National Theory Primer

The Status of Modern Poverty: Major industry in the world, is universally abusive. There is the raw product being extracted, the processing phase, the management floor of the trade, and the general type of employ found at all levels, once the product is produced and removed and shipped from the origin point of the industry. These are universal industries, including merchant marine.

Assembly: Shipping into point via cargo (extraction). Warehousing and factory (processing). Engineers (management). Racially congregated around sports (employ). Temperate, air pollution nil, central lanes (region).

Bauxite: Brazilian jungle (extraction). Large mills based on deciduous animals performing labor in display (processing). Multinational environment team (management). Low-grade quality of living meant to expunge criminal subsistence environment in housing (employ). Deciduous fauna and jungle flora, Las Pampas, Brazil (region).

Coal: Hills register from pre-pangea release of CO2 into atmosphere (extraction). Mining and heavy machinery (processing). Hills culture favoring serial murders of anyone venturing into service territory of sperm stolen child workers and families from famous brands of litmus experiments due to avid eye temperature (management). Slave workers processing amphetamines through systems and bowels, new service roster, implant through alien wetworks dream {actual aliens, demonic entities phasing through parallel space, especially at night} (employ). High foothills in glacial reservoir region overshoots and flows through magmatic stasis territory (region).

Coca: Frequent forest blaze low-functioning high heat jungle, hillside and mountain slope (extraction). Stomping on battery acid mixed with leaves, then extracted from raw cylinder accounts of nitrus, nitric acid’s base compound, and a stripping server on a train trolley to prepare cocaine for testing by calf mules, ‘animals’ (processing). Accounting majors accused of fraud, originating from country, fraud charge overseas, extracted by DEA soldiers on false compromise (management). Small children with wash acid eyebursts from gene meant to wrangle jungle snakes from holding, rare gene (employ). Latin America, Indochina, potential extraction sites, Indochina not tested, however coffee crop is fair in like area, Vietnam and Laos and lower tip of Southeast Asian Peninsula (region).

Fish: Coastal reeves with sharks pushing fish to surface, deep sea diving and exploration impossible, tidal balsoons reefs and traps net, ship sunk, Dragon’s Triangle off-limits, extraterrestrial bases devoted to ‘blue indies’ culture, waylaying sailors into exploration (extraction). Deep harbor trawls back from sea, after scouting to attract fish with painting on bottom of boat {skipperdoo} (processing). Fishermen families passed down over the years, based on culpable contribution to art of family, hence reef status acquired in license to boat sale (management). Poor families from reefs dock culture, history of heroin abuse in children, needles trade abated dockworker’s strikes (employ). Coastal shark bays, beginning to fade, suspect deep blue tuna mined out {employ term} by coastal suicides of manatees and sharks {blue indies lagoon men a negative, a positive-false for fishing industry shutting down to ‘harpies’, mercury men in lodges, gas plants, etc., over Jewish rights of fauna cooking, supported by Muslims for ‘gum’, a Muslim shark product now found in most sushi, tested as crabmeat, ‘kani’, not ‘kano’, a mako shark’s victim on deep scourge under bottom, prohibitively expensive} (region).

Gems: Fields and mines in desert areas, with badlands and sufficient alkaloids to transition gems into diamonds (extraction). Forest extraction from pike mining, with helmet and mitt (processing). Gem bosses, vicious bandits and asshole governors of the lord {Obama} (management). Gem slaves, kids who wanted a meal made of candy, instead of raw starch, fruits of the weevils (employ). Large forests and fields, with inner capestries made for gem extractor to trundle through village, wearing a wet trank {actually desert crawler, sometimes outfitted with guns and radar, for decoys} (region).

Grains: Large subsidized farming mills, competing with ‘Manitoba’, worldwide, snowy fields making actual access to ground impossible in Manitoba, year round (extraction). Threshing, farming, cattlestocking, live rustling, hen farming, then shipment to a mill silo, before final processing into bread, meal, and goat’s calf (processing). Farming bosses from Native-Latino-Indian blood, new present paradigm, to control gem trade and wheat trade’s coalescence into diamond brokers of high stake (management). Farmers with ‘canner’s fingers’, men stolen from women with said fingers, used to operate farm machinery, cannery equipment, and ‘highschool trucking’ {vacant vehicles taken for sport out to farm country} (employ). Global partition lines indicating farming must be done year round, without a topsoil strip to balance markets out of the Indies for spices and mined nutrients (region).

