Shortcut Quick Draft Strategies (Marcelo’s Tables)

A marcelo table, is a mancala term, for a quick draft edit, on how to cheat another table – namely and mainly, to recruit infantry for your own side based on heroic valour, should you enjoy the strategy’s homeliness (the simplicity of play). Each of these is the core ‘fowl’, the duck’s wadder, in a strategy, to make it heterosexual and vigorous, when played by a man or a woman, the ultimate function of African nobility to make everyone a marital companion to a woman, if a man, or to a prior’s lad, if a woman who has lost her husband (a pornography actress, in American culture, an Obeah ladess, in Africa, or in England, a pedophile killer, a hunter of the high nobility whom use ‘beverlies’ for their pornography).

This is a Fenian Brotherhood cheat sheet, from the 19th and early 20th century, before the advent of the comics printing press allowed the influence of the Irish Republican Army to be founded, based on wheat commerce industry in sodium stores.

This stores are intended for preservatives, for Irish families, who require the substance based on liquor intoxication being prevelant, and yes, necessary. This necessity is at threat of war and racial genocide to anyone refusing this simple pleasure of a glass of ale or wine or punch, or hard shots for those abused by the enemy, the Church of Martin Luther.

Among those considered as German Protestant or Episcopalian, ‘Prots’, are the Salvation Army’s requisite programs against drug use and merriment, for their own souls, not ours, us the intended military monetary commerce for cowards, Chadwicks the lines call themselves, as if a Jewish Henderson note on a failed banking family they’ve ruined to their own gruffenpeach – their saggy pussies beneath their noses, those hot flailing windsacks the Germans call a mouth in alliance with Muslims from overseas, our Pashtun lines not included).

Playwright Assassins (stage actors born to natural warfare without implicating self in any form of film or art as posture, only to trap enemy doing so): The enemy will use a stage, and a penny dreadful, and you have to see what lower stage you can lure their scout into, to attack you, while you use a novel of predicated form and commit, to move out with a schlocker, a shanty stage.

Patent Thieves (thefts from the Yiddish community and the High Temple of Solomon’s attempt of foundries of production company or commerce note): You hit a display shelf, of Yiddish manufacture texts, knowing the localities of name and why it can’t be sold, stealing from a mnemonic inspiration, to trademark your child’s title from a prototype for market, and then sell the trademarked manual, at original name, in a different region.

Grendel Forges (contract commerce of guarantee at note from placement of contract cheat, master of strategy over game play, at lethal game with self, surrounded by own friends on their hand): You take a man trying to cheat your contract on a guarantee payment to end of debt, and place a game into play, with real consequences, so if they try to cheat the contract, they’ve already played a familiar game, but with themselves as the hero, so you know they blew it on you.

Amish Fouls (assassin children born out of urban slums assisting those of farm country on ‘Amish Hustles’, high level intelligence contracts for Amish yore for placement in Dutch Country as children adults, to learn and weep their errors of poverty in cycle previous and prior): You’ve made an error on your work to peace, so now you are a contracted assassin with an urban cop as your contact, to bring you out in serve of a high representative of a monarch, paid for with a child or wife, of the blood they were attached to.

Conquistador Inquisitors (historian studies of a foreign culture, to break it for being homosexual and sinful, by placing them into their own ideology, from your view, forcing their hand into yours, to make them a cat for the slaughter and the high hang off a tree’s knot): You save a child, by taking away their mother, or you save a warrior, by bonding them into a wife. The level of incarceration, breaks a rule of the common people, each level higher they were to their equivalent, in your government, but theirs, and you educate them, on their own systems, but as you see it, to break them in rivalry to their form, keeping them as special soldiers throughout their lines.

Shadow Sinisters (opposition against gay police informants and the resulting riot against gay rights among police fraternal societies, ‘the snakes’): You have a wife, on the other side of the law, and you’re a criminal, working the snakes, the dirty cops, to take away their witchblade used for secret society, and place it in open view of the people, by inducing an act of brutality against the snake informant, and causing a riot, a hell’s gate.

