World Intelligence Policies (Untenable Situation Codes)

Various intelligence types have policies for untenable situations. They arise from their original root in a Babylonian culture, a cult, formed on information from preferred drug ritual and type of day, with two exceptions, the MI-6 (not British intelligence, a provisional organization from non-British fiction and trademarked under enemy seal of allegiance – rather the neanderthal Noble bloodlines) and CIA (the Romani, not Gypsy, codes of logic, worldwide, based and founded in America to little success in the 1940s to control the worldwide Christian populace of autarchs, the policy of science, media, and academic literature professionals in law and government).

MI-6: A print issue of the rival form’s glamour from a Gentile organization is introduced, rarely if ever seriously, unless a compatible show is under production. If by self, a chaos agent, a “Green”, the “mickey” – a knockout dope to allow citizens of England, Ireland, and Arabia to escape, while mercenaries from France or Royal Autrains (territories) move in.

CIA: A cauterization of the wound from press liability, and a seizure of public and civilian assets, to observe the trapped and wounded until they die, in a group warrants seizure of fact and office.

Internationale: The mitigation and nullification of the situation by “Holocaust and Purge”, mythically a Hitler term, actually a cutoff of manufacturing and livestock, before conversion to veganism and anti-alcoholism, the combined terms for transgender ‘force imperatives’, elite police and military units.

German-Deutch: The shipping of ‘sails and ledgers’, boats and tracked customs data, overseas, to a foreign land, for impugned slavery with Amish and Dutch-Country (not Deutch or Holland) supported by cash crops and narcotraffick on a legal basis of work camp.

Han Chinese: The establishment of a university, with a converted staff of Buddhists into Sunni logic, for banking agents, and Shi’ite logic, for suicide spies if trapped by family. If the university is impugned, then a single program is shut down, causing an international scandal to the university, selected by the Tong and followed through by a downfall of the Shi’ite “overman”, a drug runner on a distribution deal that got blown by a Templed (Buddhist or Jewish) affiliate.

Manchukuo Province Japanese and Belarus: Mongolian, Western Han, Northeastern Chinese, Ukranian Slavic, and Japanese island, sometimes Philipino or Tagalog European, this is the deployment of false crossdressers, actually male rapists that appear feminine, to discuss and disclose token finance, hidden by cross-deals, shipment of intellectual logic to foreign nations to give to “penitents”, foreign units to hunt and fight in inner cities, trapped by tourism, often sexual in nature. If a “panty”, then the source has betrayed them, and given them real intelligence logic, to be seizured at heist of resource, if possible, otherwise negated and betrayed by paid intelligence services (“faggots”, the Russian-Chinese term, for a “hero”, someone that refuses to allow humans to die at wanton will of a dictator of a Dalai Llama passageway such as Ukraine, Phillippines, or East China).

Russian Slavic: The use of foreign intelligence services for a trade deal for tolerance of their own agents, using legal briefs of pointless material with little effect however offensive to male children. This is to probe a system for the legal incongruity, where the systemic process fails to achieve function. If the legal blockage can be found, it is either removed, or publicized if blocked in some manner, in order to make the system more equitable to government or enforcement, an inversion of the term “reform”, reform meaning the liberalization and freedom and liberty of rules towards governed and those victimized by anyone with public sector authority or capable of wielding any type of violence, including bribes or coercion.

Hebrew Catholic (Italian): Called Legion, Sicarii, Zionism, Israeli, or Davidian, this form of logic uses a Teutonic morality, in a cult claiming atheism (actually an order for homosexuals, versus real atheism, French-Catholicism, a trade mercantile sect of the Catholic order that doesn’t approve of Israeli logic). Teutonic morality is the deliberate hire of sex offenders, those that have induced psychotic breaks, suicide attempts, abortions, miscarriages, opposition to birth control and condoms and dental dams and diaphrams, and of course, shifts into vegetarianism and veganism for victims. Used famously by Dr. Josef Mengele, as well as most IDF field operatives, this form is the medical quarantine of a genetic and profession combination, selecting the best and most competitive form, and attempting to break it with homosexual Arabism, called Rosecrucianism, Jesuit, or Neo-Pagan, actually authentic illiterate barbarism, a barbarian someone that speaks the language of Latin. The vernacular language, meanwhile, the local tongue spoken, is superior, until Latin is introduced, as opposed to Ancient Greek, breaking Latin speakers into pieces, or introducing severe psychotic palsy if combined with Latin and Ancient Greek, the method of dismissing retired veterans, if serving valorously, merely given a lobotomy if failing, and labeled “retarded” or “disabled”. Called a “Partisan’s Syndrome”, the full usage, used by political parties, unless countered by a “Pelopennesian Disorder”, a rogue operative, opposing the politician selected so an union attempting to unite an order to be victims of police, is removed, hence police are seized by the Pelopennesian’s ethnic position, the targeted genetic and profession class.