Hospitality: Steel trade, determining price of potential drywall material taken from stucco reserves in East Indies (extraction). Movement above towers of city by heli-blimp, a satellite powered concept unit for a linkup with a helicopter, to photograph skyline (processing). High powered families framed as serial killers, then attending graphic design degrees to marry into families of serial killer victims (management). Inner city thugs and hooligans that grew up doing monitor work for the police in cartel cities protected by Mexico, Venezuala, and the African Union (employ). Any situated city in necessity of a convention for a munitions intelligence training deal set overseas (region).

Labor: Seizure of semen and children from prostitution trade, to work in training facilities (‘boot camps’), military academies (‘brekins’), and fortifications (‘towns’), as creche asylum children, for elite intelligence, manual, and workcamp duty and staffing, taken from future wives of politically franchised without election husband (extraction). Training be seizure of alms of parent, for being mutually and fiscally irresponsible, to excuse military duty for own children {avoidance of a cop brokered marriage, not necessarily law enforcement} (processing). Military cadre duty children, raised at charter schools, private academies, and prodigy management programs post-collegiate (management). College professors (employ). Any state considered rogue, even within province, by label of intelligence service targeting for freedom, as slaves {except United Nations, delta-quad duty, for writer’s corps} (region).

Livestock: Movement of stock facilities and seasonal reserves, to pad all beef, lamb, hen, and muskrat, with different types of fauna insect repellence, for safety of food (extraction). Butcher of animals, then euthanization after blood is bled out to prevent tricheosis blood disease {dampening of the pores of the animal, causing Mad Cow}, then removal of implements of weights of animal, in a guided slaughter (processing). Families independently wealthy from lawsuits against police (management). Town workers rejected by police due to overstaffing, underbudget of department preventing public works employment (employ). Town with meeting point on major intercorrolary zone of ethic with political reprieve, wealth of town in jaundice sure to follow, until slaughterhouse becomes a meat capital, the slang term for a salesman’s burgh upon buyout from Italian Mafia {Church realtor’s association, the comptroller’s office} (region).

Lumber: Government regulated stocks and apartisans of tree, necessary for defense in military trade of war, too prohibitive in terms of labor to completely remove to eradicate bee’s nest and pine bears (extraction). Lumber service used to cut down ‘japs’, old wood before forest fire occurs, unless radioactive particle present, banned due to soggy termite ingestion in citizens {Asperger’s Syndrome} (processing). Lumber rickets families, from staying indoors at a rate prohibitive to health (management). Old pioneering men out of Dutch farming in Amsterdam {not Swiss Anabaptist, see Marijuana} (employ). Any area where lumber is sufficiently close to freeway, for overpass of trucking route with old traveler for signal sight of potential lumber distress in case of tree failure or collapse of equipment on radio comms down {done for the night, sleeping in canniber’s whiskey, against indigo jock blues, commonly called ‘little doctors’} (region).

Marijuana: Isolated fields and territory too close to ‘witching moon’ to be hospitable, except swamp territory, ranged fields prevent field of view from ‘Atlanteans’, besides spider’s bog, southeast Brazil and coastal Massachusetts (extraction). Hay fields of stretching lay linamented out over wood, picked up under distributor by ‘lumber cross’ {old trucking line for oil tankers, with nozzle off gasket} (processing). Ancient families of British and Dutch Navy, warriors and combat burnouts from perfecting martial arts in East Asia during Shaolin days of British employ, combat executive officers from World War 2, and sperm stolen children in exchange for sparing a man from a hit called in by Royal Parliament (management). Same as management, except diverstier, a hit in a game of flog tournament, a drunken punching game where a man must punch a wife, a future field assassin, the woman struck before sniper rifle training, Mafia employ of Italian descent, with Queen’s Parliament Orders {the cat’s sheiks} (employ). Dutch Country (region).

Minerals: Broad sprawls of flatland beside mountains cordoned off by roads, making high windy alpine pitches impossible for climbers for joy dives (suicides on orders of Queens, Kings, Presidents, Popes, Bailiff’s Men, and Sheiks), hence protected from royal conglomerate at the weak (extraction). Deep bore drilling for various minerals, operated by heavy construction material at often illegal rates for seabeds nearby (processing). War criminal families from Africa, since inception of trade, trained in Korean calligraphy, Hangul, for defense priority access to switch-game-levers to cut off portions of the mine to dig out the one scout canary, to see if a new lode is poisoned (management). Rapists that have escaped police traps, except for Comstock, Native Americans managed by African custom houses, now mine manager experts, except priests, dead due to suicide, drinking and screwing hookers {men, now crossdressing as lines of transvestites, through sperm theft of haze victim male} (employ). High foothills, never mountains, too unreliable for lode density (region).