Double Zeros (the roulette reference to an unfair table stacked to your odds, by virtue of you owning a share in casino from the amount of play being alotted and not played by you nor attending): You have a literature form of art, that you play a running game with, in a production company not your own, and placed against your enemy, to split the production company printing you in art, with the placement of your alleged operating aegis. Therefore, each run, you will have a unique theory of method, based on your hire’s worst fantasy.

Negro Ballclubs (a simple act of supporting a youth liquor commerce by childhood investment in community, from theft being guaranteed if for theft of woman, not imbibement of alcohol in later life, hence contract’s summary is of disposition of payment up front): You manage a business related to a traditional game of African logic, come to America and displaying itself inside a piece of Americana; your only code, is that stealing is allowed if planning for their future, not for a woman, therefore you develop an accounts business regimen, on demand, where if you aren’t paid, you have to be reimbursed with a wife.

Union Jacks (a style unique to you with an open eye at a Celtic Knot, to destroy anyone using sailor’s culture out of Gaullic France, labeling them as homosexual in their congenital depression suffered by cleanliness culture and clear sheeted speech improximity): You perform five drops into a contribution to your highschool education or the similar, before moving to a false flag of allegiance, and hunting them from mercenary ports of prior affiliation. You have three positions, and a relationship with your father, replaced by your wife, and there’s a moving motion to a downward stance, an act of combat, or moving across the downward stance, to the other two sides, in a wheel, with an open side, your empty space, turned around from your hand as a dubloon, your washer’s coin.

Wiccan Sorcerors (an auspice of working two unions into the same whole without being seen, slaying a clandestine military act of pact with indoctrination of cowardly soldiers, homosexuals): You work with the police and the spies, but two different countries, so you are unaware whom you are working for. Your goal, is to place a gay man, inside a military unit, that wants a suicide soldier, teaching them that a suicidal warrior, is homosexual, so the unit collapses, and your homosexual candidate, takes over the prison system. Magicians design prisons, and you’re turning a man, into a skeleton key, for gay men.

Rice Men (the dragnet lure of a woman’s desire to have a son without pay to your elders, your parents, and if betrayed, none other be having it, for the game is simply the same, you refuse to acknowledge anyone born out of your own wedlock and personal will of marriage, otherwise declaring them a feeble hand at their own erection): You work rice for a living, for French patriotism, the root of which is identifying an evil woman, and allowing her to rape you. The son, therefore, guises himself out through the evil mother with another father chosen for him, and becomes a police vigilante, consuming himself in a pyre as he discovers the roadwork that’s inside her inner world, undoing it by labeling the conspiracy maligning your father by her hand, as your own code.

Swiss Penguins (the art of playing myths with defiers, those considering education their opinion, not the code of honor given to an institution expecting to handle and treat all students equally): Authors and petty literature men, your job is to find rare books, always applicable to an enemy’s code, misused or otherwise, and place them in dossier sets to the right people, as exchange book racks, out of your publishing companies and publicists. Each set of books, needs a particular rumor, as a warning, inherent in the individual giving them out, hence there will be a signal that your operation has gone off.

Bounty Guild (the target of a politician in direct contradiction to your genome and theirs matching, hence they supporting Rabbinical clergy or Catholic Papacy, and are targeted by a cultural notification of bulletin, before a signal back to your contract payee for a mission of honor and genetic self-preservation of tribe or people): You have a name lost to history because of a grander man, and you now take a long distance dispatch contract, before a hard fall into confinement in an enemy unit working guts and bullets, you plant a reference to your own kind, and then you plant a proof of life, before going down as a poster representing your original unit.

Federal Marshalls (a bounty unit to take on those seeking missions of arms, technique, technology, armsbrothers, information, documents, files, or magick acumen, hence torn asunder by their demand to be recognized in defiance of state’s laws, and if state’s laws should change, then the civic government is to be remembered as if in myth of the quiet days hunting vigilantes, until the day rises anew): You are against gun ownership by anyone other than the civic government, especially missionary arts, so you need to post a bail warden on a hop that never happened before arrest, post the fee collected by your marshall and pay off your tipster, and then the marshall takes the shot, reverses the nock, and puts it out on their leg, crippling your gunslinger.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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