Famous Genetic Ancestry of Royal Neanderthalis (The Mutants)

The mutancy gene, has long been targeted by Homo sapiens neanderthalis, for intermarriage, when a worthy gene has been selected and located for intermarriage. There are many famous example of merged inwards, or new line, the merge inwards occurring for a bested line, and the new family being the result of a vested line. If a line has been defeated, but was worthy after defeat, they are merged inwards per similar mutation noted, a retainer family, until there is a sufficient victory inside cloisters of matriarch’s religious form, for a new family to form, out of a merger with the Noahim, as a heterosexual male Noahim, coupling with a female dowager, from the bested family.

O’Neills (Irish): Virgil of Rome (pelemplotic eyes of diffuse color), Samhain of German-Alpiers (triple contortion immunity to ligament damage), Julius Caesar (unique pattern per attempt of task, building into more rhythmic and complex forms of coherency within ‘wild pattern’, “The Weird”).

Yorks (Fens): Edward the Black Prince (inability to process simplified logic outside of arboreal simian), Adric the Bauld (sterched hose of anus), Pleaprice Gracies (internal bovine organ manipulation), Fensmeyer (ancient marsh traveler, immune to boot foot, ‘the faddle’).

Tudors (Alba): Anne Bolyn (right tendon extremity under bosom, connected to diasphrenous, the diaphram’s internal tract).

Rotheschildes (Swiss): John Martey (hebetonic nose circuit allowing sensitive smell and taste towards anti-Semitic suspect goods).

Lennoxes (Scotland): Bahira of Medina (Arab-Jew, immunity to shellfish allergy, however still moves bowels through as Jew, legendary ‘haggis’ gene), William Wallace (colorblind myopic sensory visualization of monetary impediment of saline or sweat left on objects as per amours, objects of lust towards self from mark with armpit salivary glaives).

Gonzaguas (Tuatha de Danaan): Queen Bampyre (mutation from Reptile visitor to planet of rogue intent, to fight Greys, a demi-clan of Reptiles), Henry Longshanks (assertion of invalidacy to psychology through domino play against Reptile Greys, using domino games).

Canaanites (Lebanon): King Jericho (seduction of the innocent, the reference to a child as a totem of heirloom heresy, to locate a pedophile Jewess).

Uighurs (Arabs): Zhang Rang (five point set of physical strategic impediments to calculate game theorem, concept of infinity as non-important measure of multiple potential shapes, ad infinitum).

Chinese Wu-Tan (Sun Family): Prince of All Kingdoms (Paleolithic man, the Triad White Flower, through Greens (courier – mathematics), Reds (butchers – medicine), Blue (managers – philosophy), Purple (astrologers – military), and Yellow (secretaries – theater)). 

Mongols (Khans): Temujin (hyper virility, immune to castration).

Komon (Japanese Imperial Emperor): Komoe Toge Nage, the Tengu (internal understanding of others through study of eyes, unique eye shade beneath eye, ‘shiners’), Masamune (crafting of three dimensional implements through calistheinic understanding of addiction).

Medici (Southern Italian Lowlands): Boris Navartelone (inventor of trolling, the term for a long drag of a network, a dragnet, through a criminal area, to determine who is friendly or safe by opposition, and find enemy through private informant of expulsion). 

Borgia (Northern Italian Palmach): Cesare Navartelone (sword fighting duels with empty hand and strip while blind, understanding of perfumes and orders as non-arousal), Cesare Borgia (written implement of faith, the quill), Marie Medicia I through 12th (ascended lines marking purity, Gentile Marxmen) (concept of personality disorder marked through false royalty, The Prince, the concept of evil being false shade, The Wicked).

Hohenzollerns (Prussia): The Witch Hawthorne (invention of the mediatiory pulse, to create the anus, in children, leading to possibility of field marches for infantry), Marie Bathory (mark of own child as serial killer if bathed by others as adult, through drawing of bath and other related terms of art for nudity), Franz Alpine (knife fighting and whipcord strangle lines related to ‘gimp arm’, the putty of a wrist bent at perfect angle for ‘paw’ in other trainee).