Navy: Merchant Marine docks in Arctic and Trans-Arctic soil, often on seashore, for a poor paddock {Russians} (extraction). Kidnapping of highschool and middle school students on bomb threats, or the equivalent, rafflesians {ancient Spain}, with the help of a glee club and undercover resource patrols {teachers}. If framed, cheap labor. If willing, cargo. If honestly a psychopath, enlisted training boot, entire family, forever {why leave?}. If framed and psychopath, Admiralty family, immediately (processing). Queen’s Family and Agents, unless war, forever, all of you, reading this, all of you (management). Alcoholics by denial of having given someone else alcoholism (employ). World’s ocean ports, for exchange of back channel messages between countries and powers, over semaphore (region).

Nuts: Horrifying farming operations, where small children have to pick beans to practice, leading to finch’s fingers, their entire lives and histories (extraction). Nut extraction mills, where nuts are turned into canned goods, bakery secrets, recipes for chicken, and industrial lubricant for factories, conveyor belts, and automotive retail products (processing). Military families that like getting their face sat on, or if a woman, strapon self-application (management). Small children, that don’t understand their system, and grow up to fulfill stereotypical practices in claim, related to types of birds. Actually social activists, supported by a man that doesn’t seem to know what’s going on {he’s into strapons}. If it is a son, it is a grand occasion, he becomes a pimp (employ). Island chains, equatorial belt, and coastal forest {cedar} (region).

Petroleum: Locations of fossil water oases polluted by the mantle through steam fissures and cracks, sighted out, charted, then extracted by drilling machinery (extraction). Refinery facilities where percentages of maximum yield per product are extracted and sent to substations, chemical plants, and then processed into polatable product (processing). Facilities affiliated with the Golden Triangle of influence; religion, syndicate, politics (management). Children taken at live birth by the wives of police officers, and then slowly reattributed to the system, pver the time of generations, with a leapfrog system through children (employ). Any area with a political rivalry with an area farther to the north, always north (region).

Opium: Poppy fields are mined and maintained with subsistence self-sustenance fruits and beans workers. The poppies are harvested through a simple sheaf, taking all the plans with hand pulls, on oil sulfate, a type of canola bread butter beer, before the sheaf severs the tops for sale, and hte stalks are held for basket weaving, ‘underwater’ {state of nil finance} (extraction). Opium is sent to a pharmaceutical plant, in local regional culture, with a share moving to upkeep of criminal syndicate to oppress the poor, through sport hunts by rich criminals {chillers} (processing). Corporate CEOs with headquarters as medical investment retirement funds, mutual funds as reprocessing from 401K, reaching peak finance when child is 22, to guarantee reattribution to the system by child suffering psychosis or suicide or wrongful death if inappropriate to support the market of the world with work, instead benefiting from product {anti-psychotics, typically} (management). Nurses, social workers, and farmer captains called ‘mullahs’ (employ). High plateaus located near sweeping land formations to bring in pollen from high arctic caribou feces trapped under the ice and then processed into the precipitation cycle (region).

Rare Earth Metals: Found in range plains, unique to the metals themselves, collected by fingertip and placed in cups for transition into mining pits to disengage workers from observation of dead being sacrificed by lift into cave pit (extraction). The produce is catalogued and sold at bargain prices, termed ‘bargain basement’ {origin of the term}, to wholesalers overseas (processing). Foreign governments that receive a market hedge from control of industry, for trade deals (management). Slaves from birth, taken from ano-syringe theft by municipal mayors with related chains selling items manufacturing components for other important equipment {mining} in the same municipal location (employ). China, Saudi Arabia, and Malta (region).

Salt: Mines under the tidal coasts are identified and then the regions are pumped with saltwater, to see if the salt content rises with radium, phosphate, or nalthum wax {car soap for cleaning the hydrant of a big wheel truck, any type, even monster trucks or oversized pickups} (extraction). Salt is processing through a combinator, a one-time staging process that cleans the salt for exposure to miniature crystals, called ‘lompzems’, the Jewish word for a salt dinner (processing). Israeli diamond mining families, once retired, go into the salt trade, selling products like Morton’s Salt and Ice Fish, for nearly free, until one takes into account the staying power of the product on the shelf, and the paucity as a good in small amounts at professional chains and eateries, also in vitamins, women’s supplements, and of course, ‘dog ear’ {pet food} (management). Small, black, ‘negro’ (stolen by a spy, age 5-10) children, blinded, deafened, or welted by tortuous sessions with a clarinet-bound ‘princess’ at a summer camp, phrased ‘band camp’ by the monstrous bigots who abuse the future slaves (employ). Israel, Louisana, Eastern China, and Shin-tak Province, Vietnam (region).

