Mossad Primer

The Inner Workings: The Mossad. A dreaded word, to Iranian rocket scientists (guys that thought munitions was an honorable business), Iranian nuclear scientists (guys that ate too much cheap food and did drugs, and now they’re doctors working for major corporate firms of shady dealings), and Iranian brain surgeons (undercover cops that thought that a campus introductory course on police undercover compliance, was a life’s work in purpose). All those guys, are on the news, killed by the Mossad (a corporate security guard, with an arrest warrant, called a pink slip and a medical process to cure them), every day, for working for Iran. Maybe it’s a corporate spy (a drug dealer), that gets killed in a car bomb in a movie (wow, a real superhero, we’re going to pump him up, to turn him into your editor). That guy gets on Reuters.

Corporate Finance: Corporate finance, is how the Mossad works. The Mossad, uses teachers, through Marvel Comics, to determine “who is up”. The Presidential Freemasonic Society, had the Winter Soldier, until the X-Men and Brotherhood were told, “Russia didn’t exist”. 1979. They were all civilians, “German war criminals”. The Mossad, had Spider-Man, until the X-Men and Brotherhood were told, “Spider-Man is a pedophile”. 1992. They were all in league with civilian anti-cop movements, “al-Qaeda”. Right now, we have Deadpool, until the X-Men and Brotherhood will be told, “You narc on the CIA, you just disappear”. That’s the clean record and protocol, you are all “sentence amended, Suicide Squad”. Each one, is a sales of DC Comics, to a new backer, for a major overseas Hegelian ideological shuffle, with your success as soldiers, determined early, by a word to a particular movement leader (“Red Skull”, “Hobgoblin”, “Dr. Kilbrew”), for contributing an important theory (“Opine and Anthony”, “Group Thirteen”, “Isaac Newton”). Then, the gated communities grow narrower, and fewer of us, are trained in military academies, and more of us, can live the American Dream (Pat Robertson, and the Church of Satan for the kids).

Syndicated Network: The Mossad is a syndicated network, made up of teachers, passing couriers notices worldwide, through banking agents. Each bank, holds drug money, gathered by a particular narcotrafficker, a “mule honkey”, through a druglord. The drug money, is “barrels of candy”, money held on debit for a sales of raw currency through the underworld. The mule honey, is a man or woman, in charge of money for teachers, a major smuggler, recruited from an arrest with a Mossad female, “jenny”. The druglord, is a major enemy of the United States (always us, Herman Wouk, ignore Leon Uris, that’s Israeli theory). He is buying time for his child, after we locate his compound. The druglord, provides bail hearings, for CIA agents, selling tobacco, to bring people to America, for sales of grocered items in factories and warehouses and farms, to provide American wealth, for the American public.

Criminal Front: The criminal fronts, are all through movements that want representation in their countries. If your local dictator, wants to change his ways, instead of dying to a bullet (a “Section 6”, an elite soldier recruited from civilian life in America or France or Israel, only these three, led by a “Juris Ops”, a British athlete’s son, not daughter, that being limited to “Russia”, anyone under counter-Amazon theory, placed inside Amazon “bum fights”, corporate finance), he can gain representation to his party, supported in a civil war, by tobacco, food, alcohol, and bullets, shipped in, from American “petro-commerce”, the Israeli Munitions Fund, the International Monetary Fund, the Impossible Mission Force, also called Scientology (the American Corporate Mafia, the megacorporation, run out of Japan by myth, actually a publisher of our work, on corporate hire from the Self-Defense Forces).

Finance Conduit: Israel is the finance conduit, in the Levant, using the “Shekel”, a piece of coin that is rumored to be sacred, actually an organized negotiation per currency union of treasury, for exchange rate, calculated on the dinar, the Saud currency, held in petro-share since FDR and King Fahd, with the sex offender housing, “Hamas”, used by Israelis for sport hunts, any Arab willing to risk his life over losing his “shirt”, giving to charity, for someone else, engaging in a suicide hunt rather than starvation on opium, “Troubador”, a false term of European logic taught by retired French External Security. This is a negligence concept, with the Italians supplying the theory, against their will, or else the shipping of artisan products from Italy shuts down, replaced by more financial partisan support from overseas, through Israeli conduct negotiaton through India (the labor capital, for guruship, “The Sharks”).

Corporate Experimentation: Once you have the Mossad as a patron, you can recruit scientists from corporate spies, drug dealers that use academics instead of religion, to assign scientists to your firms, when the spy, refuses to deny a potential job offer with anything, meaning that the scientist, has selected a spy they are “company” to, someone they naturally mesh with, and complete a degree. The corporate experimentation, is a party cause, and if the party is supported by Israel, on proper payment of warlords of rival form paid in death sentence, for future alliance with Israel (the American Rockefeller Endowment, out of Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, “Hyatt Tong”, New York City), you will obtain a corporate job. If betraying, you will be killed. The spy has a guaranteed life rate, unless there’s a public indictement (charged) on the operative recruited, if the spy helped the operative “cheat” (in other words, they lied about their religion as Jewish, and failed to indict Hitler when instructed, in which case, the professor approving is sacked, and the spy is killed, a “mob shooting”).

Ethics of Charity: Those selected for subject, are all certain deaths, saved for life and given their fantasy, prolonged in life in human experimentation, the demand of the Americans during the Cold War. They are not tortured, trapped, incarcerated, enslaved, worked, forced, or murdered, and will have research experiments performed on them appropriate to Gypsy standards of Zeus, meaning, no police will be involved. If police powers invoked, then an IDF kill team will be endowed, for a “Star Trek” film or episode plot, logged and banked after kill performed, for a dilemma, with the violators placed as the power wasters in a power supply scheme, to be used by Israeli media (the Hollywood media union, water and power, The Federation being the most difficult foes, the suit in escape, the program director by assumption, the hero doctor).

Retirement of Employees: Those betraying, will be killed as Iranians (Sevener Shi’ites, by consent of the Ayatollah, the legal writer of Iran). Those serving, will be given X-Men, X-Factor, Brotherhood, or Gene Nation status, as “Superman”, their children becoming publishers, “Plastic Man”. Those spies, will retire to novelist careers to serve their time, and after, will be published, and if failing documentarian fee of university (publication), be severed, to declare their real circumstance of origin, and if refused, will be dropped out, or if refusing, expelled, and placed in an Israeli detention writer’s program, “betraying the Mossad”. The gateway communities will retire from New Jerusalem, with a toast and cheer to their absent operative, the one who secured theirs (such as Deadpool, the “Anon” card, Catwoman, you all were saved by Isaac Newton). The mules, will have children, with their husbands. The smugglers, will have movies about them, and an execution in prison. The druglords, will be shot, in a gallant shootout. The parties given the right to vote, will become American allies. Those countries purged of warlords, will have peace, and future membership, in the Mossads program. As for Dick Tracy, he still remains at large (???).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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