Charleboy Bloodline (Three Progenitors, Plus Famous Branches)

Progenitors of Charleboy Clan:

Zhang Rhong (Uighur, Yellow Turban Emperor, Warring States Period): Known for five set defensive emplacement mathematical abstract analysis of a ‘game’, a form of legend pattern to counter design through a designed ‘tell’, a poker bluff on a winning hand. (Uncrackable Game, Now a Work of Art for Warfare, the Black Building).

Atilla the Hun (Ysi-Suang, leader of the Ostrogoths and Visigoths, Collapse of Roman Empire): Thick brain matter and skull, rendering immune to skull insovarous damage, collapses of the ovaries or testicles upon masturbation or sperm theft, impossible to prove delipadation of the porous ovaries in court (cannot be counted against for abortion, if female, or Buddhism, if male).

Muhammad (Kurdish Turkmen, leader of the Free Islamist movement, a strike against Bahira and the Jews of Medina and the Arab States, Refusal of Demand of Wedding Tokens in Police Culture): Gender ambiguous, no understanding of heterosexual, therefore homosexuality is impossible to grasp; under provisions of morphic sequence of new prophecy from exposure to last produce, The Quran (a novel phrase, from a girl). Homosexuality culture, the desire for a man to bear children alone from wife, spreads, and therefore, the power of the line enhances, from being unable to grasp what is gay, about a woman’s entreatied tells for a wife, as him, or if a woman, a refusal to disavow combat as ‘gay’ if not handled in hand to hand, instead using lethal assassination through murders of family on complex ‘stilts’, the concept of a hand bargain with a police leader (unbadged, until murder occurs).

Clan Leader by Beholden: Pierre the Coward, King Philip II of Jerusalem, Frankish Leader of Wallparts for 18 years, against Salah al-Din, Clan Countryman, rejected for service of ode to Kurdistan, women, instead of Sulah Alman, men, the Umayyad Caliphate’s cousin in the Princes of Aragorn, the Moors, family rival and ally. “Rat Bastards”, to each other, in compliment.

Term for Clan Branches: “Shyster”, a first year law student; a form of accounting law, where degree is prohibited, unless having won case, against self (a politician in the arms, a ‘mopey’, as opposed to a ‘mosey’, The Penguin – term stolen from own works).


Alba Playwright Assassins: (Famous Virtue Work: MacBeth, by Percy Grievens Stone). The very origin of modern espionage, before the bull, the captain leader, the pawn, the minor spy mercenary, the bullshit, the memoired leader, or the bullworth, the pawn become a champion in a duel of honor in court. A-List, B-List, C-List. Your obstacles. Comics. Your foe’s weapon. Novels. Your secret map. A-List, is a trap. B-List, is how they trap themselves. C-List, is your evacuation. Comics, are the foe’s tool. The Novel, is your rearrangement of fiction, to gain your goal, the end of your novella plot, from the disaster you cause at the beginning of your map point. Once a stonesbender, always a streetrodester.

Bombardier Gunsmiths: (Famous Virtue Work: The Preacher, by Garth Ennis). The light bulb. The spectroscrope scan. The lie detector. The snowmobile. The air conditioner. The antifreeze fluid conditioner. The radiology engram device. The oil well. The automotive combustion terbucolator. The Hubble Telescope’s ingram repulsion ray. We didn’t invent any of these. Why not? Because it’s not on the patent. Each of these patents, is something terribly wrong with science, that we have corrected, by allowing you to steal, and rework, a mere set of names, the beholden problem in physics. They all steal, each inventor. But a patent manual, is worth any price, to buy from us, and buy it in droves. We didn’t steal the manual. It was just poorly named. So we changed the name, and trademarked the name of the manual. Now, any inventor can buy it. Even a snake tongued devil charmer with a pair of Colt Revolvers. An Angel of Death.

