Mosaic Primer

The Sassanid Dynasty: The predecessors to the Sassanid Dynasty of Persia (not Iran, the country the Persians ruled), was the Mosaic age of Judaism, in Egypt.  Moses, was a Hittite, not a Jew proper, the similar mutation to Canaanites (the Noahim line prior to intermarriage with Jews, only possibly for Noahim due to their mutable amphibian neurons in the stomach, for the ulcer genetic immunity that Jews possess, at expense of shellfish consumption – making the Noahim a genetic mutable for a new line).  Moses and his fellow Sassanids, all named “Moses” for purpose of operation, establishing a tradition later followed by Firdusi, an amalgamation of their line to create the Immortals, developed a system called “market terrorism”.  Market terrorism, was a new system, as a merger of divestiture, meaning that a society would make a deal at the expense of their mutually poor assets.

Market: The market, is determined to be the mutual abrogated share of wealth, between civilians, not military or soldiers or police, and only shared in rulership if non-dowagered, that meaning, not standing to inherit, to avoid “anti-Semitism” in original and traditional form, a poor business dealing from political standing with ethnicity, any of them, particularly the Jewry by claim of original endorsement, but any applicable, non-claimant to Judaism, unless heretic, a “Bowensgast”, the Jewish claim of gay, for siding with a group for “civilty”, hence police ethics applied in rewarded “meagers” (the term of soldiers or sipients, that called a sycophant, for agreement of ethics, even a ruler of sycophant with previously oppressive minority, or worse, a majority, a terror act of state against the Jewry, and if the Jewry siding, a renoucement of Persia, for the Shah, the original force of acclaim in Hittite society).

Merger: The term of a mutual agreement to bend and bow faiths of belief, for a mutual diverger of population, at expense of conjoined history in testament of both, to test any enemies in siding against either or any form of merged belief, that being name of inclement of history.  If any side against, then merger of education taught form be taken from one, and credited to the other, to spot the “dirty”, a fiend of “salient brow”, marked by growing a mustache, without a beard, if no mustache and then a beard, a “liar”, unless long hair and a beard, with or without mustache, a “prophet”, to be removed of testicle or function of genital if with short hair and beard changing in presence, especially by father, and not within by mother, unless not reporting, then mother is a pedophile, unless stepmother, then unfit son, to be removed from sexual breed, unless impossible, then a fellow Mosaic, a dictator (that who receives orders from stipulation by a bastard, bigot, or non-Jew, if a Jew then Shah’s purchase on his wife, at the expense of her death if refusing, and if avoided, then a slaughter of all Down’s Syndrome in range, and if refused, then withdrawal from country in public, by act of abridged royal in range – if volunteering, then a Jericho, the Whore be a Jew upon claim, and if not a Jew, then a Sicilian, a new “wop”, a volunteer wife for a beaten child’s father, herself as transgender, a pratfall, a clown).

Divestiture: The term of a mutual population separating, by illusion of atrocity to both, when in fact disingenuous of obligation, and if a world, then a pestilence, a plague, bred by royal harbinger, a treasury bondsman reduced to footsman, a “Reverend Jimmy”, the origin of the term of both a minister of Protestantism, and a slave of Negro in the south, the first meaning a hated man of country that should have been honored, and the second meaning of a king of a skin color of oppressed in origin, together meaning a proper leader, a US President in modern times, in latter times a Lion-Heart stolen by a Hoodlum, a Sheriff.  That meaning, someone who was a King of proper term, stealing a title from a pauper of no royal bearing.

Assets: This is being the term of genetic material, not any form of gold or wench or lady or monument or farm.  The separated populations, are now individual ethnic groups, to be recorded in history by both tribes, with a form of population standard for each, a creation of a new nation, to be bred into an allergy or genetic form of ministry, and if failed by a “bigot”, a “queer” son, then the entire bloodline to be killed by forcing him to touch behind the ears by giving him a cat with a name of his enemy under the color, if a royal by eunech or any means, particularly eunech, then a lobotomy, a drill in the skull, or if refused, the father’s death to oldest relative male.  If refused, then a bomb attack, until sufficed, by Persia, and all royals providing, and if a royal, then a breach in the family, a loss of crown by a “revolution”, the sufficient term, “bevolution”, their territory taken by a flag marked from “Clan” to “klan”, a redsman.