Service: Employees are found in highschool with the assistance of religious programs, secretly contacting parents with a false promise of job offer if the parent is dumb about ambition enough to think there’s only a single role and file, they’ve heard about, for a job career from a college pathway (there are dozens per day of class, per class) (extraction). Children are placed in a career that trapped their father, however as a manual labor expert, their job funded by a college of their choice, and if they don’t pick the college that the store picked, the child is failed out of college through police malingering, instead of earning a cop job in a corrupt department agreeing to enforcing debts and rackets for the service sector (processing). Family business of currency, the larger the business, the more likely it is to be a wholesaler {a corporate chain} (management). College dropouts that didn’t snitch a professional caring for them for being corrupt, then make a token show at a small school, before getting kicked out by the dean of admissions for malingering {acting as a police professional with a professor, in private} (employ). Universal where there’s a “squad precinct”, the term for a n action veteran force of movies and video game design (region).

Spice: Taken from lose growing fauna trees {fauna is an animal}, then flavored with a pigment and loose spice called ‘coca rochelle’. The animal {fauna} eating the spice, the pigment, and the amount of rochin’s wax {bee’s honey, queen jelly variety}, determine the callister, nature, and amount of the spice in food appropriate (extraction). Spice is taken from a ship, put on soil, for a day to a year, cheaper the sooner taken, and then shipped to a hondrum’s factory, called a honey bee or miss maybelle, and placed in artificial syrup coatener {real word, find a hope’s spees bible, a British recipe book on patents} (processing). Archoilles families {Archin’s Belle, name patenter, illegal to use otherwise}, from the Southeast China Sea’s veteran’s of wars council (employ). East Indies, Tiger Mediterranean, and Vietnam War era veteran’s guilds spice cumining {the last for snuff parlor films, of dead girls, and little baby boys} (region).

Sugar: Processing powders determines if a land is arable for sugar, by seeing if a child will be struck dumb from striking anyone on the head, with an open flat hand, if eating from a maize produce grown from the soil after the processing powder is introduced {common in Doritos, Funyuns, and Hot Fries} (extraction). Sugar is processed by processing powder corn chip addicts, to turn gravy wheels, taking sugar and then reeding it, into long flates and plats, proper inversion of terms used to indicate conned by ‘Chinese butcher’s family’ {correction’s officer Yardies}. Sugar is then planted in soil, to grow, as a grosse cocoa bean might, however instead with a long plume, giving it an addock’s smile (processing). Sugar cane families were involved in the creation of molasses, for produce of rum {sugar}, whiskey {molasses}, and cookton {maple syrup} (management). Rich gentrymen and women of Europe, Africa, and Saudi Arabia, enslaved to alcoholism, therefore powder maize and sugar products, in exchange for brothel whores that are wine addicts (employ). So-called ‘spice regions’, actually anywhere where deciduous fungus is capable of growing on tree, nicknamed ‘alterloon’, an afterlife inducing medication inducing pedophilia {reimdemix, also called ‘autistm medication’, often a punishment for doubting the Church out of Vestment} (region).

Textiles: Cotton, flan, and coat’s ear, is procured from soil tenement worker in Australia, Chad, Ohio, and the American South, south of the Mason-Dixon on ‘box company demand’ {so cardboard isn’t competed with in Northern regions of the United States, being a national security factor} (extraction). Child labor, sweatshops, Irish trades, skinflints addicts {pedophile porn, often found also at a journalism publication factory, in the case of a police trade – the victim’s fund -if about to start a Mob tenant war} take cotton into seams, flan into belderhausts, and coat’s ear into looms, with the processing merging all three into a diametric blend, always known as ‘wool’. Any other prohibition on speech about the product, indicates it is polyester, even a cotton percentage tag, indicating slave labor (processing). Rich diamond broker families of Jewish origin, thrown out of the business by Iranians for supporting Republicans (management). Small children and Chinese immigrants, rumored to be ‘busty’ {they snitched on a cop, to a federal bureau of investigation caseworker, lowercase, FBI busts you on the spot) (region).

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Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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