Theater Arts Primer

Social Work and Art: The art of theater, involves several fundamental sciences discovered through theater.  At the very basis, we have the basic ethos of the thespian, and at the top, we have the art of international politics.  Without the higher stages, we wouldn’t have the purpose for the lowest level, the homicidal child, becoming a thespian.  This way, the child driven to murder, by attempting to mimic or emulate others, watching the child that isn’t as fed, from the child that is fed from wealth, therefore is trim and muscular, doesn’t get preemptively removed from society by losing a preempted and premeditated assault on the poorer child; the future pillar of society, someone who is fat.  Poverty, is the wellspring of community, and wealth, is the wellspring of corruption, but through the actor, actress, playwright, director, and patron, we can find a balance.

Thespian Personality: A thespian personality, is someone who steals from others, and wants to emulate others.  Instead of understanding a trade, or attempting to perform it, or learn it, as someone who has had a reason to function in it (their mother has had a necessity for the trade practiced by child) or a set of professional skills to use at this trade (their child has had independencies of function from the father, and a dependency set from the necessity to get meals from the parent, before age 9-10), they merely visualize themselves, as the actor, attempting to perform the task as an actor, not a trade, where the thespian (the subject) suffers horribly in their trade (their chosen profession to emulate).  In other words, they turn their subject, into a different thespian type, and then torture them, through pantomime, attempting to perform the trade.

Actor: The male form of thespian play, is the actor, designed to speak outwardly, and then return the speech to self, through the reflection of others responding to them.  This way, they resemble statuary.  They can be seen as a constant, the emblem of anyone studied.  Male or female.

Actress:  The female form of thespian play, is the actress, designed to maneuver around hand gestures and ward robe, and then place themselves around it as if feeding off it like a bat.  This way, they resemble a gaseous quantity of mist.  They can be seen as the abstract peoples, the unseen.  In past, present, or projected quantity or quality, by desire or otherwise.

Schizophrenic Female Lesbianism: A woman that has lost a child in her womb, after any date of conception, even immediate conception, is a schizophrenic female, called a lesbian, the stress growing into a darker set of moods and swings as the pripartals (the removals of enlarged matter) increase in frequency, speed, pace, space between cycles, and lack of control pill, as well as size of fetus and constance of same father.  This is the inner mind of the thespian, actor, and actress, the created portion of the work.  It is as if a classic rendition of any setting type, in art, be it painted, animated, filmed, or written.

Playwright Oracle: The playwright, is someone who plies wines and liqueuers to the female lesbians, that being wines for writing, and liqueuers for relaxation after a setting note is designed.  They start, from the basis, the studied textual sheet of the characters, the true meat of the story, and up through the setting, placement in relevance, and finally the lead actors, those who have placed themselves in false image and slain someone (always a man), to typecast themselves, being homicidals uncontrolled after childhood, found through assailant records.

Group Case Study: A group case study, is the actors, actresses, and lead actors and act-types (the term for a female thespian playing a man, a typecast female, a ‘pig’ role), inside the common public, observed within a sanction community.  This community is quarantined with tight political standards and forbidden from access for those without a rigid social cause that is demanded, therefore refused in media played.  Surveys and group thinks and cults are present, really media research to see how the thespians and casts and directors and oracles and writers, refusing each other off-set to create the internal mind of the set pieces, are damaging the social cause present to be opposed off-set.  This is the case study, the disconsonance of the films being viewed at harmony, versus the dischord among workers and male and female thespians attempting to interact in a heterosexual manner as is expected by audience, the victims in the ‘small set’ crowd.

Sociology: Sociology, is the study of the movement of systems through past case, a cause analyzed as a ‘syndrome’, through a ‘complex’, the initiating leadership figure that has attempting to apply law of any sort of legislature, even science physics, to a family tradition of their own, therefore affecting others.  The cause selected for the quarantine, is the one supported by the case study, therefore a repertoire of social conditions can be held inside a studio for production, a ‘B’, a repetition of a famous case solved by a film, for ‘action reports’, to gather more information for the studios for ‘leads’, or to repeat a famous case history at home or overseas.  This is also the analytics department, on hand for sales to federal governments or intelligence forces, or even private security outfits and minor politicians, ‘the light stuff’ (“banging heads”).

Calculus: Calculus, is the study of organic systems in motion, the foundation of modern sociology.  This is taking a proof, a set of known disorders created by limited number (algebraic logic, variables without numbers), and applying conditionals in ‘sets’ (mathematical operations that each have the same meaning within a ‘set’), to a pair of matrices (one of them, a standard grid, the other, with a single column), off a set of lexicons of ‘constants’ (defined values of individual and number therefore, letters and group clusters for solved constants labeled as ‘nils’, a non-variable unimportance to the number, similar to infnity – the number is not necessary to be tracked – however as an assumption of size in greater or lesser proportion).

Homosexuality in Patronage: A male homosexual, is any male who has caused a bipolar condition (unsuccessful suicide attempt), a schizophrenic condition (damage to the testicles), a sociopathic disorder (bowel infarcation), or an uber personality (exposing own genitals to other child, as a child).  They become homosexual males, with a natural ‘imprisoned state’, allowing them to master observation of the factor of women’s mental illness, hence understanding how to shape the inner mind of all above, into external shape, through selection of piece of title and role.  This way, they can patronize certain politicians, that hire them generously, with various blandishments and titles.

World Leadership: World leaders, place their hopes and dreams for election, for funding of their own families where they are criminal leadership for centuries (running for politics or dying, ‘groomed’), forcefully loyal from the torture of being bred as a petty gangster.  Their interlocking politics, are all based on media and film, so people support them, instead of betraying them under stress of media becoming irrelevant, hence mental illness is cured from an end to the ultimate cause: prison populations and corrections facilities.  Without prison threatening a politician’s family, or causing any of the above, we’d have world peace.  But a skinny rich kid, would have less lean hamburger, back home.

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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