as a Guttenberg; someone who has caused a disaster, they have prevented from becoming worse, as Nietzsche helped those Jews that fled Europe come up with a new life, as author.

High Markers (Jew Hunter): The X guild, these men no longer exist, having fallen deep into enemy captivity. A contract with another world, to kill someone they admire, not through guns or right, but through seizing an enemy publication for money. It’s not the gun, but that’s useful, or the fist, but that could work, and you need all of them for the real dangerous stuff, the company hunt of a criminal fugitive that ripped you off. No, the Shyster uses this, to get all of his men and women moving, on greaseballs, the term for a protection support unit, through a printed piece in enemy quarters, before a signal back home, through the same company, having proven his heroism not through his behavior, but through that one legend that moment of inspiration that made you of two worlds. A two-face.

The Outlaws (Swedes Marxmen): These are men that never much liked your violence. Guns, shouts, punches, crucifixes, crosses, starvings, poisons, books, and hats. We need all of that, but it ain’t a prison sentence. So we’ll take your little Colt revolver, when you shoot at us, and we’ll figure out some way, to strip it. That’s called Islam.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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