Latin Priesthood: The Latin priesthood, is the Roman, Orthodox, Rabbinical, and Hindu orders of gurus. Intended to strip the mother from children in a form of tuttering, muttering, sighing, or bowel vomitting exfusion from the mouth, before a riddle is induced, this is called Hare Krisha logic, the practice of technical slavery by corrupt figures, using those with castration complexes as authority and disciplinarians, lacking an ethos. Freudian nihilists attempting to mimic Gypsy Mormon logic, however having refused MENSA from refusing to lose on a gaming move to learn a repetitive, cooperative strategy, therefore homosexual and self-shamed and against family morals, the priesthood work on hire towards a government offering them free food and shelter and room and board, plying their trade for pleasure. Based on a stipula, an Osiris symbol, they only kill you if you aren’t a pederast, otherwise you are recruited to an order of Catholic priest, Orthodox cryer, Rabbinical scholar, or Hindu stageman.

Mestizo: Mestizos devise a complex system, based on a single commodity, logic of language, and if moved, removed, altered, modified, rearranged, or nullified in commerce goals of guidance, the system slowly collapses. Since the system works perfectly on its own, called a wampum, when moved into other usefulness, the other systems are enriched, bonused, benefitted, and enhanced, but seizure of the system without claim to right by the creator, the worker, or the patent guilded rightful honor, will slowly diminish all systems attached or utilizing, until the system induces poverty, known as ‘malinke’, a system of charity to those who have property, having paid any Mestizo for their work, having insulated themselves.

Northern Native: Improperly called ‘trolling’, ‘fuzzling’, ‘war party’, ‘raiding’, or ‘war whoop’, this is actually a tactical action report on past achievements, to pass a clandestine signal to anyone that accepts the signal as false, not truth, rejecting it, that they are in danger. Northern Native, high Canadian range logic, works by passing it around, with the original “Cree”, unapparent, and perhaps wiped out, the logic having stayed in the system for generations, and opened up again with a tall tale, a Bunyan, having taught it to waiting children again. The origin of the term “party”, a nice place to stay, it is mythically countered by cops or “cops cops cops”, but that actually gets the police in on the fun, when they see just how “hip” it is to be “square”. Square, is a right angle in a cube, with six analyses, not using time, the visual mentat medium in the head of a solved problem.

Missougua Creed: The Mississippi Moorish spirit, this is powers and utilities, not necessarily ‘power’ or ‘water’, but maybe. This is the incrementally rising mathematics of usefulness, and inside a system that fails, the utilities are diminished by a gamble. Gambling, called a zodiac hustle in Chinese, actually a four point scheme with a third power for three hands, the expanding factor of 19, the 1 on each left out for the hand, four hands, two men holding hands either way with their knees together, better known as a paddle boat, a rowboat, or a pirate’s shark. The policy works with webbed netting, testing to see if it will break apart, and each time a net breaks, a distress call goes out, hoping for a lawsuit, an union, a call to a business broker, or even an ‘angel’, a kid that wanted to be a cop that never got the chance. When the net finally breaks the last time, they all die, realizing their guilt at putting their knees together, instead of swimming and testing the system for themselves. Not a true degree of failure in test of system, this is instead a probe, and if the system does indeed fail, they are all converted to Islam in death, at a Dia Des Nortres, the Day of the Dead’s cousin in India, the Mumbai Troubador, the Devil’s Glee the white man’s version, called the Reconquistda, the Conquest, the Bastaird.

Bantu Swahili Renthouse: The Israeli barrister house’s equivalent in Yemen culture, this is the purchase of a property by a rental house, just to ‘deuce’ it, by dumping it on law enforcement. If a property of logic, estate, tax, even media or ‘grifter’s fraud’, a gameboard, fails to help people, it can be purchased, and reworked by law or media agents, into a fun game for friends, called ‘hazes’, to kill the cops that ruined it, by selling it to them as ‘The Army’ or whatever ludicrous equivalent they can come up with by viewing a ‘player on the stage’, a drafted actor, to see what they think they could’ve done, before failing at their hands. The secret, is that a new kid in town, can do anything, before you make him old, so always believe him, and put it on the main character, to see if you can kill a pig for not paying attention to you and your ballet of casts and balls. Of course, you have to eat bacon for this, pork, swift and evil and greedy pig, a human being that used to be a baby, for a mother. It’s the most machine like, evil thing you can imagine, killing a kid that used to have a mother, to make him think he killed her, but it’s what you have to do, if he has an evil friend, or a group of them. You wouldn’t want him becoming your next boss, would you?

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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