Church Rituals (The Cops Manual)

Baptism: The priest has identified your child as evil, by you being willing to have a Baptism rite for your child, for all the protection of the Church (your child can call on a potential politician elect in any faith or district, for a free defense attorney, for them, to bust a government conspiracy, to give money to the law journal review, for a pro-government bust of a corrupt townsperson or government functionary or overseas socialist or even the politician’s own family – however the law journal review, is intended for defense attorneys, so this has to be paid for by a movie, such as ‘Spider-Man’, the baptized child). All are called into attendance, to witness your child’s evil, so they know, ‘he’s good on it’, for a political candidacy on a pro bono defense attorney call.

Candlelight Vigil: An Easter Mass held at night, for hours, to develop the discipline of a child in creating their own activities, such as playing with candle wax on a special paper circle, for three hours (new reforms, for people with ADD, a shorter Mass – some priests are special needs).

Communion: This signals to the priest, you aren’t drunk before coming to Mass, you didn’t leave a funeral he doesn’t know about.

Confession: A ritual where nothing happens but random garbage the confessing sinner does, unless he’s discovered the child of a cop or undercover that went to prison before the child was born, and raped a man the first night in, in which case, the son is a town fascist, and police have been informed before the child has a badge, dooming an entire country with him as George Costanza, a beloved children’s character in Jewish culture.

Confirmation: The signal that you’ve completed your private Chrisitan education, the Catechism Catholic Doctrine program, informing you of all the Benevolences of the Catholic Church, the internalized interpretation of names, to spot a pedophile, someone with a false name or series of aliases concealing their area or country or affiliation of origin.

Excommunication: You have obtained a marital license, from the Church, before having a child, to signal that you have been removed from the Catholic Rites of Diocese, and can now raise a child inside the Church, should you choose.

Exorcism: You have contacted someone that knows anyone in a Catholic institution of private accord, particularly a non-profit, or presence of one, for a priest to come and give any ritual the priest feels like, always a Catholic clergy, to see if a pro bono defense attorney is needed, to bust a corrupt member of government, to make the man that’s been called for the exorcism, a political candidate.

Genuflect: Julius Caesar’s line made this by doing it, they do it a little different every time, that way they seem ‘cool’. Now they’re ‘hip’. Nietzsche was puzzled, until he explained it to Paul Ree. But Paul Ree was French, he used the system as intended. As does everyone, Nietzsche.

Jesuit Review: You’ve been given a psychotic break by someone, and have to report it, to your Church, at the origin point of the location of the psychotic break. You have to report to an empty hall, with a priest present, and sit, and signal, by opening a hymn book. The culprit, will then be placed inside a Jesuit, thinking he’s a priest (a real priest is a varsity athlete whose family is from a lot of money, that specializes at cheating government programs, by being a member, and gets free women of the church for sex, forever, guaranteed clean, or else the priest is a Monsignor, he enforces marital sanctity of marriage, through non-violence among leadership and politicians to spouses, with live firearms, for the Mafia).

Kneeling at Mass: You need to do this, for the full benefits of Church. This neuroprograms sitting, standing, and movement rituals, so you multitask, for safe operation of machines and roads, and if together, compliance with police and prison officials, not other drivers attempting to bully you, prison inmates, or your father.

Lent: A ritual where you give up one thing for Lent, a period of variable time depending on era (longer in the past, until this day, perhaps longer still), before Easter, to prove you’re mentally ill, or a mother, so the child thinks they’re the same thing.

Saint’s Review: You have been falsely Martyred and driven to poverty, and are invited to join the Mafia, the Catholic Family, an organization that works alongside Deacons (Detectives ranks in the police, where applicable, otherwise the police are marked as anti-Semites, by claim of “Jewish” being without the shellfish allergy), Segundos (business owners that operate trade in sales items based upon coupon sales, to mark you as under threat if receiving a “circular”, for protection, to the entire community, not a single individual excluded, for protection of all agents), and Capitols (Church leaderships in Rabbinical circles, conveying messages to the Synagogue, for action by Temples, not Freemasons, for business and motivation activism against “pogroms”, acts by the Gypsy community to kill “curse victims”, supported by Wiccans, anti-witch combatants that fight Protestants that aren’t Anglican, Muslim Lutherans, and Lutheran Jews). Also known, as the Knights Templar, the Judases, and the Israelis Gilded, three divisions offered on rank. The Knights Templar, have been driven to poverty, by police, not Catholic ones to avoid reputation slander, the Judases, had mothers trapped by a husband by any reason, their specialty of target, and the Israelis Gilded, have been mismarked in Confirmation Saint, the Christian Name (not necessarily or otherwise the Given Name, the birth certificate, a Catechism term), vowed to fight serial killers, among the Jews (often falsely ascribed to Adolf Hitler, actually an offender that escaped through Protestant law given Mass attendance among Confirmed).

Wake: A ritual with a receiving line, where the most dependent financially, is at the head of the receiving line, at the foot of the coffin, and the guilty party behind the murder, may be identified, by placing their hands together in a ‘poach’, an upwards gesture with palms together and fingers straight and balanced, to indicate they have volunteered as the responsible, for a Mafia honor duel, to the death, with any fiction invoked by the challenger, indicative of pederasty, and any such support from the fiction, hunted among those reading it, by the individual on ‘the live blade’. Among royals, a ‘fawn’s sport’, an accusation of challenge, for a woman, to be slain by both if they choose the aggrieved, the dead individual’s most independent, indicating culpability and conspiracy.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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