Grecian Nobles (Gypsy): The Zulu Kings of Greece through Legba/Agamemnon (combat shapes and physiques intended for proxy neural damage), plus divergent line, Heracles (Mormonism, immunity to chromosomal mutation leading to neural damage from any source, especially Gypsies, only available in case of deliberately induced Down’s Syndrome from Mormon male DNA, autolepsy). 

Romulans (Roman Senate): Sulla (false obesity of sternum until menopause).

Romanovs (Russia): Ivan the Terrible (false homosexuality in hiding own children at sacrifice of a female interloper’s child, younger but also son, never daughter, unless Grozny, gay, surviving son, selected as The Bat).

Bourbons (Northern Celtic French): Queen Catherine Medici (high horseneck pommel, for large buttocks that is attractive due to accessory, spreading trend impossible to replicate), Messara Justiz Laissons (knife and dexterity grip of pommel for short sword while on ‘memeo-oates’, a play horse, to demonstrate cavalry proficiency to returning troops).

Tepes (Transylvanian German): Vlad the Impaler (perfect dental health unless imbibing liquor or wine, then a tumor in upper right quadrant of left brain, a delambatory genius at battle tactics). 

Sicilians (Sicilian): Ragna the Beard (invalid status unless beaten viciously with sternum punch, taller and larger and more savage, however less intelligent but more wily). 

Dulchez (Corsican): Napoleon Bonaparte (illiteracy unless with view of response to writing), Louis Napoleon III (seeing spectacles built into eyes, for long range ‘zoom vision’).

Belreves (Anglican Monastic): Matthew Charlebois (adopted name, Matthew O’Neill), (pulmenizing tendons in thigh to build weight, until finding selected lover to steal sperm from, then going to ‘liver thin’, size of ‘waif’, permanently). 

Charleboy (Danish): Zhang Rang (five point set of physical strategic impediments to calculate game theorem, concept of infinity as non-important measure of multiple potential shapes, ad infinitum), Atilla the Hun (thick Austro-Nesic skull, immune to testicle cancer as a result), Muhammad (gender ambiguity, immunity to any form of gender spectroscope analysis).

Hapsburgs (Austrian): Whisky Tankard O’Neill (drinking belly for alcoholism, deliberate clearing of mind despite hyper sharp awareness of location, only when drunk).

Merovingians (Frankish Riviera): Jesus of Nazareth (telekinesis for immunity to space contact by any form of subdimensional life, the progenitor gene, unknown origin).

Babylonians (Uruk Iraqi): Judge Lucifer of the Church (black pupils and focus inebriums when tasting a fantastic beverage, especially when suspect to betrayal by poison – ‘skunk’), Palablast Karzai (Pashtun royal gene, golden red hair).

Persian Immortals (Iran): Moses (first trimester clenching of womb if testosterone released to make male, identical males besides forearm), Caliph Olni (rapid onset of beard, no length possible, automatic cessation at ‘dust’), Firdusi (same rhythm of completion from shared literary work in childhood to profession).

Egyptian God-Kings (Upper Kingdom Egypt): Narmer of Sudan (immunity to alcohol imbibement intoxication to make others in family, particularly Jews, jump hyperactively or fidget, plus Jewish immunity to ulcers from liquor imbibement). 

Noahim (Caucasian Mountains and Plains): Gog (survivor of the Asian plains Ice Age thaw, inventor of Judaism from determination of servant’s culture as superior in bearing and placement, ‘The Villain’).

Windsor (Wales): Tibetana Ramalli (immunity to dog parasites.)

Highgate (Spain): Uthman (mimicry of cartoon sounds, ear worms, and communication engrams, to mark as ironically bigoted, for mate selected at birth by woman).

Saoirse (Ulster): Erik the Red (perfect pitch vliadolo singer, for mimicking a police officer, perhaps a cop at times as well).

Bangalla (Congo): Satan the Priest (understanding of internal organs in claustrophobia, to sense arousal in upper intestine, a serial killer).

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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