Famous Slur Concepts Exhumed (Batman, Dyke, Slobbernocker, Serbo-Chechnik, Grimjaw)

Middle East:

Batman, is a reference to a Noble, Gypsy, or Jew, preferably Gypsy in the term used by the Byzantine Orthodoxy (where the term lays claim of home), that converts to Zazen or Yogi meditation, Zazen for a man and Yogi for a woman. They are able to gender fluid themselves (copied in failure by transgenders, who can’t gender shift like a Buddhist), resistant to the point of homicidal behavior to homosexuals (and any state of touching, fraternal gesture, sisterhood, or marriage in brokered form), and precognitive like any royal is in minor, mild habit (however without the telepathy or telecommunicative state that makes most royals worthless, trying to steal from each other in terms of experience, observation, academic, technical physical labor, leadership organization, or information for arrests).

A Noble possesses their family households combined in separatable, combination, or lateral proofs of false competency observed, a Gypsy can cause lethal proxy blows to trap foes in the Romani (serfdom or slavery) for violating purviews of their Gypsy lines out of the kingdoms of the Orthodoxy, and a Jew can access Yiddish quatrains used to counter a manouche game by placing the stalkers in a ‘formative line’, killing each other rather than deporting to other states and spreading the Jewish genome.

Combined in Noble and Gypsy, impossible in Judaism unless there was a Noble, Gypsy, or combined ancestor with Down’s Syndrome, female, impregnated by a Jew, the Batman functions by the principle of sole self-independence, not listening to others and considering their problems beyond him or her, unable to comprehend mimicry of others or performing any task for more than sheer self-profit.

They function by taking fictional villains, from any ‘gallery’, and applying them through academics and art, into criminal networks, reversed in terms of core figment of the character, framing any form of basis of trade or profession, however as an undercover cop inside a unit, non-registered and non-exchequered.


An obese “witch” (Irish term for criminal malcontent, “witch”, equivalent to the British term, “terrorist”, or the French term, “freundstein”), is a dyke.

They dislike any woman sharing their name, or any man attracted to a woman with their name.

They use brethren, the witch’s term in all three examples, as their soldiers; a brethren has gotten drunk, before masturbating, a male criminal by fallopsy disorder (a khafir, protestant, or dunseydun, in Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism, respectively).

Near East:

A Slav, that postures as powerful, having mastered the accordian, slide flute, and harpsichord.

They pick up generalities of slang, from television, movies, and stereotype, dating back at least three decades in a government unit’s logic, and quote it, at random, trying to hide from a genocide victim, the victim set’s role in their own demise. Meanwhile, they arrange dealings, with the genocidal culprits, to cause the same genocide again, the culprits believing that they are preventing it.

The Serbo-Chechnik work for nobody, and has no authority, arising from a prison dominance culture, in the household, with a female sibling.


A slobbernocker (mark the spelling, no ‘k’) is a Scandinavian bloodline of German auspice in stereotype of Germany from last war fought against Germany by any Western European or island power or ethnicity involved in Western Europe.

The slobbernocker, is fixated on smells of bowels, carriage menstruals, and women in wheelchairs or with canes or with colonoscopy bags, or any combination thereof.

They are brilliant at homosexual intimidation, but poorly acquitted at school or typistry, making them nearly anonymous, their goal in their shame of having raped a physically disabled woman, sexually assaulted, for one of their first sexual experiences.

They seek to pose as priests, however without the priesthood’s experience to leave a seven fold pathway on the individual for providence of guilt in differing degrees, as the priest selecting three, one being the innocence proof, and three being the options of the action produced.

Instead, they are homosexual by their own ‘leer’, attempting to have sex with more intelligent men with their mouth, kisses, and rape as if having sex with a dog fetishized by their family, actaully getting the dogs drunk for ‘pardners’, the origin of the Hollywood term used in Wild West and Western stunt shows and cinema.

New World:

A Native, Latino, Mestizo, Antilles islander, Polynesian islander, or Austronesian cabal inhabitant (such as Maori or Ainu), that was raised as a genius by deliberate stacking of systems through both parents into the child.

The grimjaw, wins fights early and fast young, challenged by children who expected a ‘tussel’ or a ‘rough house’, when in fact they are challenging someone to mortal life and death, the child picking up the consequence of a prison facility, however before age 9-10. Converted to a religion of their choice, despite but sometimes alongside Baptism or Sanctum of Judaism, the grimjaw learns how to hide, dodge, and dart faster than could be believed, in their minds, up to the point of psychosis, outed by nightmares, sleep deprivation, and hypertensive actions per dodge or ‘keel down’, a method of retreating into fantasy to give up a task for later perusal.

Notoriously violent, they rarely serve in an armed unit, offending different classes of homosexuals, the term “class” being their understanding of a “gay” male behavior in a broad unit of government colloquiam, applied internationally on the simplified term of equivalents in culture, hence registered, with multivarious levels possible at later ages of study.

Often vigilantes, they ‘knocker’ others down, quite simply, by attempting to assist, then fencing when the assistance is unwelcome, through a ‘ringer’ having been spotted, someone that applies to a piece of propaganda in a negative, as the culprit against a victimhood’s group.

At which point, the culprit is allowed to take power, but only if cheating, hence they’ve ruined a ‘mire’, a swampland, as a chieftain, shaman, or scout (a king or council, a ceremonialist or referee, or a spy or smuggler).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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