Steely Dan Primer

How Hitler Youth Music Marketing Works: Adolf Hitler, established a manner of marketing, used by Steely Dan and other groups, called ‘classic jazz’ by euphemism, actually ‘drek’ campaigns of management and media marketing. They feature a reference to transgenderism, the disorder induced by Adolf Hitler both in his high command, and the genocide victims (as well as victims of the Holocaust, those Jews that would not serve him by fleeing the country). Those in service by opposition overseas, meanwhile, are primary consumers by purchase of the media scheme, an anti-Semite hidden in an alleged victim’s class community.

Nazi Transgenderism of Command:

The Nazi command structure, featured a command group, wherein only Adolf Hitler was aware he was in a war with life or death stakes. A Hitler Youth campaign, such as Steely Dan, accomplishes this through a blues structure, however without the blue note, the famous added piece of note on the improper scale, one per scale (and only one, unless negro blues, a piece designed for a one hit wonder, with a lyric depression, of a particular ‘train’, held on an actor’s gesture, for a ‘pose’, that meaning they are making a song about getting famous, by using heroin to produce the lyric notesheet).

The blues structure without the blue note, is called ‘ragtime’, African negro southern blues, allowing them to mimic the structure about creating the myth of oppression, when musicians like Scott Joplin were really cocaine and heroin and marijuana dealers to poor African-Americans, on behalf of their recording and plantation masters, allegedly house boys (their addict customers), or musicians (an honest trade from men like Elvis Presley), but in fact they were undercover drug dealers and suppression agents (called ‘civil rights’, to this day).

This resulted in a ‘cat poop’, little dog turds coming out of the agent’s defecate, on the toilet, from squeezing and complaining to those that were seeking to suppress their production of a ‘rally’, a joy triumph, and then a ‘tonal down’, a press down from the audience, a ‘whoa’, dating to German barbarism against Jews, by illiterate thieves of produce and meat. The combination, was a defecant pump, wherein the African musicians controlled entire audience of ‘blues singers’, black sermon attendants, called ‘man marches’, used by bands like Steely Dan to this day. Ray Charles, a common victim, was actually an adversary of the practice, from being underpaid, due to being blind, while Stevie Wonder, was rewarded, for opposing him.

Genocide Transgender of Victim:

The transgenderism of a genocide victim (except for the Jews, divided between Kapo, flight to America, and Holocaust, that sacrificed by worldwide Jews for dishonest business in theft of law enforcement bureau certificate from German ‘abbeywiders’, slavers of Africans and Latinos and Irish), is the prime fan collector of the work of a Hitler Youth band.

Their parents are fans of the movement, from having pledged to a recording studio young, and picked up the next generation, however this runs down a line, of continuing imposition of guilt. This is not guilt of the Holocaust, but being a bully victim, from teaching children to charge headfirst, run shylock, and duck down humpty, all black traits down south unless among a “narc”, a common university term misused as a narcotics officer by a spy, or a “spy” (the first, an actual professional, the second, someone snitching on Hitler Youth dynamics, particularly Steely Dan, this guide). A narc, has all the traits, but has a ‘standing’, from a prepared election rally in private, the prior entry, above.

Holocaust Philosophy:

The Holocaust philosophy, is guilt from refusing to inform to law enforcement, or to father, or to family, or to friends, a negative term of guilt inside the Christian community and the Jewish community as well. However, Jesuits (homosexual Catholics) had infiltrated the Catholic community, from Arabia, and the Arabs demanded the capitulation of the Jews worldwide, in exchange for oil offered to the West, a recently discovered resource and in demand (as of the 1900s, it was in full profligation, discovered as rock oil in the 1890s, for masturbation blisters and cancerous tumors, called ‘rock oil’).

The Jews were not an honest political goal for domination or destruction, merely a test of the Church’s resolve since the Crusades, to see if they would humble for a trade good, instead of fighting. Hence, there is a strong Arab ideal, inside the Hitler Youth philosophy, of being oppressed by ‘Dindus’, Hindu and Arab finance specialists, seeking to seize control of your family, wealth, and life.

Kapo Flight from Europe:

Those Jews driven from Europe, on warbonds from Prescott Bush (himself solely), became a light, aggressive fighting force, ‘for Judea’, actually Israel, a mad-minded amalgamation of facts and solidates, called ‘orderlies’, not the hospital term, but a piece of media spreading a myth of pederasty (being an enemy of Arabs, their term, actually anyone who censors, thieves, or suppresses, with media, eventually molesting children by encouraging them to ‘sit still’, otherwise, sitting on someone’s crotch, instead of lap, a serial killer doing it to a member of the family unbidden, but having observed from other Kapos, or in the worst case, a frame from a Kapo family ‘down the block’, meaning a friend of the family in business).