Danish Blacksmith Kings (Famous Virtue Work: Beowulf, by Zielda Glucksien). Do you like games? Blacksmiths do too. But they don’t like you playing them, with their food, their money, and their chamberpot. We’ll take any game you want, and invent rules for it. You know, rules? Do you like rules? You want a short skeeve on me, a contract. I need five days to work, the standard’s ale, and I need pay from you, nobody else, on my tax annotated credit, to produce this. Or else, you get to play games with me. Truth or dare, blackjack, poker, high low, slot machines, tiddlewinks, baron bastheover, skipping leprechaun, accordian sobbing, the noise factory, dungeons and dragons. See, you want four horse shoes, and that takes me five days. But you paid me for one day, of a five day chore, and you want the other four days, after I’m starved and dead, and can’t get you your horseshoe. So we find out some way, to make you, Beowulf. And then, you get to be a retarded fuck, and go to high court of heavens, with all your friends, and explain, why you want a one legged horse, when you have a dick already. Did you want a flaming metal red shoe for it, from my pocket?

Dutch Country: (Famous Virtue Work: Batman, DC Comics, written by John Jacobs “Bob Kane” Lennox). Retired Royal Navy of Britain, passage to Dutch Country means permanent assassins service with scope, rifle, and vehicle. They train their entire lives, on construction, cultivating marijuana and tobacco and fermented moonshine, hand-to-hand combat dating to the times before Rome, and Turkmen armor meister tactics, found in works like Conan the Barbarian, a mere phantom image of the trade. At any time, British Parliament can call on a Dutch assassin, during a ritual known as Runaspriga, where they are armed with pistols, sniper rifles, submachine guns, plastic explosives, high power cars and trucks, and modern electronics and computers. The Dutch Country rite to join, is having served in wars to the point of being so superb at physical and acumened tactics, you can learn any system, in a ground’s year, their term for a ‘foul’; they’ve made a mistake on Dutch Country soil, and now they have to train out of an assassin’s specialty, out of five to two, five flowers, and two cards. The flowers are the contract rank of kill target, and the cards are the hesperis and the joker, the prior for a child be brought back, the latter for the wife, never fair, always care. The most savage sort of ruthless knaves and nobles that can be combined, having come from the most vicious and monstrous warzones that England has ever known.

Frankish Inquisitors: (Famous Virtue Work: Mona Lisa, by Leonardo Da Vinci). The most evil of Pierre the Coward’s lines, these are the fallbearers, those who serve the Hidden Deity, the Ghul of Gods, the Merovech. Through our quiet corridors do we bear swords, each of us potentially called upon by the Vampire Hunters, the Merovingians, to place a hamlet trinket, a little pig bone, upon a stigmata. Gender is afflicted us, and through this we shall row, until the crosses we bear until the grave. We invented juvenile corrections, prison guards, hospital cells, and your guards dungeons. We are Diabolique, the City of Shangrila awaits us. Much pleasure can be had by scarring your own flesh.

Haitian New Orleans Left Hands: (Famous Virtue Work: Shadow Man, Valiant Comics, by Jim Shooter and Steve Englehart). A claim of a male form of “witchcraft”, a criminal code, as a pair of witches, to act in a criminal profession disparaging men, as women, for false police reports to the police, to destroy the disparagement of men, by luring in the dirty cops and uniforms and government soldiers and spies running it, by setting up the corrupt member of the undercover informant, for police brutality, with his own invention then sold to the police, for more honest police ethics, shutting down the ‘witchblade’ in use, the cop criminal secret society of ‘snakes’, the target.

Irish Fenians: (Famous Virtue Work: Zombie, by The Cranberries). The founders of the Irish Republican Army’s ‘West’ branch, the 007. Any time you take a print contract off them, you die. An Irishman with Danish blood. A Zazen practicioner since early childhood. An Injun by blood, and a genius. And someone mistaken for an MI-6, by a military recruiter, because a doctor killed his mother. Or his houseboy. Or his cat. Or his dog. Or his father. Or his wife. Or his father’s lieutenant. Or the Marine Corps stole away everything on Guadalcanal, and now a corpse is there, serving you bread, smoking. That’s who he is. The Zombie. He’ll take a set of variable hoaxes and hushes, set up any possible agent he can, then put himself on a down knee in a holding box, while your agents, hunt him. For Britain and an alliance. And then your production company, falls apart, since the contract bias, hunted itself. A Fenian makes false promises, don’t they.

Midwestern Soda Jerks: (Famous Virtue Work: Kid Charlemagne, by Steely Dan). A triple abacus on a drafting table, made to reward any child stealing a can of cola for a beer ticket, but not a bride ticket. If you promise to pay for your soda, it has to be for you, not ‘a lady’. Otherwise, the mathematical accounting abacus, inverts, ruining your ‘buy campaign’; you never get older, to afford beer. You’re gay!

