Four Year Business Degree (Highschool Calculus)

How to calculate marketing:

A fraction equation is taken, with an outcome, with two terms of constant, both relating in income of item tangible, with the last removed as the outcome of non-tangible, the quotient.

There are two equations, then, for the marketing equation.

One of them, features the income of items tangible, to be advertising space, and purchases thereof, the first equation to be calculated.
The second of them, features the income of production, and payment thereof, the second equation to be calculated.

Three calculations, with both pairs, must be made.

The first, as dictated, to determine purchased work on share, the incorrect equation.

The second, as dictated, to flip the second equation, upside down, with the same quotient returned for both, the requested metric of funding.
The third, as dictated, is the second calculation, however with the proper pair of quotients, so the second set of quotients from the first and second, may be placed in a long division set, with the remainder as your profit over time, for measure.

So put that in a variable calculus proof, and find the remainder you want, for your profit over time.

That’s three equations, on a sigma, the first equation on the sigma, has to be marked as an imaginary number, a deliberate contradiction.

That’s an ‘i’, the imaginary number.

Sigma-1i: a/b = z-i Sigma-2: $c/d = a2 Sigma-3 = z-i / a2 R-type: $2500 profit over time.

So you want to make $2500, to your profit over time.

a2, is how much money you ask for.

z-i is your work given to your team, the share, an impossible notion.

Hence z, is an ‘i’, an imaginary number.

So you solve, for a2 and z-i, to produce a remainder of $2500.

Now, since it’s a remainder, z-i has to be higher, than $2500, but not a factor or multiple.

Remember, you aren’t supposed to be able to solve Sigma-1i.

That’s a broken equation.

Sigma-1i is too tall.

It can’t analyze itself.

It’s your work share of assignment (the percentage of market, a fake term, not necessary to project).

So your payment to workers, is being divided.

That’s a2

So we take a minus, leaving 25 left over, from the difference being flawed.

We’re staging the divisor upwards.

Then we have to multiply the divisor, by 100.

Let’s say our a2, is 80.

That means, z-i, is 65.


So we’ve got Sigma-3 solved.

As practice.

Our worker share, of the project, is 5,500.

That means the items sold, and your advertised space, have a share of 550,000 percent.

Flawed math, doesn’t matter, it’s our imaginary number.

It’s Sigma-1i.

Now, we’re paying our employees per worker, $80,000 a piece.

That’s the dollar salary.

So let’s move up, to Sigma-2.

Production, over workers, our time concept.

2a, is time.

Let’s say I have five guys for this.

3,300 dollars, of projected revenue, from 5 workers.

We want to make 3,300 off this, for 5 workers

For a goal revenue of profit over time, of $2,500.

So we’ve got both our Sigmas calculated, that aren’t the ‘i’, the imaginary number.

Now, zi, is broken, that’s 5,500 percent

We leave it broken.

Let’s say that each worker, has to place one ad space item, 5 advertising spaces, one per worker.

That means, there are 1,100 items to be sold on projection.

And we’re done.

Each worker, being paid 80,000 for their time, has to place one ad space, projected to sell 1,100 items a piece, to make a profit-over-time of $2,500 dollars for the firm.

If the profit-over-time is $0, it’s a car accident.

You’ve killed your management team.

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