Double Dragon Primer

The Gold Dragon and the Emerald Dragon: The two Clannaboys, the heroes of the fight against Britain, those of the Ord Dracul.  Those champions against Turks and Moslems, that which fought Arabs and Moors and Mongols alike.  The Tepes family, invention of matter physics, and the Khanate family, inventor of evolution physics.  The confection, sweets, and the bondage, sexuality.  They are to be separate, unless brought together, the Billy (the sweet cake) and the Jimmy (the negro dancer), placed in fiction very recently by the Japanese (Double Dragon).  They are the only royals willing to stand against the Shadow Master (England), whose Black Parliament we hate (the American royalties and criminals, crimes notwithstanding as patriotic) and those Court of Owls we reject (Gypsies, allegedly ours, except bred in, to be destroyed for cooperation with the Ottomans as Jannisaries) and the Black Court we revile (bastards, our weaving with Gypsies, our black sock on the cock, for the retard, our term for someone that gets busted by cops for being rich).


The Tepes: The Golden Dragon, this man is a European Knight, beholden to the Catholic faith, through the Swiss.  The Japanese expect him to do the right thing, and refuse the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia, in favor of the Zaibatsu, the unemployed, the Bosozuku.

The Khan: The Emerald Dragon, Indochina and Korea expect him to unite them, in a mutual marriage, between the Viet and the Korea, a grifter’s peasant, and confidence artist, the job or highschool, and if the Korean or Viet fails, they are doomed to the old country, for a bigot having slapped the police cadet, not understanding a police officer in America.

The Corsican: The world leader, the Italian, serving for France in denial, having selected each of the Tepes and Khan for police, by bend of thumb, one refusing to serve, then the other, that without the revolver’s gun, a homosexual, without the straight pinky, and the other slaying witches, his police partner having departed, slewn through his family line not to breed, having refusing Italian honors of the police officer, seeking a medical license instead, a psychopath, the son of a cuckold.

The Pracinha: The keeper of Marian, for Billy Lee, if having accepted the right thumb slot, or the Shadow Boss, British intelligence, if the Corsican had marked the Khan true.  If neither, then nothing come of it, but if cheated, then the Order of Layfette come, the end to the criminal union non-marked on the right hand, the left hand the dominant gene of all without the right hand connected to the stump of elbow, confidence grifted by medicine, a pedophile’s ruling.

The Triads: The Sun royals, the Imperial Mandate for all of Asia, including Japan, and the traitors, Taiwan, that Communist Party (Triads, university graduates of Asia) seeking their own Tong (banking interest of non-Sun, Liu Bei, the dictator), a farm investment.  Taiwan being a bastard faith, that of Triads seeking to exploit the poor, instead of provide safety through Maoism, the Triads are the People’s Communist Republic of China, slurred by those who care only for their own monetary insurance rates, fags, a proper Hitler Youth term for their own membership.

Maid Marian:

The Damsel: One of our blood, held in captive, by Jews of state, not Juwes or some other silly Marilyn Manson term.  We are Kyrgs, the emerald eye or the gold bracer, both present in our eye under sun, the Khan open to virility, hence theft of line, and the Tepes open to treat, hence bribe of marriage.  The Tepes is the Gold Dragon, Jimmy Lee, and the Khan is the Emerald Dragon, Billy Lee.  The Shadow Master, England, we serve in subterfuge, the flaw in the matrix, the Queen’s consternancy of lexicon, or the king’s calculation of task politick.  We are Magick, allied with the Jew, and the Japanese, the crossing of Lords.


Williams: A Netherland enemy, this man sells drugs for Dutch intelligence, for a bubble on American families to produce a stock market gamble in Alpine.

Roper: A Jew sold to National Socialist interests, he protects energy interests, for the English royal family, opposing Buddhists.

Linda: A bondage submissive, hiding behind a white identity, she’s a low ranking Triad, taken into MENSA by adoption.

Abobo: A betraying Latino, he is an enemy of a Jewess or Amazon, posing as a military officer, through a civil rights program by a well meaning governor or president.

Chintai: A Jewish man endowed to Asian martial arts, he has studied riddles his entire life, and found himself in Zen, actually a pederast, for practicing Ken, instead of Judeaken, Yiddish.

Willie: A gunman for the cops, he’s a wagers expert of royal blood, having accrued multiple forms of intelligence, hence reliant on a field pistol, having never mastered the police officer’s code of a wager from loss, not equality in scratch tickets, Willie’s form.

Burnov: An American soldier sold to an Israeli cause to study the Shadow Master, hence having become an Asperger’s Syndrome from attempting to mimic Zen or Tao Buddhism.  He is obsessed with physical fitness, to become a movie character, a Japanese prank on an engineer, through a distributed movie.

Jeff: A royal of Gypsy or Noble line, that has been bribed by a small Jewish consortium, into facing the Double Dragons, due to accusation by Abobo.  The issue of Maid Marian, is central, into Jeff’s conversion to Islam, to test both Dragons, at insistence of the Nation of Islam, considered child molesters (khafir) by Arab Muslims for the test.

Ninja: An Asian-American Budoken or Ninpo, known for applying arts of Asian origin for their kills, always opposing American arts.  A ninja is an artist, challenging an applicant Dragon in the arts of the Dragon’s choosing, turning homosexual until the battlefield is yielded, hence the Ninja may marry a wife.

Bolo: A keeper for the disabled, retarded, or mentally ill, Bolo is a slave’s master, for drug numbers, produced through a local politician.  He is labeled as a resource helper, and performing ‘jokes’, actually business scheme, for sales of narcotics.  An unavoidable part of American life, towns were there are rehab clinics are safe havens for poor, potheads, or drunks, an essential part of Jimmy Lee’s life, but not Billy Lee’s life, an opposition, hence working for the Shadow Master.