New England False-Frenches (Famous Virtue Work: Sympathy for the Devil, by The Rolling Stones). A set of five contracts for a woman we reject after the ‘deal with the devil’ is signed, before a false dubloon, a permanent home in ‘Jamaica’, as French, raiding the French ports, under a moniker of ‘kvetch’, the fake Jew, as a hunter among French-Jews, replacing ‘bitch’, as a term for complaining to father for privilege. Use of three bands of a ring, the Thief, the Spy, and the Detective, with a drop hammer under the ring, capable of moving on itself (socializing), downwards (an act of rape), right (an act of killing), or left (a contract mission).

New York Magicians Guild: (Famous Virtue Work: Shout at the Devil, by Van Halen). A grifted business on behalf of Canadian military police, out of the NYPD, on mutual contract of neither side aware. The space is open, therefore invisible, with neither side aware that the agent is theirs, but both aware that something is happening. Turn Magick backwards against the world, and it disappears forever. The point, is to put an honest homosexual, with the proper unit, but the proper unit, disfavors homosexuals, however wants suicide soldiers, so they are made to believe that a homosexual is suicidal (not just ruthless, foolhardy, and frightened).

Southern Rice Plantationers: (Famous Virtue Work: The People vs. Ted Bundy, by Ted Bundy). Napoleonic spies, lawyers par extraordinaire, and the most superfluous range worker you could imagine. They will attract and approach a hardy obstacle, and find her, the woman, to get her to kill her own self, through bearing a son, with her own apostate of evil upon her, in a family governed by Camorra logic. A working piece pin sign, will come into place, along and inside the roads, the mother’s real background coming out backwards, and then, her son will become a famous monster, bearing our blood, having done nothing the mother wouldn’t do, but as the bigoted backing of her own childhood, a hidden female serial killer. Then, the law, is gone forever, and let Nietzsche roar.

Swedish Zurich Rifles: (Famous Virtue Work: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge). Penguin Books. The finest print to come out of Europe. Every diabolical text by definition, not reprise, to be sold into the hands of the Jews, the Jewesses, and their friends, the Gentiles of Peace. The Thieving Guilds. The most monstrous effigies we’ve wrought, with a simple rumor, on each book sold, each and every single one, to mark you forever, should you reject our works, and our idols, as being a Barbarian. A Narcissist. Do you want to buy Friedrich Nietzsche, a fine blade? That’s a Hanzo Sword. We wrote a Tarantino movie too. You can get it at Redbox. Blockbuster, our old realty review store, shut down. But Redbox will do.

Texan Bounty Hunters Guild: (Famous Virtue Work: Live and Let Die, Eon Productions). An operative that comes into an organization, for a disreputable job against a cop sector setup, that’s serving a local, small interest, particularly out of area, for their own financial gain. They dislike tricksters, the Texan Bounty Hunters, so they’ll remove the entire flotilla of enemy power, by defecting from their own hire, in a forced show of tell, to place an improper icon in the enemy arena, that always wins for the foe, unless a Coward, a Shyster, is playing it.

United States Federal Marshalls: (Famous Virtue Work: Once Upon a Time in the West, by Paramount Pictures). How to catch a man, that hasn’t been arrested? Say he jumped bail. And then put the bail offered, for his capture, by you, through execution of ‘arrow’, a knock point gun in his own hand while drawing, for the information paid to your tipster. Anyone that handles a rifle, a gun, a mortar, a mine, an assault rifle, a crossbow, or a speed gun (a pellet gun that fires ‘murters’, ball bearings), has to have it cleared and sanctioned with their state’s provisional arms service board, or else the United States Federal Marshalls, put a bounty on you. You can’t have a weapon, unless the US government clears it, Otherwise, they go out, wait for you to draw on them, get your gun stripped, and then, put it in your own skull, teeth, head, arm, or leg, to see how you like it. And then it turned out, you jumped bail, for a weapons charge, and they get to turn in that gun, because they rightly found it. The tipter, collects the bail charge, out of the federal fund for disabled housing, where gun victims go to rest. Even someone shot by an arrow off a spleen, a liver hit; an illegal practicioner, of magick. They weren’t a Houdini. Nobody is. Houdini played tricks, not magic. He didn’t have a stage show.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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