Population: This is the term for the mutual congregant, the warring states that have brought leadership to bear by fighting amongst police and gendarmes, gendarmes being the terms for military brokers to monitor police and soldiers, a form of spy used on domestic soil (a federal act to bring them into being, to protect rights of common citizen).  The populations, are to be punished, for refusing common sense in disobeying orders as mass group, and each intoning “God” as a leader, to be hunted and killed, by “Thieves Parties”, and if they steal seed, then their seed be, “Fags”, any defending by ethnic genome, deported, to false home, actually murdered, and if remaining in number, described as “Genuflects”, priestly pedophiles.

Terrorism: These are the mutual acts credited to the group not committing, but committed by the group suffering.  They come from leadership, and are the parting of nations, now held in exchange by leadership, to entire civilian body, not police or “gentleman”, spy, among the common culture of both, for new warfare tactics to resist police in act or event of later population of tribes requiring separation.  This is the new mural, the culture, a German term misapplied, the German meaning an artistic figure, their term of tribe, actually acts of litany and liceny and larceny to identify police and spies and soldiers as being skilled in “maudlins”, satire, for recruitment, to particular act as soldier’s specialty, as long as none are harmed, except for the individual performing, by gendarme’s arrest, no police or soldiers mandated, at threat of another mosaic.  If mosaic is refused, then terror attack, will perform on family, of all police or constables, that being peacemakers of politics, selectman or officer’s division, of performing, through “de-ringings”, union efforts on ring circles (regarded as slaves politics, anti-womanhood, since women run this, for men, in marriage, in the Amazonian sense, anti-priesthood of Latin faith).  Any refusing, will have their son poisoned by a doctor, into not having an anus (a pants shitter, a scheiszer in German terms, with a mentally ill mother, diagnosed after birth, not before).

Plagues: These are the individual historical notes, to mark each exchange, in an almanac, sometimes incorrectly called a bible, really boons to be cast by the civilization offering, to those giving, so if betrayal is made, then the civilization betraying, can be blamed for its own disaster, for disobeying gendarmes codes.  Then all opposing, will be cast from wealth and community, and be charged as pedophiles, by common populace, and those siding with, will be charged with raping of their women, as “Chinkies”, those with sideways pussies, until all accused are isolated, and only their inner circle, “conspiracy”, remain.

Thievery: These are the contracts taken by Hittites, the Mosaic men and women, particularly men, the benefactors of Sassanid Persian rule, to oppose “Islam”, the term given to a heretic, prior to Muhammad’s actual birth, since before Christ.  “Islam”, means gay culture, and “Muslim”, means a gay man, in women’s Urdu, called Arabic, an alternative language devoted to hazes of people who understand a culture of literature, if understanding, then suicide, if not understanding, on only one attempt, then a champion.  If the woman has informed, with art, or if through a man, the woman, and also the man, are now child molesters, to rape their own children, into “bushes of flames”, the Sinai Pursuit, labeled by the Mosaics as sacred, actually a fast on a mountain, after failing to bring “Commandments”, articles of slavery for children, only followed by adults if pedophiles, feeling themselves “small”, from refusing to challenge parent or guardian, especially if beaten, the latter the gift of Egypt.

Sacrifice: This is the burned animal offering, the meal given to liquor, or bacon, or cigarettes, or cigars, or conception, or castration, or cutting, or even cutting of hair, all of them sacred, each of them a freedom from slavery, taking into their hands the law, as a “vigilante”, the only way to redemption if stuck in any path; a return to purpose.

Payment: The Mosaic only wishes to be paid, in a single insight, who they are, to you.  A simple statement, of the art you’ve placed them in, will more than suffice.  That is for a King, or be you a woman, a Regent, for your child with a Hittite, a man who resembles another, the strange man with the grey jacket and black hair and spectacles he doesn’t need.

Betrayal: The gendarmes and soldiers be not betrayed, neither do police seeking hospice, only the eldest sons, those indoctrinated in a secret society.  Secret society, the concept of the Hittite, taken from Egypt, and the Temple Symbol, the concept of the Egyptian, taken from the Jew, and together the Curse of the Mummy, to be risked only if you find yourself sure of freedom from the Mosaic.  And should you refuse, then you must ask a Moses, to betray himself, and if one does, then you may reach the Promised Land.  You will fight at the walls of Jericho, against the King that betrayed you, before you came to Captivity, and the Chariot found you.  Moses came from Canaan to, and he knows the paths and courses.

Canaan: This is the land you must flee to, and for the land removing you, the land they must divide through.  There will be a badlands, forever, poisoned by the land leaving, once fertile, an alkali flats, seeded with grains of raisenberry, the Red Flood, and to this you must trek into your new home, a kingdom from which the police code emerged that betrayed you.  You are now a Nation, Tribe.  They were once the same, but they have not done well.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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