The Riddler Explains “The Departed”

Prefacing our discussion of ‘The Departed’, a single line stands out. Frank Costello says, in narrative reflective remark, “In my day, we could be two things. Cops, or criminals.”

What does this mean? Well, when we’re young, our sides of dominance, based on our terms of facial gesture, require the concept of knowing when to look at a woman, and when not to look at a woman. In other words, your mother, is disciplining other children, or your father, does so, in front of a family gathering.

The child, may get confused, and sometimes, they get the concept of the earring on the male (marking them as a college professor or psychiatrist, if heterosexual) confused; an earring on the right ear, is gay, and an earring on the left ear, is straight. Otherwise, in the college professor or psychiatrist’s role, it’s a male serial killer; especially if they didn’t get the job. Otherwise, we have our standard role breakdown, between “cops” and “criminals”, as Costello said.

The cop, is mismarked on ear side of an earring for “straight” or “gay”, and then attempted to use pornography of women to seduce a man at a young age and was refused; he’s now straight, but doesn’t know what “straight” is (it means you’re heterosexual, you have sex with the opposite sex, and nothing else).

Criminals, straight as children but a future cop attempted to seduce them; it is now a heterosexual male BDSM top, often posing as other roles, based on criminal ranking (in the mind of their potential financial skills to offer, the source of the criminal method and the ambition towards various criminal skills, of no particular category, minded by elder criminals; hence the cops don’t know what straight is, with their rivals, their past potential molestation victims, and the people that nearly raped them in bed during a sleepover, before the former law abiding citizen, knew what rape defense was, or was capable of it).

So let’s go through our character breakdown.

Jack Nicholsen (Costello): This is a Jewish criminal, a default territorial polygomist; the Jewish religion, and Hebrew linguistics, rely on the dietary pan, being applied universally, and therefore, as far as he sees, the entire planet, he thinks he controls it.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Costigan): This is a criminal, however a bright one, and wants to be a cop because he’s honestly in love with a woman. The other cops are sexually predatory, however their “ethics”, actually their training through homoerotic athletics societies, prevent them from showing it. He’s honestly moved and concerned, by the community’s welfare, because he’s a molestation victim of a priest.

Matt Damon: This is a cop, that should be a priest, he is low-functioning due to being hazed over attraction to a Jewess young, and is actually a cop as well, of the above profile mentioned. He’s married to a Jew, who is attracted to Costigan, DiCaprio, because he’s been sold as an anti-Semite to her, from him trying to figure out, why one of Costello’s boys, is clearly hypnotized, into straight and gay wrist bend postures. He thinks it’s Nazi. She knows otherwise, she’s a psychologist, but he’s a criminal by her estimation.

Jason Anderson: This is a neutral party, neither a cop or a criminal, that was forced into the service, for being an athlete. You may recognize him as the overweight African cop, if you are unfamiliar with the actor, who plays this role as a specialty, not a typecast; you have to pay him more for the typecast, this is fun for him, because he hates draft services, particularly the manipulative kind. Romeo Must Die, another film, is an excellent example of his work, many audiences’ first exposure to him, where he’s been drafted as a criminal.

Cop from “Poland”: This is a German cop, who is labeled “Polish” by Matt Damon, immediately, for working criminal, having studied gender, by seeing prostitutes supplied by Costello, hence he’s secretly on the pay. He has an STD. That’s how we know he’s “dirty”; therefore, he’s a snappy dresser.

Mark Wahlburg (Dignum): This is a cop actor, who has no idea that he’s working for me, The Riddler (someone who tried to help a cop kid when he was a child put the earring on his left ear, but was refused, for being a genius, and his parents, were small business owners – hi, I’m Nygma, I make the theory for film and comics, you just don’t see me, and neither does my boss – this character is my bitch). Mark Wahlburg is playing a Jewish man who fell in love with an Asian woman, a “clean Jew” – he applied Hebrew law to everything, but as an incredibly territorial alpha male to anything “Jewish”, meaning it’s not neutral and atheist of state. Mark Wahlburg, was pardoned by a cop (Pope John Paul II), on killing a Vietnamese American immigrant, when he was 15, and is Gentile, making this more of his amusing humor, trying to figure out if this is “straight” (the actor uses religion, because it pays him, he’s smart, hence why the Pope saved him – this didn’t exist beforehand, but it was the middle of the Vietnam War, it’s useful to have this guy).

Alec Baldwin (FBI): This isn’t a cop, criminal, or neutral, this is a serial killer heterosexual, he’s a criminal that joined a federal unit, and turned into a cop, through being drilled into barfing and being toked up on so much marijuana he couldn’t move studying Holocaust pictures and studying Nazis. It’s an FBI agent, that’s where they’re from, they’re a little metal man with iron claws, trying to piece you apart, and figure out what you are. If it’s provincial or international, you call this guy in, he doesn’t care who you are, but there’s a physical object at hand, even if it’s a pipedream or live girl in a cellar. It’s just how he sees it.

Martin Sheen (The Top Cop): This guy is the Mayor. We know he isn’t, there’s no rank, but as far as you’re concerned, he’s the Mayor. He’s a neutral party, that got raped, by a cop, that got booted off the force, and now he’s a cop, for the rest of his life. He’s heterosexual, has a wife, kid, family, everything, otherwise he’s fired, for being “queer” – he has to do it, go through all the stages, and being raped by a cop as a kid is hard, but he’s in charge of every last one of these scumbags. That means their ethics classes. And he doesn’t like anyone, they’re all monetary marks on a data form to him, to move around on a ledger’s sheet.

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