South Park Primer

Catholic Zionist anti-Semitism: South Park is a prime example of anti-Semitism, launched on a television network founded under Lutheran principles of the Schulzstaffel Commando Corp formed by Otto Skorzeny, a brother company to the Howard Stern Show (the German Rhodesian Freikorps), MoveOn.Org medical (the French Milice Gestapo), and Quantum Likud (Dr. Josef Mengele’s anthropology studies of humans through human behavior instead of with mice). South Park is Israeli in ideology, a Mussolinist platform at the outset (false Jews loyal to the Catholic Church of Arab Norman descent, lacking the immunity to ulcers and the prawn/shellfish/shrimp allergy of Jews, Russian-Slavic Jews predominantly, as well as Mizrahi Hoekeah Jews, from Persian Nestorian Churches). Each character, has an anti-Semitic aspect (however phrased as ‘nouveau Jewish’, the Lutheran plan to make Jews and Christians the same, for preeminence of crime and Christianity to merge, despite the Jewry being staunchly anti-criminal).

Eric Cartman: A Jewish-Slavic, with a yamulka and gold trim (a Rabbinical denomination of medicine), that is overweight (American tupelac inside food, a foodstuff found in Polynesia, that causes obesity in athletes and laborers that aren’t homosexual, they don’t eat creatin, ‘shred’, ‘rip’, or fast). He catches the false Jew, Kyle, on aspects of Jewish law, and practices Ken Buddhism, common for Jews of proper descent, an opposition to Jesuit codes (homosexuality, Arabism, and Christianity, the Rosecrucian trio of bigotry and anti-Semitism).

Kyle Broflowski: Based on “Holden Caulfield”, from Catcher in the Rye, a psychopath southern Confederate’s character choice. Kyle Broflowski, despite his name, is an Israeli Jew, wearing a toque for Canadian or British Zionist ancestry, preaching Catholic moralities found in George W. Bush’s era of DC Comics (particularly Superman), and having a father that is a lawyer, prohibited in Rabbinical culture (lawyers sworn to ‘testify’, meaning, they cannot marry or adopt or have children, for a potential case against a sperm thief, a Lutheran, non-ambiguously bigoted in their portrayal of Eric Cartman).

Kenny McCormick: A royal Anglican line, Kenny is inappropriately placed alongside Stan and Kyle, and befriended by Eric Cartman. Kenny McCormick’s level of poverty is also of concern, as the Anglicans pay the families of royals willing to follow Anglican Church rules exorbitantly, as long as they have small houses, to hide their allegiance to “The Lodge”, a chapter of the Freemasons devoted to control of ex-convicts, and those ashamed of a non-clatured form of ‘anti-Semitism’, called shame of harming Israelis (bigots that enslave real Jews in farm colonies to produce commune-reared Jews, Israeli political pieces called ‘heffers’), together being the Italian Mob, organizations like the Canondrogas (restaurant intimidation), the Chattelers (Italian Catholic Jews of honest patronage, that work through minorities in ‘water deals’, prostitution and heroin through police or politicians), or the Irish Mafiaso (Kenny’s claimed descent, actually his arch-nemesis, Stan Marsh).

Stan Marsh: A member of the Irish Mafiaso, Stan Marsh had a mother trapped in an anti-Christian system when he was young, typically a forced marriage, however his mother sold herself to power of lust or finance, and had a child. Raised on women’s logic out of a popular President secretly by the mother, a premature police officer, and homophobia under non-identified standards, an opponent to the father’s political candidate of patronage, Stan Marsh is an Irish Mafiaso as depicted by his posters, girlfriend, and his aspirations to oppose his father, for his sainted mother. He dislikes the entire cast and crew, because he pays attention to the TV show, therefore is the posterboy for emulation among viewers, despite the television show’s Stan Marsh always picking Cartman off-screen, to hunt a false Jew that says they are ‘ashamed of the Holocaust’, or a street thug working for just about anyone, on grounds that they’re homosexual.

Butters: A serial killer by identification of self-exposure to another child, Butters has been ramified into a ‘trioge’, an Islamic set of four or more characters, on popular television or in art media of any form, thinking he’s a combination of two characters, and opposing a combination of two other characters, a homosexual bottom. Depicted as sexually desirable, he is however a neutralized murderer, and could still be a murderer, typically castrated once it’s discovered that he’s ‘typecast’ by himself in a ramified position to always disliking the same paired role theory anywhere, and always selecting the same role theory pair.

Tweak: An IDF test experiment victim such as Charles Manson, he has had medication tested on him and is claimed to be autistic (Down’s Syndrome), ADD (enlarged phallus and testicles), or ADHD (peak neural acceleration limit, a child prodigy). In fact, his parents made a deal with the Mob (the Freemasonic Temple, the false Jews in support of England), and for money for their home or business or college or a past loan, sold Tweak down the river, the exact same meaning as with African slavery. ‘Down the river’, was an African term, for an African sending his child into deeper South, in exchange for literacy or house boy privileges or a wife, or to cover for an affair with a white woman. The child was unaware but was watched by other children, before eventually being shipped out, by his unscrupulous parents.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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