Civilization vs. Anarchy (The Improper Definitions of Each)

This is a simple one, but grows complex in pondering.

Civilization is a society, without embezzling or nepotism. Easy to say, until you understand how it’s degraded.

Someone classified heterosexuality, the state of proper family, as a phobia, hence a homosexual is now a classified status. It’s applied to embezzlers and nepotists, people willing to degrade themselves or others sexually, to succeed, when in fact, they’re capable of a broader range of sex, an inferior doctrine when viewed by the opposite sex.

So what happened?

In elementary schools, and equivalents, there arose a culture, where you would have a profession or career or hobby or activity in mind, you were incapable of, because you were developed for another career. Instead of changing, you filed suit. Now, you’re gay.

Gay men and lesbian women and transgenders and androgynouses, still have families, friends, and slowly, have become able to amass fortunes, all bases on the sexual degradation of others, throughout family cultures internally, degrading entire family lines and trades into poverty and ignorance.


Someone invented, incarceration, hence family lines, have homosexual relatives in the family, relying on clandestine signals, and refutations of combined signals.

In other words, handsigns, rape, have replaced slang, religion.

Something is intended to mean multiple things, as a test of your profession.

Hands aren’t meant to touch, it’s a diminishment of your ability to function in a violent state.

Neither of those, work in the prison system.

Prior to prisons, we had absolutions, wherein you would become an elder, upon a minor offense, caught young, exceedingly young, and you would be removed from leadership potential, by being given a lateral shift.

Now, we have “fags”, either sex or any gender or age, people who make baby sounds, or touch fingers, as a show of fraternity or sorority or fellow, the culprit in the civilization.

In other words, prison is anarchy, not order.

Anarchy is a state of limited movement unless engaging in domination, not chaos.

Chaos is just the result of anarchy.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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