The Kapos represent the ‘Paki’ ideal, that of a smooth, slick, suave self-image, that actually held by spies, thieves, and bondarates in the traditional stereotype – mobsters, police informants for an occasional tip, that wear jackets, dusters, t-shirts, unkempt or poorly combed or long or gelled hair, marking themselves as ‘Nazi Killers’ by smoking cigarettes, opposed to any form of fascism, from any source, gently until engaging with a ‘circle ring’, a haze conspiracy, then placing in a single private assault with a sarcastic term, to spread a movement among the Kapos in refusal of a particular drop made in a long term of them.

Overseas Conspirator in Profit:

The Nazi Killer, mentioned above, is the prime target of the Hitler Youth market campaign, to produce a ‘one hit wonder’, a radio clear, marking them anonymously as a target for refusing to join a ‘campus conspiracy’, the French poorly used term for a target, actually a civil bonds movement among minoritarians, those trapping the poor inside voting demi-blocs, for support of street movements working for foreign and local leaders, on behalf of press sources. The only real source of an alleged reform movement, they choke and encircle any form of movement or dissent, using police at last resort if they have a ‘money maker’, otherwise sending thugs in, police with tall heights that can’t exercise, reliant on anorexia and kevlar vests to look intimidating.

Application of Ambiguous Legend to Victim:

Each Hitler Youth song, on a collected album labeled for their woman they’re in love with, has a certain legend related to a media fallacy, that of a truth of media however the belief that it makes money. This is aimed at collapsing the victim once they are done as a media victim, slurred and mocked in multiple forms of propaganda to mark it as driven by Kapos, at the expense of those who inform to police to slur or slander someone performing a fascist act in a community (an attempted seizure of information resources or private living space or personal choice in lifestyle from another).

Fan’s Marketing Appeal in Self-Homosexual Parody:

The posture as Hitler for self, for a feeling of power of those more intelligent, is all a fan of Steely Dan or another Hitler Youth band needs. The problem is, why does Steely Dan, or another band, sell it? To sell more records, for their own divisional need, of royalty or tour. In other words, Hitler came up with it, so you can pose as Adolf Hitler too, to be just as queer as they are. Hitler is an imbecile, and this business model, can help you too, if you’re an imbecile that wants power over a classmate you perceive as more intelligent, because you’ve been neglecting your own circle of friends and validation.

Satire (American or British):

Satire, is an American and British form of electorate, wherein you have a false posture as your victim, and a complex five stage element inside it, the British form with a single signal for precicice or promentory, or an American form, with a conjoined form in medium or genre or concept or theory or method of application, hence a strongpoint.

The promentory, is used for a seizure of power, and the strongpoint, is used for a trap for a traitor. Both are particularly useful, and a Hitler Youth fan will switch the promentory or strongpoint with the other, to gain support as a myth of service, while the victim of the countered satire, will be placed as a foe in the proper source of their form, the preferred movement. Unless, they are betrayed, hence they will mark as the betrayal in proper self, denying the claim of betrayal’s poor attribute, to see whom is with the fascists, the One Hit Wonders and heroin dealer minorities and civil rights marches to oppress people in simple tasks of produce (sweatshops, the purpose of the entire system).

Parody (French or Nazi):

A parody, is a French act, with a literal direction of form pointed to the self as separate from the postured, with a smile and a gaff. The Nazi form, meanwhile, is a hidden act different from the postured, and when challenged, will fail, indicating the support to side with of the hidden posture, towards another, to draw them apart. The French parody’s smile and gaff, is turned gay, from a Nazi’s postured act in silence, and the Nazi’s act, is countered, by a removal of the declaration of gay, until queried, by the parody arist themselves. This way, one of them is homosexual, whomever has their support withdrawn, and if both are withdrawn, it was a British or American supporter of satire, they are both heterosexual, however Arabists, and will pass Steely Dan on to their children.

Published by cheater120

Consider me an expert in information munitions. I practice Zazen meditation, Yakuza Trappist form (a Yakuza, games cheat, and Trappist, a counter-agent), as a Bonafuda, a mercantile salesmen of information through philosophy, literature, fiction, and academics, distributed as munitions technique deployed for the purpose apparent to you, unless of course you have violated the ethics of my piece, in which case you will be trapped inside a theft of the piece and an action within the boundaries of the violation you have committed in Benedictine culture, the Jewish affiliate within Catholic culture. Buyer beware, and these poems, are free.

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