Abore: A police officer or federal agent with royal blood, this officer makes his first hit off a diligent foreign advocacy major, and becomes a major fixture with local police.  Billy Lee’s first hit, as a Khanate ninja, or sudoken if severe in hit, this is the police connection that the Lee brothers, and their allies, have, to the FBI, if burned a serious and convicted offense.

Mason: A relative of Jimmy or Billy Lee, they’ve already faced their fights, and having lost, have gone into the masonry business, under a relative of either, becoming slaves.  Specializing in forcing programs and social rehabilitation on the Lee brothers, any Lee allowing a friend to lay brick, is a traitor, to be mocked, by all family members, for believing in medicine, an unknown concept, since the 7th century in Christianity, and the 1st century in China.

Cody: An allegedly anonymously cop, actually a homosexual badged by either Lee brother, building in term and form to bust the Lee Brothers for approaching justice with a badge and jurisdiction and civics classes, unless ignoring their studies.

Yamazaki: An enemy that is affiliated with the Mafia, the non-governmental organizations or no-profits, or the mobsters, the out of area municipal police.

Soeno: A man claiming to be a CIA agent, for shaving his head, actually a prison punk, for refusing to grow his hair out long in the back, despite being bald.  A member of the Aryan Confederation or Black Panthers, from shaving their head.  Prison bitches, traded for cigarettes, for amusing trade, since the ban of cigarettes (Reagan), ham (Obama), and rice (Trump).

Ayumi: A female prosecutor lawyer, with her role in American society confused, due to British law. Created by a British “overman”, a drug dealer posing as Jewish, a Hassid (an anti-Semitic role), informing about Mafia culture (Italian Church marijuana syndicates).

Jake: A gang leader, of Hebrew descent, always taking the name “Jake”, to test spies.  Actually flunks spies, forcing them into abusive Mossad contracts, counted by the Lee Brothers, forcing a setback in Mossad politics (particularly Israeli security interests).

Kodani: A very fat man of Asian descent, who grows muscular later.  He is nothing to be compared to, however is only insulted, by Jewish culture, since he is an orphan, an outcast for being Superman, but beholden to American justice societies (as opposed to the actual character, a business officer hazed by priests).

Ashida: A martial artist with France or Spain or Italy, a homosexual by his own declaration once one, causing a psychotic break, duplicating psychosis in family, due to reasons of marital rape by own sibling.

Shannon Okada: A “big head”, a sister from another relative, who is lowly dumb but cunning, a conduct disorder promiscuous syndrome, a rapist female, a female pederast.

Casey Osada: An innocent woman with a pedophile sister, drawing female pedophiles to her, ad the Lee Brothers, trying to help, trapped with a female spinstress, a dyke steel jenny, a heroin mule.

Baker: A man that specializes in two hands, a draft intelligence officer.  He has two notations, either of them negative, based on Pink Floyd, a band for MI-6 draft dodgers.

Jackson: This man is a boxer with kayfabe, posing as a homosexual in babyface, and a heterosexual in heel, to only be obeyed in heel.

Steve: An accountant that rapes prostitutes, he experiments with dominatrixes as bottoms, for bribes to their children.

McGuire: A large, obese clown, this is a rare character, the man or woman on campus as a conjoined entity, the term of a man with a clowning skills, or a woman with mime skills, and a skinny man who prefers visual literature without diction and literature education, and a large woman who prefers hand gestures to actual appeal of herself. All four are involved, with the bracket on the man, as the wildcard, through the actual conspirator, the cheat at the cardgame who won’t play with a Joker, claiming it is a bitch.

Chen Brothers: A pair of brothers that have interspersed a Lee brother between them, for a gift of discipline, now serving as Kenpo dons, however unsuccessfully for white students, always beaten for being gay, despite the Chens being homosexual in white and Chinese culture combined.

Carlem: A Freemason by myth, actually an Irish Mafiaso in the Black Parliament that soiled himself in middle school. A big, burly goon, that relies on you not being able to reach him, for fear of a prison defense he set up through police.

Duke: A man with two identities, one himself, one his political sponsor of family, he is the Shadow Master, but as a close friend, and the same role as both Lee Brothers, Jimmy as his chosen role of study, Billy as his claimed role of false gesture, both Lee brothers the actual same.

Jawbreaker: An African or Taiwanese man beholden to Taiwan, the idea of defeating a man in combat immediately upon any fictional threat from a book or game, a pederast homosexual.

Icepick: A man accusing of being a nosepicker through a woman with a finger signal, a child molester or teacher endowed to Freemasons, having graduated the previous stage before “or”.

Bones: A man flirting with a Latino woman, and marrying her, instead of taking the haze and becoming a Lee brother or ally.

Sickle: A man practicing lateral design with double speak, both the bacon stretcher and bacon squasher, a Rabbinical scholar out of Hassid culture, a gambler diamond merchant, an Iranian spy.

Blade: A common footsoldier of a gang intelligence movement, easily dispatched with the first frame a gang intelligence hunted you for, that the assassin is trying to finish, having heard a rumor that founded the gang in your name.

Trigger Happy: A soldier that doesn’t know that Reconstruction is over, yet is serving in the South, and believes Jewish women don’t have a shellfish allergy, a false claimant on Israel for military honour.

Countdown: Someone that hunts Freemasons that has sided with them, in betrayal of Mestizo virtue culture, due to being a foreign migrant.

Sekka: A street vice informant attempting to plant a narcotics charge for police to gain favor with a public official.

Dominique: A dominatrix politician, the wife of a major CIA agent.

Shadow Master: A selectman, mayor, or police chief.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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